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Jets defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson recently declared himself to be the defensive rookie of the year.

We’re not inclined to tell him he’s wrong.  And so Richardson is the 2013 PFT defensive rookie of the year.

Drafted with the first-round pick acquired from the Buccaneers for Darrelle Revis, Richardson has emerged as one of the best young defensive linemen in the NFL.  Richardson started 15 games, appeared in all sixteen, and notched 3.5 quarterback sacks.

He also pulled a Refrigerator Perry, carrying the ball enough times this season to create a Jerome Bettis late-career single-game stat line:  four attempts, four yards, two touchdowns.

The other finalists were Bills linebacker Kiko Alonso, who started 16 games, made 159 tackles, picked off four passes, and notched two sacks; Panthers defensive lineman Star Lotulelei, who started 16 games and helped make a good defense in Carolina even better; Cardinals defensive back Tyrann Mathieu, whose stellar first season was cut short by a torn ACL; Saints safety Kenny Vaccaro, who started 14 games before breaking an ankle; and 49ers safety Eric Reid, who started 16 games and helped the team turn the page on the Dashon Goldson era.

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54 responses to “PFT’s defensive rookie of the year

  1. And he has a much more favorable salary rate than Revis in addition to long-term usage upside. I definitely like the young stud rookie over the old man that has no benefit to a team that isn’t remotely in shape to win the Super Bowl. Gee I wonder if that had something to do with Dominik getting fired? That or the rest of his entire career of failed decisions finally getting under the skin of the owner.

  2. i went with star. simply because stats aren’t everything in football. star made it possible for the panthers D to make a huge leap to a top 2-3 defense.

  3. Paul Worrilow looked pretty good and instinctive as the new middle linebacker for the falcons once he got the starting nod. Had the falcons not been so bad this year he would have gotten more attention.

  4. How does Ziggy Ansah not get a mention? Lead all rookies in sacks with 8 despite missing two games. At least worth a consideration, no?

  5. Kiko, but I have to give props to the Honey Badger for proving me and many others wrong. Hope he heals well, guy is a blast to watch. I can’t believe the instincts this kid has.

  6. Wow Ziggy and his NINE sacks and fumble recoveries and INT and TD doesn’t even make the options list, oh AND he missed a few games

  7. Alec Ogletree deserves to be on this list. 94 tackles, 6 FF, 1.5 sacks, an INT and a 98 yard TD is pretty good.

  8. Sheldon is a great pick for DPOY. Will he continue to progress or pull a K. Bell (if you get that reference awesome!)? I was not a big fan ofthe honey badger coming out of LSU. Thought he was another overrated d back coming from a stacked school with a great front seven. Wish he recovers from the torn acl to come back full strength! I know kiko fans are disappointed, another good looking rookie. Bout time we had some more young defensive studs in the league again!

  9. Rushing TDs count as offense. Alonso has 4 more INTs, over 100 more tackles, and only 1.5 sacks less. I’m not a Bills fan, but Alonso is clearly the Defensive Rookie of the Year.

  10. He may not be the winner, I think he is, but how could you not even nominate Alec Ogletree for DROY. He has nearly 100 solo stops and 6 forced fumbles.

  11. How is Alec Ogletree not in this conversation? Lead a good Rams defense in tackles, had 6 forced fumbles and a 98 yard interception return to boot.

  12. Kiko Alonso also played every defensive snap, was the signal caller for the defense and was responsible for on the field adjustments of the defense. This might not be statistically important but in deciding DROY these are very important factors

  13. Christine Michael of the Seahawk is the best rookie nobody has heard of. Seattle is stacked at running back and Christine is 3rd in line but he is a wiggler with a great upside. You’ll here from him a couple of years.

  14. Alonso and Mathieu were far superior to Richardson in what they produced on the field and what they meant to their teams.

    The selection of Richardson (only 3.5 sacks on a BAD team?) is just another example of those narrow-minded, NE coast biased, parochially impaired assessments blindly produced without fail by the intellectually stunted East coast media who additively self-strokes themselves by their manic perpetuation of their minute worldview and slavishly narcissistic fantasies of sophistication, insight, wisdom, and self-importance.

    What’s next? Rex Ryan for the Nobel prize? Well, stranger things have happened there. Remember that the East Coast media thought it was wonderful when their messiah got it from the Nobel group who awarded it for a great PR advertising/snow job done on an increasingly feeble minded populace.

  15. The poll above will show you the truth – Kiko Alonso was hands down the best rookie this year.

  16. The Dolphins had the 3rd pick and had a star LT at their reach. Despite their HUGE need for LT, they preferred to go with Dion Jordan (a defensive end, having already Cam Wake and Olivier Vernon, with decent depth with Derrick Shelby).

    They apparently saw something REALLY special with this first defensive rookie taken in the draft. He ended up with 26 tackles and TWO sacks (nowhere near this list) while the team suffered the whole season for having the WORST offensive line in Dolphins history. They also passed on Brandon Albert. Then they lost several games (and were kept out of the playoffs) due to that shameful offensive line.

    If this doesn’t get Ireland fired, then I guess nothing will.

  17. As a Jets fan, I gotta go with my boy Sheldon. He was the main reason Calvin Pace had 10 sacks this year instead of the like 4 he had every season since he got here. Richardson collapses the pocket and flushes the QB outside where he was eaten by LBs and DEs who stayed in their lanes. He also chases down every play and ofetn makes plays 20 yards down the field or far outside the hash marks.
    I also watched 3-5 Bills games, and though their guy is a solid blue collar player, its not like he is a difference maker. He is one of those LBs who are in on tackling the RB every time they rush for anywhere from -1 to 8 yards. His is like that year James Farrior led the league in tackles for my Jets with 140+ and I couldn’t remember him ever making a single tackle.
    Ansah on the other hand is another monster. I saw 4 Lions games and that guy made several fantastic plays in each game.

  18. Richardson has helped turn around a run defense that was uncharacteristically generous in 2012. The Jets allowed 4.3 yards per rush and 1.7 yards after contact per rush. This year, they are allowing 3.1 yards per rush (best in NFL) and 1.2 yards after contact per rush.

    Richardson has 65 tackles on defense this season, 20 more than the next closest rookie defensive lineman and one more than 2012 NFL Defensive Player of the Year J.J. Watt. Twenty-seven of those tackles were for a loss or no gain. Only Watt has more, with 31.

  19. Logan Ryan., Patriots.

    There are rookies who were drafted outside the 1st round, PFT. (Yes, I know Mathieu was one of them, but you could only come up with one?)

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