Report: Lions not interested in Tom Cable for head coach


On Tuesday, there were reports that the Lions had interest in Seahawks assistant head coach/offensive line coach Tom Cable for their head coaching vacancy.

It’s a new year and it’s time for a new report contradicting that one. Tim Twentyman of the Lions website reports that the Lions do not have interest in Cable replacing Jim Schwartz. That doesn’t mean they don’t have interest in him for another position or that they didn’t do some background work on Cable, but Twentyman’s employer makes it seem likely that we won’t be hearing about an interview for the top job being scheduled.

Cable shares previous head coaching experience with Lovie Smith and Jim Caldwell, both of whom have reportedly drawn interest from the Lions for their opening. Cable went 17-27 in two-plus seasons as the Raiders head coach.

Former Cardinals coach and current Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt also fits the previous head coaching experience bill and his name has been bandied about in relation to the jobs that came open this week as well.

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  1. I’m sure Cable is gonna punch someone in the jaw over these false reports.

  2. Good,bad, or otherwise, I think this job goes to Ken Whisenhunt. His background in offense, past HC experience, and Super Bowl appearance will be attractive to the Lions’ brain trust if not completely inspiring to the fan base.

    He did have two winning seasons combined with two losing seasons and two .500 seasons.. His overall record is 6 games below .500. He is 4 games below .500 if you include his 4-2 playoff record?

  3. Thousands of tickets still available for Packers-49ers game, raising risk of local blackout.

    That wouldn’t happen in Det, Min, or Chi.

  4. Thank you Josh, I can breathe again for a few more moments!

    And I’m a Jim Schwartz fan TODAY more than I ever have been, until it is confirmed that we didn’t take a step backwards with somebody that I like even less. It’s not even my $12MM in buyout money, but nevertheless I still appreciate the value of a dollar, get a great coach please!

    But more importantly, I DO NOT CARE who the HC is until we get a GM that has a plan to win the Super Bowl, and by “plan”, I mean a sound plan. The Lions have had so many plans of the other type. We have all had enough of the failure.

  5. Nice try, Tom Cable’s Agent.

    If you were going to make up a ridiculous rumor about someone being interested in your client, you should have used the Redskin Potatoes.

    People might have believed that Snyder would have been crazy enough to consider do something crazy like that.

  6. That whole beating women and breaking assistant coach’s jaws not the way you want to go to instill discipline in your undisciplined team, you don’t say?

  7. titansbro:

    Excellent point. Not many people have said that and that really resonates with me. The Lions are likely to just peruse around the household names and throw several million at whoever. But to me it shouldn’t be a job given based on who has some kind of nice looking stereotypical profile, it’s a job that should be given based on the merit of the candidate’s strategy to solve football problems, and you don’t have to be famous to know how to do that.

    Maybe a comment you meant in jest, but nevertheless there is wisdom and efficiency in finding a great coach that you can buy in at a cheap rate before anybody else figures out that they are good. Don’t overpay for an over-inflated pricey stock, scoop up the value deal that is being sold on a discount. That’s how the guys in the Shark Tank make money. They sure don’t get rich by calling guys like Mark Zuckerberg and saying whatever your company is worth add 20% and I’ll buy it. They play the reverse game, and they sift out the opportunities that are big winners, not poorly leveraged losers.

  8. logicalvoicesays says: Jan 1, 2014 1:44 PM

    Washington is the primere job. Everything else is consolation.

    Truth be told, the Redskins didn’t fire Shanahan, they’re just resting him until 2014 season.

  9. He did a better job than I expected in Oakland, but still always seemed in over his head. Washington should still consider him. Losers can’t be choosers, and who would want that dumpster fire job?

  10. Lovie Smith will have a lot of options, whether it’s this year or waiting til next. I bet he’d only go to Detroit if the deal gave him what he wanted money wise, and gave him complete control over his coaching staff with some say in personnel.

  11. If I’m Lovie Smith this is the job I want. I get two chances against the Bears every year. Minnesota appears to be spinning their wheels. And while this is anecdotal; the Bears handled Rodgers as well as anyone. Plus he’s got a load of defensive talent up there to deal with Green Bay. If I go to Tampa I have to deal with Carolina, Atlanta (which I think will be back) and New Orleans. At worst I’m a legitimate contender for a wild card spot here. My only question in the interview is who is your OC?

  12. Let’s work on that D. R. Ryan turned around the Saints. Bring him and Joe Lombardi from New Orleans. Lombardi worked under S. Payton for 6 seasons and can make a competent passer out of Stafford. Ryan can handle that D.

  13. mf1849 says:
    Jan 1, 2014 2:17 PM
    logicalvoicesays says: Jan 1, 2014 1:44 PM

    Washington is the primere job. Everything else is consolation.


    We know you’re a Skins Homer but you need to learn the definition of premier.

    Danny has had 7 head coaches in his 14 yrs of ownership.

    THAT is not the definition of premier.

    The Redskins have been to the playoffs 3 times in Synder’s 14 seasons as owner.

    THAT is not the definition of premier.

    The Redskins have ONE playoff wins since 1999.

    THAT is not the definition of premier.

    Under Synder’s ownership, the Redskins record is 104 wins and 136 losses.

    Geez, that screams premier to me! Even the Cowboys, at a .500 level since the time of Christ, have fared better.

  14. Correction; Whisenhunt CHOSE to start John Skelton in Arizona – Kolb was healthy at the beginning of the year. ‘The Whiz’ also developed other future HOF QBs Max Hall and Ryan Lindley. Truly a football genius.

  15. Tom Cable is misunderstood. I mean he had JaMarcus forced down his throat and has two crazy ex wives.. he has my support and IMO would be a great hire for the Lions.

  16. logicalvoicesays says: Jan 1, 2014 1:44 PM

    Washington is the primere job. Everything else is consolation.

    Until you learn how to spell, I can’t take your comments seriously.

    My thoughts on this whole thing? The franchise that hires Whisenhunt is the franchise that wins before the others.

    Happy New Year everyone!

  17. Quite frankly I rather wonder if TC, would even consider a position at HC again. I kind of lean towards the possibility that all of the pressures of being the head honcho, AND having a personal life to manage as well, were just too much for Tom. Being an assistant HC with the Hawks has seemingly agreed with him to a far greater degree.

    Not every one is cut out for the task of sounding like they know what they are talking about on both sides of the ball.

  18. logicalvoicesays might accidentally be right. You would think that after seven different Head Coaches left Dan Snyder’s employment without a winning record, surely the next one is due to be successful. I mean it couldn’t be that the franchise is screwed up now could it.

    As to Tom Cable; NEVER HAS HAD A WINNING RECORD ANYWHERE AS A HEAD COACH. That pretty much says it all.

  19. There are plenty of reasons why all these coaches were just fired, throughout the league. Do you know what that means? The new guys who come in will have limited, to no success, then be fire within 3-4 seasons, as well. History seems to indicate such.

  20. TC is the “Assistant Head Coach” on his hometown team, well paid, and they should be competitive for the next several years minimum. Unless someone is giving him the keys to their franchise, I don’t see him bolting Seattle.

  21. Speaking of Cable, how is it that McDaniel is on the short list for some organizations? He was one of the few to be out coached by Schwartz.

  22. Tom Cable was only considered due to the fact that he’s a minority candidate: he comes from a successful system.

    Go hawks.

  23. Don’t think Cable has head coaching chops, but any team should be interested in him as an OL coach – wherever he goes, an aggressive run game follows.

  24. Lions fans, your franchise is clearly turning a corner and improving. Not being interested in Cable is a very, very smart move.

    Sincerely, Raiders fan.

  25. logicalvoicesays says: Jan 1, 2014 1:44 PM

    Washington is the primere job. Everything else is consolation

    Just like the Redskins organization. You both need to go back to school. Correct spelling of:



  26. It will be Whisenhunt unless one of the untouchables (Gruden, Cowher, Dungy) becomes touchable (that sounds dirty). Clearly the best roster with an open head coaching spot, so maybe they do get lucky with one of those guys but I doubt it.

    Tom Cable will never be a head coach in the NFL again.

  27. The Lions need a coach with experience in taking a the worst team in history and making them a playoff team in three years.

    A coach who can take the soft lovable losers, and give them an edge of physical play that forced other teams to call them scum and dirty players who play through the whistle.

    Maybe someone who had to deal with the injury of his young quarterback for two years, and called soft, glass jawed, and even a bust, and turn that quarterback into consistent 4,500 passer.

    It could be a coach that had to suddenly adapt to not having a starting running back for two seasons.

    Perhaps the Lions need a coach whose scheme brought in free agents to a team that has never been able to attract players like that in 10 years, or sign large contract extensions for current players willing to stay because of that scheme. Not to mention suddenly becoming the choice for talented undrafted free agents who can immediately contribute. Or bravely draft project first rounders and turn them into NFL pass rushers in their rookie years.

    A coach who understands the investment of free agents like Calvin Johnson, and the value of that player, to manage the health of that player to make him available on Sunday without causing further injury, exposing him to injury from opponents, and still getting a quality year from that player, even though he was injured for most of the season.

    Maybe a defensive minded coach who can go through various injuries in the defensive backfield and still manage to finish top 5 in third downs and red zone.

    It seems to me they need a coach who is willing to give young coaches a chance in the league like Jeremiah Washburn, but gain the trust and loyalty of old time coaches like Gunther Cunningham.

    Come to think about, Jim Schwartz is available.

  28. rmc1995 says: Jan 1, 2014 8:10 PM

    Tell me, do the Lions need a coach who coddles a quarterback who is struggling, rather than holding him accountable? Do they need a coach who refers to discipline problems as being ‘aggressive’, rather than actually seeing it as problems? Do they need a coach who had the division all but wrapped up after week nine, and then only is able to get his team to win one game in the remaining seven to fall to third? Do they need a head coach who himself displayed lack of discipline over a end of game handshake? Do they need a coach who managed to lose them games through questionable decisions?

    THAT is why Schwartz is available. He did what he could, but he couldn’t manage to finish the job. His huge ego got in the way.

  29. I have said it before and I will say it again until the Ford’s are no longer the owner’s of the Lion’s they will never have a winning season,or make it to the play-offs or the Super Bowl.I would like to them prove me wrong but I do not see that happening.I have been watching them for many year’s and it is the same thing every season,build you up let you down,build you up let you down,so PLEASE prove me wrong in 2014 season.

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