Michael Vick open to return to Philly as backup “if all else fails”


Eagles quarterback Michael Vick said last month that he plans to start for two more years before settling into a role as a veteran backup.

The market will decide if such a career trajectory is in Vick’s future, but it seems hard to believe that he will be guaranteed a starting job anywhere in the NFL this offseason. That would leave Vick to decide whether to compete for a starting job with a different team with the possibility that he would wind up as a backup or possibly returning to Philadelphia as a backup. Vick says the latter option is strictly a fallback option at the moment.

“Yeah, if it doesn’t work out, if all else fails, absolutely,” Vick said, via Reuben Frank of CSNPhilly.com. “You can never rule that out.”

It’s wise for 34-year-old quarterbacks who haven’t played a full season since 2006 to avoid ruling anything out, even if they believe their “skill set is still there.” There’s no word of the Eagles’ interest in Vick returning behind Nick Foles, but his handling of the move to the bench this year has drawn a lot of positive comments in Philadelphia this season and he’s already familiar with the offense.

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  1. Every team should have him on their radar, cause halfway into the season there will be one desperate team that will overpay for him in trade when they realize they are short a couple QBs.

  2. Considering that Matt Barkley is the Eagles only other option to back up Foles at the moment, bringing Vick back in that role doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

  3. If you weren’t a believer in a changed Michael Vick, this season should change your mind. He has been a class act and a complete 180 from the me first guy who entered the league out of vtech.

  4. He’d look good in Black and Gold!


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  5. chazatlas says: Jan 1, 2014 3:56 PM

    If he could only have stayed healthy. Ever…


    To imply that it was just his health that held him back is absurd. He has never been an accurate passer and has never been consistent week to week in the NFL. The guy is exciting but he’s just not that good of a QB. Sounds like a Raider in 2014 to me.

  6. If I were Vick, I’d stay put as the backup in Philly. Why would he want to be the starter on some mediocre team with no real shot for making the playoffs? And even if he did get a starting job, there’s no way he’d manage to stay healthy for 16 weeks, thus eventually making him expendable anyway.

    And more importantly, should Foles happen to get hurt and miss a week or two, Vick brings a different dynamic to the Eagles offense with his scrambling ability. Kelly could call some plays that may be better suited with Vick at the helm rather than Saint Nick. And the plus side for Chip is that Vick already knows the system and players.

    Vick will be 34 years old and his career is winding down. At this stage, why not stay in Philly as the second option and hope to get a ring on a playoff-caliber team?

  7. Look at it this way ..

    When Vick was released from Prison .. there was not a bidding war for his services .. Only 1 team wanted to sign him and not to be the starter.

    The Eagles tried to trade him for an entire year and couldn’t find any takers.

    He has an 8 game stretch where he plays lights out and all of a sudden all his flaws and history are forgotten. The Eagles sign him to a lifetime contract.

    1 year later Vick has reverted to form and that contract was a boat anchor yet every ESPN talking head talks about him with breathless anticipation in the same breath as Manning and Brady.

    1 year after that, the results on the field still aren’t even close to what ESPN tells you it should be with all-world michael vick and his play is part of the reason that Andy Reid got fired. ESPN tells you once again that it isn’t Vick’s fault.

    New coach comes in and knows ESPN will crucify him if Vick isn’t the starter so Vick starts the season based on a few highlight real plays, not on Vick reading defenses or going through his progressions. He has never learned that and according to ESPN, why should he as he is the most electrifying player in the league.

    The Eagles lose and Vick turns the ball over because he doesn’t have the football smarts to play QB at this level. In comes a traditional QB and lights up the league.

    It has only taken Vick 5 years to realize that teams haven’t been lining up to sign him since his Prison stint. He may be in his 40’s before ESPN realizes it.

  8. Vick has with talent. but after he got the big contract he lost the desire. there’s not too many teams that want to take a chance on a player that is always hurt. he’s no different than the Raiders Darren McFadden. nothing more than china dolls collecting a big paycheck.. he got a second chance in life with the Eagles and blew that.

  9. Ie; He’d much rather be getting an NFL paycheck than asking someone if they’d like some fries with their whopper, about the only other thing he’s qualified to do.

  10. Certainly a different guy that came into the league as the most arrogant coach killer there was, He didn’t need coaches, or practice and screwed old Blank out of millions. Now, he is admitting he is not as good as Napoleon Dynamite. Just want’s to hang around and collect a paycheck. My how the ego has fallen. Bet all the dogs you killed are sure happy you’ve changed.

  11. Bad luck for Vick that Foles came out and started doing his Joe Montana impersonation.
    Or, maybe it’s karma…

  12. In all his years as a starter, Vick’s inaccuracy bugged me. But as a backup, he’d be excellent. Just look at some of the losers who sprayed the ball around the league this past year.

  13. The only team desperate enough or just dumb enough to make him a starter is the vikings specially when you consider they will not have an opportunity to draft a difference maker.

  14. It hilarious to still see people talking about Vicks $100MM contract. It was essentially a year to year deal and was VOIDED! He’s been playing on a 1 year deal ever since. As an Eagles fan, you should be ashamed of yourself for posting such nonsense. Vick is a more than capable backup and has had a tremendous career. Just because some of you have blind ignorance toward the man for what he did off the field, doesn’t negate what he’s done on it. Those of you criticizing him for not lasting 16 games(which he did once, get it right), I’d like to see you try to make it 16 games weighing what Vick weighs, which is about 180 lbs. His days as a starter are over but I can’t think of anyone else in that situation that I’d want as our backup other than Vick. 2010 was the only year he got to play with a healthy offensive line and look what he did. Foles has been a wunderkind but he’s also enjoyed the benefit of the healthiest o-line in the league this season. I can’t help but believe that Vick would have looked like he did in 2010 if he hadn’t gotten hurt this year and was able to play behind this line. Disclaimer: I’m glad he did because it was time to give Foles the reigns anyway, he brings more to the table in the long-term.

  15. Vick hasn’t been 180 since high school. . As an Eagles fan you should know that he’s 215.. I don’t care if Vick plays in the NFL I just don’t want him on the Eagles roster. . I agree he is a changed man when the cameras on but I don’t believe for a second it isn’t all P.R.. I hope Chip does the right thing and sends him packing. There are to many available back ups to waste time on this trash. Just my opinion.. Anyone that could put dogs through what he did is not a decent human and that’s something you are or you arent.

  16. Stay in Philly, Mike. You’ll get an extra few years on your career being a backup as opposed to a starter. Plus, having the best backup QB in the NFL wouldn’t be too bad either.

  17. Let’s see how smart he has become really… he can stay with us and backup foles and electrify as a backup qb when called upon for 1-1.5 million dollars a year and hardly ever put his body in harms way… or…

  18. I could see him starting somewhere that needs a QB like Tampa. The Raiders are an interesting possibility, but like the Redskins the Raiders are where QB’s, good or not, go to die. But nobody should start Vick without a good hedge at backup QB given Vick’s obvious delicacy.

    And the hedge would have to somewhat approximate what Vick can do option-wise, or your playbook essentially goes down when Vick does if you’ve built your schemes to accommodate him.

    Right now, staying healthy (i.e., on the bench backing up a durable dude a decade younger) in Philly looks like his best gig.

  19. Vick has been nothing but a pro since he got here. I know the haters wish otherwise but, too bad. I’d like him to stay on because Barkley is clearly just a guy and there is nothing wrong with having a veteran backup that knows the offense and personel in the fold.

  20. For those of you who thinks he’s changed…He’s still an arrogant, self centered, I think I can be the starter on all 32 teams. Who wants me.

    No one. He’ll be lucky if Chip wants him.

  21. What Vick said is logical when you consider he had more turnovers by himself than some entire teams while he was healthy, was injured just about every year, and the Eagles were the only team interested last time he tested the market, Tim Tebow seems more likely to land a starting QB job than him. At this point, being an Eagle backup may be his only choice and that’s if he’s lucky.

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