Tim Tebow will keep working toward NFL career while with ESPN

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Tim Tebow isn’t ready yet to give up on the NFL.

On a Tuesday conference call with media, Tebow said he would continue to work toward a return to the NFL while also working for ESPN’s SEC Network, which begins airing in August.

Tebow, 26, has been hired to be an analyst on the network’s “SEC Nation” show, which will air from various Southeastern Conference campuses throughout the 2014 season. He will also contribute to ESPN’s pregame coverage of the BCS Championship Game on Monday.

However, Tebow is committed to trying to keep a foot in the football and broadcast worlds.

“I’ll continue to train to be the best quarterback that I can be,” Tebow said when asked about his football future. “I have been training very hard over the course of the last few months five days a week, and I feel like I’m the best that I’ve ever been as a quarterback right now, and I hope I get the opportunity to show that. But I’m also looking forward to being part of SEC Nation, and being part of ESPN.”

Tebow was not on an NFL regular-season roster in 2013 after being released by the Patriots on August 31, and whether he gets another shot in the league remains to be seen.

“I’m not sure what’s ahead of me,” Tebow said. “I’m very excited to have this opportunity with ESPN, and who knows what the next few months will hold.”

83 responses to “Tim Tebow will keep working toward NFL career while with ESPN

  1. Whatever Timmy…..

    Just keep your Jesus saves stuff to yourself or Espn will drop you in the blink of an eye…

  2. “I’ll continue to train to be the best quarterback that I can be,” — Meaning, max out his bench press/bicep curls, do sprints, and throw up to 10 passes to his brother.

  3. Give it up, Tebow. While your persistance is somewhat admirable, many, many great college players can’t transition to the big stage. Yapping on ESPN so that you won’t be forgotten isn’t the problem. Being an awful QB is the problem.

  4. Let’s cut the crap, we all know he’s going to be the starting QB for the Browns on opening day 2014.

  5. Can he play outdoors in Minnesota? I can’t think of any pro team he could play for so I guess the Vikings are the closest he could get.

  6. He’s a bad pocket passer, but I can’t shake the feeling there are a couple of teams he could have won games for last weekend. The Cowboys, for example.

  7. Not sure why this guy doesn’t have an NFL job when there are so many inept starters and backups at the QB position.

  8. Stay true Tim – your “Jesus saves stuff” is why you are so ridiculously popular that ESPN and the other networks practically begged you to come work for them.

  9. Tebow in the NFL again? Come on, Billy Kilmer threw a better ball than him. Give up that dream of being a QB and move to TE, that he an do. Don’t wait by the phone for a call that will not come. Move on to TV.

  10. Good idea. I mean I’m still working to be world famous guitarist while cranking out my 9-5 career in sales. To be honest, I haven’t given up being an astronaut either.

  11. The Cowboys only had 2 QBs on their roster all year. That means they think Tebow is worse than an empty position. Most times a player is better than nothing. Sadly for Tebow, he is not better than nothing.

  12. Timmy is really “excited” for the opportunity.

    Hopefully Timmy the Robots broadcasting career will be as short lived as his NFL career.

    Great college QB.. DREADFUL NFL QB.. boring human being

  13. At least ESPN can save money and film Timmy at work instead of sending a film crew and reporter to cover his irrelevant career… The money he’ll generate as a curiosity and through advertising outweighs the fact that he believes in Jesus. Quit watching ESPN years ago with the exception of CFB, Golf, and WSOP… They can keep the rest of their opinions and hype spewed by a group of experts who never donned a jock…

  14. Why is everyone here so negative on Tebow? Obviously he’s not a good QB, but whats wrong with wanting to work toward that?

    I don’t get it. Is the fact that he sees himself as a QB, when he’s not, or is it his faith and how he applies that to his life.

    I see a guy with dream and he’s doing everything to pursue it. That should be applauded in today’s world.

  15. Whatever Tim Tebow does and wherever this journey leads him, one thing is for sure; It’ll be constructive, he won’t hurt anybody, and he’ll touch more lives in a positive way than 99% of the people on this Earth have the courage to do! It’s called “leadership”! (that’s the truth)

  16. On the bright side, this is the last I’ll ever hear of Tim Tebow.

    Good luck with the minor league football commen… Well, I’ve already lost interest.

  17. Just for the record, I watch a lot of games and I’m pretty sure the 9 or so teams that won less than 7 games could have done better with him. There are some bad QBs in this game.

  18. not sure why people have such high hopes for geno smith, or nobody says anything about kaep’s mechanics, but it was free game to rag on tebow even though his stats are better than geno’s and kaep for a stretch of about 5 or 6 games looked just as bad as tebow. wonder why the media always seems to overlook this…..oh wait, i think i know why.

  19. “I’ll continue to train to be the best quarterback that I can be,” Tebow said in another bald faced-lie.

    Because if that were true, he would be on some roster, somewhere, in some league trying to get better. But he only wants to play if the $$ is right AND if he’s the starter AND if the coach is right AND if the offense is right AND if its in the NFL.

    So we have another guy incapable of telling the truth with a microphone on national TV. Great.

  20. A guy who has the worst football IQ in history is going to be an analyst? Tim, you were awesome in college, but just stop. You and ESPN need to just get married and settle down somewhere and retire. Please.

  21. I love this kid, but you have to admit, the NFL dream is over. This is a new path. Embrace it and move on.

  22. If Tebow wants to seriously be a better passer, he’s got to prove it. Throwing balls with a hired ex coach is not going to cut it. If he really means it he should take Warner’s advice and do Arena football for a season. Arena football maybe a big step down, but it does hone your decision making and passing accuracy. For Tebow that means setting aside your pride.

  23. Why must we pretend to know that–behind the scenes–TT is some kind of saint? Just because a guy has the same religion as you, and talks about it frequently, doesn’t mean we know he’s purer than others.

  24. That home school education and evangelical narrow mindedness will further expose him as the simple tool he really is when he gets in the booth.

  25. There are some people in life I wish would just go away. Tebow is at the top of that list. Listening to Tebow discuss how to play QB would be as stupid as listening to Matt Millen analyze someones’ draft choice.
    Millen stunk as a GM and has no credibility, yet the NFL Network hired him as an analyst.
    Tebow stunk as a QB and has no credibility and ESPN has now hired him.
    Please ESPN and the NFL Network — stop hiring these dunces who happened to have played in the NFL!!

  26. You might as well have made the article headline –

    Tebow intends to keep fantasizing about having an NFL career while he’s sitting behind his bspn desk

  27. God bless you Tim. Ignore the haters – they are just ignorant. You are an inspiration to all of us who are committed to a more fulfilling life with the right values. Some will ignore the fact that your college career was one of the best ever seen. The opportunity to communicate to a much bigger audience is part of your journey. It is your destiny. Be true unto yourself.

  28. The Green Bay Packers, winners of more NFL Championships than any team in NFL history, would and will not be interested in signing Tim Tebow. However, I see no reason to besmirch a fine young man simply because he’s not very good at football. Not everyone can be Bart Starr, or Brett Favre, or Aaron Rodgers.

    Cut this kid a break.

  29. Tim wants to be an NFL QB. OK I’ll play along Timmy. I want a threesome with Milan Kunis and Jennifer Biel. By my calculations,we both stand the same chance of either happening…….

  30. Why is he so insistent he can play QB?? He had the best possible situation in New England IF he had gone in with genuine humility and said to Coach Belichek that I want more than anything to play in the NFL……at ANY position….you don’t think Bill could’ve made a Special Teams Ace or an H back or a situational tight end out of a willing work out freak?? With the injuries they have had in Foxboro, he could’ve gotten playing time somewhere! I mean come on…I like the guy and admire his faith but when does confidence in one’s ability become VANITY?

  31. Oh God! No!

    I’d rather watch that smug Olberman than this Holier-than-thou poster child for abortions.

  32. If Tebow wants to play QB in the NFL again, he’s going to have to play football….somewhere.

    His best bet is the CFL. He’d be another Doug Flutie there, probably win multiple MVPs and Grey Cups. It’s been done before. Warren Moon spent five years in the CFL before coming to the NFL. Flutie was laughed out of the NFL (much the same way Tebow has been), went to Canada, tore up the CFL. He later eturned to the NFL, and had some success.

    If Tebow wants to play QB again in the NFL, he needs to being play football somewhere, and soon. He can’t do that AND work at ESPN.

    Tim, think CFL. You can do it.

  33. What’s going on with all this nonsense what ifs that josh McDaniel gets the browns
    job he will bring Timmy boy along to be his qb ,, well wasn’t josh on the staff of the team (NE) that gave Timmy boy his last shot of making a nfl team and how did that work out for him ,,,,,, CUT !!! Just give it up !!!

  34. Did this guy have a major in college? He’s 26 nobody is looking to build a team around him. Belichick didn’t even think he was good enough to be a clipboard caddy on the Pats and neither did the other thirty one teams. Shouldn’t that kind of kick in the balls send him looking elsewhere looking for personal fulfillment? Even though I couldn’t stand the way the media used to jam him down our craws, like he’s only athlete on the planet who had a serious religious side, I think he’s most likely a good person. Millions of people aren’t good enough to play NFL football, me for example, it’s not the end of the world. Move on with your life Tim Tebow or you’ll just end up making yourself miserable.

  35. Step A) Excessive Pride
    Step B) A fall
    Step C) An ESPN contract

    Guess we should’ve read further into Proverbs…

  36. This just in: The Browns hired Josh McDaniels who trades Josh Gordon and Joe Haden to ESPN for Tim Tebow…more to come.

  37. First of all, no one really gave Tim Tebow a chance. I am glad that he got hired as a sports analyst. At least he got something. He is a good person and he won more playoff games for the Broncos than Peyton Manning. Also why is he criticised for talking about God and Jesus, but if Hakeem Nicks talks about ALLAH its ok? that is not fair. Why are Christians treated so terribly? It is not fair.

  38. I’d rather watch World Series of poker than tebow as an analyst. Espn is just using tebow’s name for ratings, and tebow is just using espn as a soapbox for his personal beliefs. A match made in heaven.

  39. I’m just glad that Tebow has decided to consider postponing his first ballot hall of fame entry in just 4 years to consider saving an NFL franchise from any chance of success.
    Cheers to you Tebow fans. That alternate universe must be awesome!

  40. Ok so it’s fine to say horrible things about Tebow’s Christianity, but don’t anybody dare talk bad about Muslims. You got to love liberal ideals.

  41. I wonder if the Haters would dare post their hate if they really understood that God sees all and will hold each of us judicially accountable for all of our actions, be they voluntary or inspired by our hate and envy of others. You wanna bet that one day we will all find out the truth?

  42. Yeah, that’s the way to impress coaches.
    Watching you talk about college football while wearing a suit and sitting comfortably behind a desk or on the sidelines.
    Broadcasting is where an athlete goes after retiring. Not to seek a future NFL career.

  43. What some people don’t seem to understand is that Tim is extremely intelligent in terms of his football IQ. With his strong dedication to excellence, top work ethic, good looks and great personality he will be an immediate star on TV. The show will rate well because people can’t get enough Tim Tebow. This may be just a stepping stone and some good media training until he has his own global ministry. Make it happen dude!!

  44. Roger Goodell has told owners/GM’s that the league has no need for a super Christian making miracles on Sunday. That is why Tebow isn’t on a roster now.

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