C.J. Spiller: No doubts about role with Bills going forward


The Bills’ plans to make running back C.J. Spiller the centerpiece of their offense never really took hold in 2013.

Spiller hurt his ankle early in the season and then tried to play through the injury for several weeks when it was clear that his ability was diminished by the bad wheel. Fred Jackson made the most of the opportunity and Spiller only wound up playing even half the time on offense in the first two weeks of the season.

Spiller saw more time the last two weeks of the season, though, and coach Doug Marrone said he saw Spiller adjust his game to fit the scheme Buffalo’s running on offense. Spiller agreed about making adjustments, but said this week that he thought the injury was the biggest hinderance to success this season. That’s left him feeling confident that he’ll get another chance to show what he can do as the feature back in Buffalo.

“I don’t have any concerns or any doubts what my role will be,” Spiller said, via the team’s website. “I think we just had an obstacle in the road when I got injured in Week 4. It kind of hindered some of the things that we were able to do with me. When you keep coming in and out of games, it’s hard to really get a guy going like that.”

Despite the issues, Spiller ran for 927 yards on 201 carries so there’s every reason to think that he’s capable of filling the role that Buffalo carved out for him last season. Jackson will be back, but Spiller should be given every opportunity to be the lead man again next season.

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  1. Boys and girls, sit back and let me tell you about the time the Bills were actually a good team. It was the crazy 90’s and they had an exciting offense and a tough defense. I’m not making it up! They really did win playoff games and made it to 4 Super Bowls. I know, it’s hard to believe. It was a looooong time ago.

  2. Remember when the Bills traded away Marshawn Lynch because they drafted this guy for no reason? As a Bills fan that was the defining moment when I knew Chan Gailey was going to lead us nowhere.

  3. Casually jogging out of bounds when the team was trying to kill the clock and the end of the first half of the Miami game is the type of thing that will keep him a half-timer.

    Still does not follow his blocks, always (like, every chance he gets) runs out of bounds even when fighting for one more yard would get a first down, still can’t pass protect – keying the defense to expect a run play whenever he is on the field, and does not move the sticks. 26 first downs vs Fred Jackson’s 54 guarantees there will be an even split of carries next year.

    So, yeah, no doubt he’s ready to move forward with the Bills. Because if he was any good, his agent would be demanding a big money contract or trade and he would start his holdout right now.

  4. CJ Spiller has the explosive speed to break off nice gains. The blocking schemes, execution, and overall play-calling aren’t there yet. His role is the same as DeAnglo Williams on the Panthers. But they have the line, the play-calling and the QB to make it work. It’s an important role.

  5. Henry, Lynch, Mcgahee, Jackson and Spiller, the list of solid pros that go nowhere in Buffalo.

  6. Doesn’t a good coach use schemes that best utilizes the RB’s talent instead of making the RB change his style to fit the scheme the coach wants?

  7. Spiller is an off and on dynamic back. One week he looks like a 6-speed Mustang Cobra, then the next looks like a 1980 Ford Escort. He is fast, very fast and can really hurt you in the open field, but like the Mustang Cobra he needs space to be able to hit that 5th and 6th speed. Unless the Bills pay more attention to the Guard and TE position in this draft, I think we will see more of the reliable Fred Jackson, who doesn’t need space and less Spiller.
    Personally, I would rather start Fred Jackson over Spiller and I would have done the same when the Bills had Lynch, Spiller and Jackson on the roster. Fred Jackson, like his twin in Chicago (Matt Forte) are one way runners, they only go North, have a blistering stiff-arm, can catch and have enough heart to personally lead the team themselves. Runners like Jackson and Forte are rare and if given opportunity give everything they have with what they do.

  8. How about a real quarterback?
    Until then, what everyone else on the team does, really doesn’t matter……

  9. Not that it really matters but this dude set me back so bad in fantasy football this year . He was expected to get most of the cairries and by years end he was sharing with 2 other guys . He was inconsistent and seemed to get hurt very often I’m not sure he’s earned the right to have a gurantee in
    The future …

  10. Spiller is another wasted draft pick by the Bills. Never take a running back in the first round, just not a position of that much importance in today’s NFL.
    Look at the Giants and the Redskins who have better backs than Spiller is and they were drafted in the fourth and sixth rounds.
    What round was Fred Jackson picked in? He is three times the back that Spiller is. He is the Bills offensive MVP.

  11. This is a real funny comment, how can anyone actually hate the bills? They suck every year, if anything you should “love” to see them on your schedule!! I mean save your hatred for a team that actually matters

    flyerguy73 says:
    Jan 1, 2014 11:14 AM

    What is the role for the bills? Not to make the playoffs each year? If so, they are doing a great job! Lol. From the number 1 bills hater.

  12. Buffalo’s offense this season rivals that of a CYO pee wee team. Dive left, dive right, 5 yard slant to Steve Johnson in the slot. Spiller was misused the entire season because of Doug Marrone’s moronic offense and play calling. Time and time again, Spiller was called on to run into the backside of his linemen hoping something would open up or by some miracle, they could open up a hole long enough to get out of his way.

    Marrone’s refusal to try to get Spiller the ball in space is one of the main reason this team failed in 2013 (E.J. “Checkdown” Manuel’s conservative play being the other).

    I’m not a Bills fan by any means but I was forced to watch this train wreck of an offense due to Spiller being the main back in 2 of my big money leagues. It is sad too this team is really fun to watch defensively and on special teams. Sadly, Manuel is never going to develop into a starter worthy qb and Marrone’s 2nd grade offense will never get this team to the next level.

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