Packers get an extension too, have about 3,000 tickets left to sell

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Three teams started Thursday needing to sell enough tickets to avoid a blackout and all three have gotten extensions until Friday afternoon to finish the job.

The Packers announced that they are joining the Colts and Bengals in the extension club. There are about 3,000 tickets left to sell, according to the team, which is down from 40,000 on Monday.

Given the long history of sellout crowds at Lambeau Field and a lengthy waiting list for season tickets to the Packers, it’s been surprising to see Green Bay find themselves in this position for a playoff game. Don Walker of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that some Packers fans are pointing to a new policy regarding playoff tickets for contributing to the issue.

The Packers required season ticket holders to pay up front in November for two playoff games in order to secure their allotment of tickets and the Packers were anything but a sure thing to make the playoffs at that point. Any money not used for tickets would be applied toward next season’s tickets, but it seems a good number of ticketholders decided the money would be better off in their pockets than in the Packers’ coffers. In the past, per Walker, fans could choose whether to apply the money toward the next year or not.

58 responses to “Packers get an extension too, have about 3,000 tickets left to sell

  1. Too bad, so close without the extension. Well, is what it is I guess. Hopefully we won’t need a 2nd extension like the others. It would have helped if we were on Saturday instead of Sunday for travelers.

  2. The new policy messed it up. Combined with the low likelihood of making it and the prospects of no Rodgers really screwed it up. Having a four ticket limit doesn’t help either. Add the weather….a perfect storm. But it will still get sold out. The hardiest fans in the league will see to that.

  3. so that explains part of it, but since it was confirmed that they will have a game, why haven’t those fans parted with those funds to buy the tickets???? You would have thought Monday morning, (OR WHENEVER) it was opened to the public, they would have sold out.

  4. Third largest venue in the NFL and the largest of all the playoff teams.

    Say what you want but the Packers have had to sell more tickets to not be blacked out than any other team.

    Considering the chances of going to the playoffs came down to the last minute of the regular season, it’s not a bad deal and also considering the stadium seats 80% of the residents of the city (EVERY man/woman/child) and thus many have to come from out of town and get home late Sunday to work Monday – it’s a remarkable deal to have sold so many, so quick and at such a price.

  5. I believe the 4 ticket limit was lifted and folks can purchase as many as they’d like. Granted, this should be a great game and nothing beats a home playoff game but I can’t fault people for not wanting to endure -30 degree wind chill temps versus watching at home in HD.

  6. 3k is pretty close to the pace they have slowed to in the last day or two. They might just make it by tomorrow afternoon. I would have to think they’ll be at least down to triple digits by then.

    At this point, if the team doesn’t “buy” any remaining tickets to avoid a blackout in Mke and GB (read the majority of the state), there will be a backlash. The team’s bank account can easily absorb the hit in the range of $350k (if no more ticket sales). Packer fans won’t blame the league, the FCC or local stations if 3:40 pm Sunday rolls around and the local FOX affiliates are broadcasting a blank screen. They’ll be calling Mark Murphy. And it won’t be to wish him a Happy New Year.

  7. It’s funny how those ticket purchase excuses made by the fans of every similarly situated NFL team don’t sound as bad to those east of the Mississippi when said excuses are offered by those very same individuals residing east of the Mississippi.

  8. Sad to see the village of Green Bay being such an economic drag on the locals that it takes 90% of their GDP to fill the stadium for one game. Children will go hungry, and dogs will go missing.

  9. The NFL better be careful with blacking out teams for not selling out their tickets. A lot of these venues were built because of taxpayer money. Now because no one can afford to pony up $100 a ticket plus parking costs plus $9 a beer youre going to blackout the fans game? Nfl is the most popular sport in the US, but things can change fast when start screwing around like this

  10. How in the Hell can these teams not sell out playoff games, but sell out during the season?
    I don’t get it.

  11. packfntk says:
    Jan 2, 2014 5:34 PM

    Too bad, so close without the extension. Well, is what it is I guess. Hopefully we won’t need a 2nd extension like the others. It would have helped if we were on Saturday instead of Sunday for travelers

    A lot of fans do a lot of traveling especially for their team.

    Due to the late afternoon start, people traveling from the middle of the state and west don’t want to have to take a day off all ready.

    Hotels are all ready booked, so even just to get to a hotel after the game it would be an hour or 2 drive.

    All the variables add up, but I’m confident the game won’t be blacked out.

  12. Let me explain, it will be in the single digits when the game begins at best, and will quickly go below zero by half time. Factor in the wind chill, and it has been very windy lately, and we are talking minus temperatures in the teens or 20s at best. Plus it is a late Sunday game, when most people have to drive 120 miles to Milwaukee where most people will reside, and then go to work. Who in their right mind would want to go. I agree with the poster above, if the NFL does this to us they can take a hike. I will watch games, but not buy team clothes or ever go to a game live again. Soccer anyone?

  13. Transplanted Saints fan here … spent 9 years in Iowa and currently live in New England.
    I am STUNNED that the Packers of all teams can’t sell out. Been tailgating with Iowa alums and they would be there…
    Me personally, I’d prolly stay home, too.
    Here’s a question for someone to answer though. Was the “Ice Bowl” a sellout?

  14. 49ers defense is gonna break aaron rogers’ collerbone on the first play and the packer fans know they stand no chance against the 49ers. So they all decided to watch the game in their trailers instead of supporting their team at lambeau field. Worst fans in the NFL!

  15. What’s the problem, Pack fans? You’re all morbidly obese hamplanets who stuff their fat faces with cheese and sausage all day every day. What’s a little cold weather when all you guys and gals have whale-like layers of blubber to keep you warm on those sub-freezing days?

  16. We are sick and tired of our highly paid players taking our money and running off to their homes and partners in warmer areas instead of staying here and suffering through long, hard, cold, depressing winters with us.

  17. It’s funny because the reason most people are probably avoiding going to the game is because the weather is going to be crap and the NFL decided to put the biggest sporting event of the year in a location that could have the same problem.

  18. Whoa whoa whoa whoa……..A Green Bay game having difficulty selling out. OH WAIT A PLAYOFF GAME…..for all the loud mouth GB fans that post stuff on this site what do you have to say about your faithful fellow fans now? It will sell out but this is supposed to be the best fans base in any sport!

  19. What a hapless, classless team. Can’t even sell out a playoff game when they don’t even deserve to host one. This team and their fans are a joke.

  20. San Fran news has said Kaepernick is doing another nude photo shoot before the game on the frozen tundra to show his toughness.

  21. As they miraculously approach selling out all 80,000 tickets to this frigid game in less than a week, the inspirational and legendary status of dedicated Green Bay Packer fans from around the globe will be even further elevated.

  22. Yeah spielman the genius, is it any more laughable than the Packer fans outnumbering Viking fans at your home game?

    Why are you so obsessed with the Packers by the way. Didnt your parents bring you up not to be a sore loser? You would think after so many years of ineptitude you would be used to it. How soon can we hear about the stellar offseason the Vikings will once again have? Then how soon will you and the other trolls have to change usernames to avoid embarrassment again?

  23. I don’t blame the Packer fans.

    Ask yourself, “Why would you pay to watch your beloved team get sacrificed before thy King?”

    It makes ZERO sense!

    Fork over $400+ to stand in the frigid air, and witness the slaughter of your venerated team.

    No one and certainly not Aaron can stop King Kaepernick from taking back his rightful throne. He is the King of Kings and unequivocally the King of Qbs. PERIOD.

  24. The policy seems shady. Take money out of the little guy’s pocket and drop it into a billion dollar entity’s bank account so it can earn them some more interest. As though an NFL team has cash flow problems.

    Sometimes the greed in the NFL is staggering

  25. The new policy is no excuse, we’ve had that in SF for years and we haven’t had an problems selling out games for over 30 years (regular or post season).

  26. Got my tickets yesterday! Saw the weather forecast today, and immediately experienced shrinkage. I went straight to the store to stock up on handwarmers. It’s hard to deny that this weather is better suited to San Fran’s style of play, but it doesn’t mean their players are ready for it. It’s going to be like catching bricks out there and falling on pavement. At least my tears will freeze if we lose, it’s gotta be the only cool way of crying there is.

  27. 49erfan44 says: Jan 2, 2014 5:54 PM

    If this game is at The Stick, non-issue.


    The Packers have already sold more tickets than the twigs total capacity.

  28. It is really funny to read all of the reactions on here. I hope you all realize the Packers will just buy any remaining tickets when the actual zero hour comes… I love irrational fans arguing with each other. It is great entertainment!!!

  29. I don’t understand why fans of a team that plays it’s games in a dome and still only sell out games with their rivals because rivals fans by up the tickets can get on here and make fun of Packer fans who show up game after game year after year. I am a Packer fan and have been my entire life. I say that as fact and with pride .it is going to be colder than a well drillers butt on Sunday if this was Vikings playing indoors it wouldn’t sell out. So shut up Vikings fans and remember you finished last

  30. Of course the Packers will buy the remaining seats – just like any other team would do. Guess the Pack faithful are more faithful to their couch.

    And someone mentioned there would be no problem at The Stick? I would rather sit on a frozen bleacher, in BFE, than be stuck at Candlestick. You don’t have to worry about being knifed when everyone is frozen.

    Now that the Packer fans have been brought back down to Earth and their “greatest fans” myth exposed, I will be rooting for the Pack to beat the 49ers. San Francisco is Aaron Rodger’s favorite city.

  31. Seattle Seahawks sold ALL of their playoff tickets in 26 minutes on Dec. 31! And we don’t play until next week! HA HA!

    GO ‘HAWKS!

  32. When all is said and done, the game will sell out, Packer fans will still be considered the best fans in sports, and Lambeau Field the best stadium in sports. That has been proven repeatedly through polls over the years that included asking a lot of other sports fans. Let the clowns/trolls have their fun, we’re in the playoffs (unlike some other losers).

  33. All of you haters are just jealous because we do have the best quarterback, so talk all you want, or maybe your teams didn’t make it to the playoffs. We sold 10,000 today alone what’s 3,000 more?

  34. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    But we have 13 championships. But, the superbowl trophy is named after our old coach.

    We are entitled packer fans. How dare they make us follow the rules.

    It is their own fault they added extra seats for the so called, “Waiting list” tickets. It bit them in the butt didn’t it? LOL

    Just because the team has been in existence longer than the rest, still doesn’t change the fact it wouldn’t be here if the NFL didn’t let them be the ONLY team to be able to be community owned.

    Even with all the breaks, they still can’t sell out a playoff game without extensions or someone buying the remaining tickets.

    Classless and useless is “The Green Bay Packers”

  35. The limit has been reached. The average cat cannot spend a thou to take the family to the game, and the thou plus -20 weather is the limit for the rabid fan. Been to a game lately, and you know what I mean.

  36. Seriously people? You are calling us classless? Look at your comments regarding us as Packer fans. We are all hardworking middle class Americans who support our team in every way possible, no matter what happens during our season. We aren’t fair weather fans or band wagon jumpers. We always believe we will make playoffs and turn the worst situation into a winning one! Best fans, best stadium and best team. Win or lose we have faith and pride, obviously some of you other fans have no idea what that is like, you are just rude and assuming. We aren’t all fat cheese eating slobs. Check the stands, some pretty hot chicks in bikinis at every game, no matter how cold. Get over yourselves and love the sport and have some sense of dignity and respect.

  37. What an embarrassment. The Steelers’ playoff tickets were sold out days ago, and they’re not even in the playoffs.

  38. Packer fans dont want to watch the beating they will get on their home field, so they rather sit on their warm couch while sobbing at another loss to the Niners in the playoffs.

  39. Most of the comments of this page are hilarious. They’re mostly from fans angry at Green Bay for beating their teams regularly or from fans afraid of their team facing Green Bay in the playoffs. The game will not be blacked out, the seats will be bought up, the fans will show. How the game will end is the only thing uncertain. As for all these other fans bragging about always selling out, no team is perfect and just because you haven’t heard about it in the mainstream media doesn’t mean you have had it easy every time. I’m sure there have been close calls on every team in the NFL. What the NFL doesn’t tell us about ticket sales would undoubtedly surprise everyone.

  40. NFL is absolutely gutless if they don’t postpone this game. 10 below air temperature? 50 below windchill? You’re putting fans at risk in these conditions, you’re putting players at risk. The level of football will be much worse in these conditions. I can’t blame fans for not wanting to go to a football game in this type of weather. You’d have to pay me to sit in these conditions.

    The NFL should postpone the game or play it in San Francisco. They’re willing to postpone the Super Bowl for snow, why not a playoff game for extreme cold? Or is the NFL just about the almighty dollar? They are gutless if they don’t postpone this game.

  41. I would like to ask everyone who has been saying it is a lack of support for our team that Lambeau has not sold out if they have even been in -17 degree weather (much less for 4+ hours in the evening)?! I’m a lifetime fan but am not stupid!

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