Kevin Gilbride announces his retirement

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Reports from Giants camp on Thursday indicated that offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride would retire after a season that left owner John Mara feeling the team’s offense was broken and Gilbride confirmed those reports later in the day.

Gilbride is calling it a career after 40 years coaching in the college and professional ranks, which is a good long run even if Mara’s comments create a perception that Gilbride’s decision wasn’t circumstantial. Mara, quarterback Eli Manning and coach Tom Coughlin both spoke glowingly about Gilbride in a statement from the team and Gilbride said he’s heading home to spend time with his family.

“I’ve enjoyed every minute of coaching,” Gilbride said. “Certainly the last 10 years with the Giants has been a special time, to be part of the bringing the Super Bowls to New York and New Jersey and the Giants organization. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the development of some of the young players that we brought along, certainly starting with Eli. But [also] Steve Smith and Victor Cruz; they hadn’t had a Pro Bowl receiver since 1968 and we brought two back to them. That’s been fun. And I thoroughly enjoyed being part of those exciting last-minute drives that we seem to excel at. That 2011 season, we had six or seven of them, including the Super Bowl.”

Gilbride wasn’t the most popular coach with Giants fans by the end of the run, but those rings will prove to be more memorable in the long run than a 7-9 record in 2013. Gilbride began his career as a graduate assistant at Idaho State and worked his way up the ladder to become an offensive coordinator in the NFL. He spent two years as the head coach of the Chargers and spent the last 10 years on Coughlin’s staff with the Giants.

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  1. “I’ve enjoyed every minute of coaching,” Gilbride said.
    Except that time Buddy punched me on the sideline

  2. Thanks for everything but it was time shotgun draw on 3rd n 15 and deep ball on 3rd n 2 i won’t miss at all #giants

  3. Gilbrite constanly putting Eli in danger. Heavy Rush and Gilbrite would still want to air it out long. Just get the freakn first down.
    I’m glad Gilbrides gones. AndI wish him the best in his retirement.
    But I know how Buddy Ryan must have felt.

  4. “I’ve enjoyed every minute of coaching…”

    I highly doubt that Gilbride would consider his time dealing with Buddy Ryan’s endless antics as a joyous time in his long career. Buddy literally doesn’t have the filter that most of us possess when it comes to speaking our mind, and he’s NEVER been known to actually consider what type of negative effect his words or actions might have on the team he claims allegiance to. It was more important to Buddy Ryan to throw a punch at a fellow coach in the middle of a game, as opposed to the importance of avoiding controversy and promoting team unity. His actions and his words speak to just how selfish that man is, all the while being counted on to coach young guys on how to be better players and better men.

    Now, if Kevin Gilbride got a good chance to throw a couple shots back at Buddy Ryan…than I’m quite certain that he would have “enjoyed every minute of it.”

  5. You hope that Gilbride wasn’t pressured into this retirement after a dreadful offensive season from the Giants. It’s not his fault David Wilson had ball control issues, Eli throwing dreadful ints, or the offensive line continually broke down. He had a nice run in NY. 10 years coaching in New York has to age you exponentially, he’s probably 105 years old mentally by now.

  6. First one down, more to go. Special teams coaches dont usually get the kind of heat defensive/offensive coordinators do but how the hell does Tom Quinn have a job. Our special teams has been a joke for years and its sickening. Everytime we punt (which we do often) or kickoff (which we do at either start of the game or second half since we never score) I close my eyes and just hope the other team doesnt bring it to the house. Quinn is a complete bum and needs to go.

  7. The League’s Crusade Against The Steelers Continues says:
    Jan 2, 2014 7:01 PM
    Big Ben, Rodgers, Brees, and Manning are the only QBs that are earning their $100 million contracts.

    Big Ben is sitting on his Big Couch

  8. One of the greatest franchises their is thankful for work and helping bring 2 more SB rings to that being said…the offense this year was godawful. No worry it will be fixed and the giants will be back in the playoff hunt giving other teams nightmares. #Fearthemeninblue

  9. For as much crap as Gilbride gets, the Giants consistently had a top 10 offense with him (5 in a row until this year).

    But with poor execution, horrible run blocking and pass pro up front, you lose your top 4 RBs to injury, and you have a new #1 TE for 5 years in a row it’s tough.

    It’s hard to be successful in Gilbride’s aggressive play-calling with no blocking. Giants will probably have to hire a more conservative play-caller. I’m sure Eli could have a bounce back year with a better/healthier o-line and more execution in the short pass game.

    If you don’t think it’s possible just look at Rivers this year

  10. Gilbride goes out with class. A classy guy and a class organization. Proud to be a fan of this top notch organization. They always do things rifht

  11. Change will be good for the G-Men so long as they address their needs in the offseason and stop drafting best available player. Gilbride became too predictable; heck I even knew what he was going to call most of the time. Eli needs to take some blame since he has no concept of throwing the ball away instead of trying to squeeze the ball into a ridiculous window with zero margin of error. However, he did take a beating due to the poor O-line.

    Anyway, tough season and a tough few not making the playoffs; live and die with big blue.

  12. It wasn’t the scheme so much as situational play calling with him that drove me nuts. The guy who posted earlier hit the nail on the head for me and my group of G-men fans: 3rd and 15, draw play. 3rd and 2, go deep. That and at times a stubborn lack of in-game adjustments. Poor clock management and an unbelievable ineptness in the red zone year after year… Even when things were going good. Definitely wasn’t ALL Gilbride, as anyone who watched every game knows the line was atrocious. Whatever was going on all of a sudden this year with Manning and veteran WRs not being in sync is puzzling. Every game it seemed guys were running the wrong route, or not making the same reads. Balls getting picked or falling 25 yards down the field with no one in sight. Not sure sitting at home what was going on at times. Guess we’ll see next year. I think a change was needed. Can we get a play off before 1 second on the play clock all the time, or a delay penalty, or a wasted time out? The D line always gets a jump when they know you gotta hurry up and snap it! Reese didn’t have his best year either. Myers was an awful signing. Louis Murphy- ‘Nuff said. Hope we can keep Beason though! DLine was improved as well.

  13. The guy won 2 superbowls for the Giants. He perfectly controlled the ball in the 2008 Super Bowl and kept the Pats offense on the sideline. I believe his play calling was the reason the Giants were able to win those games. Good run/pass balance. When they turned to Wilson at RB, they lost the hard nosed running of Bradshaw. Sad everyone blames Gilbride when Eli stunk it up and they didn’t have any consistent running game.

  14. There is nothing wrong with Kevin Gilbride. Gilbride doesn’t throw the ball to the opposing team. Gilbride doesn’t lead the league in interceptions. Eli is the one who sucks.

  15. Gibride was only part of the problem. No offensive line. A linguine armed QB who can’t throw an accurate long pass or screen pass and who is always a league leader in interceptions. 4 injury prone running backs. No quality tight end. A number one receiver who wanted out through free agency.

  16. His time in NY was up. The offense had gotten stale. Time for some creativity. Gilbrides offense was based off play action and attacking down field. The Giants couldn’t run or pass block this past year but yet he still ran the same scheme. Look what a coaching change did for Rivers. Now the Giants just need to make some moves in free agency.

  17. Talk about a late Christmas present! Woohoo! Buh-bye Killdrive! Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out!

  18. Thank god!! I literally for 5-6 yrs called plays weekly on my couch i knew were coming prob atleast 4-5 a quarter. We won 2 sbs despite him and i fully beelieve would of won more games had it not been for his atrocious redzone calling and consistantly predictable playcalling weekly withnot 1 adjustable bone in his body. If i ever see a shotgun draw ran again ill freAk out lol. This move is 5 yrs overdue..

  19. Once a Giant, always a Giant. Coach Gilbride retires a productive OC and 2x SB champion.

    I’d look at Rob Chudzinski, Mike Sullivan and Bill Lazor as possible replacements.

    GO BLUE!

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