Lovie Smith hires Jeff Tedford as Bucs’ offensive coordinator


Former Cal head coach Jeff Tedford will be Lovie Smith’s offensive coordinator in Tampa Bay.

Smith had reportedly made a deal with Tedford to hire him as his offensive coordinator whenever Smith got another NFL head-coaching gig, and Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that the deal is now done for Tedford to be offensive coordinator of the Buccaneers.

Tedford was the head coach at Cal for 11 seasons and had a lot of success early in his tenure, particularly in 2004, when Cal was a Top 10 team and Tedford was hailed as an offensive genius. However, as Cal began to struggle later in Tedford’s time there, his critics pointed out that it was easy to look like an offensive genius when coaching that 2004 team, which had a loaded roster that included Aaron Rodgers and Marshawn Lynch.

Tedford has a great deal of experience in college football and the Canadian Football League but has never coached in the NFL. Smith, a well-regarded defensive coach whose Bears teams often struggled on offense, has to hope that Tedford has what it takes to run an offense in the NFL.

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  1. It’s probably good that Lovie got hired in a smaller market, hopefully the fans appreciate him more than in Chicago. I still don’t understand why they fired him last season. The guy is a winner and I’m sure he’ll have the Bucs in the playoffs next year, a la Andy Reid with the Chiefs this year. That defense will be scary next year. Lovie Smith got to the Super Bowl with Rex Grossman as his starter……..sexy rexy people.

  2. Tampa Bay fans are in for a BIG surprise. Tedford is going to turn that offense into a MONSTER. He’s known for getting the absolute best out of his QB’s and putting together game plans that are a joy to watch. Glad to see he’s landed again.

  3. He really didn’t win anything in Chicago. The Super Bowl year was because of one thing. D. Once those guys got a year or 2 older, the team was and had been mediocre. Good thing he got fired as they are starting to look good again.

  4. .

    The Truth About Lovie Smith

    His offensive rankings :

    2004 – 32

    2005 – 29

    2006 – 15

    2007 – 27

    2008. – 26

    2009 – 23

    2010 – 30

    2011 – 24

    2012 – 28

    One year out of nine in the top half of the league is hardly championship quality. He’s an offensive liability.



  5. Spot on 6-Ball….Lovie’s a very nice man, and D’Coordinator, but not a HC.

    First you need a GM, better hope it’s not Angelo or WOW!

    Lovie will want most of the washed up Bears’ players that are still on the roster or recently released….can I remember some of them – Archuletta, Orlando Pace, etc.

    Have fun, I’ll enjoy watching from afar.

  6. Here’s a list of Tedford’s former players who were in the NFL this season:

    Lorenzo Alexander Arizona Cardinals Linebacker

    Keenan Allen San Diego Chargers Wide Receiver

    Tyson Alualu Jacksonville Jaguars Defensive Tackle

    C.J. Anderson Denver Broncos Running Back

    Bryan Anger Jacksonville Jaguars Punter

    Nnamdi Asoumagha San Francisco 49ers cornerback

    Desmond Bishop Minnesota Vikings Linebacker

    Chris Conte Chicago Bears Safety

    Brian De La Puente New Orleans Saints Center

    Thomas DeCoud Atlanta Falcons Safety

    Justin Forsett Jacksonville Jaguars Running Back

    Mike Gibson Arizona Cardinals Center

    Matt Giordano St. Louis Rams Defensive Back

    Lavelle Hawkins San Diego Chargers Wide Receiver

    DeSean Jackson Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver

    Marvin Jones Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver

    Cameron Jordan New Orleans Saints Defensive End

    Mychal Kendricks Philadelphia Eagles Linebacker

    Marshawn Lynch Seattle Seahawks Running Back

    Alex Mack Cleveland Browns Offensive Lineman

    Brandon Mebane Seattle Seahawks Defensive Tackle

    Mike Mohamed Houston Texans Linebacker

    Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers Quarterback

    Jeremy Ross Detroit Lions Wide Receiver

    Mitchell Schwartz Cleveland Browns Offensive Lineman

    Brian Schwenke Tennessee Titans Center

    Craig Stevens Tennessee Titans Tight End

    Nick Sundberg Washington Redskins Long Snapper

    Will Ta’ufo’ou Jacksonville Jaguars Fullback

    Shane Vereen New England Patriots Running Back

    Steve Williams San Diego Chargers Cornerback

  7. Olive got to the Super Bowl with an amazing defense led by Ron Rivera. Then they let him walk and it’s pretty much been going down hill since then.

  8. Tedford is the man and Cal was stupid for firing him.

    Just look at the players he’s develop that are making an impact on playoff teams.

    Aaron Rogers – QB
    Marshawn Lynch – RB
    Keenan Allen – WR
    Desean Jackson – WR
    Shane Vereen – RB
    Cameron Jordan
    Marvin Jones – WR
    CJ Anderson – RB

    Mychal Kendricks – LB

  9. That’s why Tedford is in combo with him. He was smart enough to pair himself with a great offensive mind.

    I hate to say it, but if wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Aaron Rodgers doesn’t play his last year with Tedford – wherever he may be now that he in the NFL. Especially Tampa. I would imagine a QB approaching his 40s would love to finish in Florida. I know. Long way off – but it popped into my head.

    Wonder if Tedford will insist his QBs change their mechanics to that weird high release.

  10. Rodgers is effusive in his praise of Tedford as a coach and a man. Gives him a lot of credit for his development and they still visit each other. Just clarifying the reason for my point.

  11. “He’s an offensive liability.”

    He had Grossman as his QB, then Kyle Orton then Cutler.

    Cutler is like Romo. He can play QB but not when it counts.

  12. its shocking how bad the last 2 coaching hires by the Bucs have been. Morris and Schiano? Dominik should be stoned in the public square if he walks the streets of tampa for hiring those two d bags.

    With that said, the club has a whole new look with Lovie and Tedford coming on board. And that is a good thing for Bucs fans.

    Glennon isn’t the answer long term. And the FA QBs don’t excite me much now that Cutler got wildly over paid. I wouldn’t be upset if they drafted Manziel. It would be the most excitement the bucs have had at QB, well ever.

  13. His offensive rankings :

    2004 – 32

    2005 – 29

    2006 – 15

    2007 – 27

    2008. – 26

    2009 – 23

    2010 – 30

    2011 – 24

    2012 – 28

    Is a little misleading. The Bears defense and special teams scored a lot, which left the offense off the field, not giving them a chance to get yards. But Lovie will need to have his OC be highly productive or Bucs will be very mediocre at best.

  14. Tedford is a decent collegiate QB coach, but just doesn’t grasp the NFL game yet. All his QBs have flopped at the NFL level except Aaron Rogers who sat behind and learned from Brett Favre for a few years before he saw any game action. Strange hire.

  15. So Smith hires Tedford not because he’s the best person for the job but because he made him a promise? WOW! I’m glad Smith isn’t the Bills HC.

  16. Tedford lists Akili Smith, David Carr, and Kyle Boller as his successes. Not a great confidence builder. Yes he had Aaron Rodgers, but the guy sat for 3 years and his mechanics were re-worked in GB. So you can’t attribute Tedford to his development.

    Look I’m not sure what the Love for Lovie is, but within Chicago there was a reason why he was not liked and was run out of town. Between him and the GM, they were abyssmal on the offensive side of the ball. Did he do a good job on defense and special teams yes, but you can’t win with just those 2. You need an offense as well.

    No one personally hates the guy but hopefully Tampa doesn’t find out how inept this guy is with the offense. Otherwise Tampa’s fans will feel the same way Chicago’s did. let down. Especially now that we have the talent on the offensive side of the ball. If the Bears even had half the talent on O they have now when Lovie was in Chicago, they’d of won at least 1 if not 2 championships. Instead, they whiffed on tons of guys and signed over the hill “friends” of the regime trying to re-kindle an old lost offense and almost got our QB’s killed. His famous line heard for too long “Rex is our QB”.

    I always will maintain that Lovie shoudl be a DC and thats it. He doesn’t know how to identify even a slightly capable OC as a HC. Case and point:
    Terry Shea
    Ron Turner
    Mike Martz
    Mike Tice

    Does anyone believe Tedford will be that different? time will tell.

  17. So why did we get a defensive coach that has no experience at offense, when our offense is terrible? Are you telling me some college coach that coached busts like Kyle Boller and Akili Smith is going to work?

    The five quarterbacks currently in the NFL who were tutored by Jeff Tedford haven’t enjoyed very much success. Of the five, none have thrown more TDs than INTs and the highest career passer rating is 72.5:

    • Trent Dilfer (No. 6 overall pick in 1994 draft by Tampa Bay)
    113 games (96 starts)
    1,447-2,620 for 17,031 yds.
    95 TDs, 105 INTs
    70.6 QB rating

    • Akili Smith (No. 3 overall pick in 1999 draft by Cincinnati)
    22 games (17 starts)
    215-461 for 2,212 yds.
    5 TDs, 13 INTs
    52.8 QB rating

    • David Carr (No. 1 overall pick in 2002 draft by Houston)
    44 games (43 starts)
    685-1,205 for 8,136 yds.
    34 TDs, 42 INTs
    72.5 QB rating

    • Joey Harrington (No. 3 overall pick in 2002 draft by Detroit)
    46 games (44 starts)
    798-1,472 for 8,221 yds.
    48 TDs, 50 INTs
    67.2 QB rating

    • Kyle Boller (No. 19 overall pick in 2003 draft by Baltimore)
    27 games (25 starts)
    374-688 for 3,819 yds.
    20 TDs, 20 INTs
    68.1 QB rating

  18. If you don’t know why lovie got fired in Chicago it was because year after year he could not find the answer offensively. If you say well he had grossman to work with.. well as a head coach you’re kind of responsible for putting together your roster and again year after year he ignored it and focused on defense. The offensive players he would draft would either be busts or they wouldn’t be developed well enough to help. When Cutler got to Chicago he completely ignored the fact that we had no receivers and one of the worst Offensive Lines I’ve every witnessed. Whether it was fred drive killer miller or frank turnstile omyfail it would always lead to sacks, false starts, holding calls, etc. It takes a well rounded team to win with complimentary pieces and Lovie’s lauded defense had some great stats, but was never actually great enough to make up for how piss poor the offense was. On the flip side of that The bears now have a great offense and are learning that either their offense is going to have to be SOOO good that being last in stopping run doesn’t or fix defense so that you win as actual team. Not only that but the Cover 2 was always exposed against good QBs. I always hated when we played the patriots it was the worst matchup ever. If bears defense didn’t get those turnovers we usually lost. We played pretty well against Rodgers, but he always kept his ints down(unlike Favre who would gift us games sometimes) and the offense could never score enough to to beat them.

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