Giants owner thinks team deserves credit, stability


While other franchises were quick to make changes, or are still pondering them, one of the league’s most disappointing teams this season has taken a different approach — patience.

Not only is he not getting rid of coach Tom Coughlin or General Manager Jerry Reese, but Giants owner John Mara is preaching the long view to fans who watched a team stumble to an 0-6 start and set franchise records for offensive futility.

“You’d like to think that after a certain period of time you’ve earned a little bit of credit that we’re going to do whatever we have to do to build this team back to where we think it can be,” Mara said, via Dave Hutchinson of the Newark Star Ledger. “That doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re going to make the moves that they want us to make, but nobody wants to win more than Tom Coughlin or Jerry Reese except maybe myself.

“This is a lifelong thing with me and we’re going to do what we have to do, but we’re going to do it in an intelligent fashion. We’re not going to make these sweeping changes. Stability is important. It’s one of the reasons we’ve had some success here, but there are times when changes have to be made.

“If we agree on those changes, then we’ll make them going forward, but we’ll do whatever we have to do to improve this team and put a team on the field next year that our fans can be proud of. “

Of course, they were 7-9, and have missed the playoffs four of the last five years. But there were those two Super Bowl trophies, and that has earned the people who helped win them the rare opportunity for continuity.
Considering how close they were to the playoffs even with that 0-6 start made it that much more difficult for Mara to bear.
“It kills me that you go into these other stadiums and you see these large collections of Giants fans that are there and that’s their one time to see us all year or maybe in several years and they come out there and they’re supporting us and we put on performances like we did in Kansas City, in Carolina and San Diego,” Mara said. “It’s painful to watch that and we had some performances at home that weren’t very good either, especially when you look at our division.
“There was no reason why we couldn’t have won the division this year if we just come out of the gate something other than 0-6. Just make a couple of plays in those games.”
That’s giving Coughlin and Reese a chance to fix it, but it’s clear there are multiple issues that need to be fixed, or the shine from those Lombardi Trophies is going to dim.

10 responses to “Giants owner thinks team deserves credit, stability

  1. Frankly, they deserve more draft picks for being so stable, and the Redskins should count themselves lucky they did not lose picks for such an unstable season!

  2. Giants/Coughlin fan here and while I admire this attitude and I agree with the notion that what can set apart successful teams is stability/continuity.

    With that said, Gilbride HAS to go.
    Make no mistake about it, I want Coughlin back as I believe he is one of the better coaches out there, but if he is so blinded by ‘loyalty’ and he persists with this foolishness of standing by Gilbride then perhaps it is time to part ways.

  3. Reese is a bigger problem than Coughlin. He’s just missed on too many players and is the blame for the weakness in the offensive line (when healthy) and linebackers.

  4. Get Norv Turner as OC – done.

    Is he the greatest head coach? Definitely not, but a WAY better OC than Gilbride.

  5. It must be great not to have to pay attention to fan pressure. Mara can do that, because his team’s games are all sold out, and always will be.

  6. Mara is in a dream world and has the same misguided picture that cost investors’ money on Wall Street. Stability is not starting a season 6 and 2 and then going 3 and 5 as the Giants have done just about every year that lack of preparation Coughlin has been here. Or as they did this year starting 0 and 6 and then going 7 and 3. That is the posture child of instability Johnny. In the 10 years under all tight butted Tom the Giants have never been stable. Event in the years they won the Super Bowl it was questionable if they were going to make the playoffs. In 2007 they need a comeback win over the Bills, a team with a losing record to get in. In 2011 they got in the last day of the season after blowing 2 game lead and then had everything go their way including completing a Hail Mary just before half time after and improvably run for 40 yards by Bradshaw. This is the same as the speculators getting luck and buying a stock that has a wind fall and shoots up and makes them a big profit before it crash back to earth. The speculator thinks he is a great stock picker and goes on to loss his shirt by picking other unstable companies that go straight down. It not about wind falls it about stable free cash flow growth over ten year periods of time with a very small standard deviation. In other words the New England Patriots who win between 10 to 12 games per year, every year and have a first round by every year and go to the Super Bowl every five years. You need to reexamine your definition of stability Johnny as you do not understand what the word means and your organization is fair from stable.

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