Bengals get an extension to avoid blackout


The Bengals have 24 more hours to sell all the non-premium tickets at Paul Brown Stadium for Sunday’s game against the Chargers or they’ll face the prospect of a local television blackout.

The team announced that they received an extension from the league because of “strong ticket sales” that occurred on Thursday. The release from the Bengals also mentions support from several local businesses who have bought tickets that will provide tickets to military families through the Armed Forces Ticket Association as part of the reason why the extension was granted.

Unmentioned is the fact that the league would like to avoid the negative reaction that would come with a blackout of a postseason game, especially with two other teams trying to avoid that fate this weekend. The league has not had a postseason game blacked out since 2001.

The effort to keep the Bengals from breaking that streak has involved Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley and the effort will keep cranking through Friday afternoon in hopes of keeping empty seats from being a talking point after Wild Card weekend.

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  1. Easy solution: make the prices affordable for the average working man and woman. None of the play-off team owners are going to go hungry if they lower prices.

    Really, the billionaire owners probably make enough on concessions and parking fees to provide free nachos and a beer along with an affordable ticket.

  2. nfloracle says:
    Jan 2, 2014 5:31 PM

    Easy solution: make the prices affordable for the average working man and woman. None of the play-off team owners are going to go hungry if they lower prices

    None of the ticket sales go to the owners. The NFL sets the price and receives all the money from ticket sales.

  3. Big difference between Browns and Bengal fans. The Browns sell out with their record and the Bengals don’t after winning the division and a playoff game to boot?

  4. Thanks to all the local businesses that stepped up to help buy up some tickets and for giving them to the local military and their families!! Don’t worry all you haters, the jungle will be rocking on Sunday black out or not. Thank goodness I have tickets though. It would be a shame if those who truly do not have the means to buy tickets (but do pay their stadium taxes) don’t get to see this game.

  5. I was a bit nervous yesterday that there was perhaps a changing of the guard in the AFC North. Then I saw a stat on espn that said the bengals haven’t win a playoff game since 1991. I considered that and the fact that the Ravens are reigning world champions and all my fears went away. The bengals are a joke and the fact that they can’t sell out a home playoff game is yet another example as to why.

  6. The Bengals fan base is as good as any.. I’m taking my 4 yr old with me to the game. After I pay gas, hotel, food for 4 meals, tickets, drink, parking, I’m out about $450… This is ALOT for a guy who makes $12/hr… So I don’t want to hear how the Bengals fan base sucks..

  7. The only jokes around these parts is the raven and steeler bums that can’t stand the fact that the bengals are doing something your teams wasn’t good enough to do.. GET INTO THE PLAYOFFS!! I know 2 cities that aren’t selling out a playoff game. Pittsburg and Baltimore. Oh wait.. That’s right they’re both sitting at home watching the AFCN champs. Get over yourselves your not that good.

  8. no one is interested in an overrated bengals team going up against the Blind Referees Chargers, that was setup to keep the real afc north power out of the playoffs after the ravens choked….

  9. Big difference between Browns fans and Bengals fans, is Browns fans are dumb enough to keep wasting their money on tickets to watch their team lose every week.

  10. I have read soooo many unique and interesting criticisms of the Packers, Colts and Bengals today in connection with all of these ticket sales stories…

  11. People forget the the Bengals had several straight years of sellouts and a waiting list for season tickets until the economy tanked. This area was booming with construction and since then we lost some large employers.
    I went to every game for years then lost my job, took a lower paying job. $160 was easy to lay out a few years ago along with $8 beers and parking. Now it isn’t.
    Doesn’t mean I’m less of a fan.

  12. All of these playoff games potentially blacking out is just crazy. Are we saying that we prefer to watch the game in the temperature controlled environments of our home?? Possibly, but I hope that’s not the case. Nothing compares to that feeling you get walking into the stadium and seeing the field. Thursday Night Football, the worst games of the year usually, average about 6-8 million viewers and these teams can’t sell 70-80,000 tickets.

  13. I encourage the great Steeler nation out their to head over to ESPN and look at the 2013 nfl attendance chart. Those diehard fans in Pittsburgh filled 88% of their stadium this year. That is good enough to be ranked 28th in the league. No fair weather fans can be found! They stick with their team through thick and thin! If we could all be as dedicated as the great fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers…

    Oh, Cincinnati filled 96% of their stadium this year.

  14. What’s with not EASILY selling out a playoff game? Cincy- you gotta support your team better than that! WTF?

  15. We now know the limit that fans will pay for the live product. Of course. -20 and out a few thou to take the family for a game is not the ideal combo.

  16. I’m sorry Bengal fans, are you bragging about the fact that raven and Steeler fans don’t have the opportunity to buy playoff tickets this year, and that excuses the fact that your fan base can’t sell out the seventh smallest stadium in the league?

  17. Steeler fans have already shown this year what a bandwagon group “they” are by their showing on the Sunday night game OR was half the stadium dressed as empty seats? The game will sell oonce everybody gets back from the holidays 🙂

  18. Why does a team having a weak fan base mean that the organization should be dumped on? We are a (relatively) very small market in Cincinnati. You can’t compare us to most other NFL markets when it comes to ticket sales. Also, call me a homer, but I do believe the Bengals are going to the Super Bowl this year, and next year we won’t be having this discussion when we’re AFC north champs once again. Forget the haters. I have my tickets to the game on Sunday. Who Dey!?

  19. all these Raven and Steelers fans hating because their teams didn’t make it to the postseason. The ticket prices for playoff games are outrageous. I would go if i could afford it. It just shows how classless NFL fans can be.

    – A Chargers fan.

  20. We are huge Bengals fans living in Colorado and I’m frustrated as heck we can’t get to the game. There are plenty of reasons why this game hasn’t sold out.

    1. Many in the Tristate and surrounding areas simply can’t afford to go to the game and would rather watch it at home. Post season ticket prices are significantly higher.

    2. Traveling from anywhere else in the country is ridiculous this weekend (flights to IND, SDF, DAY, CVG, CMH all very high). I tried to get the family there but looking at 3k+ for a 3hr game is a bit much.

    3. SD fans don’t travel that well and who can blame them? Who wants to overpay to fly all the way to cold Cincy for the game?

    4. Lets face it, many Bengals fans are leery of spending that much money just to watch Marvin mismanage another nationally-televised game.

  21. People are crazy to hate the way they do. Not too many people can afford going to these games. I am barely and still could spend my money more wisely, anyway there are 4 playoff games being played this weekend with a possibility of 3 being blacked out. Honestly knowing what the weather will be here in cincy, watching on TV doesn’t sound to bad. I have tickets so will be attending the game being a loud a-hole with many of my friends going. WHo DEY!

  22. Oh yes, in addition to my comment above, don’t forget the TOTAL RIP-OFF of Ticketron charging you a fee of $9.95 per ticket! Unbelievable! Ticketron is the biggest scam on earth. And the NFL wonders why tickets don’t sell. All of these things add up to make going to the game unaffordable to many.

  23. Sunday will mark my 111th consecutive Bengal home game attended @Paul Brown Stadium … last game I missed was Corey Dillon breaking Walter Payton’s single-game rushing record … weebee rockin’ the Jungle (as usual)

  24. i guess no one considers that the bengals have had a lot o home games the last few weeks of the season. if the same people are going, its getting pricey as hell.

  25. What a lot of people don’t realize is that people have a choice..they can pay out a bunch of money that they really don’t have for tickets for themselves and their families to see the playoff game, or they can buy food for their families and pay their water and electric bills. That’s pretty much a no brainer isn’t it? It would cost a family with two children in excess of $500.00 dollars just to go to this game! That’s kind of hard to justify, except of course for all of the teenage Ravens and Steelers haters who are parents are picking up the tab for them anyway!

  26. When the Bengals visited Heinz field Dec. 15th
    The TV booth commented on 20,000 empty seats
    Pitt, your self esteem is no better than any other city.
    and BTW, i wonder why the pirates attendance was up this year.
    Pittsburgh = Fair Weather

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