Devin McCourty returns to practice

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Patriots safety Devin McCourty had plenty of time to heal up before they open up the playoffs, but sooner’s always better than later so it’s good news for New England that McCourty was participating in practice on Wednesday.

McCourty suffered a concussion in Week 16 and did not play in the regular season finale against the Bills as a result. Concussion symptoms can return, but the amount of time between now and the Divisional Round makes it highly likely that McCourty will be able to resume his role on defense for the AFC East champs.

Some other players will be taking a slower route back to health. Left guard Logan Mankins missed Wednesday’s session with the ankle injury he suffered last weekend. Mankins briefly left the game, but was able to finish the game despite the injury. Wide receiver Aaron Dobson, who left that game with a foot injury, also did not practice.

The Patriots are scheduled to practice the next two days before taking off for the weekend.

11 responses to “Devin McCourty returns to practice

  1. bengalskuta82 says:
    Jan 1, 2014 2:33 PM
    Patriots are gonna lose to the Bengals. Start packing! ——————————————————————————————————–
    The Bengals have to win a playoff game 1st before thay get that chance. Based on their recent 1st rnd playoff performances, I’d say wait til they do that before talking smack!

  2. ..


    Since the Belichick era began in 2001, the Patriots have won more games than any other franchise. They’ve won 17 playoff games, 5 AFC titles, and three super bowls.

    During that same time period the Bengals have appeared in 4 playoff games and lost every contest.


  3. Might want to worry about the opening round before thinking about the Pats… Marvin is going to have to do something he hasn’t done yet, coach a team to a playoff win before you travel to Foxboro and visit a coach who given two things, a bye week and a second look at a team (especially following a loss), is usually flawless (usually not always).

  4. Hey Bengals guy ^^^^ 2 things. 1. Your quarterback is Andy Dalton not Tom Brady, and 2. The Patriots will never have a problem trying to sellout a HOME PLAYOFF GAME. HOME PLAYOFF GAME!

    “We beat you guys this year” that’s fair, advance to the next round and see the end result.

  5. bengalssuck82…your envy/jealousy is expected, having been the 3rd best team in your division for decades. Your team has always been the red headed stepchild of the Browns and now you have the epitome of the red headed stepchild complex as your QB. The Royals will win an NBA title before the Bangles win a Super Bowl. Despite being able to avoid that “juggernaut” Texans team this season, Chargers 27-20.

  6. Lol…Mankins played the last SB run with a torn up knee. That guy is by far the meanest, most versatile guard in the NFL. He’d play if he had to duct tape his foot back on to his leg. Dude reminds me of Monty Python’s Black knight. T’is but a scratch!

  7. bengalssuck82 you got a big mouth for a loser. Maybe you should actually win something before you start talking.

  8. Good night Bungles.

    I said Chargers by 14 today. Obviously I gave the Bungles way too much credit.

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