Dennis Allen to meet with Mark Davis next Monday

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Every indication coming from Oakland is that Raiders coach Dennis Allen is safe, despite a pair of 4-12 records as he and General Manager Reggie McKenzie work on a raze-and-rebuild.

But Allen should find out for sure next week.

According to, owner Mark Davis is scheduled to meet with Allen next Monday to inform him of a final decision.

While nothing can be assumed as following a logical path when it comes to the Davis family and personnel decisions, the fact they’re waiting until next week is probably a good sign for Allen.

If they were going to start a coaching search, they’d be a week behind five others by waiting to fire Allen. So unless there’s a big fish Davis thinks he has on the line, and might reel in over the weekend, Allen appears set to get another chance.

28 responses to “Dennis Allen to meet with Mark Davis next Monday

  1. Why is this guy safe while Tom Cable and Jue Hackson both got fired for 8-8 seasons where the Raiders actually looked competent and on the upswing?

  2. I think Allen has a posting crew…because i cannot imagine anyone but his family and agent seriously suggesting that he not get fired. 4 and 12 for two years? Following two coaches who were 8 and 8…with the latter moving in the right direction, fast? This guy is a mediocre coach who got a break because a new GM with confidence problems was hired and didn’t want an experienced coach to challenge his uncertain–which played out to be less than best option choices. Guarantee, Raiders would be much more fun and much farther ahead if they’d retained Hugh Jackson. AND Carson Palmer. Easy, as one paster said—to tear down a team and blame lack of talent for everything… including TERRIBLE on the job training amateur coaching… no adjustment… and LOTS of erratic, nonsensical choices. I hope young Dvis is on hold looking for another coach. There are TONS of fellas out there who would be better. THAT isn’t even debatable… MOVE ON… for the sake of the fans…

  3. I don’t think Allen has done a great job but then he didn’t have a lot to work with which is even more on McKenzie (because he shapes the roster). I think both should be kept at least for one more year. With a lot of cap room and a full complement of draft picks there will be no more excuses if the Raiders don’t significantly improve in 2014 (assuming McKenzie doesn’t royally screw up on personnel decisions). If the team is very bad again next year then fire BOTH McKenzie & Allen and then hire a new GM and let him bring in his own HC. If they improve to at least around 8-8 next year then stick with the current course.

  4. Davis said he wanted to watch the playoff games this weekend. I think he is especially interested in the Bengals game. I think MD is targeting Jay Gruden and if the Bengals lose this weekend…Dennis Allen will be fired Monday.

  5. Davis is still begging Gruden to take the job that’s why the meeting isn’t until Monday

  6. “Dennis Allen is the coach until he’s no longer the coach. The only people firing Dennis Allen right now are the media.” – Mark Davis

  7. Come on Mark grow a couple! You admit that you don’t know how to run a NFL organization. There’s nothing wrong with that, but your mistake was handing the keys to two inexperienced staff member. McKenzie has proven from the start he doesn’t have a clue, and Dennis Allen simply is NOT NFL caliber coaching talent. You lost the players respect when you fired Hue Jackson, and blew up the front office.. So you made a mistake ! Admit your mistake and ” Just Fire Baby, Fire” if you bring these clowns back, then you truly are incompedent. Bring in Madden as GM, let him hire a real coaching staff and sit back and earn some respect. Or ignore the players, and Raider Nation and continue to put an Arena League team on the field. Your dad would have fired them a year ago. You gave them an extra year to prove themselves. Times up ! There is a ton of talent out there unemployed, go after it. Be proactive for once. If you keep the three stooges, McKenzie, Allen and Target, that cap money and draft picks will be wasted on NFL rejects, and hospital patients.

  8. This franchise has had too much turmoil and too many “reboots” in the last 10 years to even approach a coachable, winning team. Changing the coach again isn’t the issue. Paying for good players is, as well as drafting players to sustain the future. Think how rediculous it looks having paid over 40 million dollars to players this year THAT WEREN’T ON THE ROSTER. I, for one, want to see this ship sail on a clean slate. Having been a Raider fan since 1962, has taught me to have the patience to wait and see. I want to live again to EXPECT them to win every game rather than expect them to lose like the last ten years.
    It will be fun to back slap these other bandwagon fans that hate us so much. Let’s put the fear back in their hearts.

  9. I have been a Raiders fan for 41 years. Why has it taken 12 years and this team never gets better while other teams rebuild in 1 to 3 years? Sorry tosay Raider fans, but if there is not a house cleaning expect another 4-12 season. The final game this year was a pathetic effort and display of how this coaching staff has no control of this team and no respect from the players. Most of the players in the seasons final game should have been benched and sent to the locker room for the weak effort they put out there. The coaches have no control. Every player who gave the half-ass effort should be cut. Our horrible corners need to learn how to tackle. If I see another player try to tackle by throwing a shoulder into a player, I am going to vomit. This seasons team was a joke and pathetic. Worst I have seen in my 41 years as a Raider fan.

  10. Not Allen’s biggest fan, in a perfect world he’s definitely not the head coach but it is what it is..

    DA is the best option at this point, keep that continuity in the locker room and scheme and just add your new pieces to it.. Why wipe the slate clean and start all over with a new coach that has to grow and what not, ain’t nobody got time for that…

    He said it best, no more excuses, now it’s all on him now you can judge him as a coach something like that, he’s making that statement now it’s time to put up or shut up cause the nations growng impatienent

    One Nation!!!

  11. Where is the rational comparing D. Allen with the past two coaches? Tom Cable and Hue Jackson were coaches when the Raiders had a few decent players and when they were spending money like there was no tomorrow. If you want to blame someone go to the Davis family plot and blame Al Davis who spent this team into oblivion leaving it in more cap debt that any other NFL team while compiling a 54-111 record during his last 10 years as owner. Marc Davis hired RM and Allen to deconstruct this team and get the finical house in order. The Raiders had the lowest payroll in the NFL this past year and had only the players that they could afford on the roster. You ask a guy to clean house and when they are ready to reap the rewards with having cash to spend on Free Agents and a full complement of draft choices you want to fire him? It makes no sense. I liked Tom Cable. I did not like Hue Jackson after he mortgage the team for Carson Palmer. Dumb move!!! Did anyone really think this team was going to the play offs this year? Really? If you don’t make the play offs the record you have does not mean anything other than your position in the draft. I find it hard to believe if we somehow went 8-8 it makes it better for the Raiders. Let’s see what he does next year.

  12. Here are a few honest questions for all you people, claiming that they should just keep Dennis Allen (and McKenzie for that matter):

    With back-to-back 4-12 seasons, where is this “continuity” of which many of you speak?

    The team literally does not have a quarterback. So, tell the truth. Do you REALLY want to watch McKenzie, Allen and Davis go spend more draft equity which they barely even have, on a QB? If I were a Raiders’ fan, I would be absolutely terrified by that idea. McKenzie has, in two full seasons, proven that he can neither evaluate the QB talent already on his roster, nor that of other clubs.

  13. This guy is not a leader or motivator.”I deserve to come back”. Give the Nation a break.And as far as MacKenzie that guy is riding on the coat tails of Ron Wolfe.I tell you what I was at the Washington Redskin game we spent a good amount of coin air fare hotel etc.And we had 3 other couples in our section these people traveled from Ireland,Idaho and Las Vegas .There is no doubt Raider Fans travel to see their team. And the consensus this guy is a joke.Mark Davis you really need to regroup here.Do you remember how empty the LA Coliseum was thats where your headed. Its not a good economy as everyone knows but if you bring back a real coach, motivator and leader for example JON GRUDEN you may get your new stadium SOLD OUT ALL THE TIME with Chuckie dolls etc.No matter how bad the Raiders are Gruden never slams them and he always says “I never forgot where I came from”.Which means he has unfinished business in Oakland.

  14. I haven’t been real impressed with McKenzie or Allen to this point, but Al didn’t run his team like most owners do. Expecting a quick turnaround coming out of that situation seems a bit unreasonable to me.

  15. The Raiders have only had 4 winning seasons since 1994……

    The Raiders have had 11 head coaches since 1994….

    1993 was the beginning of Free Agency as we know it….

    From 1963-1993 the Raiders only had 5 losing seasons…..

    From 1963-1993 the Raiders only made 5 head coaching changes….

  16. So what do you base this on?

    “While nothing can be assumed as following a logical path when it comes to the Davis family and personnel decisions, the fact they’re waiting until next week is probably a good sign for Allen.”

    Or is it just more bashing because it’s the Raiders and Mark shares a last name with his father?

    What illogical path has Mark followed or shown over the past two seasons?

  17. 12 years of this rebuilding crap is enough. I’m tired of hearing it when teams like K.C. can go from worst in the NFL to the playoffs in 1 year. I find it hard to believe this organization is committed to excellence. Get it fixed and put a winning team on the field or sell it to someone who will fix it. Other organizations can do it in a few years. Its been 12 years. I have been a faithful fan for 41 years but am about ready to jump ship. It has gotten pathetic. How many more years will I hear give it a chance? CLEAN HOUSE! And I mean mostly lazy players who want to bump a ball carrier and hope they fall down. This years team was not even the caliber of an average college team. SICK EFFORT.

  18. Attitude reflects leaddrship. Our Raiders are playing with the attitude of…” 4 quarters and its over….just 4 quarter”. McFadden should have been cut a year ago. Dennis Allen is not a coach. He will never…ever be a Madden……..ever. so why settle for less. Our GM is no better. I know we have fired a lot coaches over the life of this team. But AD had a standard. He built a ” Nation” that rallied around that standard.
    Nice guys finish last. Mark Davis……call me when you are serious about change

  19. Why is everybody bagging on Allen, I have been a Raiders fan for 3 decades now, I think he is a good coach. I think the GM has a solid plan, he cleared a bunch of CAP space for next year, the team will have all their draft picks this season. The GM as only been there a couple years there was a lot of things that had to be undone in order to rebuild. Look at the Pedigree of the GM he came from Green Bay, I bet even money the Raiders next year will be much improved. Mcfadden is gone for sure, I love the guy but if he looks at the grass he gets injured. Face it TP is a great guy but no NFL QB, Mcgloin should have been playing all year he is a better QB. If you are a real football fan and real Raider fan you should have expected this season. I know many of you say it’s been like this for the last 12 years. Well yes it has but the new regime has only been in place for 2 years now; it takes time to fix everything that was broken and the worst thing the Raiders could do right now is fire another Head Coach and a GM. So to the haters you are going to hate not matter what, but if you are a fan of the Raiders a little more patience is due, next years team will be much improved.

  20. On January 1, most people would call it “This” Monday.

    And I can only hope he gets fired. I’ll be scanning the news 1/6 starting at 9am pst.

  21. Its not about talent or salary cap it’s about coaching , case and point , KC won 2 games last season with 7 or 8 pro bowl players on the team they are now in the playoffs and the only thing that changed was he brought in a average Qb and a Good Coach and coaching is everything , we can have all the cap space in the world get the best free agents money can buy but if you have a lame duck coach who can’t put the players in the position to succeed or a coach who can’t motivate or a Coach that players don’t believe in and all three apply to DA we cannot win with this Bum he is not an NFL coach .RM please Fire this Guy ..

  22. Keep Dennis Allen for one more year! If he socks again next year evaluate both Reggie Mckenzie and Dennis Allen. NO EXCUSES NEXT YEAR THEY’VE BEEN GIVEN ENOUGH TIME TO MAKE A WINNING TEAM!

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