Bitter cold coming to Green Bay on Sunday


When the 49ers beat the Packers in the playoffs last year, it was in the comfortable confines of the Bay Area. If the 49ers are going to beat the Packers again this year, they’ll have to brave bitter cold.

The Weather Channel’s forecast for Sunday in Green Bay calls for a high of four degrees and a low of 15 below.

Of the two quarterbacks in Sunday’s game, Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers sounded a little more comfortable with the forecast than San Francisco’s Colin Kaepernick. Rodgers said his method of getting ready for the game is, “Eat a lot of chicken noodle soup.” Kaepernick admitted that, “I don’t think my dream was to play in freezing weather.”

But that’s what Kaepernick will be playing in on Sunday. That may provide a home-field advantage for the Packers, even if Green Bay fan’s haven’t been particularly eager to buy tickets for the privilege of spending a few hours in the bitter cold on Sunday.

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  1. To be honest the 49ers being a running and defense oriented team are better built for the cold then the Packers who are a pass oriented team.

  2. To be honest, the 49ers have no clue what -10 feels like. The mental edge for GB is large.

  3. Meanwhile there are husbands in Wisconsin getting angry at their wives for buying too much stuff at X-mas. And now they don’t have a budget to buy tickets to the game. Meanwhile, in their basement they have 10 shares of “stock” posted on their wall.

    While others have a few bucks on hand, but are not liking the idea of sitting in the cold 70 feet high on bench seats in the cold wind only to watch the 49ers run over them.

  4. You know you’re in trouble when your quarterback is already crying about the cold.

  5. i can already hear the phoney whiners complaining that a 12-4 team has to go on the road to play an 8-7 team. heres a hint, win your division.

  6. One day NFL games will be free for anyone who wants to go and fill the seats to make it appear to be an “event” for the folks at home.

    Laugh now…

  7. I think I’ll stay in my man cave and enjoy the game with hot nachos out of the oven while watching on the widescreen high definition television with Dolby surround sound. No drunks, no -15 degree weather, and no ridiculous security checks of the old lady’s handbag.

  8. Jim Schwartz record(5yrs)w/Detroit 29@51. Bart Starr record(5yrs)/Green Bay 26@47-1 tie. No wonder why you can’t sell out a playoff game-Schwartz is/was a better coach than Starr!!!.

  9. My Niners aren’t use to this weather. This game will he interesting but I’m still riding with ’em. I dont know why the big deal about a Blackout, that won’t ever happen in Green Bay give it time all those tickets will be sold out.

  10. Two words: long underwear.

    I’m amazed that the players prefer bare arms to thermal sleeves. I guess they don’t want to give a handle to a would be tackler, but single digit temps sound downright painful.

  11. It won’t be -15 until long after the game is over. I live Minnesota and it doesn’t hit that until well after midnight. Kickoff will zero to +4 degrees and by the times the game is over it might be -5 to -8 below. Us Minnesotians and those stupid Cheese heads are used to this.

  12. Can’t wait. It’ll be great. It will be so cold Kaepernicks’s tattoos will fall off. He’ll be anxious to get the hell out of there. It will make a difference.

    This is but another reason the fans connect so well in Green Bay. If the players we cheer for and expect to win for our entertainment have to play in weather like this, the least we can do is endure it with them and lend our full support.

  13. keeley2 says:
    Jan 1, 2014 7:20 PM

    To be honest, the 49ers have no clue what -10 feels like. The mental edge for GB is large.

    Yeah, that makes sense. Because all the packer players were born in the North. Do the packers only draft players that played in cold weather? Where is Aaron Rodgers from? (Hint: it isn’t in the north). Nevertheless, I am sure some crazy play will allow the Packers to win.*

    *See Steelers blocked field goal that was flagged because of illegal “swatting” and allowed the Packers to score a TD.

    *Phantom late hit on Rodgers sack on 3rd down which ended up leading to a first down and eventual fieldgoal

    *Forced fumble/incomplete pass that allowed Boykin to hang around with the ball until the Referee carried him into the endzone (okay, it only SEEMED like that).

    Frankly, I hope the 49ers destroy the packers but I Troy Aikmen will probably go rub Rodgers’ shoulders during in halftime to give him the energy to pull off another miraculous win.

  14. Rushing offenses are comparable…
    Lacy 1,178 yards 4.1 ypc 11 rushing TDs
    Gore 1,128 yards 4.1 ypc 9 rushing TDs

    49ers 137 rush yds/gm; 4.4 yd avg
    Packers 130 rush yds/gm; 4.7 yd avg

    But the rushing defenses are a different story…niners>packers

  15. So what’s the temp for the Vikings game, oh wait I forgot they’re not playing this weekend lmao. Time to go back to your parents basement again Vikings fans and rant about how your a QB away from being a dynasty lmao

  16. Lol, I remember back in the ’80’s when the niners had to go to Chicago for a playoff game and “Bear weather” was going to lead to their defeat. It didn’t, we won the Superbowl that year.

    Fact is, the 49ers are a better team than the Packers which has been proven over and over for the last few years, which is why they will win again on Sunday.

  17. My goodness there are a ton of delusional 49ers fans who believe they can win this. Good grief, Kaepernick’s arm is going to freeze solid. The 49ers are going to get crushed in Green Bay!

  18. Sounds brutal, especially if your just sitting there and not running around on the field or sitting in front of a heater.

    Went to a Monday night game at Arrowhead about 10 years ago vs Denver. It was 7 degrees at kickoff time and pretty breezy. Needless to say I left the cold beverages alone.

  19. I can tell you – I was at the Packers Giants game a few years ago. It was wicked cold and I wore the best of everything I could find at REI and I was still freezing. Worse – when Favre threw the interception in overtime to lose the game, it felt like it got 20 degrees colder. Im watching this one from home. Go Packers!

  20. bearzfan says:
    Jan 1, 2014 7:41 PM
    Yeah, that makes sense. Because all the packer players were born in the North. Do the packers only draft players that played in cold weather?

    One of the Packer players explained it like this; It doesn’t matter where you ‘re from. It matters where you live. How accustomed and prepared are you on a daily basis week in and week out. Not just game day.

  21. To the fool telling the niners to win the division so they don’t have to travel. Not everybody can have 8 wins and make the playoffs. as a matter of fact the packers have the worst record of all the playoff teams. Cardinals fans should be pissed, win 2 more games than this pathetic franchise that can’t sell enough tickets to have the game on local t.v.

  22. Kaepernick had a huge winter coat on in 45-50 degree weather.. His tattoos are already frozen off just thinking about this game.

  23. Well, at least they won’t be resorting to cannibalism. The corpses in the seats next to them will be frozen solid. You can always find some positive to the situation.

  24. “Kramer blocks out Pugh and Starr sneaks it over for a touchdown!’ I remember it well, as I am old enough . This sounds as though it could be a repeat! They should have The Packer players from “The Ice Bowl” out on the field for the coin flip. There would be NO chance of a blackout if this was advertised.

  25. Too bad that “The Man” (I heard it on a headset commercial) will have to cover up those sexy tattoos, and his musckles.

  26. Pksozo the pack play in cold weather all the time while the 9ers play in sunny sunny Cali they will probobly hand the ball to lacy a couple times also the 9ers have almost no advantage… What has mr. Kapernick done lately 18 TDs #veryoverrated

  27. GB used to own the 9ers in the 90s knocking us out of the playoffs yeqr after year..Favre was a Niner killer..As of late though the Niners have owned Green Bay and I have a feeling Kapernick is gonna be a thorn in your guys for a happens.

  28. O noez! Why is the NFL suddenly scheduling cold weather playoff games in the winter?

    This wildcard game is going to be a disaster and a farce. So says everyone who gets paid to watch football and write about it, anyway.

  29. cinvis says:
    Jan 1, 2014 7:31 PM


    Isn’t Rodgers from Socal while Kaep is from Wisconsin????


    Ummm…NO! They are both from California. You must be thinking of Tony Romo.

  30. The big misconception is that you cannot throw the ball in very cold conditions. Come Sunday, watch that myth disappear because the Packers will throw more than they run and it will be on the 49ers DB’s to match stride on the field.

  31. Funny thing is Niners and Packers are alot alike..Two legendary franchises with great history who are stuck in their divisions who have accomplished nothing and always are nipping at the big dogs heels like a pesky little rat..Maybee they should just put the Vikings and the Seahawks together in a division so theyre fans can argue which one is the better of the irrelevant franchises..

  32. To the morons saying that the packers shouldn’t be in the playoffs because of their record and the cards having 10 wins, get over it. Division winners deserve a spot, just like the 7-9 Seahawks a few years ago. Plus, the packers played a 1st place schedule while the cards played a 3rd place schedule. Harder games.

    To the morons saying weather isn’t a factor, you have no idea. Zero degrees, or -10 in this case is unbearable. Players who go without sleeves are stupid.

  33. Oh wow, it’s cold in Wisconsin in January??!! Really?? Nothing like stating the obvious. If Green Bay has to have the cold to help them win a game then they aren’t very good.

  34. It was 70 degrees on Christmas Day here in San Diego.

    Still 70 degrees today.

    Will still be 70 degrees tomorrow and the rest of 2014.

  35. Hey im just happy niners are in it …everybody said kapp was a 1 yr wonder!!!! I guess the wish they were right! gooooo 49ers

  36. Colin’s from Milwaukee I do believe… I’m a Packers fan and trust me; the 49ers have the edge here. Without Clay Matthews and Casey Hayward we’re going to have some issues containing Vernon Davis and Anqon Boldin. This will come down to whether or not the Mike McCarthy can come up with a better game plan, cause you can’t line up and execute better than at team like the 49ers who have a stronger physical presence in the trenches. All and all, I don’t think the Packers Defense can win this.

  37. 2thguy says: Jan 1, 2014 7:41 PM

    Rushing offenses are comparable…
    Lacy 1,178 yards 4.1 ypc 11 rushing TDs
    Gore 1,128 yards 4.1 ypc 9 rushing TDs

    49ers 137 rush yds/gm; 4.4 yd avg
    Packers 130 rush yds/gm; 4.7 yd avg

    But the rushing defenses are a different story…niners>packers

    Nerd Alert

  38. Packer fans I am not biased against your team, I am neutral. Look at history though, usually the tougher more physical team wins in the cold. Who do you guys think is tougher the 49ers or your team. And be honest. Nobody has really pointed out why Green Bay will win, other than they’re used to the cold.

  39. The way football was meant to be played. In the old days Lombardi wouldn’t even let them have heaters on the sideline.

  40. Those beats audio headphones won’t let you block out the cold Kaep.

    Those 49er fans thinking this is no big deal have obviously never been to the Midwest in January. This is a VERY big deal.

    Right now, the forecast low for my area is -11 with wind chills in the -30 range. Brrr…. Trust me, this is an issue for players that are used to nice sunny weather in the 60’s.

    The best part is that Harbaugh will be too busy shivering to do his usual whining.

  41. This game has the potential to be the coldest NFL game ever played. It’s no wonder Kaep doesn’t want to play in it.

    One of the best Quarterbacks in NFL history, on the other hand, is already used to it. Due to the conditions, this will likely be a lower scoring game.

    Even though the 49ers are shockingly healthy unlike the Packers, Carlos Rogers’ injury has the propensity to come up big in this one. They’ll need all the help they can get against Rodgers and those offensive weapons.

    Green Bay: 28
    San Fran: 24

  42. bert1913 says:

    i can already hear the phoney whiners complaining that a 12-4 team has to go on the road to play an 8-7 team. heres a hint, win your division.

    Or you could play in a lousy division where the Detroit Lions play, then have a stripped ball sit on the ground for 7 seconds. Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good. Seriously! what other team has lucked into the playoffs more than the Packers?

  43. ad2k13 says: Bitter cold is coming to Lambeau….but network TV cameras won’t be.
    say what??? the game is on FOX

  44. Kaepernick was born in Milwaukee but moved to California when he was 4. Hardly makes him used to Wisconsin winters.

    That said, the Packers seem to be unable to beat two teams when it comes down to it. The Giants and the Niners. As a Packer fan I hope the weather works to our advantage but the Niners scare me.

    And nobody concern yourselves about the sellout. There are slightly more than 7000 tickets left and they will be sold out by tomorrow.

  45. Kap played his college ball at Nevada Reno- he’s played in below freezing weather before! No big deal! It’s pretty sad to hear packer fan using the weather as the only reason they’d win the game

  46. I remember the Niners going to Chicago and smashing the Bears in 89 in the freezing cold. Better teams win games, not weather.

  47. Hope San Fran isn’t thinking about battling the cold instead of the Packers…just ground and pound and run the clock out! Warmness awaits you if you can keep your head in the game and out of the heaters!

  48. Most of you sound like you don’t even know what -10 feels like. For starters, it’s impossible to breathe, the air is basically sucked out from your lungs. What’s cold for you, 30? Seriously, if you’ve never experienced it you should keep your mouth shut. You may have a top defense but when they step out onto that field they’ll be in a completely unknown environment

  49. I was in Reno (where Kap played college ball) one Xmas when it was 3 degrees. Several of the crucial players IE: Davis, Boldin have ties to the northeast. It’s not like the players have never dealt with it. It will certainly be a factor but I think it is being overexaggerated just a bit. It’s not like this is the Saints… They are in deep trouble goin into Philly

  50. Get the facts straight. Green Bay is a strong running team, they can pound the rock when they need to. And there WILL be network cameras at Green Bay on Sunday, whether there is a blackout or not. A blackout only affects the local market. So don’t post unless you know the facts.

  51. I’m sure Kaepernick and the rest of the 49ers have played in cold weather games before, so the weather should be no excuse, and the February Super Bowl in New York could be very similiar.

  52. for those that say that Kaep can’t play in bad weather–Rodgers is from Chico, where it’s routinely over 100* every summer.
    Kaep played 4 years in Reno, where it dumps snow
    every winter.
    keep talking about the weather GB fans and us 49er fans will talk about #6.

  53. San Francisco fans don’t have a clue what they are talking about. I used to live in Alaska, the coldest chill factor I saw was -60. I did not feel like playing football!!!!!!!

    The 49ers will not feel like playing either. You guys are in for a difficult time. A running game sucks because the weather will cause more fumbles than you can imagine.

    If this game was in San Fran I will give it to them but I believe they will lose in that frigid temperature.

    Suck it up SF fans, you are in for a long, hard, cold game and your players will be running to heat.

  54. SF is clearly the better team. Well rounded, better players (excepting Rodgers, Lacy), aggressive playing style. I pick them. If game was in SF, it would be predictable. But, as far as SF built for cold weather … Kap & receivers will have to connect to keep drives alive … & they are untested at extreme colds. Sorry, JH, -10 isn’t 35 or even NE kind of cold. It will be the 2cd coldest game in GB history. Passing/ball handling favors cold weather teams when they at home in the cold – specifically – the & ball handling. GB has the best cold weather QB & receivers in the league, and SF still has to respect the run. SF has a problem in their secondary. Passing will be important and Kap will have to be consistent.

  55. Orange County Register (Ca.) & Michael David Smith must be synonymous with San Fran biased editing, why else let forty whiner fans with their foul and tasteless statements stand while deleting thoughtful, respectful rebuttals …. if your not then who does the page/alt/delete on the comments … only a coward hides behind his desk, why not come on out and play with the rabble …

  56. hopefully the NFL cares about fan safety and doesn’t blackout the games so the locals can stay home and see the game without fear of frostbite.

  57. As a 49er fan, I am looking forward to this game big time. Rogers looked great last week, and that weather is going to be like the 12th man for sure.

    Great test for the 9ers, and a great opportunity for Green Bay to pull a “Ravens” and go win it all.

    As a life long fan, the 49ers and the Packers have ruined each others playoffs time and time again, so the match up should be intense.

    As for those baggin’ on Kaep, you might be right. Or, you might be disappointed. I guess we’ll see on Sunday.

  58. I just hope someone told Kaep. that if he brought his brass monkey with him he remembers not to leave it outside Sunday night!

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