Mike McCarthy: The defense needs its best game of the year


The last two times the Packers defense has faced the 49ers, things have not gone well for them.

Last January, the 49ers ran all over Green Bay and took a 45-31 playoff win as a result. In Week One this season, it was the passing game that that propelled them to a 34-28 victory. In the two games, the 49ers picked up 1,073 yards in offense and there’s a third loss from Week One of the 2012 season that makes the history even worse for Green Bay’s defense.

That’s why coach Mike McCarthy stressed the need for the defense to step up this weekend. McCarthy said he loves “our defense” and expressed confidence in defensive coordinator Dom Capers while making it clear what needed to happen when the unit is on the field.

“Dom Capers is a competitor,” McCarthy said, via ESPN.com. “It’s a very important game to all of us. This isn’t a contest to see who this game’s more important [to]. We’re a football team. We know that one area needs to play to the other and so forth. But the defense needs to play its best game of the year. We need to improve off of how we’ve performed here in the past.”

Should Capers’ defense get strafed by the 49ers again after a regular season that ended with bottom-tier rankings in most areas, there may be some agitation for a change in defensive mastermind in Green Bay after three straight years when defensive breakdowns contributed to the end of a football season.

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  1. Of course McCarthy is right but I don’t see how a player like MD Jennings (who is awful) suddenly starts playing mistake free, physical football… and I’m a Packer fan. Our only chance at winning is to outscore the Niners in a shootout and the weather will not help that.

  2. Packers defense doesn’t have any play-makers. With Matthews out the only hope is the two CBs who are both very good and playing well but you really need the Safeties, the ILBs and the OLBs to do something…anything and we Packers fans haven’t seen much from them.

  3. Capers needs to go. Question is can they afford to look elsewhere the way they are built for a 3-4 right now. If we replace him, what happens with Matthews etc., if they have to move back to a traditional defense?

  4. The cold weather will help both defenses, but the Packers’ lack of comparable defensive talent won’t.

  5. The 49ers will be contenders for at LEAST the next 3 years, if Dom Capers cannot find a way to slow/stop their offense then he needs to go. If we lose Sunday in the same fashion as previous 9ers games, then he needs to be let go. If The Pack keep him then they are accepting their position as second best behind San Fran for the foreseeable future. Just my opinion on the matter…

  6. No Johnny Jolly is really going to hurt for this game. Their run defense is respectable with him in there. Without him, the front 7 is horrible. CMIII is out, and the his replacement is very green. Mulumba had a few problems against Bears mediocre line. Staley will cause him a lot of problems. I think they are down to 3 options at OLB: Neal, Mulumba, Palmer. Perry can do a few snaps, but his foot is in bad shape and he has not seen much playtime. If any OLB gets injured, they have some big problems. ILB is down to Hawk and Lattimore.

    I think that’s why Capers plays so much nickel, which isn’t good when you want to stop the run. Daniels is about the only hope for pass pressure. They might get lucky with Neal once or twice.

  7. The Packers’ defense plays much better at home and with Aaron Rodgers in at QB. In home games with Rodgers at QB, the Packers have given up an average of 14 points per game this season.

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