Cutler’s new deal worth $18 million a year in first three


As with every contract, the real truth will be revealed in the details.

But the early look at Jay Cutler’s new seven-year deal with the Bears shows that it’s good for him, but doesn’t put him in the highest tier of quarterback deals.

According to Alex Marvez of FOX Sports, Cutler’s deal averages $18 million per year for the first three years of the contract.

How it stacks up in the short run matters a lot more than the inflated seven-year numbers. But it certainly slots in below the $20 million-plus per year averages of quarterbacks on new deals such as Aaron Rodgers, Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan.

And while it’s still a handsome payday, there’s a certainty of having a quarterback you know about in a thin market, as the only free agents left are of the backup variety, and the unknowns of the draft.

73 responses to “Cutler’s new deal worth $18 million a year in first three

  1. I think this is perfect. That means he has 3 years to win and if he cant put it together within that 3 years they will be moving on. I was really hoping this wasn’t a back loaded deal where it would kill the cap if they had to let go of him in 2-3 years.

  2. I’m as big a Cutler guy as you’ll find on here, but 7 years? That’s risky.

    Glad they locked up Slauson and Jennings, though.

  3. Actually Rodger’s cap hit is only 12m this year, 18m next year, and 18.6 the year after. So Cutler is not at all “well below” him. Rodgers signed at a discount by including the final two years of his existing contract in the extension, so he only averages about 18-19m year. Do your research–he’s closer to Cutler and Romo in pay than he is to Drew Brees and Flacco

  4. It’s all about winning and he’s average on that basis. He’s lucky to get what he got. Now go out and prove you’re worth that kind of money.

  5. I hope Josh comes back too. He’d probably get someone to pay up big, but maybe he knows that the fit in Chicago was right for him. Just to go be someone’s expensive insurance policy isn’t that fulfilling and who will start him hoping lightning strikes twice?

  6. I’m sure there are a ton of stipulations in that contract. I got money that says its not even close to being guaranteed money. I know the first three are 18 mil, but I bet if he is cut in any of them, the payoff is a hell of a lot less than that.

    I think its smart for him and the bears to move on together. Why start over with an unknown.

  7. What a preposterous deal. $18 million a year for a QB who has really done nothing. I’m tempted to say that he will join the ranks of Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan who accomplished nothing this year (totally bombing after signing their big contracts), but I can’t really say that. Why? Because Cutler has never even remotely approached Flacco and Ryan in accomplishments.

  8. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!

    Packers fans,

  9. Vandy-
    2002 2-10
    2003 2-10
    2004 2-9
    2005 5-6
    2006 2-3 (5 starts)
    2007 7-9
    2008 8-8
    2009 7-9
    2010 11-5
    2011 7-3 (10 Starts)
    2012 10-5 (15 starts)
    2013 5-6 (11 starts)

    He’s had 2 winning seasons in 11 years.

    The 2008 Bears? 9-7 under Sexy Rexy….what is it Cutler brings $18 mill worth of to the table?

  10. Bears need d line help, safety help and corner and linebacker help, in that order. Now they can concentrate on all that because the offense is looking good.

  11. Only one of those QB’s is worth even 15 let alone what they are getting and thats Rodgers

  12. 18 mil a year for Jay Cutler?!

    The only plausible explanation for that is that Scott Boras has branched out to the NFL and is his agent.

  13. So the Bears should have went all in on Scott Mitchell, I mean Matt Flynn, no I mean Rob Johnson? As much as I don’t like Cutler for his leadership (or lack thereof) he is a decent QB and that is the going rate for a decent QB.

  14. I’m not a ravens fan but why is it that ravens are having a bad season for first time in years and all of sudden everyone is saying flacco is overpaid ? Don’t get it

  15. Barry Sanders had 4 winning seasons in the NFL and was 1-6 in the playoffs. Counting wins and losses as if they are only on the QBs shoulders is just as ridiculous. If you’ve ever played football at any level, you know that one man cannot carry a football team no matter how good he is.

    People who think that Jay Cutler has been the problem for Chicago the last few years have likely not watched many Bears games. As a lifelong Bears fan, I can tell you that Cutler can be frustrating at times but also that the Bears have never had a QB that gives them as good a chance to win as he does.

  16. It’s a lot, but it’s the going rate. People who want to make fun of QB salaries don’t seem to get that, not to mention they always ignore the actual year by year cap amount. Most if these contracts will end or be renegotiated long before the max cap hit.

    The options are limited, unless you go with an unproven rookie. Bears are lucky to also have McCown, but how many years does he have left?

  17. sure…with all the superbowls and playoff games he’s won, cutler is obviously worth more then flacco. oh right…cutler has never even been to a super bowl. that being said, he is a good qb and thats the going rate if you want to keep a good qb

  18. The talent on offense is better than it has been since we had Payton. McCown has said he might even retire this offseason. Even if you say Cutler is an average starting QB, it’s risky to think they can draft or sign someone who will immediately be better while Forte/Marshall/Jeffery are at their best the next couple years. I’m not crazy about Cutler but it is a smart move. Now draft ALL defense!

  19. I am glad Cutler is coming back, I was worried it was going to be NFC north trifecta with Schwartz Frazier AND Cutler.

    I am glad I was wrong.

    Hopefully Cutler will slip into old habits.

  20. And people criticize the Flacco contract. Do you homers understand what he did last year??

    Flacco’s accomplishments >>>>>>>>
    Matty “melting ice” Ryan + Romo + Stafford + Cutler.

    And it isn’t even close.

    49er fan,

    (who has the King of Qb’s who already has done more in the league than Matty “melting ice” Ryan + Romo + Stafford + Cutler in just 26 starts.)

  21. So, Franchising him and drafting a QB was not a good idea?

    Trestman is an idiot, er I mean genius. He goes 8 and 8 is crowned, while Lovie goes 10 and 6 and gets fired. Funny how the defense got old in a hurry without him.

    Stupid organization that deserves Cutler for 7 years. Cutler, the coach killer… just wait and see – 2 winning seasons in his entire life, but what an arm though… lol

  22. All these posts drive me crazy as they are part of this good or bad Cutler story when the real problem is tha the Bears are so bad at so many other spots that all the guys who say fix this or fix that and then we are fine should ask – WITH WHAT? Free agents don’t come for a penny here or there and what has the draft produced on the defensive side over the last 2 year to replace the ever aging Urlachers, Briggs, and Co. We will see as Cutler is a good QB but if that is all the Bears put on the field in 2014 it will be another 8/8 or 7/9 year if we get lucky and just hanging around waiting for the other NFC teams to be lousy again is a poor long range plan.

    I am amazed at the thought that Cutler could have gotten this amount elsewhere based on his win/loss resume and hope he and the Bears prove me dead wrong.

  23. As a packer fan, I’m on the fence about this deal. Cutler is a talented guy and some of the negatives about him have been overplayed, IMO. That said, his contract takes up a lot of their cap and he is no guarantee to play to that level. People crack on Rodgers for taking so much money, but the difference between the two is now 5 million, which can get you an average starting right guard. So, do you take Rodgers or do you take Jay Cutler and a nominal o-lineman?

  24. He is far better then anyone the Vikings will get, he is better then the franchise QB the Lions have.
    He is not better then Rogers. But who do the Bears have access to that is? Maybe and only maybe, Brees or Brady or P Manning are better then Rogers, and that is debatable and none of them are going to be Bears any time soon. So stick with this guy I say.

    He is instrumental in making Marshall the player he is for the Bears. You cannot leave that out of the decision. He and Marshall are both interesting guys, but together they are great. You do not want to upset that as the Bears leadership, cause your not going to go find another Marshall either.

    If they can keep the other QB under contract that would be perfect.

  25. Given Cutler’s propensity for injury, its likely that his cost per actual games played is going to be much much higher than Brees’ or Flacco’s.

  26. Wow… 7 years and 18 Million PER for the first three years.. go a guy that has won ONE playoff game lifetime.

    Man.. when the Bears mess up they screw the pooch AND the horse he rode in on.


  27. I don’t understand why the Bears re-signed him. The Bears defense is a much bigger concern. They were embarrassing this season & I can’t think of a team that needed to spend money in FA on the defensive side as much as they do.

    The simple truth is that Cutler was outplayed by a 34 year old journey man. This only proved that Trestman could win with a cheaper, lesser known QB. I think the Bears would have been much better off re-signing McCown & then drafting a QB for Trestman to develop in his system.

  28. It is funny that a lot of non-Bears fans are posting on this signing. The fact of the matter is Cutler is the best available QB this off-season and the Bears made sure that he was not poached by a QB needy team. This will be the first time since Culter has been with the Bears that he has had the same offense two years in a row. He threw less INTs this year and will get better under Trestman’s tutelage. This is also the first year that Cutler had a complete complement of offensive weapons 2 ProBowlers (should be 3) and an offensive line that for the most part kept him upright and clean. Cutler is the best QB the Bears have had since Sid Luckman, so he earned the pay day.

  29. This smells of the same desperation as the Tennessee Titans who backed up a truck full of money for Chris Johnson because they were afraid of losing him. Because of the money they paid him they were unable to pay the real stars of that offense, the offensive line.

    Chris Johnson’s money mostly went into his gold teeth and didn’t benefit the Titans.

  30. $54 Million Guaranteed??? Are you kidding me??? That’s the same as Aaron Rodgers!!! That’s a freaking joke & if I’m Aaron Rodgers I’m actually insulted.

    Bears fans–your owner has just joined the ranks of Jerry Jones & Dan Snyder.

  31. First of all Bradys salary may have been 1 million this year but that’s because he’s already received over hundred million dollars from their organization. He reworks his deal just like every other quarterback. People know nothing to say to a Flacco is over paid maybe true but at least he’s won a Super Bowl and nine playoff games six road playoff went to three AFC championships two AFC North titles and a whole lot of NFL records.

  32. never last 7 years in chicago, taxes in chicago will leave culter with less then what Dictka made in his glory days, plus it will put chicago in cap hell, meanwhile McNown will score a better deal somewhere else as a backup.

  33. For all of you Mc (fill in how you THINK his last name is spelled here, as so far I’ve counted 5 mis-spellings) Nown lovers, he was 3-2….faced 3 absolutely dreadful teams and…won’t be half as good with ANY other Coach.

  34. Carson Palmer got around half that just to not play in Oakland this past season. With the Raiders reportedly having somewhere between 50M and 15B in cap space this year, Cutler wouldn’t have lasted 12 seconds on the open market.

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