Cordarrelle Patterson is your NFL offensive rookie of the month

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The Minnesota Vikings had a bad year, and it cost coach Leslie Frazier his job. Whoever the next coach is will have a tough task ahead of him, made tougher by the fact that no one in Minnesota has any idea who the starting quarterback will be.

But if the Vikings’ next coach can get the quarterback situation straightened out, they have the talent to turn into one of the most exciting offenses in football. Adrian Peterson, of course, is the greatest running back of his generation. And in April the Vikings drafted the most explosive playmaker to enter the NFL this season.

That playmaker was Cordarrelle Patterson, who has just been named the NFL offensive rookie of the month for December. Patterson had three rushing touchdowns and three receiving touchdowns in December, making him the first rookie to have three touchdowns both rushing and receiving in the same month since San Francisco’s Roger Craig, 30 years ago.

And Patterson was even better on special teams than he was on offense: Patterson was by far the best kickoff returner in the NFL this season. He led the league with a 32.4-yard average, he was the only player in the league with more than one kickoff return touchdown, and he had 10 kickoff returns of 40 or more yards in a season when no one else had more than five.

Patterson is a star in the making. He can become an even bigger star if the Vikings can find a quarterback who can get him the ball consistently.

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  1. Cordarrelle Patterson has already replaced Percy Harvin, and yet he hasn’t even learned how to run proper routes yet.

    When he develops and gets some polish to his game, he’ll be better than Harvin could have ever dreamed of being.

  2. If he can earn to run better routed he’ll be a beast. Having a guy who can take the top off a D is going to limit the # of 8 man boxes AP will face. Of course they need a QB for any of this to happen.

  3. If, and it’s a mighty big ‘IF’, the Vikings can find a decent QB, they would have a very good passing game. Patterson, Jennings, Wright, Simpson and maybe Webb at WR. Don’t know if Greg Childs will ever play. Add Rudolph, possibly Carlson, and two others at TE.
    That’s a very good aerial attack.

  4. The trouble with such a player is that he is thrown to less than 7% of the total plays per game.

    Anytime a team throws the ball 3 things can happen and 2 are bad.

    The desperate hope for some magical rookie QB in the upcoming draft is really sad.

  5. So for all the Spielman haters out there this guy would have been Rookie of the year if used more. He is more than what most of us hoped he would be. We still love Harvin, but how about a guy that does as much or more without the drama. The Vikings will be more competitive next year and field a much more complete team than a lot of the other squads, we have a lot of weapons, it will bear out over the next few seasons. No Manziel, a little small for the NFL contact, look at Erin Rogers, he’s bigger and he missed a lot of games. BTW, is State Farm covering his bet? Go Vikings!

  6. He’s going to be fun to watch. he was my top wr coming out of college. I liked what I saw even though he was a bit raw. The kids has a bright future.

  7. Anybody that would “click” on the thumbs down icon, for posts saying anything positive or boasting on this kid #84 C. Patterson?? In my opinion is a110% pathetic moron! Are u even human? Hello, the stats are CLEAR AS DAY, and will continue to climb and dominate as this young man progresses in his future..It’s only obvious, that he is the next NFL superstar! Get a clue people! Stuff like that, shows how “brainless” people truly can be..haha Get a life!
    God bless this young man & his God-given talents for professional football.. Go # 84 Awesome job Cordarrelle Patterson!

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