Panthers announce quick sellout of their playoff tickets

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Selling playoff tickets might be a problem in Cincinnati and Indianapolis, but they aren’t having the same problems in Charlotte.

The Panthers announced they sold out their Jan. 12 Divisional Round game within three minutes.

The Panthers had around 7,000 tickets available, after season-ticket holders were covered.

Of course, the Panthers haven’t had playoff tickets to sell since 2008, so it’s no surprise the local populace was excited to buy them.

They just hope it works out better than the last time they had the No. 2 seed and a bye.

17 responses to “Panthers announce quick sellout of their playoff tickets

  1. Bandwagoning scum. I live in Charlotte and you couldn’t pay people to come out to a ball game, I’d be in the stadium shaking my head at the swathes of empty seats.

  2. I’m not a Bengals fan but live close to Cincinnati and I wouldn’t pay whatever ridiculous price for tickets to sit outside in these temperatures when I can sit at home drink for 1/4 of the price, not have to deal with the traffic and stay warm.

  3. There are four games this weekend, 3 of which have north of 5000 tickets remaining and I haven’t heard either way about Philadelphia.

    Rather than throw rocks at the fans in Cincinnati & Indianapolis why not reflect on how the taxpayers got raked over the coals financing these new stadiums for the NFL to make absurd amounts of money and then are expect to plunk down north of $100 per ticket not including parking, concessions, etc

    Perhaps the NFL should reevaluate their overpriced product if these games are having trouble moving north of 65k tickets in a weeks time

    It probably doesn’t help that until Sunday night no one knew what time or even what day the games would be held to make arrangements to go.

  4. I’m a Eagles season ticket holder so I didn’t have to worry about getting tics, but a few friends tried and failed. Apparently there was 1,000 tickets available and they sold out in mins…

  5. Seattle fans must be bandwagoners who don’t support their team if the Panthers sold out faster than they did. That’s what Seahawk fans said about Broncos fans.

  6. If it’s typical panther wine and cheese crowd, they will show up late and leave early, and don’t forget about Panther stadium rules, no taking shirts off, no standing up and being loud, with most being bandwagon fans!

  7. Seahawks, panthers, Doesn’t matter, they’ll all cut and run at the first sight of a mediocre season.

  8. “I don’t understand why it is so hard to sell out playoff tickets”

    – Charlotte resident while wearing shorts and a windbreaker (Sunday forecast 57 degrees and 20% chance of rain) while talking to a Green Bay resident wearing Michelin Man bubble jacket, three shirts, three layers of pants, two pairs of gloves, two pairs of socks, heavy boots, and balaclava that inhibits vision (Sunday forecast 9 degrees).

  9. GB will sell out,,,not to worry. They have to make tix avaiable to scumbag niner fans wh0 would neve make the trip anyway

  10. Gotta love the excuses from the Bengal fans as to why they can’t sell out…. “But but it’s going to be cold in Cincinnati!”

    Buy a jacket. Hey you may even be able to get one with a team logo of an nfl franchise that’s actually won something. Though that would of course preclude the bengals….

  11. This is why I laughed when some media suggested the Panthers might ever leave Charlotte (in the 1-15 and 2-14 seasons). Our games sell out no matter the record.

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