Darrelle Revis is “excited” about his future with the Bucs

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While it remains to be seen if new Buccaneers coach Lovie Smith shares the sentiment, Buccaneers cornerback Darrelle Revis said he’s excited about his future.

Revis tweeted out a welcome to his new coach this afternoon, saying he couldn’t wait to get started.

[tweet https://twitter.com/Revis24/status/418806065736609792]

Of course, Revis has $16 million reasons to get along with Smith, whose defense doesn’t demand the kind of man-to-man coverage he’s best at, and which he griped about not playing enough of under Greg Schiano.

So sending out the Twitter welcome wagon to his new coach is not only the polite thing to do, but it makes plenty of economic sense for Revis as well.

30 responses to “Darrelle Revis is “excited” about his future with the Bucs

  1. Considering the Bucs don’t have another cornerback on their roster that would rank in the NFLs top 50, cutting/trading Revis is a pretty dumb idea.

  2. Of course, Revis has $16 million reasons to get along with Smith

    If he has 16 million reasons, that means he would play for one dollar.

  3. Lovie is smart enough to base his scheme around the talent he has. This story is being blown out of proportion. No one in their right mind would cut Revis.

  4. “….he griped about not playing enough of under Greg Schiano.””

    You mean when he was still hurt well into the season.

    Remember hearing about some rumors, but never saw any actual quotes that he was unhappy with playing non man to man. Do you have any links?

  5. If bucs truly care about winning and not saving face. They would cut revis, thus saving their 3rd round pick and then they can sign grimes (a pro-bowl corner) for 1/2 of what they would be paying revis.

  6. Translation: I’m so excited that I might get released and get another chance at a big signing bonus again this soon!

  7. I realize fans of other teams will be desperate to spam the comments with their hacky, boring and repetitive Revis comments about hold-outs. However Revis wouldn’t make the Top 100 list of problems with the Bucs this year. From a Bucs fan perspective he was not a problem. I certainly don’t doubt that a 16m contract is not sustainable long-term however given our cap situation and issues with depth at CB he’s virtually guaranteed another season at least before we consider options/look to lock him up long-term with a more cap friendly option.

  8. Revis is all about the $$$. Lets all sit back and watch him become the corporate brown noser until he gets cut.

    He’s not excited about being a Buccaneer… he’s excited about the only thing that motivates him… not championships, not brotherhood, not team loyalty… but cold hard cash.

  9. While Revis made the pro bowl last year he was not fully healthy nor the player he was in NY. On the Jets he was simply the best CB to ever play the game and worth 2.5 players on defense. They could put him on any WR in football by himself and he would eliminate that player from the game. normally a team puts 2 defenders on a teams number one and they cannot do the job Revis does. Look what he did to Calvin Johnson in the two games he played against him.

    The questions are is he healthy and is Lovie willing to adjust ton use Revis? If the answers re both not yes then there is no reason to keep Revis around at $16 million. If he can answer yes to both then the Bucs can be the best defense in football next year.

    But the best thing for Revis would be to be cut, take less money and come home to Rex. Rex and Revis fit together and both make each other better. Revis allows Rex to use all kinds of exotic blitzes and coverage packages and Rex allows Revis to shine in the spotlight. Whether it is in 2014 or when Rex is coaching a new team in 2015 Revis should come home to Rex. Revis might be able to save Rex’s job in 2014 but he could help Rex win a SB with a new team in 2015. I can Imagine both in Dallas or St. Louis in 2015.

  10. I can’t see the Bucs cutting him. Lovie Smith will find a way to use him in his defense, and if not, they’re gonna trade him and get some return on the deal. Revis should be fully recovered from his ACL tear for training camp anyway

  11. Yes, that’s right Lovie, cut the best corner on the team and put Leonard Johnson is his slot!! I’m sure Breese, Ryan, and Cam would love that move! Lovie can’t be that dumb as to listen to those calling for this asinine move bc Revis would sign with the Saints, Falcons, or Panthers in a heart beat!! No team runs a ‘Pure’ Tampa 2 anymore! Look how it’s working out in Dallas under Kiffin and he has (2) top notch cover corners who he’s having them play in a zone far too much! It goes against those players skill set and it would to the same for Revis!! Hell, Tillman doesn’t even play in a zone that much as he’s in man coverage a lot… Stop this foolishness about Revis already!!!!

  12. I believe it’s a bit presumptuous to just assume Lovie will dictate a pure Tampa 2 scheme. I think he’s smart enough (along with homer ends up as DC) to run a defense dictated by the strengths of the best players on the team. Generally speaking, Cover 2 is a recipe for disaster against QB’s like Brees. Some iteration of man coverage plus pressure is essential.

  13. No need for this guy in Lovie’s scheme. Makes no sense to pay QB money for a “lockdown” corner who can’t lock anyone down any more.

  14. Did you see the Jets pass defense this year without Revis. Rush defense was stout but everybody threw all over them. Smith can make it happen or send him to the Jets for a 1st round pick.

  15. Revis will be gone. As Bears fan I can tell you he has no need for a man-to-man corner. Rod Marinelli and Lovie want their corners to play zone and stop the run. They will have no need for him. That’s the problem with Lovie though, instead of taking the players he has and work with their skills, he will want HIS guys in place.. Good luck Bucs fans, you’ll need it

  16. Worst owners hands down! They cut Steve Young, Derrick Brooks, Legarrette Blount, Warrick Dunn, Jeff Garcia, Aqib Talib, Derrick Ward, Kellen Winslow, Keshawn Johnson, Warren Sapp, Doug Williams, and many more! They fired Dungy, Gruden, Smith, Shula, Tomlin, Marinelli, Olson, Kiffin, Morris, Schiano. Sounds like they really know what they are doing. Just ask Bo Jackson.

  17. Sorry, but I don’t see the big deal about Revis. He lost his credibility in a lot of people’s eyes with his temper tantrum holdouts. He could be the best player in his position, but he lost his star quality when it became all about him and not a team player.

  18. wow lol wow wow so glad majority of people commenting aren’t employed by nfl, your literally to dumb for your own good. if you release revis then why not just get rid of McCoy to, then Martin and vjax at the same time. ya revis is being paid to much but that’s the move bucs had to offer since he was on the open market, none of that money is guaranteed thought so expect a restructure is next couple years…not to many corners can go up against top receivers including Calvin Johnson like he did this year and take him out if the game like he did. everyone’s saying horrible owners horrible past coaches yet there’re the same ones wanting best players on roster to be released for horrible reasons

  19. welcome to Tampa lovie, where most of your team fans are officially brain dead but yet are convinced what they think is truly the best move possible for the team. With all the “knowledge” I can see that everyone holds finding a GM will be gravy lol psht

  20. Wow this doesn’t sound like a bunch of bitter spoiled NY fans talking about Revis does it? Released please. The offense threw to the other side of the field this year, he was not a problem. Sure was he Revis of old not really coming off major knee surgery, but he was not bad. He was so bad he made the pro bowl.

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