Week 17 power rankings


1.  Broncos (13-3; last week No. 1):  At least they don’t have to worry about losing to the Ravens at home again.

2.  Seahawks (13-3; No. 2):  They suddenly have to worry about losing to the Packers at home.

3. Panthers (12-4; No. 3):  Defense  — and an offense that can do just enough to score some points — wins championships.

4. Patriots (12-4; No. 4):  LeGarrette Blount punched the Bills in the mouth.

5. 49ers (12-4; No. 5):  On Sunday, it will be nearly as cold in Green Bay as the average June night in San Francisco.

6. Saints (11-5; No. 6):  The team that recently can’t win on the road faces a team that until recently couldn’t win at home.

7. Eagles (10-6; No. 7):  Chip Kelly will have to get used to playing in a postseason game without naming rights.

8. Bengals (11-5; No. 10):  A playoff losing streak that began with the game in which the Bengals wrecked Bo Jackson’s hip could finally be ending.

9.  Chiefs (11-5; No. 9):  Steelers fans will forever spell Ryan Succop’s name with a K.  And an F.

10.  Colts (11-5; No. 11):  A pair of former No. 1 overall picks — Andrew Luck and Alex Smith — will square off on Saturday, with the right to face another one — Peyton Manning — on the line.

11.  Cardinals (10-6; No. 8):  They finished only one game better than the 2008 team that made it to the Super Bowl, but these Cardinals have created a sense that they can sustain their momentum.

12. Chargers (9-7; No. 13):  Yes, they made the playoffs.  But they barely beat the Kansas City “B” team to get there.

13.  Steelers (8-8; No. 14):  The Yinzers can finally tear down that Bill Leavy statue.

14. Packers (8-7-1; No. 16):  Based on the performance of Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cobb, rust apparently doesn’t grow on cheese.

15. Ravens (8-8; No. 12):  These three and 50 blackbirds will be spending the offseason eating some humble pie.

16. Jets (8-8; No. 20):  The entire offseason should be devoted to getting better offensive personnel.

17. Cowboys (8-8; No. 15):  “Winning exactly as many as we lose, since 1997.”

18.  Bears (8-8; No. 17):  If Lovie Smith gets fired for 10-6, who gets fired for 8-8?

19. Dolphins (8-8; No. 18):  Miami continues to say “meh” when it comes to their local NFL team.

20.  Giants (7-9; No. 22):  Tom Coughlin is officially on the hot seat for the third time; the last two times, he won the Super Bowl.

21. Rams (7-9; No. 19):  Curiously stubborn about Sam Bradford as a franchise quarterback, the Rams should at least consider the possibility of an upgrade with the No. 2 pick.

22.  Bills (6-10; No. 21):  Some Buffalo fans may want the Bills to do what the Browns recently did.

23. Titans (7-9; No. 24):  Three-plus decades of loyal service should get Mike Munchak one more year to turn it around.

24. Lions (7-9; No. 23):  This franchise won’t become any better until their franchise quarterback begins to act like one.

25. Vikings (5-10-1; No. 26):  They’re reportedly interested in the Broncos offensive coordinator.  We didn’t know Peyton Manning wanted to go into coaching.

26. Jaguars (4-12; No. 25):  If they can find a good quarterback, the Jags can get back into contention.

27. Buccaneers (4-12; No. 27):  Is it really a surprise that a guy who was 0-11 against WVU while at Rutgers couldn’t make it longer than two years as an NFL coach?

28.  Browns (4-12; No. 28):  The next head coach immediately will be nicknamed Shemp.

29.  Falcons (4-12; No. 29):  If you told Falcons fans in September that their team wouldn’t lose in the postseason, they would have been pretty darn excited.

30.  Raiders (4-12; No. 30):  The best reason to keep Dennis Allen?  There’s a chance no one else would take the job.

31. Redskins (3-13; No. 31):  A year after the Redskins won seven in a row after starting 3-6, they lost seven in a row after starting 3-6.

32. Texans (2-14; No. 32):  It’ll be a lot cheaper to sign the first overall pick than it was the last time Houston earned it.

71 responses to “Week 17 power rankings

  1. Not too bad of a rating for my beloved New York Jets!

    Right smack in the middle of the pack. Nobody would have predicted that in June/July/August of 2013, except me, of course!

  2. Seahawks- “They suddenly have to worry about losing to the Packers at home.” Did the Packers already beat the 9ers and why should the Seahawks worry about the Packers?

    -9ers fan

  3. “18. Bears (8-8; No. 17): If Lovie Smith gets fired for 10-6, who gets fired for 8-8?”

    Hopefully Mel Tucker.

    And this isn’t a fair comparison, anyway. Lovie had nine years at the helm, and only made the playoffs three times, with one Super Bowl loss. Trestman, for being a rookie coach, would have done better had injuries and inept defensive play not played a major role in this year’s end result.

    The Bears will be playoff contenders again next year.

  4. How can the Packers be behind both Steelers and the Cardinals who didn’t even make the playoffs?? Moreover, you say the Seahawks, #2, should be worried about losing to the Pack at home? I don’t understand the logic.

  5. You really only going to move the Packers up 2 spots to number 14? That could end up being embarrassing.

    Rodgers being back and sharp puts them in the top 8, with a real chance to do some damage.

  6. Packers are by far the worst team to make the playoffs. 1 and done! The new Packer motto.

  7. Uh you know the Colts just owned the Chiefs at Arrowhead 2 weeks ago right? Also, the Eagles are way too high… As is whoever does these rankings.

  8. Really? Still blaming Stafford? He had a hobbled Megatron and a hobbled Bush, a practice squad Kris Durham who wouldn’t see the field for most teams, Nate Burleson who has one 1,000 yard season (way back in 2004), guys who were released this season like Kevin Ogletree, and his team lead the league in drops and drop %.

    But yeah, it’s all on Stafford. Just ignore the coaching, horrendous secondary, etc.

  9. The Vikings dynasty has officially started.

    After we draft our franchise QB, multiple superbowls will be coming to Minneapolis.

    We have the most stacked roster in the NFL

    Your favorite franchise is trying to emulate ours.

  10. I disagree with number 28. Shemp? No he has to earn that, he starts at curly joe derita. The stooge that nobody remembers. He’s gonna have to work up to shemp.

  11. I’m not quite sure why the Chiefs are ranked ahead of the Colts. We spanked them in their house and they’ve lost 5 of their last 7 games, and have zero quality wins. SMH. I guess beating the Seahawks, Broncos, 49ers and Chiefs doesn’t mean anything.

  12. Ravens repeat ! Oh wait……

    Washington is the best team in the league with the best coach and best QB ever in the history of the game….Oh wait…

    Miami will crush the Pats and take over the AFCE this year ! Oh wait…..

    I’m sure there are a few other lols like those to be tossed into the ring

  13. 9. Chiefs (11-5; No. 9): Steelers fans will forever spell Ryan Succop’s name with a K. And an F.

    Hahahaha. This may be the BEST thing you ever wrote. Quite clever if I do say so myself.

  14. I love how the media still goes on about the Ravens beating the Broncos in the playoffs and doing it in Denver. Why doesn’t the media ever mention the Patriots losing to the Ravens the following week and doing it AT HOME and by 15 points?

    So Denver losing to a team in double OT was pathetic and the greatest upset in sports history but the Patriots (with mr supposed greatest clutch QB ever) losing by 15 points the following week to the exact same team was no biggie.

    Great logic there media!

    Not that I expect anything less, especially when it involves the Patriots losing as the media always sweeps their failures under the rug.

  15. Looking back at the last 3 or 4 years, what was the week 17 rankings of the super bowl winners? I don’t recall a 1 or 2 winning it. Maybe this is “The PFT Curse”.

  16. Good to see you have already advanced the packers through the wildcard. Just like last week when you chose the cards. I like it though. Seems to be a good luck charm so keep it goin

  17. Nice to take a shot at nobody wanting the Raider job, however, I’m pretty sure if I was a truly decent candidate, I would shy away from the Browns job even more…..

  18. “Bill Leavy statue”? please. Steelers fans hated Bill Leavy way before this. The Seahawks got their fair share of bad calls going their way in Super Bowl XL as well but no one likes to remember that the Steelers were just the better team that day. Leavy is just one of many bad refs that need to go in the NFL. It’s all well and good that they’ve started admitting their mistakes, now they need to work on not making so many.

  19. boomboombrown, those are the kind of hopes that make you look like a fool if they win. Best to save the smack talk until after the game. Then you can babble about “One and done” or “The refs gave the Packers the win” or even the old “The Packers got lucky, they won’t win in….”. The third one you should use with care. If you use that one and they win the following week, you look as foolish as you did after your comment from this week…lol

    Everyone in the playoffs is 0-0 right now. Regular season records don’t mean a thing. The team with the best regular season record rarely wins the Super Bowl. All it takes is for one of the playoff teams,that nobody thinks will win, to get hot. It happens often that a mediocre team wins it all.

  20. I loved your comment on my Browns. My son did not get it. He is too young. I am wondering just what the heck is going on up there. Do they have any type of game plan at all?

  21. PFT and Dan Patrick seem to be having a good time with the Steelers missing the playoffs on inept officiating, but here’s the truth:
    The Steelers’ history is steeped in such greatness, the fan base anguishing over an 8-8 team not deserving of a postseason birth is a complete waste of energy.
    Looking forward, next season the Steelers will play a schedule that incudes the Colts, the Chiefs, the Saints and the Panthers; throw in the Texans and the Falcons, two formidable teams as recently as 2012, and the 2014 season looks to be the Steelers’ most difficult in years.
    Tomlin better end this mediocre malaise he’s established… pronto.

  22. Eagles ahead of Cincinnati? Really? Broncos with that defense is #1?

    The records of the playoff teams vs the other playoff teams in the regular season

    Cin – 4-0
    SD – 5-2
    Ind – 4-2
    Den – 4-3
    Sea – 3-2
    Car – 3-2
    NE – 2-2
    NO – 2-3
    SF – 2-4
    Phi – 1-3
    KC – 1-5
    GB – 0-3

  23. Succop doesn’t Fuccop. Hey steelers, how about not losing to the Raiders, Titans, and Vikings. Don’t blame a kicker from a different team for your failures.

  24. As I watched last nights oregon and texas game, it became apparent that football as we knew it is dieing due to concussion lawsuits, a desire for offense by owners and tv execs, and defensive rules that no longer allow physicality. The devolution of football has started. The chip kelly’s of the world will take over and the contact will be removed from the game and scores will become 40 to 50 point shootouts weekly. Just not great football. Hoping to get 1-3 stops a game and holding your own serve is going to be painful to watch. does anyone else feel this way about the direction of what once was a great game.

  25. We’re the 1 at the end of the rankings. Mean nothing unless we’re #1 when it’s all said and done. Fair or not this ENTIRE post season will make or BREAK Peyton’s legacy. Win he’s the undisputed GREATEST. Lose and he’ll never shake the “regular season” label.

  26. Wow Whodey, you beat Flacco and Stafford. Congratulations. And good job holding Luck to a season high 4 touchdown passes.

  27. LOL how longs it been since the bengals did anything in the postseason? Much respect to a very talented team this year but I’d reserve talking trash on other proven winners in the playoffs until my team actually shows up this weekend.

  28. How do the Seahawks have to worry about the packers?

    I am a hawks fan so therefore I dont love the niners but I am not so sure the pack is going to take them down that easy…

    Counting chickens before the egg is even been laid is the dumbest move ever.

  29. In the nobody really cares/it doesn’t even matter/someone is paying too close attention department.

    The Falcons should have been ranked higher than 29. (Not atlanta fan)… They actually finished the season playing pretty well. Took the 49ers and Panthers to the limit in close losses and were certainly better than Jags,Browns and Bucs.

  30. Steelers completely humiliated the Bungals in their last meeting this year. Bungals are so happy the refs blew it in KC so they don’t have to face the Steelers.

    WE DEY!

  31. Ease up on The Chargers. Yes, They barely beat the Chiefs B team but don’t forget they beat the Chiefs A team in KC a few weeks back and also beat the Denver A team. They earned the playoff spot down the stretch even if the last win wasn’t very impressive.

  32. Huh? I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get to -3° in San Francisco in June, even at night. Niners will be in for a shock on Sunday and it will affect their game in some capacity.

    – Packer fan just happy to be in

  33. Things to be grateful for 2013. Im glad Big ben performed well enough to shut bobzilla and deb up so we were not subjected to anymore of Their Long rambling posts about how awful ben is and diminishing returns. And blah blah blah…..

  34. I don’t know any Bills fans who want the coaching staff fired. Its players they still need. #1 WR, MLB, CB, and OG.

  35. I can’t recall a worse defense to amke the playoff in quite sometime than the packers.

    I mean, it is embarassing and pathetic……

    The packers D can’t play in hot or cold…..Gore will tear them up as Niners own the packers, even WITH Erin Rodgers.

    Niners 34-17.

    One and done again for packers…..this one is simple.

  36. Swap the Eagles (#7) and the Colts (#10), and swap the Steelers (#13) and the Packers (#14), and you’ve got the top half of the league pretty well in order. After that, who cares….

  37. I like Denver a lot more than Seattle. But I would have the Seahawks #1 and the Broncos #2. Defense wins championships and the Seahawks have a way better one than the Broncos do. The Broncos probably have one of the worst ones of the teams remaining.

  38. Boohoo the Refs kept us out of the playoffs. -Steelers fans

    Try again.

    Losing to the Raiders and Vikings did it

  39. Awww doosh is here trying to be relevant once again. The poor vikings are a franchise in complete disaray and yet you come here to talk tough? Seeing the Packers as division winners is pretty painful isnt it? Whether we are one and done or not you cant take the stink out of the Vikings by ripping on a team you look up to in the division without looking completely jealous.

  40. If you think that the packers have a chance against a peaking 49ers team, you need to think again. I highly doubt Seattle is worried about GB. If you would have said San Francisco or Carolina, I may have agreed.

  41. “Some Buffalo fans may want the Bills to do what the Browns recently did.”

    No. No, there really aren’t any Buffalo fans as stupid as the Browns front office.

  42. Good ranking of teams. Now we see who steps up to a higher level in the playoffs.

    The Steelers showed their strength by standing strong and improving all season long after badly messing up the first half of the season. Tomlin did not blame the screw up in KC for missing the playoffs, saying “it was not one of the stadiums we played in.” That’s Steeler talk, and that’s why we will win next year.

  43. While the Packers will be coming to Seattle as ‘Frisco heads home to clean out their lockers…I do NOT believe that Seattle has to “worry” about them coming to town.

    The Packers on the other hand, DO have to worry about coming to Seattle.

    (And Seattle is DEFINITELY not going to be worrying about ‘Frisco should Green Bay give the game away. ‘Frisco however…is NOT looking forward to coming to the Clink again!) Green Bay by 10! (“Frisco surging? LOL!!! Barely beat AZ or Atlanta.)

  44. Power rankings don’t matter in the regular season… so why would the matter in the post when every team is 0-0.. and usually the teams with the best regular season records don’t make it.

  45. Ringing endoresement for the Broncos. Fact is that this year’s post season is wide open. Any team, including San Diego, is capable of reaching the Super Bowl. However, it does not do a team any good to be ranked higher than the Packers and then have to watch the playoffs at home.

  46. @mustang6984: That AZ team the Niners ‘Barely’ beat in their house was the same team that beat you at your house just the week before right? Just askin’

  47. @mustang6984: And we beat Atlanta by ten points…. not ‘barely’.

    Oh…. The Niners also beat your team the last time we played as I recall. You’ve got a great team in Seattle… but with that loss and your loss at home to AZ, all pretenses of your invincibility went out the window.

    I just hope we get to play you. I expect New Orleans to beat Philly, and then give you a MUCH harder time of things in your rematch with them.

    So…. bluster away all you want. The Seahawks get props for winning the division… but this is post-season my friend. Enjoy the game.

  48. @wydok: ‘Cause it’s power rankings…….. not division standings. They have the Cards 11 (better than both Bolts and Packers), even though they didn’t make the playoffs with 10 wins. And they SHOULD be ranked higher than either of those teams. If they went by records, the Cards would be in and the Packers out.

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