McDaniels could finally get the quarterback he wanted


With momentum building for Josh McDaniels to become the next head coach of the Cleveland Browns, plenty of quarterbacks have been mentioned as possible targets for the team.

No, not Jay Cutler.

While the Tebowmaniacs are quick to point out that it was McDaniels (not McDonald’s) who drafted the former Florida quarterback and current ESPN employee in round one nearly four years ago, a more likely target would be Patriots backup Ryan Mallett, who has one year left on his rookie deal.

That would require, of course, a trade with the Patriots.  Like the trade McDaniels wanted badly to pull off when he became the head coach in Denver nearly five years ago.

Back in 2009, former Pats V.P. of player personnel Scott Pioli finagled a deal to bring Matt Cassel to Kansas City before McDaniels could pull it off, leaving McDaniels to rely on Kyle Orton for most of McDaniels’ ultimately failed tenure in Denver.

This time around, Cassel once again is under contract.  But Cassel can opt out of the second year of his deal with the Vikings, allowing him to sign with any other team he chooses.

The decision likely wouldn’t be the coach’s alone; he’d have to work with G.M. Mike Lombardi and team CEO Joe Banner, and the Browns showed no inclination to pursue Cassel when he became a free agent in 2013.  While Cassel had some strong moments during a 3-3 showing in six starts for the otherwise 2-7-1 Vikings, he could be a hard offseason sell in an increasingly skeptical Rust Belt city.

But Cassel could have a role as the veteran backup and mentor to a first-round rookie, especially as Brian Hoyer continues to recover from a torn ACL.

Regardless, McDaniels wanted Cassel five years ago and didn’t get him.  If/when McDaniels becomes head coach of the Browns, McDaniels could get another crack at Cassel.

29 responses to “McDaniels could finally get the quarterback he wanted

  1. you know. Cleveland must be hell. Seriously, if you are a bad in your previous life, you are reborn into the Hell known as Cleveland and your punishment is to root for their teams. How else can you possibly explain all of their sports teams consistently sucking so much. And then they fire a coach after one year to bring in the antichrist!!! Sorry Browns fan!!! So Sorry!

  2. Cassel, Hoyer, Mallett, and Tebow. Now they just need Kevin O’Connell and Matt Gutierrez.

  3. Hopefully he doesn’t tell that to the owner in his interview. “Yes, I’d like to turn this franchise around with Matt Cassel at the helm!”

  4. Josh McDaniels and Matt Cassel what a winning combination. Maybe they can get Matt Millen to run it. Sorry Cleveland y’all deserve better.

  5. If I’m McDaniels my first call is to Rohan Davey followed by Damon Huard. If all else fails I’m sure he could still run Cleveland into the ground royally with Ryan Mallett.

  6. I’ve always thought that Mallet was under-drafted. He may have had some attitude issues at Arkansas, but he consistently produced, as a passer, in the best conference in college football.

    My guess is he lands somewhere as a starter in either 2014 or 2015.

  7. Wasn’t he in New England with Hoyer at some point? That seems like the obvious choice. The owners like Hoyer and he did pretty good when given a chance to start.

  8. If wanting Cassel is indeed true, that should eliminate McDaniels from contention immediately. The Browns don’t need any more 3rd string QBs on their roster. They have 3 already.

  9. McDaniels has already gotten the Quarterback he wanted — he burnt a First Round Draft Choice on Tim Tebow back in his stint in Denver.

  10. If Cassel is going to be a veteran backup and mentor to a first-round rookie, he’s better off staying where he is. He’s already familiar with the Vikings and he likes it here. Why go to Cleveland, unless the new Viking coach doesn’t like him at all?

  11. I’m not sure why everyone keeps talking about Mallet going to Cleveland.

    Hoyer know McDaniels system and he looked pretty good up until he got hurt. Use your draft picks elsewhere and build up your o-line and add another skill guy instead of giving up one for Mallet.

  12. I could careless about Cassel, but bring Mallet to Cleveland and I will be a happy Browns fan.He was good before he sat in the Patriots awesome system for the past 3 yrs. I know that guy is primed and ready to play.

  13. Mallet’s control hasn’t improved in his 3 years in NE because he still only completed 55% of his passes in last year’s preseason. We need an accurate QB here, and not one that can’t hit the broad side of a barn. We had (actually still have one of those in Weeden). Mallet is just another one of those pawns that Belichick is attempting to turn in for a queen’s ransom, and I hope that my Browns aren’t the fools to get suckered.

  14. If Josh gets the gig, surely there must be a long snapper he can over pay from the Patsies. Or maybe even draft a TE he has no plans in using. Prepare for absolute ineptitude Browns fans. So more of the same, really.

  15. It just keeps getting better and better.

    Why not bring out the players in really tiny cars and over-sized shoes?

  16. You crackheads have lost your minds..ryan mallet? Hell no! The Browns need to drop weeden and campbell. Go get Vick for a 3rd round pick (we have 2). Then give Htown 3 no 1s (our 2 this year and next year’s 1) get the no 1 over all and pick Teddy B(or at the very least up to 2 for StLs pick). We’d have a dynamic vet to compete with Hoyer and whoever wins out we have our QB for the future set in place regardless. Have plenty of room under the cap to plug holes at MLB, FS, and RB. Have 2nd rounder for another dynamic RB, and 3rd rounder for a corner. Book it!

  17. Hoyer! Hoyer! Hoyer! He would be my starter no matter what, unless he proves that he’s not all that great. He was the sole catalist for any winning we had in 2013. The guy knows football. I just hope he heals in time.

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