Report: Raiders want to extend expiring assistants through 2014


Raiders coach Dennis Allen said this week that he’s gotten “indications” from the organization that his job is safe and he is scheduled to meet with team owner Mark Davis on Monday to find out for sure whether that’s the case.

A report concerning the coaches on Allen’s staff suggests that Allen will be back. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that the Raiders are trying to give assistants with expiring contracts, a group that includes offensive coordinator Greg Olson and defensive coordinator Jason Tarver, one-year extensions through the 2014 season.

That would set up 2014 as a crucial year for Allen and his staff after going 8-28 in their first two years. The group has had severe limitations because of cap problems and an overall lack of talent on the roster inherited from the previous regime, but there will be a lot of cap space this offseason and the excuses for a losing record will be less acceptable.

The same may be true of General Manager Reggie McKenzie, who also came to the team before the 2012 season and needs to show the same kind of progress now that the shackles have come off.

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  1. Well at this point I’m just watching my Raiders to see if Dennis Allen can break Dave Shula’s record as the fastest head coach to 50 Losses. Dave Shula did it in 71 games. Dennis Allen is right on pace losing 24 out of 32 games. It should be an interesting to see.

    I think he’ll get there. Our Front Office is that clueless to give him the chance to break Dave Shula’a record.

  2. The news just keeps getting better and better.

    I LOVE having three bye weeks per season!

    I mean, somebody has to keep the basement occupied. It might as well be the worst franchise in the league.

    (Hey fade fans. Remember when you swept us for the season? It was because we had a front office and coaching staff just like your current ones)

  3. Dear Donkey, Dead Battery and Squaw fans,

    It will be an absolute pleasure watching each of your teams get knocked out of the playoffs this weekend and next. And soon, things will return to the way they should be, with the Raiders on top.

  4. The rest of the AFC West is ROFL at Mark Davis as he just handed them 2 easy victories next year. Smart move Mark davis keep the trainwreck going
    with the worst GM in football Mckenzie the rest of the AFC West thanks you for your gift.

  5. @slick50k: I hope you and natelan enjoyed New Years. Gotta love it when your team backs into the playoffs. Did you send Succop a Thank You card, yet? Don’t forget the zebras for blowing the call.

    When your team wins a game that matters it will be their first.

    Shake yourself bolt fans, you’re delusional. 50+ years of irrelevance is not a good thing.

    Browns, Vikings, Bills, Seahawks, Falcons, Cardinals, chargers…. Get it?

  6. thats the problem for the donk, chief and dolt fans.. we are their super bowl. and as bad as we’ve been check out their overall records against us.. yes chuckie had our number (obviously) in the super bowl but haven’t seen any of you there. gfy:D RN4L

  7. This is good news for Raider Nation and any objective football fan. Olson is a must. Don’t wanna get into 3 OCs in as many yrs. Hopefully both April and Sparano are on 2nd of 2-yr deals.

    I would just see maybe what else is out there before committing to another yr of Tarver.

  8. If I remember correctly, the raiders to like a $90 million cap hit this year with cutting a lot of players. They showed some promise with a roster full of nobody’s. They have money now and draft picks. Chiefs might want to watch out, can’t play all back up QB’s all next year

  9. I Don’t know about them extending Tarver. The defense just got shredded too many times this season. I know that also falls on DA but apparently his job is safe. We better see a winning record in 2014!

  10. The league would greatly benefit from a Raider resurgence. I wish that they would move back to LA.

    The Raiders have no star players to build around. 2014 is a crucial year. The franchise needs to show that they have legitimate building blocks for the future. For too long, the team has consisted of retreads and outcasts.

    The team has no personality. The coaching staff is on a 1 year notice. The culture of the team needs to change.

  11. Al Davis had the team dug into a pretty deep hole, both talent and salary cap wise. It takes time to turn things around, and blowing up the coaching staff just when they are almost out of the hole would be a step backwards. A one year extension to keep the staff intact seems like a good move.

    If things don’t start to turn around this season, then it’s time for a change.

  12. I just hope Mark is waiting till Monday to drop the hammer with a new coach already in mind…Jay Gruden from Cincy would be a great fit. He’s got a good resume, good pedigree, and he’s ready to be a HC. He was also a former QB that has worked well with Dalton & could work well with whomever is drafted or signed. Who has Olson developed!? Joey Harrington? Blaine Gabbert? A decent year with Josh Freeman? This is ridiculous.

    Can you imagine if we draft a franchise QB this year with these same clowns running the show?That’s like buying a brand new Porsche and giving the keys to a kid that hasn’t even shown he knows how to drive a car! And if that QB learns the system and DA & his staff are canned next year, it does nothing but stunt and delay that QB’s growth. The time is now for MD to clean house. There are plenty of capable options out there.

  13. sanfranfanyouknowit says:
    Jan 1, 2014 1:42 PM
    If I remember correctly, the raiders to like a $90 million cap hit this year with cutting a lot of players. They showed some promise with a roster full of nobody’s. They have money now and draft picks. Chiefs might want to watch out, can’t play all back up QB’s all next year
    Reggie McKenzie and DA inherited a young team that was one drive away from the playoffs, basically one good D Coordinator away.

    QB – Carson Palmer(early 30’s)
    RB – McFadden averaged 5.2 yards a carry in 2010 & 2011
    RB – Mike Bush(wanted to comeback… Had 977 yards rushing in 2011)
    WR – DHB(975 Yards Passing)
    WR – Denarious Moore(618 Yards in 13 gms…5 TDs)

    the O Line was anchored by Veldheer and Wisniewski both very very young and were beasts under their position coaches Bob Wylie and Steve Wisniewski.

    This is….I mean this was an explosive YOUNG nucleus built for Air Coryell…The only reason it had to be deconstructed is because of D Allen insistence at running the West Coast offense. This is why he’s 8-24 the past two years.

    The owner is naive enough to have the wool pulled over his eyes and give these cats a two year pass for failure in the name of some fabricated “deconstructing process”. Losing shouldn’t ever be an option For a entity especially in a results based business.

    We’re sitting here 8-24 the past two years because the dumb Head Coach wanted to run the west coast offense and didn’t have the players, cap space or draft picks to do it…yet he implemented it anyway.

    All head to do was keep keep Al Saunders at OC, keep Bob Wylie and Wisniewski as O Line coaches and work on the defense which was the ONLY WEAKNESS….now every area of the team is weak. The weak condition of the Raiders is what DA and Reggie created…NOT what they inherited.

  14. The Raiders were burdened with “dead money”.. well they also created a lot of dead money by cutting Kelly, Seymour, DHB .. I’m pretty sure they could’ve kept those players and still reached 4-12 if not had an even better draft pick this year.

  15. Dennis Allen really needs to learn from his first two years in Oakland and Reggie Mac needs to start hitting on his draft picks kudos to Mark Davis for giving this staff a real shot of competing but we need a franchise QB and that falls on Reggie Mac to draft the right guy the NFL is a better league when a team rich in tradition like the Raiders is on top.

  16. Los Angeles Raiders has a nice ring to it. Let’s face it, their best success came in L.A. So maybe Mark is putting the writing on the wall. I feel for the fans though, it’s sad to call it “rebuilding” when you’re not really seeing a difference.

  17. Raiders want to extend their losing record 2 more years is what
    I see in this title .
    Reggie upgraded this teams defense before the season started
    Dennis Allen made them hungry
    But Our o and d coordinators spoiled are appetite
    Dennis Allen should fire both of them and if
    He can’t then fire him . Get a coach we all can respect

  18. slick50ks says: Jan 1, 2014 1:01 PM

    I mean, somebody has to keep the basement occupied. It might as well be the worst franchise in the league.
    The Chiefs have occupied the basement five out of the past seven seasons.

  19. The hot seat for Allen McKenzie won’t start to cool down until the Raiders get 8 wins next year.

  20. The fact is that the Raiders are now on their way up.

    The rest of the teams in the AFC West have seen their best days and accomplished nothing.

  21. First and biggest mistake Reggie M. made was firing Hue Jackson. Hue was perfect for the team and the organization. Sure, in his zest to bring the playoffs to Oakland his first and only year he made a huge gamble by bringing in Carson Palmer. However, he did it because he wanted to win. Doing nothing would have given him an excuse. Hue didn’t accept excuses. The RAIDERS would now be the “bullies” Hue Jackson envisioned us being if Reggie had swallowed his little green bay ego!

  22. I thought this was a copy cat league we should
    Fun a defense like cover two man and stunt lineman
    And linebackers not ask a defensive end to cover or middle
    Backer to cover the #1 receiver (Calvin Johnson )
    I lke two safety’s on top not 1 running back while ball
    Getting snapped what a scientist.i remember when we had 3
    Receivers and Kc had 6 corners it stopped us.

  23. For the love of God, no more mediocrity. Right this sinking ship already. Better figure it out this year. Weak minded pieces of trash. What’s in that office? A collective IQ of 50?! Let’s show the reason cap room was highly important and hire the right players.

  24. joetoronto says:
    Jan 2, 2014 5:10 AM
    The fact is that the Raiders are now on their way up.

    The rest of the teams in the AFC West have seen their best days and accomplished nothing.

    Well I guess when every year theres nowhere to go but up, its sad but true to say. But lets be serious we all know they’ll be bottomfeeding as ush.

  25. This is ridiculous Reggie swallow your pride and fire this bum we all know you made a mistake by Firing Hue and hiring this guy but 8-24 is enough give Raider Nation some hope find us a Real leader ! The Raiders Record will be worse next year with one of the leagues toughest schedules . With DA as the HC I see 2 wins maybe 4 if we get lucky ..

  26. Keep Olsen. Fire Tarver… The defense has been bad for two years now…Surely, someone else can do a better job. The Eagles game is a clear indication of Tarver being outcoached. Or the Chiefs game in Kansas City.. Charles had nearly 200 yards on screens. Wow.

  27. There must be a lot more going on behind closed doors in Mark Davis’ office. Why in the hell would he continue this downfall, unless he simply wants to fail? Hiring all inexperienced staff from GM to head coach, fire the only winning coach that they had in years, and all of his fathers experienced Administrative staff. Run off the best QB that they had in years, waste draft picks, sign Packer rejects etc..Now its being reported that he wants to extend the contracts again? Either he cant admit that he made a mistake in hiring the three headed monster McKenzie, Allen and Tarver. Or he really is incompetent and simply doesn’t care. Did he sleep through 2012 season? If so, time to wake up Mark! Fix the train wreck, you created, or simply sell the team to someone that wants to win on the field, not just financially.

  28. I was really disappointed when we didn’t hire Lovie Smith. You want a coach players respect? Go get a guy like that. Maybe the only reason Dennis Allen is safe for another year is because Jon Grudens contract with ESPN also has one more year on it. Funny coincidence

  29. I think DA will break Dave Shula record and go down as the worst coach in NFL history this guy is a Bum Coach and Needs to be fired ASAP , with the schedule we have next year . I see two maybe three wins under DA next season .. Going 8-8 or even being close to winning our division seems impossible now under DA ..

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