Report: Teddy Bridgewater will enter NFL Draft


For months, Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has been talked about as a potential top pick in the 2014 Draft with his status as an underclassman who might not elect to join the professional ranks one of the only things standing in the way of a handshake with Roger Goodell.

That obstacle appears to be out of the way. Brett McMurphy of ESPN reports that Bridgewater has decided to leave college and enter the draft this year.

Once Bridgewater makes it official, the vetting process will begin. As it usually does with top quarterback prospects, that process will likely include a variety of reports that either strongly praise or strongly critique Bridgewater’s game, personality, smile and perhaps even his choice of pizza toppings.

Should Bill O’Brien and the Texans like what they see, Bridgewater will have a real chance to go No. 1 overall given the Texans’ need for a new quarterback. If they don’t, someone else might like him enough to make the Rams the other side of a trade for the second overall pick for the second time in the last three years.

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  1. Can’t miss prospect. I wonder if O’Brien will suggest that Rick Smith draft him or thinks he can get a 2 for 1 deal like the Bengals did with AJ Green and Andy Dalton.

  2. I don’t see the Texans drafting Bridgewater, O’Brien is hard nosed and frequently got into shouting matches with Tom Brady, They’ll probably make a play for a veteran QB and go in a different direction on draft day.

  3. I am a tad skeptical given the level of competition he confronted at Louisville in the Big East. Fans will cite his Orange Bowl game against Florida to wit I say fair enough, but also point to the fact that Bowl games aren’t always great measuring sticks.

    This should get very interesting.

  4. I live in Ky and follow this team… With that said I just don’t see Bridgewater as a 1st round pick.. The guy is accurate and has a heck of an arm, but seems only to be effective when opposing Defenses only rush 3 or 4 D-Linemen… He often struggles to read blitzes and when Arc-rival UK (worse Defense in SEC) blitzed him for a whole half he was just horrible passing for less then 100 yds…

  5. logicalvoicesays says: Jan 1, 2014 2:00 PM

    Why would anyone want to be like him.

  6. logicalvoicesays says: Jan 1, 2014 2:00 PM

    He wants to gimp around in a knee brace and sit the final three games of the season? High aspirations indeed!

  7. Can we please stop acting like RG3 is a bum who didn’t have one of the best rookie seasons for a QB ever? He had a bad year and his ego got the best of him, but calling him a crappy QB and a bust? Come on man.

  8. logicalvoicesays says: Jan 1, 2014 2:00 PM


    Why would any talented young quarterback prospect possibly want to emulate an underachieving, gimpy kneed, headcase, who was 3-10 when they finally sat him down to put him out of his, and everyone else’s misery…?
    Just kinda curious.

  9. Some Draft gurus put him on the list as a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

    Here is what I have seen with Bridewater.

    1. He has a decent arm and good accuracy.

    2. He is athletic, but not a guy that runs a lot.

    3. He looks small. He is listed at 6’3″, but he doesn’t look it.

    4. He doesn’t make a lot of mistakes with the ball.

    5. He has progressed every year in college.

    To me, that sounds like a guy who should get picked up early. There are choices this draft though. Quite a few good QBs in the college ranks looking for pro jobs. Is he intelligent enough to make the transition to the pro game? It is a coin flip like with any QB. Football smarts is huge with QBs. There should be a test for that.

  10. There is a lot more talent on Houston’s roster than most #1 picks get to start with. Bridgewater should count himself lucky if he goes first.

  11. Sounds like he learned from Brian Brohm’s mistake.

    Get in the league now and get first-round money before people realize that you’re just a kid going to Louisville who isn’t playing basketball.

  12. As mad as I am that the Vikings won a few more games down the stretch I’m happy we won’t have a chance to draft Teddy. Let some other team draft him and then their team be set back for 3-4 years. We just did it with Ponder. Spielman is clueless when it comes to QB’s so we probably would have drafted Teddy if MN had the chance.

  13. Question for all the rams fans – who exactly is your qb? Bradford’s never done anything but never grts any scrutiny. If he played in New York he’d be finished by now. Maybe you guys should consider one of the qbs in this draft for yourselves

  14. Watched Bridgewater carefully against UCF. Hesitant decision making, etc. Reminds me of Ryan Fitzpatrick. Yeah, he’d make a good Texan, all hat and no cattle.

  15. “Man, the Rams have a chance to get quite a haul from a qb starved team again this year”.———————————————————————-
    I agree, but at some point all this xtra draft capital needs to turn into the playoffs, and thus far it hasn’t.

  16. logicalvoicesays says:
    Jan 1, 2014 2:00 PM


    I see why so many call you a troll. Bridgewater and Griffin are similar only in skin tone (which is obviously the basis of your comparison), their styles of play are quite different.

  17. clowney just had a monster game so maybe houston will pick him instead then everyone will be coming to the rams @2. we are gonna trade down for sure now clowney just announced hes going to the nfl (no surprise but he actually said it)!!

  18. so if houston picks bridgewater we (rams) will have atlanta and oakland calling to get clowney and if houston takes clowney jacksonville and cleveland and more will be asking about the pick to get bridgewater thank you washington for the #2 pick!!

  19. I am a RAMS fan and personally done sticking up for Bradford. He was having one of his best years statistically before he got hurt in all categories except the one that matters the most WINS. That being said they should trade the pick if a team is as dumb as WASHINGTON was. You can’t pass that up and it will pay off. They’re in the toughest division and the youngest team in the NFL and fisher said they’ll be younger next season. They should pick a qb with their first round pick later in the round to compete w Bradford

  20. People continually cite the lack of competition he faced in college, but that seems irrelevant considering there are plenty of good QBs who didn’t play at major programs. Look at Big Ben went to Miami, Flacco went to Delaware, Kaepernick went to Nevada, Dalton went to TCU, Romo went to Eastern Illinois the list goes on. Not saying he’s a franchise QB, but where he went to school is not nearly as a big a deal as some make it seem.

  21. I’f the texans pass, which they won’t, there is no way the jags let him slide as well. Minny Oakland and Cleveland better do some heavy scouting on Manziel, or Carr.

  22. I understand the Redskins fans upset over everyone saying RG three stinks. I’m a ravens fan and all I get is how bad Joe Flacco is after having the greatest run in Super Bowl history as well as three AFC championships two AFC North titles and a playoff victory in 5 out of six years. It’s ridiculous one bad year and you suck. People are jealous RG three is great

  23. The Rams should keep this pick and take the best O-Lineman in the draft in J.Mathews. Protect the fragile Bradford. While Bradford hasn’t been great, he has shown a few signs he can play. He just needs to stay healthy and develop with some wrs.

  24. Glad I don’t have to make this decision for the a Texans. Grab Clowney, get a serviceable veteran QB and draft a rookie QB in the second round.

  25. I laugh at people saying he didn’t face any good competition. He is playing D1 college football. Most of the best QBs come from schools that don’t nessarily face the best competition. Aaron Rodgers (California), Cutler (Vanderbilt), Flacco (Delaware), Rothlisberger (Miami, OH), Dalton (TCU), Wilson (NC State), etc.

  26. I wonder if you people watch these players or just speak out of your backside. The only concerns I would have about Bridgewater is his size because he needs to hit the weight room. He’s extremely accurate, throws with anticipation, is coming out of a pro style offense, is a terrific decision maker, and has an arm that will be in the upper 3rd of the league when he goes to his first NFL OTA. Not to mention that the two games that he faced teams littered with the kind of speed that he will see in the pros (Florida and Miami), he destroyed both of them. He’s going to need good coaching like all other rookies who succeed, but if you’re drafting at the top of the round, you obviously need a QB like this as you don’t have one. I don’t think the Texans could go wrong with him or Clowney, but they sure better know that one of those other QBs in this draft that would be there at the top of the 2nd round would be able to develop into a very good starter because this kid is going to be a star in 3 or 4 years.

  27. There’s no way he gets past Jacksonville who would be happy to trade down to Manziel or Barr and pick up a QB later.

  28. Another wasted pick for some not so smart NFL team to draft! He is not an NFL QB! When will they learn, you need QB’s who have something between their ears! Think and react. Whoever drafts him will regret it! Just another want-to-be NFL QB! That will never happen!

  29. Texans should get a “serviceable” veteran QB instead of drafting Bridge?
    Sounds like non-Texans fans are saying they should go for a Matt Shaub type of guy.

  30. Back to Bridgewater. As a Texan fan, I will rather we trade the first pick and address the multiple needs we have. We need a good pass rusher (move Reed to ILB), CBs (cut Jackson who, like other Alabama players, is grossly overrated. In fact, I think he’s the worst CB in the league), a speedy RB (Tate’s going to Cleveland) and OLs.

    While I like Bridgewater, I fear that he hasn’t faced the best of competition in the AAC.

    Also, it will be better for Bridgewater as I am sure that O’Brien will be fired after 2 seasons. Like all Belichick’s proteges, he’s overrated.

  31. Everyone wants a QB and there is really nothing great in this draft…trade down and bolster your o-line or draft the QB at Central Florida and coach him up. A lot of good WRs and secondary help but not to be taken early.

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