Absence of buzz for Shanahan may not bode well for the future


Last year, the Eagles fired coach Andy Reid.  And Andy Reid quickly became a hot commodity for the other vacancies.

This year, the Redskins have fired coach Mike Shanahan.  And as the list of potential candidates continues to grow, Shanahan’s name hasn’t been mentioned once.  By anyone.  Anywhere.

The Texans made it clear via media leaks that they weren’t interested in Shanahan before Shanahan was fired.  The Browns, Vikings, Lions, and Buccaneers have shown no interest whatsoever.

If other teams have no interest immediately in Shanahan, there’s a chance there never will be any interest in Shanahan — at least not enough to result in Shanahan once again becoming a head coach.

While he’s due to make roughly $7 million to not coach the Redskins in 2014, Shanahan has said nothing to suggest that he’ll retreat to his 35,000-square-foot mansion in Denver and collect fat stacks from Dan Snyder during the coming year.  Even if Shanahan isn’t interested in coaching, everyone wants someone to be interested in their services.

The last time Shanahan was fired, the Redskins were interested, but they had a head coach.  A year later, they had Shanahan.

That could happen again, in theory.  But the last four years have further faded the memories of the pair of Super Bowl titles Shanahan won in the late ’90s.

For now, it appears that he’ll be sitting out the current game of musical chairs.  This time around, there’s a chance he’ll be sidelined permanently.

63 responses to “Absence of buzz for Shanahan may not bode well for the future

  1. Shannahan is too “old school” for today’s NFL. He has no clue how to deal with the diva persona of the players. RG3 is no different than any other NFL player today. A “current” coach could deal with that….Shanny could not.

  2. He’s been to the playoffs 8 times in 27 years. Can’t figure out for the life of me why no one is interested. [sarcasm alert]

  3. Why would ANY team want him?
    Overrated from day 1….Elway made him…grossly overpaid…has his son as offensive coordinator…

  4. Shanahan was hired based on a unearned legacy with the Broncos and the Racial Slurs suffered for it. Pete Carroll was hired based on future potential and the Seahawks have the best record in the NFC.

  5. With our WRs, TE, and potential to draft a blue chip QB in the draft the Raiders should definitely replace D Allen with Shanahan. D Allen’s and Reggie Mac’s vision for the Raiders is a west coast offensive team anyway…might as real bring in the real deal.

    Shanahan – Head Coach
    Kubiak – OC/QBs coach
    Alex Gibbs jr – O line Coach

    Keep Tarver an the Defensive staff……..#Championships

  6. It’s a QB league and he doesn’t get along with QB’s. Wonder why there is no line up.
    Ask Plummer, McNabb, Griffen.

  7. While I’m not sticking up for Shanahan, or even taking his side, he showed how he felt last time he got fired- Why work for someone else when this guy’s still paying me? No way he has any desire to coach until after next season, so nobody’s bothering…

    Add to this the fact that he did poorly, and it’s pretty obvious what you get…..I’m guessing he never gets another gig

  8. He is radioactive as a HC. I could see him getting one of those “consultant” gigs for some walking around money……

  9. Megalomaniacal failures don’t tend to appeal as leadership potential.
    His only hope is to acquire an ownership interest giving him controlling authority so he can mismanage a team as poorly as Jerry Jones.

  10. I never saw his appeal. He tanked with the Raiders complete with an embarrassing money squabble with Al Davis. He landed on a loaded Denver team (which he did not build) and led a salary cap cheating team to a pair of Super Bowls and promptly followed that up with several forgettable years most note-worthy be their dirty OLine play.

    Washington he is most known for refusing to take a clearly injured QB out of the playoff game causing major damage to that players knew and possibly short circuiting that players career. His nepotism was also a newsworthy footnote to his tenure there. He doubled down on this by throwing his owner under the bus and leaking dirty laundry all over the media.

    I’d take Brian Billick 100 times over before considering Shannahan

  11. He’s a garbage head coach. Without Elway and Davis, we’d be asking “Shanahan? who?”
    He’s been riding his time with Elway long enough…

  12. To judge the quality of Shanahan’s coaching, owners/GMs would be wise to look at his Raider/Redskin resumes and not Denver’s. Elway and Terrell Davis won those Super Bowls, Shanahan was just clever enough to stay out of the way. A chimp could have coached those Bronco teams.

  13. The only team that would do well with his “coaching” is Denver and they seem to be doing ok. Besides, any team who wants a coach who can only win with a once in a generation hall of fame qb already established and running his offense for him who has 0 ability to develop young players could get Jim Caldwell way cheaper.

  14. I think even with all the nonsense with Snyder, everyone has recognized that Shanahan is WAY past his head coaching expiration date – the team was in utter disarray on every level. It’s time to take the car keys away from Grandpa.

  15. Salary cap cheated to win both Super Bowls.

    In the 15 years or so since Elway retired, Shanahan coached teams have won a grand total of one (1) playoff game.

    Went to Washington and immediately go them into trouble with more cap cheating.

    Made of one of the worst trades in NFL history to get RGFragileEgo.

    Left the team a stinking mess that could take years to sort out.

    Not to mention that the cut blocking scheme he used for his Olines in Denver injured many many opposing players.

    And he was the worst coach in the NFL last year.

    Why would anyone want Shanny to coach their team ?

  16. He and hi son, had no accountability. He even leaked if he wanted to show Danny Boy who was in charge, he’d have cut RGIII.

    The biggest problem with the Skins was they never adjusted when the other team did. NEVER! That’s what we here in D.C. called being out-coached.

    Gibbs was the master of half time adjustments.

    Having a Brady-like QB makes any coach look like a genius. Can you say Charlie Weis?

  17. I think Mike showed just how much value and relevance he has in today’s NFL.

    Coaches need to be more of a player’s coach for most NFL teams. I think the Skins grew tired of his stoic personality…I know I did.

  18. Absent John Elway, Shanny hasn’t done anything. I was dumbfounded by the Skins fans’ excitement when he was hired. What had he done? Yes, two SB rings, but after Elway retired? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. And it has continued in DC for another 4 seasons now. I wouldn’t hire this guy to coach my team. He may yet be a good coordinator, but I’d be shocked and amused if the suckers running another NFL team hired him again.

  19. Andy proved he is the best coach in the league. His plan to escape FILTHadelphia worked to perfection and now he has a class organization to work for, and a class organization that actually understands football.

    Shanahan was a fraud. Elway and T. Davis won 2 Super Bowls, he didn’t.

    Everyone in the league is wanting to emulate the Chiefs Way or the Seahawks Way.

    These two teams will be facing off in the Super Bowl multiple times over the next decade. Deal with it.

  20. Mike Shanahan’s tenure with the Redskins seems to reinforce his reputation as a control freak; there was also the matter of nepotism.

    His success at Denver revolved around John Elway, who he unleashed from his predecessor’s grasp. It remains to be seen if he can build a winner from the ground up.

  21. He’s a horrible head coach. Why would anyone hire him?

    Then again, the Browns will hire and fire pretty much anybody, so I’m saying there’s a chance.

  22. NFL The kingdom of nepotism every coach and assistant coach is somehow related to each other and they all play musical chairs with 32 teams.

  23. Shanacrap had no excuse. He was given full control of roster decisions and constructed a truly pathetic team.

  24. I have Super Bowl XXXII on my PVR (thanks NFL network!) and when I watch that I see a young passionate head coach who had the pulse of his team and showed real innovation (at the time) on offense.

    When I watch Shanahan now I see an old beaten down coach going through the motions, I’ve seen that since his last few seasons in Denver. I think his time is up, I think it’s time for him to retire.

  25. When you heard the players from Washington speak ,they supported Mike. You didn’t hear support from the players in backing Robert. Not one player on the roster came out in support of Robert, they questioned his leadership ability in the media. Yet, the most respected player on the franchise , London Fletcher, came out in support of Shanny as the coach. Mike can coach, he cant be the GM.

    Robert has tons of talent, everyone will just have to wait and see how well he transitions to an entire new offense and personalities. Winning will make everyone forget about the past.

  26. According to Marty Scottenheimer, Shanahan is as good a coach as there is in football. That’s good enough for me. Lions would be a great place for Shanny.

  27. The way he handled RG3 was unacceptable in a few ways. You have a race horse that you must protect from himself. Its as if Shnahan didn’t watch the tape of Robert at Baylor and see the sacrifices he makes in his play. That has to be contained in the NFL or your Horse will go down with a short carrier due to injury. From game one he thrust RG3 in harms way and all that saw noted and questioned it. Then Robert gets hurt and we all know what happened in the Seattle game. That was a gut wrenching feeling watching RG3 in that playoff game before his knee gave out fully. Had to fire him and should have last year in truth. What does this coach offer? A lack of compassion for his players I say.

  28. Donavan McFlabby, was out of shape, couldn’t throw the ball, wouldn’t listen to anybody because he thought he was a hall of famer, the Walrus had used him up completely, so Shanny doesn’t deserve being blamed for that louse. He just wasn’t smart enough to see Andy pick his pocket.

  29. Who in their right mind wants to bother with this guy?

    I mean a head coach in the NFL worth his salt should know how to manage a clock and when to take time outs. He always had a deer in the headlight look. And that’s just for starters. That personality ought to get him a media gig somewhere you think? Good luck with that. Loser.

  30. One of Shanahan’s problems is that the Skins have been on prime time a lot. And this means that people around the league have seen first hand how badly coached, unprepared, out of sync, and undisciplined Shanahan’s teams have been no matter who the quarterback is. Would any owner out there look at the DC circus – with Shanny having final say over everything football related – and think “that’s my guy?”

    Shanny knew he was going to look bad as a result of his record and tenure. This is why we have seen so many leaks among media friendly to Shanahan making excuses for him, blaming Snyder, RG3, Mara and anybody else anywhere. He had the keys to the car and crashed it.

  31. He won’t have time to coach. He’ll be too busy counting all that money he gets for not coaching.

  32. He should get a college job, and he could probably use his name to recruit well, or his staff can use his name to recruit for him. Why an NFL team would give this guy a job is just beyond me though. I wouldn’t take his phone call if I was another team unless he said he’s willing to work on straight commission. Prove you can do the job and then we’ll pay you. If that doesn’t work, then take a hike pal.

  33. Oh well, guess he will have to sit out a year and cash in the 7m the skins still owe him and wait until next yr when some more coaches bite the dust. I am sure Cleveland will be looking again for a new coach!

  34. I think Mike and Kyle should just show up at the Factory of Sadness and start coaching. Each of the Three Stooges will just assume the other Stooges pulled the trigger.

  35. Mike Shanahan’s career is over, or at least it should be. He’s one of the biggest frauds ever. He’s below 500 since Elway retired with 1 playoff win. Why would anyone be considering him to coach anyone? If Marty Schottenheimer can’t get a sniff for another job, and his last full year he went 14-2, why would you ever hire this clown again?

  36. Shanahan is done and anyone that would even consider this dude would be a fool. It says a lot when an owner will pay you $7 million NOT to coach the team!

  37. meatcarroll says:
    Jan 1, 2014 9:51 AM
    Shanahan was hired based on a unearned legacy with the Broncos and the Racial Slurs suffered for it. Pete Carroll was hired based on future potential and the Seahawks have the best record in the NFC.

     CHEAT Carroll is a POS that bolted from USC after multiple NCAA violations would have left him handcuffed. No Bowls,Recruiting when you make the PROMISE of no post season for 4yrs is a tough sell. So Cheat did what any coward POS would do, RUN! Ask Reggie Bush Heisman trophy winne… Oh yeah
    BTW, good luck with that record and your ANEMIC offense. Only Q I have is will the Seadderall Speedhawks get tipped in their 1st or second post season appearance. Maybe Paul Silvi can suit up?

  38. Shanahan is a lousy head coach, a head case and a malcontent. For those three reasons alone, the Vikings will consider him after every viable coaching canidate turns them down.

  39. The NFL is changing. Its not the 80’s anymore. Coaches that cant adapt to the new style will get run over. Look at Philly..they went and got a coach who will be a trend setter..not a follower, and certainly not a guy from the old NFL ground and pound thing.

  40. I just wanted to mention what Shanahan has done with his quarterbacks… to say nothing about his defenses, or playoff record… just note that that his quarterbacks

    John Elway
    Brian Griese
    Jake Plummer
    Jay Cutler

    All have one thing in common, they went to the Pro Bowl with Shanahan as their coach… and

    RG3 won Offensive Rookie of the Year…

    So, I think his offenses have done quite well, and not to mention the fact that he got to the AFC championship game without Elway… and the Redskins did win the NFC East last year, before that they won it in…… 1999

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