Only one Eagle misses Thursday practice

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It must be the smoothies.

Whatever the precise reason, Eagles coach Chip Kelly approaches his first postseason game with a largely healthy roster.  It’s a trend that has helped Philly put most of its best players on the field in key late-season games.

The only player absent from practice on Thursday was guard Julian Vandervelde, who has a back injury.

Returning to practice for Thursday’s session was safety Earl Wolff, who has missed five of the last six games with a knee injury.  Wolff fully participated in practice.

Also injured but fully participating in practice were safety Colt Anderson (knee), receiver Jason Avant (shoulder), cornerback Brandon Boykin (hip), and linebacker Mychal Kendricks (knee).

The Eagles host the Saints on Saturday night.  It’s the only wild-card game that easily sold out.

24 responses to “Only one Eagle misses Thursday practice

  1. The Eagles may have the ugliest uniforms in the NFL (after the Jags). What’s up with wings on the helmet/head? Put an eagle with a football in its talons on the helmet instead.

  2. Whatever Kelly does as far as conditioning, the entire NFL should be using it. The Eagles lack of injuries this year is remarkable.

  3. You really have to be happy with the training staff this year not a lot of injuries they have done a great job getting everybody in shape to run this fast pace offense and even the defense was in great shape running all over the field granted that’s because they are chasing someone that got behind them but still lol

  4. Vandervelde??? Is he related to that dude that blew a 3 stroke lead on the last hole of the British Open 10 years ago?

  5. You see, it was never a “gimmick” offense. A lot of people, including those who are paid to talk about football, never really watched an Oregon or New Hampshire offense under Kelly. People acted like they just ran the zone read option play 75 times a game. Now people are seeing that Philly hired a football MIND, not a system.

  6. …and the Eagles made the playoffs literally in the last regular season game. Say what you will about Eagle fans, we show up!

  7. Philly fans in weeks 1-8: reid left the cupboard bear. Kelly cannot do anything with theses players they all stink.

    Philly fans in weeks 9-17: chip Kelly is a genious

    Cannot have it both ways. Bottom line is reid left the cupboard full with talent and got run out of town by an ungrateful fan base. He would have done the same thing with this team. Injuries are the luck of the draw. If it were this sports science non-sense that kelly preaches then everyone would do it.

    This offense is completely a gimmick. Watch what happenes when foles’s first read is taken away. it’s panick city. Dalls and minnesota did a great job of blasting mccoy out of the backfield on routes. Foles then panicked and didn’t really have answers. He’s an average qb at best. he could not play in a regular non-hocus pocus offense.

  8. any one who calls the eagles offense a “gimmick” offense hasnt watched the actual games. Theres nothing gimmicky about what they do…Teams know theyre gonna spread the field, use option plays as well as some screens and throws deep…they just need to stop them…throw the ball, catch the ball, run the ball…whats so gimmicky?

  9. Eagles have bad uniforms? Only a few are better…Packers, Raiders, Cowboys, Steelers, 49ers, Chiefs. That’s about it. Dolphins too but they’re not as good now.

  10. I dislike the Eagles very much, but they are a team that I would not want to face right now. Chip Kelly’s offense is clicking on all cylinders, proving people – myself included – wrong that it was nothing more than a gimmick & wouldn’t work in the NFL. The Saints are a JV team outside the confines of the Mercedes Super Dome & the frigid temperatures at Lincoln Financial this weekend spells doom to them. I expect the Eagles to win big, 35-17, 38-10 type big.

  11. I hope Kelly has a different game plan than he had against the broncos. saints and broncos have similar styles with brees and manning being the x-factors in that they are extremely good quarterbacks with deadly accuracy. The eagles need to establish the run early so that they can have long drives that end in touchdowns. I understand Chip doesn’t care about time of possession but you have to keep the ball out of Brees’s hand.

  12. It is amazing what a difference having an average-ish safety like Wolff makes. He’s nothing special, but at least we won’t have to see people run past Chung all day. Or Chung concuss any of his teammates.

  13. Eagles sell out within minutes for EVERY home game as soon as tickets go on sale. We also have 75,000+ people on the season ticket waiting list that Ive been on for over 10 years and gained maybe 100 spots lol. Eagles can go 1-15 and still sell-out immediately. We support our team through the good and the bad.

  14. Eagles and all philly sports fans in general disappear and get very quiet when their teams lose. If they had 2 or three losing seasons in a row that place would be empty like for sixer games and for what the bank will look like this year. frontrunners.

  15. Good job eagle ‘s fans. I threw the kitchen sink at you guys today at no one took the bait. That’s great self control. Usually not your thing. I don’t really care who wins. I actually hope the birds win just because you guys take it so seriously. Good luck.

  16. Im an Eagles fan for 60 years. I opened and closed the Vet but, I’m afraid we loose this one. Not quite ready for prime time. Maybe next year. Jimmy G and Vicious pass rush, tough to beat. But it won’t be a Breeze!

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