Browns, Dan Quinn scheduled to meet on Wednesday


The Texans didn’t wait until the start of 2014 to settle on a new coach, snapping up Bill O’Brien before the ball dropped and taking one attractive candidate off the market.

Cleveland will continue the process of finding an attractive candidate of their own on Wednesday. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the team is scheduled to interview Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn in Seattle.

It’s the first known interview for the Browns so far. Quinn is one of several candidates that they have shown interest in since firing Rob Chudzinski after less than a year on the job, including Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles. The Browns also asked for permission to interview Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase, but Gase turned down the chance to interview for the job.

Quinn is in his first year as defensive coordinator in Seattle and has drawn interest elsewhere as a head coaching candidate as well. If he should leave, that will leave the Seahawks to find a third coordinator in three years after Gus Bradley left to coach the Jaguars in 2013.

20 responses to “Browns, Dan Quinn scheduled to meet on Wednesday

  1. Was surprised to hear that Gase guy got an invite.

    I mean seriously, being Manning’s OC is like being Lebron James shoe caddy. Not sure that makes you HC material……

  2. He’s even better than Gus Bradley, and Bradley looks to have the Jaguars on the upswing. Seahawks finished #1 on D again for the second straight year but if you look at the numbers they were actually even better than they were in 2012 and led the league in several more categories.

  3. Until Haslam corrects his “first mistake”, it’s going to be difficult find coaches willing to work for a man who has never been in charge of the “football side” of any franchise

    Haslam hired a “bean counter” as President of the team and put him in charge of the “football” side of the Browns.

    Joe Banner in charge of the football side of the Browns is a mistake that only Haslam can correct…and until Haslam wakes up, I don’t look for much from the Browns.

  4. Seems like all you have to do as a coordinator is either inherit a great D or have a great QB and all of a sudden everyone thinks you are the next great Head Coach…

  5. Didn’t Haslam say they were going to go out and find a proven winner? While Seattle has done an amazing job, and coach Quinn has produced an outstanding defense, wouldn’t the Browns be better served finding a person with experience as a head coach? I am sure the problem will be the perception of working with Haslam, Banner, and Lombardi is about as stable as standing on thin ice.

  6. Everybody wants to pick off a coach from the Pete Carroll tree. The whole league wants to model their franchise after the Seahawk way. Every fanbase wants to model after the “12th Man”

    The first of many Lombardis will soon go to either Kansas City or Seattle, and it will alternate that way for the next decade

  7. At least Quinn doesn’t have the losing resume like McDaniels and Schwartz. The Browns will look more foolish (if that’s even possible) if McDaniels or Schwartz is hired as the next puppet er I mean coach.

  8. When Joe Banner was hired last year I wrote on here how the Cleveland fans better be prepared for more disappointment and no improvement since I saw his work first hand being an Eagles fan, I got 10 thumbs up and about 300 thumbs down, one year later he fired his first HC after only one season and is looking for number two, looks like I was right, good luck Browns fans, your gonna need it with him running the show.

  9. Stay away Quinn, Haslim dumped Mike Holmgren. If that isn’t brain dead. So the big show brought in 5 current pro bowlers and you fire the guy. This guy haslim is like Jerry Jones on PED’s. Scary guy to work for and the way the Browns media let him have it when Chud was fired says it all. The answer is and was a guy like Holmgren. Just el dumo over there. The Browns remind me of our Mariners ,APATHETIC!!!! sad times

  10. Jefessky?

    Holmgren was making $8MM/yr and was working 5 hours/day.

    The drive to succeed past him by in his last 2 years in SEA!

    It was correct to jettison the fat walrus!

  11. Haslam should have fired Holgrum, if not just for hiring Shurmur, then for drafting up to take Richardson and then taking Weeden in the first round. There has to be a country some place where you get hanged for such egregious behavior.

  12. Quinn is a great coordinator.
    Brown’s still wouldn’t have the quarterback and running back Seattle does.
    Look at the jags
    4-12 after one year

  13. One has to wonder why Ward, Mack and Jackson would even consider returning to the circus.

  14. Smarterthanyou says:
    Jan 1, 2014 8:49 AM
    “The first of many Lombardis will soon go to either Kansas City or Seattle, and it will alternate that way for the next decade”

    I can see you saying that about the Seahawks. The have a pro QB and a great defense. But the Chiefs were 0-3 against top 10 teams, 3-5 against the top 16 teams. In other words against teams 17-32 they were 8-0. Are any of those teams in the playoffs?

    I think the Chiefs did a good job this year after last season but they are not one of the elite NFL teams and then there is Coach Andy Reid. Ask and Eagles fan about his critical clock management.

  15. now kc and alex smith are on the clock, yes rebounding from brutal 2-14 season in 2012 was great. but now they are a playoff team and it is a whole different ball of wax. runnin with the big dogs now so to speak. let’s see if kc can win a playoff gm.

    at indy ain’t no picnic, considering indy smacked them around at arrowhead, 23-7, in wk 16.

    i strongly suspect the andy reid-alex smith chiefs era will start out 0-1 in playoffs. i think the best they can ask for is their def to keep it close. doubt alex smith and their off does much at indy.

  16. As always the browns make no sense going after a oc or dc as a head coach the owner said they will do whatever it takes to get it right so y jot go after proven head coach like Gruden or Billick pay them whatever they want. You have the money just use the money u scammed the trucking companies with

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