Colts get an extension to sell their last 3,000 tickets

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The Colts got a second extension and an extra 24 hours to try to sell out their home playoff game, with the NFL granting them another day before the game is blacked out of local television.

According to the Indianapolis Star, the Colts have approximately 3,000 seats left for Saturday’s game against the Chiefs. They have until 4:30 p.m. Friday to sell the rest, unless they want to buy the remainder at face value.

The Colts have about 3,000 tickets remaining and must sell them by 4:30 p.m. Friday. They’ve sold out 103 straight games. Though there were only two regular season blackouts league-wide, the Bengals and Packers have also struggled to sell tickets this week.

Local affiliate WTHR, which would air the Colts game, said the station might consider buying some of the tickets, if it made financial sense.

17 responses to “Colts get an extension to sell their last 3,000 tickets

  1. Cut your ticket prices to what people can afford in a deep recession and maybe you will not have this problem.

  2. Colts ownership paid good money and, in 3 seasons, took the team from 2-14 to 2 consecutive post-season appearances.

    Honor their efforts. Buy the tickets, or bring on Mayflower.

  3. How much are colts club level seats? 500.00 per?
    Lower those prices and fans will come. Fans should not show up until prices are lowered.

  4. blame it on the NFL for setting ticket prices too high for playoff games – they took away the individual franchise’s ability to set their own prices.

  5. What an embarrassment, if you can’t support your team, than Irsay should move it to LA. & no whining about ticket prices, big league cities pony up for the playoff tickets. You have a Dome, good grief. Can’t wait to see all the Chiefs fans root their team home to victory in Indy. What will this new breed of Indy players think of their fans, or is that lack of fans?!!

  6. This is what I find most frustrating about the NFL. The stadium built is funded by taxing consumption in the counties that I live and do business. The NFL schedules some playoff games on Saturday, contrary to the rest of the year. Rather than schedule on the typical game day the NFL chose to play on the same day as a Pacers game. Indiana University in Bloomington hosts Michigan State on the same afternoon. This is poor planning by the NFL but reminiscent of the season start with Baltimore.

  7. Always wondered when the laws of supply and demand would effect pro sports – it looks like with three games having trouble selling out maybe it’s finally hitting home!
    You can’t expect ticket prices to keep going up in relation to paying players the obscene salaries they are getting now, it’s not realistic.

  8. please oh please do not sell out. as someone living in Indiana and not a colts fan nothing would please me more than for all the obnoxious our colts fans not to be able to watch their team on TV this weekend!

  9. Prices vary from $56 to $155 (non-club). That is not so high IMO to prevent a sellout. (I don’t think club seats have to be sold out to avoid the blackout).

  10. L.A. would love to have the Colts.

    Irony is beautiful, having the Rams and Colts in L.A. would perfect!!

  11. I’m an avid colts fan and have attended 4 games this season on my own dime. On ticketmaster, the cheapest ticket available for two seats together is $101.50 each. So $203.00 in tickets, plus all of ticketmaster’s fees, $20 in parking and some food, you’re looking at $300 to see the game. Or, I can stay at home and have a better view from my living room on my flat screen tv, drink cheap beer from my fridge, and be able to see the Hoosiers and Pacers games as well using picture in picture. Seems like a pretty easy decision to me. Not a fair weather fan, just have a bit of common sense.

  12. It’s the week after Christmas. It’s tough for an average family of four to fork over $500 for tickets and fees, plus another $150-200 at the game for parking, food and drinks when they have a better view on their big screen for next to nothing. Green Bay – which never has an empty seat – and Cincy are having the same issue, only worse. Don’t blame it on fan apathy.

  13. I have been a season ticket holder since 1984. I started out with 5 seats and now down to just 3 seats, I don’t make a lot of money. To pay for my tickets I turn in vacation time to pay for them. The way the ticket prices are going, I’m running out of vacation time. Yes, I have attended every playoff game and 1 super bowl until this year. Irsay does not set the price for playoff tickets, it kills me to pay full price for preseason games, then they kill me with the NFL setting the price for playoffs,but to make me pay for 2 playoff games up front, knowing we will only get 1, it’s hard to come up with almost $1200.00 right after Christmas. Now if they would let me buy the first playoff game we would be going, and if we had the championship game here and give me the option to buy that one also, great.but to buy all of them up front, sorry not this year. Then the NFL TELLS Irsay they have to pay full price for the tickets to not have a blackout, come on. Slowly the NFL going to run me out of going to the game.
    Look, no one bleeds blue more then me, I have spent more money then I want to think about going to the games for 30 years.not counting eating and parking.
    But why does the NFL who make somewhere around
    Abillizion dollars a year, force season ticket holders to pay all the games up front. They need to look after the little guys going to the game every week

  14. I think it would be great if 3 of the 4 were blacked out. I feel bad for the fans in the home cities who couldn’t see the games, but a hell of a message would be sent to the league, mainly “your prices are too damn high.” Sure, a guy can maybe swing a $100 ticket for himself (don’t forget to add up the food, drinks, parking etc…) but how about if you have a couple of kids who want to go as well? The NFL’s math just doesn’t add up to the average American. And don’t get me started on full price fake games in August…

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