Kluwe: Vikings assistant is a “bigot,” Frazier and Spielman “cowards”

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Former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe says he was subjected to homophobic language late in his tenure with the team, and eventually cut, because he spoke out in support of gay marriage.

Kluwe says that Mike Priefer, the Vikings’ special teams coach, was openly prejudiced against gays and intolerant of those who support gay rights. Kluwe also says that Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman and former head coach Leslie Frazier ultimately decided to get rid of him because they didn’t like him expressing his views.

“I was fired by Mike Priefer, a bigot who didn’t agree with the cause I was working for, and two cowards, Leslie Frazier and Rick Spielman,” Kluwe wrote at Deadspin today.

Frazier was fired this week and Priefer’s future with the Vikings is unclear, but Kluwe says that Priefer shouldn’t be a coach with the Vikings or anyone else.

“If there’s one thing I hope to achieve from sharing this story, it’s to make sure that Mike Priefer never holds a coaching position again in the NFL, and ideally never coaches at any level,” Kluwe wrote.

At a time when the NFL is investigating the Miami Dolphins for allegedly allowing Richie Incognito and other players to bully Jonathan Martin, Kluwe paints a picture of Priefer that may force the NFL to launch another investigation.

“Priefer would use homophobic language in my presence,” Kluwe writes. “Priefer also said on multiple occasions that I would wind up burning in hell with the gays.”

Kluwe says that when he began supporting gay marriage vocally, Frazier wanted him to keep his mouth shut. But when Frazier found out that Vikings owner Zygi Wilf had approached Kluwe and told him he was glad Kluwe was speaking out in support of gay marriage, Frazier said, “Well, he writes the checks. It looks like I’ve been overruled.”

Kluwe also says Spielman instructed him to “fly under the radar” after Kluwe tweeted about the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, and Kluwe believes Spielman decided to draft punter Jeff Locke last year in large part because he didn’t want to deal with Kluwe expressing his views — and with the clash between Kluwe and Priefer. After the Vikings drafted Locke, Kluwe writes, “Rick told me that this was solely about competition and had nothing to do with my views. I do not believe he was telling the truth.”

In fairness to the Vikings, it should be pointed out that Kluwe was also a mediocre punter in 2012, ranking 22nd in the NFL in punting average and 17th in net average. And at 32, he’s older than most NFL punters. Kluwe says his numbers were down in part because he was instructed to kick higher and shorter punts because the Vikings were struggling in their punt coverage, but it’s entirely possible that Kluwe wouldn’t have a job in the NFL anymore whether he were speaking out for gay marriage, speaking out against gay marriage, or not saying anything at all.

Still, Locke’s gross average and net average were both lower in 2013 than Kluwe’s were in 2012. Cutting Kluwe and drafting Locke doesn’t seem to have helped the Vikings on the field.

Regardless of the reasons Kluwe was cut, if his description of Priefer’s homophobic comments is accurate, then Priefer could (and should) face NFL discipline. Open expressions of bigotry should have no place in the NFL.

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  1. “Mike Priefer, in one of the meanest voices I can ever recall hearing, said: “We should round up all the gays, send them to an island, and then nuke it until it glows.”

    So long Preifer.

  2. Don’t doubt Kluwe’s account of it all one bit. He is being blackballed just like Kerry Rhoades.

  3. Kluwe still just doesn’t get it — while there is nothing wrong with promoting or being in favor of , gay rights , he was being paid to be an NFL player , not to be a spokesman for social issues.

  4. What a BS story. If behavior is disruptive, then management should do whatever is necessary to eliminate the problem. The team comes first.

  5. So he calls Frazier and Spielman cowards because they wanted to lay low to presumably protect their employment, but he only decides to write this article (which he acknowledges with kill any chance of a career) AFTER he reached his conclusion that he will never play in the NFL again. Therefore he has nothing else to lose and he has no employment to jeopardize.

    He will get praises for the article, but how do you not see the hypocrisy?

  6. Sounds like Priefer will just use the shield of religion to cover his hate.
    Shameful to see religion and the bible misused like this.

  7. Chris, what did you gain from your open support? Precisely.

    Now you want to be bitter? Here is the thing. There are a lot of people who do not care what other folks sexual preference is. They have no opinion of marriage. They don’t want to be involved and would rather it just shake out on it’s own. Know what they all have in common? They didn’t let their mouths get them fired from their jobs.

  8. What an awesome way to kick-off your re-building phase! I wouldn’t be surprised if every college QB at risk of being picked by the viks didn’t return to college for one more year.

  9. Priefer’s comments were way out of line in any workplace. Good on Kluwe for standing up, regardless of whether you agree his personal views or think he fishes for attention — he’s absolutely right here. It’s incumbent on the NFL to launch an investigation into this now.

  10. Sounds like some of this may have been said in open meetings/practices. If so, and there are others who heard, then disciplinary action by the NFL should result. Time will tell.

  11. I think when you take on causes but perform in a mediocre fashion in the job that allowed you a platform, you aren’t being “blackballed,” you just aren’t relevant.

  12. Maybe the team let you go because you were a mediocre punter that just did predictable boring political rants. Lots of teams don’t want players around that bring attention to them for non-football reason (see Tebow for example) to make yourself a martyr and call people bigots to once again get the spotlight on yourself is again. Congratulations.

  13. And he was cut at the beginning of the year, and he was CUT by the Raiders as well.



    Sounds like sour grapes, Kluwe.

    The only thing that is more cowardice is YOU coming out NOW about what you THINK happened.

    If it TRULY happened the way you said it did, in August, grow a pair, and let us know then!

    Why didn’t you pursue it then????

    Dude, they did you a favor…..you now have the time to go be the poster child of ANY liberal cause you want.

    As far as calling Frazier a coward, you are the first I have ever heard that about Frazier.

    And Michael david Smith…..you give Kluwe TOO much credit in his 2012 sats…..he was UNDER mediocre. He was in the bottom 1/3 for punters for overall punting average…..not good, and not even mediocre!!!!!!

    Good riddance, your complaints smack of an agenda, and your punting efforts from 2012 don’t merit you being on an NFL team…….the Raiders vouched for that as well!!

  14. I read the text of Kluwe’s letter to the politician. That was way more than advocacy. He used curse words and personal insults. So Kluwe shanked that one. If you want to get into the political game you better realize you need to be careful what you say. He set himself up and lost the high ground. If Tebow gets blackballed for saying a prayer, the stream of filth and poison from Kluwe’s pen certainly deserves to be judged. Good riddance, Kluwe you intolerant liberal.

  15. logicalvoicesays says: Jan 2, 2014 1:45 PM

    Translation : Wah! I’m a punter and nobody needs me! Wahh!!!

    Punters and Kickers are WORTHLESS in professional Football.

    Amusing how Kluwe’s comments are disregarded because he’s a “worthless” punter.

    As opposed to what? A valuable message board commenter? Child, please…

  16. Dear Chris, just who the hell are you to say that “he shouldn’t have a job today”. Aren’t you all about “rights”? You want him fired cuz of his opinion? Hypocrite!!

  17. If Kluwe’s last name was Tebow and he was fighting liberal politics internally on the team, he’d be a hero. *rolleyes*

  18. Wishing that someone would never gain another position in their profession and is out of work is more unacceptable than Kluwe’s one sided interpretation of something that happened 1-3 years ago. He admittedly has an axe to grind, and there will never be any investigation into this.

  19. Ironically enough, Kluwe says that these coaches should never be hired again because of their intolerance, yet Kluwe sounds intolerant towards their views. I guess tolerance is only good when it’s on one side of this issue. In short, gay is always good and no one is allowed to voice any view that opposes the idea that gay is always good. And as it always needs this added, I could care less about one’s sexual preference, I just don’t like the way the discussion is entirely one-sided.

  20. Kluwe might have been believable if he said this while he was still on the team. Now, though, he just seems like a disgruntled former employee trying to get back into the limelight.

  21. Attention anti gay people: Gay marriage is here to stay. Gay marriage is now legal in Utah. The Boy Scouts now allow openly gay scouts (kicked out at 18 which is ridiculous). You have lost. Do yourself a favor and stop fighting it because you’re only making yourself look like a bigot.

  22. 1) If he wants to prevent Priefer from future success – well, he’s probably just done it;
    2) I don’t like Kluwe, but I don’t doubt he’s telling the truth, either;
    3) I’m glad to hear about Frazier’s reaction – you’d think the guy was MLK and Ghandi rolled into one to hear people talk about him since he got fired; and
    4) Oh yeah, Kluwe: you are not a good punter. Hard to get around that, dude.

  23. So, in a post having nothing to do with the Washington football team, and in which he doesn’t even mention them, logicalvoicesays comes out with one of the most nonsensical statements about pro football I have ever read.

  24. Like it or not, free speech or not, people don’t want to hear it. It doesn’t matter if you support it or not, a large percentage of America does not and I think they are tired of people trying to shove it down their throats while claiming the moral high ground. How someone’s sexual preference is a topic anyway blows me away.

  25. Wow, look at the upvotes.

    Why exactly would you take Klue’s word for this?

    If we was actually a good punter or even in the top half at his position maybe Id give it a second thought, but he wasn’t. He was terrible.

    If this was anyone else crying about being cut for “other” reasons instead of the fact that they were washed up you all would call him a cry baby. But because he supports gay rights you assume he’s telling the truth?


  26. First you can’t force people change there beliefs second this guy sucked as a punter and because he stands up for gay rights you can’t cut him how about a very good player standing up against gay rights then what?

  27. Well, if he knew their attitudes, then why didn’t he keep his mouth shut instead of beating the gay rights drum so much?

    You were a kicker! Shut up and keep a job..your expendable. He isn’t very bright. That’s another reason they cut him obviously. :rolleyes:

  28. “Mike Priefer, in one of the meanest voices I can ever recall hearing, said: “We should round up all the gays, send them to an island, and then nuke it until it glows.”

    So long Preifer.

    Why are you assuming this is true?

    Somehow I think if this were the other way around you would be telling Klue to shut up and that he’s slandering Preifer.

  29. If he were to have taken a stance against gay rights, he would have been dismissed for that, too. If you have a burning desire to draw attention to yourself or your causes, be prepared for consequences. No one is going to want to here his feelings at the Post Office, either.

  30. Reading that article, no one should have to work in that type of negative work environment. What ever happened to being a professional? Anyone who works in a professional environment, is well aware of the HR term “retaliation”.

    And the quote from Frazier about not bringing up politics or religion is hypocrisy. How many teams hold prayer sessions in the locker room or on the field?

  31. O, ok, I see now, it’s ok for him to express his views but not the other side of the argument.
    Just so there is no doubt, I could not care less either way except both have a right to voice their opinion.

  32. Kulwe was cut because he was a below average punter & team distraction. The fact that they replaced him with an unknown, a rookie punter who ended up being worse than him, is irrelevant.

  33. So what. Preifer’s not worried about getting the boot, he’ll just get a staring role on Duck Dynasty.

  34. You could say the “coward” is the guy who didn’t speak of this Mike Priefer’s alleged bigotry until he was off the team. Interesting that the oh-so-outspoken Kluwe stayed silent on that.

  35. Is this also why he didnt stick with the raiders and no other team elected to pick him up? If you’re going to be a distraction, you better be able to back it up with production. Welcome to the real world

  36. Whoa now, lets take a look at some Chris Kluwe statistics in 2012 for punting. …

    *31st in NFL in punts inside the 20
    *22nd in NFL in avg punt yardage
    *32nd in NFL for long punt
    *17th in NFL in net yardage

    Sounds to me like he is a below average punter…nows hes trying to get more attention and blame others for loosing his job. I had to watch this pile suck it up all last year and no doubt he was one of the worst punters in the NFL….and thats inside a warm metrodome.

  37. I suppose everyone else in NFL are cowards and bigots too because he’s not on any other team…I wonder why?

    Maybe he just wasn’t that good anymore and now he’s having a hard time grappling with being irrelevant.

  38. I’d sure like to hear Mike Priefer’s side of this story, but I’m sure everyone will judge him based on what the disgruntled ex-punter says. Incidentally, I’ve read language from Kluwe about people that disagree with him that is more inflammatory than what he alleges Priefer said.

  39. So the kicker is entitled to his position on gays, but others aren’t entitled to theirs?

  40. Yea its all their fault. It had nothing to do with the fact your punting averages were slipping. It wasn’t because you were punting the ball 30 yards. I bet the Raiders cut you because of your support of gays too. Blame everyone else but yourself for your failures. That’s the true American way…

  41. So the punter who complaining about being fired for his views is trying to get someone else fried for their views. This punter is about as selfaware as a two year old. Also the vast majority of people are about inclined to listen to political advice from football players as I am from actors.
    This guy is AW and nothing more than that.

  42. I suspect Priefer and Kluwe will have a hard time finding the NFL jobs they want from here on out. Kluwe’s positions are admirable, and he may have been treated poorly; however, it seems that for the past year Kluwe has been an awful lot more about Kluwe than the causes he proclaims to support.

  43. Kluwe chose what was more important to him. Apparently, getting better as a professional punter wasn’t at the top of his list.

  44. This is a country of free speech. That coach should say and express his views just like the Viking’s punter. It should not keep either from their work or future employment anywhere else. As far as I’m concerned, they both should shut up and do their jobs.

  45. If your boss asks to to keep your mouth shut and stop drawing attention to yourself, then you do what they ask. If not, you get dropped; happens in every employment situation. I support Kluwe’s pro-gay message, but he really should have shut his mouth when they asked him to, and throwing his ex-bosses under the bus almost a year later is a cowardly move on his part

  46. so whats up next for Kluwe, a story stating how the Raiders are biased cowards and bigots too since they didn’t keep him around either? if this was so worrisome to Kluwe, why didn’t he bring it out when he got released? Only now since he has realized he’s done in the NFL it becomes a talking point? If Priefer indeed did say and do the things Kluwe is accusing him of, that’s one thing, but unless its collaborated by other players or people involved, its just sour grapes by a guy who was a mediocre at best punter and bitter that he got replaced by a younger, cheaper option. People have the right to speak their mind, but when your employer tells you repeatedly to back off and you continue to do what you are doing, that’s called insubordination and pretty much any company around can use that as grounds for termination.

  47. I think it’s great Kluwe sticks up for gay rights, but ultimately Kluwe was horible in 2012. Maybe he should have worked on his punting instead his bass guitar.

  48. It’s a fine line between Attention & Distraction. I think Kluwe fails to see that line.

    But Kudos for him for trying to bring the Vikings ship down. No pun intended.

  49. So, Kluwe(and those that agree with him) are allowed to espouse their views, but those that disagree with him, are not?

    Classic liberal tactics.

  50. Not surprising at all. These are the guys that bullied people in HS while wearing their letter jackets around the school halls. It’s pitiful behavior.

  51. He was cut because he is untalented and trying to use the discrimination angle as reason for his lack of skills as a kicker.

  52. I’m pretty sure many of the people commenting didn’t even read the article and want to bash Kluwe or the Vikings as a team. Sad really. Pull your head out of the dirt and wake up people.

  53. Ah yes. I’m sure there is absolutely no reason to not believe the guy who was fired for poor performance and is now so desperately trying to act as if he was fired for something he said. Protip Kluwe, this is the NFL. The same league that will hire back Donte Stallworth after he killed a man. If you’re actually good, you can say whatever you want that doesn’t land you in jail and you’ll still have a job.

  54. I like Kluwe, but come on, he should know by now how this game is played by now. Players that express views which are counter to that of the front office/coaching staff get cut all the time. A-hole coaches get hired all the time. Winning is #1 in the NFL. If you’re a winning coach, fans can conveniently ignore whatever your personal views are.

  55. So now Kluwe is speaking out against the Vikings coaches AFTER they’ve been fired? How convenient! If he had any real courage, he would have made these accusations when they happened. But to do this now? Lame.

    I feel bad for Kluwe because he doesn’t realize how bitter and angry he looks spewing out hatred like this. Even if what he said about Priefer is true, it still too little, too late, and comes across as sour grapes.

    As for Priefer, unless the league hears evidence from other players that would back up Kluwe’s accusations, any investigation will come down to a “he said, he said”, and be a waste of time. Kluwe has long since blown his credibility with his foul-mouth Twitter rants.

  56. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Kluwe and his decision to take a public stand for marriage equality. Unfortunately, it seems as if professional sports franchises have little tolerance for athletes like Kluwe who speak out against injustice.

  57. If only Kluwe had his own show on A&E, then the right would have defended his free speech rights, and then he’d have been brought back after a few days.

  58. Good for Kluwe, being silent only helps the bullies and bigots of the world who rely on silence to continue being foul human beings. Karma will have it’s day.

  59. If all this were actually true, Kluwe would have brought it up a year ago. Right now he’s auditioning for jobs with politically-correct organizations that have nothing to do with football.

    Believe me, everyone was sick of him distracting from the team in 2012 with his self-absorbed rants.

  60. Whether he likes it or not he got canned because he was a below average punter with a more expensive veteran salary who drew attention to himself (erroneous that the cause was positive). If he was harassed thats obviously not ok, but don’t make yourself out to be a victim in that respect.

    If you want to use your platform for speaking up about an issue important to you then good for you, but keep in mind they have a multi billion dollar business to run and you will be steam rolled if they think you’re a threat to even one of those bank notes.

  61. Maybe, Just Maybe, The Reason They Let You Go Is Because YOU SUCK! Didn’t See Anyone Beating The Door Down To Sign You This Year. If Anyone Should Have, It Should Have Been The Steelers. That Way You Could Have Used Your Terrible Towel As A Crying Towel!

  62. Forget for a moment all the talk about Kluwe’s off-field activism.

    Let’s see, the Vikings draft a new punter (Jeff Locke) to replace Kluwe. The new punter (Locke) performs worse than Kluwe. If the only reason the Vikings drafted Locke was they were looking for better performance on the field, then that means the Vikings will draft another punter this year to replace Locke.

    If they don’t, then clearly Kluwe is right to believe that on field performance had nothing to do with his termination.

  63. I applaud Kluwe for this. To the contrary gentlemen. We should advocate for what is right especially those in the lime light. Just because they earn big money and we see them every week does not mean they should slink into the shadows. Paul Robeson, Ali, Jim Brown we need more men of this character playing ball.

    At least Kluwe has said something medicore punter or not.

  64. Kluwe definitely wasn’t getting it done towards the end as a punter and would have ended up getting fired regardless of what he said.

    Still hate speech coming from a coach is pretty awful. I hope that if it is confirmed that Priefer did indeed make the comments that Kluwe attributed to him that he doesn’t coach again.

    Hate speech, whether is it about race, gender or sexual preference has no place in any workplace. Saying that gays should all be nuked isn’t free speech it is hate speech.

  65. If the weirdo had any talent he would be punting for another team.

    When you are cut by the vikings there is nowhere else to go in the NFL.

  66. So Kluwe gets to express his opinion and should be able to work in the NFL but Pfeiffer can’t and should never work at any level again. Sounds like the hate goes both ways. What a hypocrite.

  67. Kluwe better be able to prove these statements! If not, he’s going to lose multiple lawsuits & end up living in a cardboard box under a San Diego FWY underpass!

  68. Kluwe sounds as bitter as half the people posting about him. Just for the record. kluwe is saying nothing new. He called out Preifer’s comments as they were said and while still on the team. Talk like that is not supposed to be in the workplace. It doesn’t belong in any professional work place.

    I’m glad to hear the owner of the team supported his cause and Frazier is not a coward for following the owners view by not telling Kluwe to shut up shortly after learning this and then kept out of it. Frazier didn’t kick him off the team.

    Kluwe did write his own ticket out of Minnesota and should have know he was doing so and not place the blame on everyone else. I liked the guy from day one. Mostly, because of his humor. But I can say he is very arrogant and needs to contemplate his own choice of words while supporting his cause.

  69. wonderful a mediocre self righteous punter who’s claim to tolerance means being completely intolerant of anyone who doesn’t agree with his political beliefs.

  70. Kluwe, just like all of us, has an obligation to his employer. It’s usually a good idea to keep your social/political/religious view to yourself. I can be fired in a heartbeat for spouting off on any of these subjects if they reflect poorly on my employer. Why is Kluwe getting a free pass? He’s clearly using his high profile job to promote his personal beliefs. His employer is the only reason why this is a topic to begin with.

  71. And if they are not accurate, Kluwe should get ready for a Slander and Defamation suit. His comments are clearly malicious. If false as well, he’s toast.

  72. If Priefer really said what Kluwe said, then Priefer is a chump and he deserves to take some heat for it. (I don’t think his career should be destroyed because of it, though.)

    Calling Spielman and Frazier cowards is going too far, in my opinion. I don’t blame either of them for wanting to keep distractions to a minimum, and neither of them specifically tried to forbid Kluwe from saying anything about gay marriage. That’s not cowardice; that’s intelligence.

  73. Kluwe doesn’t get it! If you want to be a spokesmen, do it on your own time.

    fyi, players are drafted at the same position all the time. Kickers and punters are no different.

  74. Not giving the opportunity to express opposing viewpoints is very close-minded Chris Kluwe.

    This country was built on people being able to have both pro and con view points.

    There are lots of things people accept but don’t agree with.

    Not everyone needs to agree with you, all the time.

  75. I like Kluwe and agree with his views. I also don’t doubt the truthiness (if you want to use that term) of his article in Deadspin. But let’s face it: he chose a colorful way to express his views, which is part of the reason Priefer, Speilman, and Frazier had it out for him. It didn’t help Kluwe when he had a crappy game against the Bucs and was spending half his time (it seems like) on the marriage amendment. Had Kluwe chosen a different way to promote marriage equality and if he didn’t have that one awful game (and a few others during his tenure with the Vikings), he would have a stronger case against the Vikings as an organization. The letter just seems like sour grapes and childish like Matt Birkman’s “protest” of Obama by not visiting him as a Raven at the White House in 2013.

  76. It’s absolutely hilarious to see bigots claiming that not being allowed to be bigots makes them victims of intolerance.

    I’m betting everything Kluwe said about Priefer is 100% accurate, and that the other people who were in the room (during the various incidents) will back up Kluwe’s version of events.

    And the Vikings’ special teams have been worse without Kluwe.

  77. Pretty obvious, Kluwe is upset because the playoff bound Bengals lose their punter, sign another one who shanks one into the stands, then cuts him for another scrub punter. And still Kluwe gets no call from the Bengals. Poor guy just needed to vent on someone.

  78. Sure hope Kluwe can prove those accusations about Priefer.

    If those accusations are false, I hope Priefer sues him for libel for every penny he has.

  79. Not a huge shocker that Frazier didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes. He comes across as a non confrontational, cowardly guy.

  80. Here’s how it works. If you are an important part of the team (A.P.) they put up with it. If you are not (Kluwe) they don’t put up with it. True with all 32 teams.

  81. However noble Kluwe’s intentions may be, he comes off as a loudmouth and a distraction. Now, by trashing his former front office, he’s pretty much guaranteed he won’t work again.

  82. Does Kluwe own a calendar or some instrument to tell time? I mean if Pfieffer was such a bigot, and thats the only reason Kluwe was cut, why wasn’t he cut in Spet of 2012 after that letter he wrote in deadspin about the Maryland legislator? Yet Pfieffer is such an evil bigot that he let Kluwe go on and on about gay marriage for almost a year and a half before cutting him? really Chris? Rrreeaalllyyy?

  83. First off I am a supporter of gay rights and equality. I also think that Kluwe is telling the truth about Priefer. There is no place for a man like that in any professional org.

    That said, I dont blame the Vikes at all for cutting Kluwe. He was expensive and an ave punter at best. The issue is Kluwe self serving, self promoting, arrogant delivery. I know he believed in the cause but was deliberately extreme in his delivery for self serving purposes. There are more tasteful way to deliver his message in a less, in your face and profanity laced way.

    It was his delivery that was the distraction, not the message, and that, plus his mediocrity and price tag were the main reasons why he was replaced. Kluwe fails to see that, but who can blame the Vikes for making that call? That doesnt scream cowardly to me…

  84. If he is being “black-balled” for his stance then why is T.O. being “black-balled”? Oh that’s right….you see when you get down to the math and your distraction is greater than your talent/output then you get cut. That’s how it works. These guys love the insider feel of an NFL locker room so they can do or say whatever they’d like, but when they become offended they expect it to be run like an executive board room. Methinks that Mr Kluwe needs to get a cluey!

  85. If what Kluwe says Priefer said is true, he should be criticized for it. I have noticed that what is said and what is heard often aren’t the same thing on this topic. I don’t like Kluwe trying to blackball a guy at the same time he’s complaining about being blackballed.

  86. If you are going to get nearly the same performance from two players you keep the younger less expensive player. If Kluwe was any good he would have gotten another job. He did not get another job.

  87. We cut him because of his poor play and he couldnt keep his mouth shut. We didnt want the attention he was giving us. He was a diva punter. Sounds like hes butthurt and wants to be a viking still.

  88. Kluwe, just face facts, You were had!!!! It’s not the Vikings you should be mad at, it’s the group that ask you to be their spokesperson. Where are they now? When was the last time you did a public service for them? Exactly! You have nothing to bring to the table anymore so they kicked you to the curb. I hope people see the words that are used when it comes to anything gay, Bigot! This is what’s going to happen when a gay person comes our and gets cut, it will NEVER be because he can’t play, it will always be because everyone is a Bigot and coward. Hope the NFL is ready.

  89. So the way Kluwe sees it is he gets to spout off his own beliefs but he does not give the same right to Priefer to spout off on his beliefs. How is the bigot here?

  90. Just because people don’t agree with your opinion or causes Klewie doesn’t mean they should be unable to work: your employer asked you to cool down things that affected work and you said no. So they found someone who will focus on their work and not on their causes

  91. i just
    t read kluwe’ s article on deadspin and it just sems like he is just looking for attention as a punter in the nfl. there is a time and place for your own personal beliefs but the nfl is not the place.

  92. There are two very different issues at play here from the way I look at it …

    The bigotry and intolerance he was subjected to internal to the Vikings organization is disgusting and repugnant and should be addressed immediately. If it turns out to be true, I agree with the kid in that I hope Mike Priefer never works in the NFL again.

    BUT … the issue of him speaking out publicly in support of a controversial topic (although one I’d submit should not controversial at all, but hey I don’t make the rules) is a separate and distinct problem.

    All corporations, whether they’re in pro sports or the private sector or whatever, have a well established legal right to take action against you for the things you say publicly. Look no further than Phil Robertson for evidence of that. Frazier is absolutely in a position to tell him to keep his trap shut and if he doesn’t then the chips will fall where they may.

  93. To set the record straight, Kluwe did not wait until he was out of football to speak up. He spoke out very openly while an active player, a very rare stance in the macho and conservative NFL (despite a strong players’ union and a membership with a high percentage of minorities). Given ownership’s private support of his comments on gay rights, and the need for him to be a “team player”, he did not air the internal dirt (in particular the comments from his special teams coach).

  94. Klue didn’t build anything. He used a business for his personal platform…Thing is, he wasn’t very good at what he did in the end so it was an easy decision. Did he think that some team should be driven into daily controversy because he is defending gays? really.

  95. The many posters here who think that Priefer’s views are as equally valid as Kluwe’s are missing the point. If Kluwe’s account is true, Priefer’s bigoted views against gays are not legal by a manager in ANY work environment in this country. That’s just a fact.

  96. 1) Jeff Locke is a better punter than Chris Kluwe.
    2) Kluwe should be allowed to express his opinions OUTSIDE of football without fear of “retaliation” from his employer (unfortunately not true, and no employer…).
    3) Priefer should be allowed to express his opinions OUTSIDE of football without fear of “retaliation” from his employer (unfortunately not true).
    4) Hate speech has no place in a work environment.

  97. Look, people. There’s a reason this guy hasn’t been signed by any other team yet. And it’s NOT because of his views on anything. He was making top-punter salary for being an average to below average punter. THAT’S why he was cut, no other reason.

    This is really a pathetic article, from a guy that I liked for awhile (and yes, I agree with his veiws – no that it should matter). And to say that one of the most respected coaches in football in Leslie Frazier (respected, not good) would ignore something is ridiculous.

    Get a real job. Your 15 minutes of fame are over.

  98. Shame on EVERYONE here who is dissing Kluwe without even reading his article, which there is a link to in the above article.

    As a Minnesota fan who avidly follows his team and all of its members, I think Kluwe is absolutely right. And the point here is that he was fired for his beliefs on a social issue, instead of his performance, which is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE.

    Chris Kluwe is a great man and Minnesota agrees with him. The wrong people got fired at the beginning of the year.

    Leslie’s gone, now for the assistant coaches! And bring back Kluwe and (I wish) Winfield!

  99. I fully support his point of view, and Aaron Rodgers approves, but he won’t speak out. I like men so much, I always keep a few in my freezer here in Wisconsin, what’s wrong with that?

  100. Kluwe is partially right in that his activism played a roll in him being shown the door. The problem is that it wasn’t what he said, it was that he spent all his time on that issue (and on Ray Guy for the Hall of Fame or any other issue that could help him get his face in front of a camera) and not enough time refining his craft. He was never a great punter, but he was a good punter in his younger days. As time went on his performance dropped, hitting an all time low for him in 2012. He was very much a below average punter that year and shanked several critical kicks. Rather than focusing on punting, changing his approach, or doing whatever he needed to do to get his on-field performance back on track; he decided to become and activist for various causes. His job performance continued to suffer, and his employer let him to go hire someone who would focus full-time on the job he was being paid a considerable amount of money to do.

    That’s life. You chose to focus on causes and interests instead of your job. If you’d been committed to punting, could have reinvented yourself, improved your kicking, and you’d probably still be an NFL punter. Instead you’ve taken the Ochocinco/TO route and wanted to focus on things off the field and try to get yourself publicity. Regardless of if those activities are political or if you’re trying to get your own reality TV show; you chose something else over football. Sometimes you can’t have everything, you have to prioritize. Don’t complain when your employer disagrees with your priorities, wants you to focus on your career.

    The big difference here is that Chris Kluwe has earned enough from playing football to be able to afford to lose his career. Most others are not as fortunate and aren’t able to devote so much of their time to an issue that their work suffers and they end up fired.

  101. Usually the one crying loudest is guilty of the offense they are alledging. This guy is starting to ruin his cause with his constant, out of left field complaining. It’s also dangersous to accuse others of bigotry, when you yourself are so ardent in your opinions. My guess is he is not that good with someone disagreeing with him. Slow to speak, quick to listen Chris it may benefit your cause more.

  102. So Kluwe wants to ram his opinion down everyone’s throat but anyone who expresses an opinion that differs should be fired?

    He sounds like quite the hypocrite.

  103. Also, the guy was not a very good punter so I think its clear his performance was an issue. The fact that Minnesota couldn’t draft a guy to do better speaks more to their evaluation process than it does to whether Kluwe was good enough to keep his job (or make Oakland’s squad).

  104. I Just lose my mind that you can express your opinion one side but if you express your opinion on the other it somehow does not count. The pot calling the kettle black.

    You can’t have it both ways Kluwe you hack.

    kicking it to Hester was why you were fired. You are always smarter than everyone aren’t you Kluwe.

  105. Hypocritical Viking fans now turn on the guy who they protected every time he said something inflammatory when he was playing for them. Now he is a piece of trash. Lets just call a spade a spade and that the organization is a mess.

  106. So the coaches are cowards now? haha

    I doubt Kluwe would call a coach a coward for releasing a player who was outspoken against gay marriage.

    Typical liberal whackjob who just wants people to be tolerant of their views, meanwhile being totally intolerant of opposing views.

  107. What’s going to be lost in all of this is another ridiculous issue.

    Kluwe couldn’t find a job with another team (even with decent numbers) because of the CBA. The CBA prevents him from accepting a lower salary. It effectively ends his career. The Union is supposed to help players… how backwards is that?

  108. When will you people figure it out?! Intolerance of gays is no different than hating somebody because they’re black. Keep using religion to hide your bigotry all while u cheat on your wife and eat all the shellfish you want(also “sins”)., the fact tha some of you justify it as an ” opinion”is just as sickening

  109. It was the 15 yd punts, noodle arms, inability to tackle plus the lack of effort towards making a tackle and the punt returns for TD’s.

  110. Haha.

    AP could take on any issue he pleased and he wouldn’t get released!

    Kluwe just has to face the fact that a mediocre punter really isn’t worth keeping around. Just ask Shawn Powell (cut by the Bengals this week)

  111. Find someone to back it up, in fact a few someones, and I’ll agree you have a valid complaint but to say what you have about three individuals with apparently no recordings or witnesses is just plain wrong.

    Trashing others without proof is cowardly.

  112. Kluwe… You and Tim Tebow are out of the league for the same reason…. The baggage that you bring in far outweighs your on the field contribution. The fact that no one is beating down your door to hire your (or Tebow for that matter) speaks volumes. Stop your whining… Enjoy the money that you made in the NFL and get on with your life.

  113. How convenient that Kluwe waited until his career was over to voice his ‘outrage.’ And how interesting that he calls Frazier a coward…you don’t hear anyone else questioning Frazier’s integrity.

    Now for the facts: In 2012, Kluwe ranked 20th in net yards per punt, 24th in gross yards per punt, and 31st in punts inside the 20 yard line. Kluwe’s cap number in 2013 was going to be $1.45 million.

    Kluwe was cut for performance, pure and simple. That he wouldn’t keep his mouth shut didn’t help, but that was hardly the reason they let him go.

  114. Sadly, until religion goes away, there will always be hateful people like Priefer around.

  115. Are we to believe that Kluwe was so outraged that he just had to ruin his coaches’ careers…once Kluwe’s career was over? The man has no integrity. What a false martyr.





  117. “wearewho………thoughtwewere” asks “How many teams have prayer sessions in the locker rooms or on the field?”
    Answer: Primarily the winning teams do this.
    Christians have become the most persecuted group of people in US. Leave their beliefs alone!

  118. To preface, I’m a huge Packer fan. I hate the Vikings! But this is a punter, a punter saying this. I don’t even know the names of the punters for the Bears, Vikings or Lions. He’s a bitter former player looking to get attention.

  119. Locke’s average and net average weren’t as good as Kluwe’s numbers from last year, but they were less than a yard shy of Kluwe’s and Locke’s number of punts inside the 20 and number of fair catches were better.

    I think most coaches would give up less than a 1 yard difference in yards and net yards from their punter to get more punts pinned inside the 20 and more fair catches with no opportunity to return them.

    Punting is not just about how far you kick the ball, but the change in field position that the punt gets, and limiting the other teams opportunities to return the punt (no big plays).

    So when Kluwe says his 2012 numbers would be top half of the league if he put them up this year, he is omitting the most important numbers.

    It’s not just how far you punt it, it’s how well you punt it.

  120. Whether you agree with his views or not, there are other issues at play here. If his conduct was causing a disruption within the team, then letting him go was the right thing to do, even if the owner agreed with his point of view. First and foremost an NFL franchise is a team, and anything that hurts the ability of the entire team to work together is something that should be avoided. To start speaking out regularly about your position on a controversial issue is not something to do when you are working in a team environment. It is not about blocking anyone’s free speech or being prejudice, it is about not allowing things that are likely to divide members and damage the cohesion of the team.

  121. Damn that freedom of speech. When will people learn to keep their thoughts to them selves? I don’t think the Freedom of Speech has any stipulations to it.

  122. Us older folks grew up with “Stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

    Now, all you hear is “His words were hurtful.”

    What a bunch of pansies.

  123. Jan 3, 2014 6:17 AM
    Us older folks grew up with “Stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

    Now, all you hear is “His words were hurtful.”

    What a bunch of pansies.
    I AGREE!!!!

  124. The same right someone has to speak out on behalf of gay marriage should be the same as someone who speaks out against it.

    I feel a double-standard is developing where by people are called bigots for expressing their beliefs – and the very freedom sought ends up trampled upon by those who feel enlightened and superior by their false acceptance of people.

    You cant have it both ways.

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