Report: Norv speaks up during meeting with Haslam


As the Browns continue to trudge through the early stages of a coaching search, it’s becoming more and more obvious that they’ll be replacing the offensive and defensive coordinators.

Norv Turner, a three-time head coach who once served as former Browns coach Rob Chudzinski’s mentor in San Diego, surely won’t be back.  As Tony Grossi of explains the situation, Chudzinksi and Turner worked together in burying Brian Hoyer on the depth chart — a move that per Grossi had plenty to do with Chudzinski losing his job.

And so it’s no surprise that Turner had no qualms about asking pointed questions when the coaching staff met with Haslam the day after Chudzinski was fired.  According to Pat McManamon of, Turner inquired specifically about the disconnect between moves made as part of a long-term rebuilding effort (e.g., the early-season trade of running back Trent Richardson to the Colts) with a decision to hold Chudzinski accountable for poor results during the first year of a long-term rebuilding effort.

Per McManamon, Turner experienced a “slow boil” throughout the season as the coaching staff had its hands tied for talent.  The decision to fire Chudzinski for not getting better results under the circumstances “prompted [Turner] to speak up.”

It’s unclear whether Turner was angry or simply candid.  Regardless, he’ll soon be available to become an offensive coordinator with a new team.

Despite being fired three times as a head coach, Turner has excelled in the past as a coordinator.  It’s hard not to imagine someone else wanting him right away.

37 responses to “Report: Norv speaks up during meeting with Haslam

  1. Norv, you be nice!! Haslams getting me a parking space… parking space…parking space.

  2. Perhaps we should have seen this coming. Lombardi is a Belichick guy, so arm strength is behind good decisions and accuracy. Hoyar of course looked great before he got hurt but Chud and Norv played the big armed but bad decision making qbs.

  3. As a Chargers fan, I thought I would think it would be the most hilarious thing ever if the Browns promoted Norv to head coach.

    Then I realized that Browns fans have been through enough. I wouldn’t wish Norv on anyone.

  4. Way to go Norv!

    About time someone with real football knowledge spoke up to Jimmy.

    Norv is 10% correct.

    Lombardi churned the roster all year, looking for his special gems. Too bad he didn’t find any.

    Look at his draft—might be the worst in the NFL last year.

    He failed to have a plan to replace Richardson. Who ever heard of an AFC North team where the leading rusher had less than 400 yards?

    Lombardi had no plan to replace the injured quarterbacks.

    When two starting guards went to start the season there was no plan to replace them.

    Its all about Mike being the smartest guy out there. Now they are letting Jimmy Sexton pick the coach. What a joke!

    WAKE UP JIMMY–before you lose Flying J and the Browns!

  5. therealraider says: Jan 1, 2014 8:35 PM

    As a Raiders fan I never thought I’d say.. I would take Norv back (only as an OC though).
    People want to bury Allen and Tarver for failing to turn soup bones into prime rib, but Norval now walks on water? Go away.

  6. You said it Braven4…the Ravens need to get a real O-Coordinator and Caldwell is being shopped around (or used to satisfy the Rooney-Rule), but hichever… jump on Norv ASAP!

  7. What a mess. Well at least if they have a miserable season next year then the Owner will figure out it wasn’t his Coordinators or HC that was the problem. Browns fans just need to give him more time to figure out where the football problems in his organization are stemming from. He’ll probably get there eventually.

    I think he should at least use his DVR to record every NFL related program, because if he hired Lombardi on the basis of what he thought sounded good, then I can’t imagine he could go a long time before finding a different TV personality that can trump Lombardi’s ideas. Keep watching Jimmy and you’ll find some upgrade options!

  8. Chud got a raw deal and will probably hurt his future HC jobs. The offense needs 2 pieces and the defense is fairly solid. Get a QB and an average RB and you got yourself progress.

  9. On the surface, it seems like Chud got the raw end of the deal. But seeing how quickly the Colts and Chiefs turned around, it makes more sense. The Browns are tired of waiting and want that quick turnaround.

  10. .

    “According to Tony Grossi of ESPN Cleveland, Chudzinski and Turner worked together to bury Hoyer on the depth chart. ”

    Is this fact? Is there any backup?


  11. Someone needs to tell the emperor he has no clothes. Maybe if they had, he wouldnt be under federal investigation.

  12. Norv had a great offense in Dallas, I haven’t been impressed with anything he’s done since.

  13. I am not sure there is enough evidence to accuse Norv and Chud of “burying” any QB. I will say the Browns would have been a lot better had Brian Hoyer not gotten hurt. He was balling when he was playing.

  14. Sounds more like the coaching staff thought they could disregard directives from the higher ups without consequences.

    I guess the coaching staff was wrong.

  15. I really like OC Jedd Fisch of the Jags, but Norv Turner is too proven of an OC commodity. Therefore, I think adding Norv to the mix will benefit the player’s & the offensive scheme. It’s NO surprise at all that Jacksonville is in the hunt for a QB come Free Agency and/or Draft. He would serve as an immediate mentor to the QB while also adding “another” dimension to the Offense.
    Coach Bradley’s hands are tied up with the defense, so adding Turner with the label as “Assistant HC” while overlooking the offense would, could, & should be a priority in itself. A move like this should take tons of pressure off Gus & have him primarily working with his defense.
    I would love such a move, but the real question is whether GM Dave Caldwell thinks the TEAM could benefit from a bold move (given Turner accepts the job). Hopefully he’s already been contacted. #CautiouslyOptimistic

  16. If you’re betting on Hoyer, it tells you everything you need to know about one’s ability to assess talent. And Norv is right – these clowns aren’t holding themselves accountable.

  17. I’d love to see Norm back with the Niners as their Offensive Coordinator. Greg Roman is terrible. Roman couldn’t find water if he was in a boat.

  18. Norv will probably end up in Dallas as the OC, slash head coach in waiting. That way, Jerry Jones covers his azz, when not if, Garrett flames out again next year.
    Now Garrett gets to look over his shoulder like Wade Phillips did when he was pretend head coach.

  19. Hey Browns fans,stop filling the stadium and buying the merchandise and maybe our dumb ownership will get the hint. Back to back sad-sack leadership for a town that FULLY supports its miserable team. At least the late Al Lerner tried to build something,but his son and Haslam have bungled all of our good will and money away. I’d also like to thank the NFL owners for being greedy and allowing a guy,just because he had the money,to buy the team.Good dumb idea.

  20. I wish Browns fans would boycott the preseason games, just to send a message to the 3-stooges. But, their egos are probably too big to get it.

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