Packers whittle their unsold tickets down to 5,500

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The unthinkable may not come to pass, after all.

As of 11:00 a.m. ET, the Green Bay Packers were only 5,500 unsold tickets away from lifting the local blackout of Sunday’s wild-card game against the 49ers, according to Don Walker of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

On Wednesday night, a 7,500-seat deficit existed.

Per Walker, the Packers will address the question of whether to seek an extension of the 72-hour deadline this afternoon.  While on the surface it should be a no-brainer to ask for more time, it’s widely believed that the league office will grant an extension only if a commitment has been made to purchase any tickets that remain after the window finally closes.

For playoff games, the commitment entails buying all remaining tickets at full price.

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  1. Everyone knows they’ll sell out eventually. The same thing happened to the Vikes a couple years back with the last-week playoff eligibility over the holidays, etc. Of course, Packer fans have gone on for years about how it took the Vikings until two days before that game to sell out. Maybe now those cheesers will shut their yappers.

  2. these unsold playoff tickets problem wouldn’t happen if brett favre was still a packer.

  3. I would love to go to the game, I just don’t have any extra money for that kind of stuff, because of the holidays, and that bar tab I had from celebrating their clutch win last Sunday.

  4. I still maintain that there’s no way this game is going to be blacked out in Wisconsin. I can see a company or companies stepping in and buying them up for good PR. We’re only talking about half a mil in total costs at this point. If that doesn’t happen, I think Goodell comes up with a way for everyone to save face. He doesn’t want the FCC on the league over a few thousand tickets…

  5. I can see it now.

    “Free stock certificate with the purchase of playoff tickets!!!!!!”

    Best fans my butt. Last year’s playoff game was only sold out because of the Viking fans that went.


  6. So they have sold more than 75,000 tickets. Will be more like 3K away by the end of the day. And should be sold out after the extension. They have sold 35,000 tickets in the last 68 hours.

  7. So cheeseheads will pay $250 for a piece of toilet paper that claims they are “owners” but yet said owners (and self-proclaimed NFL’s best fans) won’t even pay to go see the game. Don’t suppose it has anything to do with A. Rodgers recent interview.

  8. Not being critical of these cities that aren’t selling out, given the economy still sucks but how about some credit to Eagles fans who claimed all tickets wIthin minutes. Oh that’s right I forgot, it’s a national media requirement to mention fans throwing snowballs at Santa Claus in any article about eagle fans, even though that happened decades ago…

  9. The temperature could very well be worse than -10. Some people on this site, truly, have no idea what its like to operate in that temperature.

  10. Keep in mind the stadium holds 80,000. Fact is, the number of tickets sold by Tuesday evening would have filled up all the other stadiums being used for this weekend.

  11. What an image: -10 degrees, Packers’ fans with their beer frozen in their cups, lots of hunter orange, brandy flasks, and the Forty-Whiners getting their behinds dragged up and down the Tundra!


    Now go get some tickets and don’t forget your long underwear and snowmobile suits.

  12. The Packers, like the Cowboys, Steelers, 49ers, etc. have a lot of out-of-state fans. The problem that I’ve heard many are encountering isn’t the cold or the ticket prices, it’s the cost of travel, specifically air travel, in and out of either Green Bay or Milwaukee in time for the game. Depending on where you plan on flying from…it’s north of $1000 round trip per person, just for airfare. On average, it’s about $600 per person to fly into Milwaukee, and you’ll still need a rental car and a few hours to spare to get to Lambeau, plus you’ll probably need a hotel room as well…suddenly, it’s a $1500 to $2000 trip.

    Now, I’m happy to go and take my son. And I know that there will be the usual smorgasbord of comments ripping Packer fans for this, chastising the fan base, etc. – who also have no problem telling everyone else how to spend their money.

    Therefore, I’m kicking around putting together a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the trip, since everyone on here is so eager to spend everyone else’s money. Why should I be any different?

  13. This is not a Packer thing. It’s a “NFL game tickets cost too much” thing. It’s hard for the average Joe to throw down $400 bucks to take his fam to the game, park and have a beverage.

  14. Considering the temperature will be crashing from -0 to -10+ throughout the game and windchills will be in the -30+ range, who in their right mind would want to sit in that for 3+ hours?

  15. It will be very cold in Chicago too!

    Bet if the Bears made it in their stadium would be sold out for the game.

    Goodell and the NFL might want to re-think who they want to steer into the playoffs with questionable officiating.

  16. Latest weather forecast- High for Sunday 0 degrees. Low for Sunday -18 degrees

    Accuweather- High for Sunday -6 degrees. Low or Sunday -21 degrees. Windchill for the entire day between -23 to -51 degrees

    With the fear of lawsuits, I wonder if the NFL is considering a date change (flip flopping w/Saturday)??

  17. People that go to this came are crazy. Sitting 5 hours in those conditions don’t prove your fan or tough. It just proves you’re crazy.

  18. Please don’t make excuses about the weather and frigid temperatures. Pretty sure this isn’t an unusual temp there this time of year and that this isn’t the first time the Packers have made the playoffs.

  19. Do they think we are all stupid. There is no way, zero, zilch, nada, the the NFL allows any playoff game to be blacked out. No way. First you got to know their are corporated entities, especially TV broadcasters and advertisers waiting till zero hour to buy up what remains. They want that game on TV come hell and high water.
    The NFL would do whatever to make sure the count was changed or rigged or whatever to get the games on as well. No way they want people to get the idea that its ok to sit at home and watch these and not attend anymore.
    I still think a big part of it is the cost of Ocare hitting the pockets and people saying no way anymore. Too much money.

  20. If the NFL would make the in stadium experience better, they wouldn’t be facing the possibility of THREE playoff games being blacked out in their home markets. Drunk & unruly fans. Limited (or in some cases NO) wifi. No updates for injured players (I was at the ’10 game in Detroit when Rodgers went down – we didn’t know until the start of the 3rd that there was no chance he’d be back, while everyone at home knew by halftime). Instant replays that only favor the home team (I should be able to see a replay of a sick one-handed grab by A.J. Green in the Browns stadium). Some stadiums (Lucas Oil, Candlestick) even have obstructed view seating. Why pay for tickets, travel, parking, over priced concessions, and possibly lodging, just to sit outside and freeze, with no guarantee that you’re going to get competitive game, or a win for your team? I’d much rather park my behind in front of my 51-inch Samsung with my sons, brats that cost me about ¢79 a piece, and a couple of Yuenglings that I paid $1.15 per beer for.

  21. I love the Packers as much as anyone, but I priced the cheapest ticket on Tickmaster and the cost of 4 = $448.

    Throw in gas, food, beer, soda, parking etc = $150.

    $600 to sit in -10 degree weather, or my crystal clear 60 inch HDTV with already paid for Beer?

    Honestly its a tough call right now, but I’m leaning to going to game and buying from scalper for below face. Currently going on craigslist for $75 per ticket.

    I will admit…. it’s great having OPTIONS!

  22. $616K. That is a pretty penny. I think the Packers would need to call in some pretty big boys to fork that over. Nothing against Associated Bank and Oneida Nation, but that is a big bite to take. Someone that is going to get national exposure for this.

  23. It has nothing to do with the temperature. I’d be more than happy to put up with the cold and go to this game. The cost of the tickets is the problem. As of 2 days ago, when it was still 11,00 available, the average price was $350. Most people here can’t afford that. Ridiculous.

  24. I will use my considerable fame and offer to help sell out our game.

    I will sign autographs after the game on the I-43 Leo Frigo Bridge for anyone who shows up with a ticket, free of charge. If you want a Meat and Greet with pictures, I will do that, too, but you must be willing to make a ‘donation’ to my personal collection. Details given at the middle of the bridge. Note: Don’t be put off by the sagging problem with the bridge. Many of us here have that problem.

  25. I thought Packers fans were real football fans, not fair weather fans. What about the 80 year waiting list for season tickets? One playoff ticket is a lot cheaper than season tickets. Fans need to step up.

    Last thing the NFL needs right now is a playoff game blacked out. That will give fuel to Senator Blumenthal and Senator McCain in their fight against league blackouts.

  26. I’m a Packer fan, and live 25 minutes from Lambeau. I wouldn’t go for free. I was at the NFC Championship game against the Giants six years ago and it just wasn’t enjoyable to be outside for that long in sub zero temps. It sucks. I hope they sell all the tickets, but I won’t be purchasing any.

  27. I wish I could afford to take the time off from work to go see this game right now. I’m in Omaha and I usually get to one Packer game or so a year. I usually get tickets through ticket agencies and I don’t think I have ever paid less than triple face value.. I wish I could take advantage of this opportunity.

  28. There goes our run of the best fans in the NFL. I don’t who would take the title now, Eagles, Pats, Cheifs, Broncos, Vikings, 49ers?

    All I can say, sadly is it ain’t us anymore. 😦

  29. I don’t quite understand this one! I thought the Packers had a 4-generation, 300-year waiting list for tickets~so-to-speak? Of all the places, this is the LAST place I thought would have trouble selling out.

    Apparently the long season ticket waiting list has been greatly exaggerated.

  30. I find this a bit confusing. Hopefully someone at PFT can put something together to explain this because I must be missing something.

    I don’t understand how teams purchase tickets from themselves. Obviously there is lost money in the sense that they did not sell the tickets to a fan or business.

    Buying tickets from yourself is like mowing your lawn and then paying yourself $40 after you finish. Was anything actually lost?

    Then I would imagine the franchise turns around and donates the tickets they “purchased” from themselves and get a tax write off to boot. Again, outside of not selling the tix to a third party; what is lost or gained?

  31. Let me fill you in on why playoff tickets are available in GB this season. One is a constant problem and one is new.

    The constant problem of selling playoff tickets in GB is that there are actually two sets of season ticket holders – Green and Gold package.

    Many of you don’t recall that the packers used to play 3 games a year in Milwaukee. They moved all games to Green Bay in the 1990s and to appease the Milwaukee fans who had owned tickets for over 40 years they have the Gold package – 2 regular season and one preseason game.

    The issue is how to divide up the playoff tickets. The Packers allow the Green package holder first dibs on those tickets, however they may only buy 4 playoff tickets per owner.

    You might not think that’s an issue but when you team has played in the same town since 1919 many seasons ticket holders have acquired many more than 4 tickets.

    The unclaimed go into a lottery for the Gold package holders. The majority of them are unaware of how the tickets are distributed. I have always put in and gotten seats as a Gold package holder. Problem is you never know where your seat will be. Could be a great seats or could be high up in the EZ.

    The second problem is that the NFL changed the rules this year on refunds of playoff ticket fees. If your team didn’t make it you cannot choose a refund but must roll that money into next seasons ticket costs. A bad deal for those who pay and have their money held for 6 months with no return and no choices.

    And the other issue in GB this years was the teams totally unPacker like record. many thought the team wouldn’t make the playoffs, but I guess they forgot that the bears, Vikings and Lions all reside in the same division. Winning the division every year is pre-ordained.

    and -4 degree to watch a game ain’t that bad. My wife went with me to the NYG Championship game with one stipulation. No whining about the cold like some NoCal fairy and no leaving early. She was never cold, I was never cold. The only tough thing was beer drinking was off the table – the foam froze immediately and created a cap that had to be knocked off the cup. Had to swiftly move to hard liquor but the switch was made seamlessly.

  32. Crazy officiating, nutty rules, SKY high prices on everything from tickets to parking to hot dogs, fan on fan violence, annoying security procedures….I’d suggest these are the skunks at the party.

    Something has gone very wrong with the NFL brand when a dome team can’t fill the stadium on Wild Card Weekend…..Or when any playoff game at Lambeau is not sold out. (Cincy fans have some excuse, since they simply don’t believe that their team could ever win a game in January.)

  33. I don’t get it. Why don’t they just write a check to themselves to purchase the tickets at $.34 on the dollar per ticket. It is a wash!!

  34. The players are not worried about the conditions. The heated field will keep them warm. I can see it now. All players on the sidelines laying on the ground with their blankets.

  35. So, 100,000 people are on a waiting list and will do anything to get season tickets…except actually purchase a single game ticket when they are available.

    What a bunch of FRAUDS!

  36. Love how the some trolls that bring up the Vikings having trouble selling seats are defending this now.

    Just what these classless and useless fans needed. A dose of reality.

    Maybe you can drive to Minnesota and pick up the game on Fox 9. Most of you have to come here for work on Monday anyways.

  37. For those questioning fan loyalty: it must be easy to do so when your garbage team doesn’t make the playoffs. I’ll be sitting at Lambeau in negative whatever degrees it will be watching my team’s season actually continue.

  38. LA Packers

    Face it, Packers would have moved to a larger city years ago if the team wasn’t publicly owned. But this is just as sweet. How many cheeseheads hijacked Buffalo, Minnesota, Jacksonville, San Diego, etc forums stating how great their fan base was?

    Please, please let there be a blackout. I would love to see all 25 residents of Green Bay shivering around their fireplace. But it wont happen. The local sausage factory will kick in and buy the remaining seats.

    But know this Green Bay: the legend of the “great” Packer fan base is over. How embarrassing.

  39. “We need to look at other ways to get fans to come to the stadiums”- roger goodell

    Like… cutting ticket prices in half? (At least)

    That would be a good start.

  40. Might it be the extra 7500 seats added this year?
    I just checked and in the lower bowl and they are only selling single tickets. Must be getting closer.

  41. If its that cold, I’ll stay at home in dear old Manty, thank you very much. If it were in the 20s, I’d spend the money. There, I’ve defined my level of Packer fandom. Your move Mr.Godell.

  42. Wonder how many Packer fans would go to NY to watch Green Bay play in the SB if the same conditions exist for that game?

  43. To those going who have never been there… a Packer fan gave me the best advice when I went to the NYG Ice Bowl II game…

    Bring two blankets. One to stand on and one to wrap up in. The blanket on the ground insulates your feet from the frozen concrete. Otherwise, once your feet freeze, you’re done for.

    Thank god he told me that.

  44. I was at the Packers Giants NFC Championship game at night in 2007 (-7 degrees) and I have to tell you, I dressed as warmly as I could but when Favre threw an interception in overtime to lose the game, the chill went right into my marrow. Im watching this one from home. Go Packers.

    As for all the Viking trolls, I’m gonna love watching the Vikings play the next two years outside at TCF bank stadium. They will have trouble selling out that small venue during a chilly snap in October.

  45. Actually, according to – the current forecast for Sunday is a high of -4 and a low of -18.

    Sun Jan 5
    Partly Cloudy



    Partly Cloudy

    Chance of snow:

    NW at 9 mph

  46. We have 100 year wait list for season tickets… if you count about 10 people an 100 year wait. I’m a Pack fan but come on guys. The team is getting on their knees and begging for people to come watch this game. Teams like the Bears, Patriots, Giants, Seahawks, Vikings, 49ers, and Cheifs are laughing at our fanbase because now everyone sees how fair weather we are! We can’t let them see that! Please buy tickets!


  47. That’s 5,500 tickets away from 85%, which would lift the blackout.

    That means there’s still another 15% of the 80,750 capacity (12,112 seats).

    5,500 + 12,112 = 17,612 seats away for a sellout.

    That’s going to take a big hit to the Packers stock price, especially after losing the last 3 games to the 49ers.

  48. I can’t believe how stupid some people are to think that Packer fans aren’t loyal because there are 5500 tickets left.. They have sold out their games since 1960. The population of the Green Bay metro area, at around 120,000, is smaller than any other NFL metro area, yet they still sell out. To make some generalization about a fan base over one game is nothing but pure ignorance.

    I’m a Bear fan and have been there several times, and the fans are great, the experience is great, and it’s my overall favorite place to watch a game.

    And I don’t know what the Viking fans are squawking about. The Vikes are out of the playoffs, and have played in the most horrid NFL venue for years. Let’s see how the Vike fans pack tiny TCF in the next 2 winters. Let’s see how many will buy tickets when the price goes through the roof at the new place.

    I don’t know what this inferiority complex thing is with Viking fans.

    PS- Will the Vikings ever print t-shirts again that say “I’m liking the Vikings”? Those were cute, and congratulations to the 4 year old who thought of that many years ago.

  49. They must have the tickets sold by 3:40pm CST. today. if they don’t sell the tickets by then, Black ’em out! Overrated team – overrated fanbase!

  50. But, But, But 13 championships.

    I guess no one cares about 13 championships. Not even GB fans anymore.

    I guess all those 13 championship mean nothing when it comes to selling tickets to a playoff game they are favored to lose.

    He he he he

  51. …and all this BS about moving the SB up a day or back a day maybe even a week cuz it might snow? Are you kidding? Green Bay HAS the best fan base in the Entire NFL. Small market, most fans

  52. Ted Thompson was seen atop the tallest building in Green Bay today with a megaphone saying; “Here yee, Here yee! Buy your playoff ticket today, and you’ll be the next IMAGINARY owner of the Green Bay Packers! “

  53. This year the Packers told all their season ticketholders that, if they wanted Playoff tickets, they’d have to pay for them up front (as usual), but now, if there were no playoffs, the Packers would keep the money, sit on it until next season, and apply that money to next season’s ticket payment. Huh? What business that supposedly values its customers would pull something like that? So as a result, roughly half the season ticketholders did not purchase playoff tickets up front. Duh, it’s just possible those fans are not too high on the idea of getting in line now and buying playoff tickets. In Green Bay, criticizing the Packer organization is not allowed, but maybe their greed is coming back to bite them in the butt. They added 7000 seats this year–just how far can they push their fans? The Packers say “Green Bay Packer Fans are the greatest fans in the world” unless it has to do with profits. Can you spell “backlash”?

  54. Funny how the trolls come out and bash the Packer fans for not supporting the team for the playoff game. Odds are many of them have never spent anymore time outside of their car in cold weather then they absolutely have to. I work outside for a living and let me tell you anything below zero is not fun. Frostbite sets in on exposed skin within 30 minutes or less. Frostbite is dangerous and prolonged exposure can result in permanent skin damage to the extreme of loss of toes or fingers. We often take breaks to warm up a bit and then go back out for another battle with the cold, and it always wins.
    I dare anyone of you to come to Green Bay and spend 10 minutes outside and not bitch about how cold you are, let alone spend 3+ hours. Chicago fans know exactly what I am speaking of. Minnesota fans not so much. Anybody from anywhere else doesn’t have a clue!

  55. If Roger Goodell haa a brain he would lower the sell out to 85% for teams that play in cold weather stadiums (IE: Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Greenbay and Denver). No one wants to watch a game in person when it’s in the 20’s. The NFL gets it’s revenue from networks not from me. Stupid!

  56. Funny that Viking fans rag the Packers about their championships, seeing as they’ve lost every Super Bowl they played in, and haven’t appeared in one in 37 years.

    It’s too bad Gary Anderson missed that kick in the ’98 playoffs after not missing a field goal all season. Ouch!

  57. I don’t get the excuse that season ticket holders didn’t buy playoff tickets because, if the Packers missed the playoffs, the money would then go toward 2014’s season tickets.

    First, what difference does it make? It’s not like the Packers are stealing your money (that’s what fake stock purchases are for!). It’s all going toward the same thing…game tickets! Second, this would only matter if you planned on not renewing your tickets for 2014. Third, what’s the excuse for not purchasing tickets after the Packers did make the playoffs?

  58. gopackgo,knowing how to dress properly for the extreme cold is essential in Wi and the UP,the fans who sat in the stands with every inch of skin covered at the Ice Bowl all survived without one person freezing to death in Lambeau,better cold weather gear is now available than back then.sitting in mere -5 cold isnt nearly as bad as -25 with wind chills of -40 like we see at time here,-5 is a heat wave the way this winter is going, at least in the UP.Wi and UP weather aint for sissys.

  59. They like to think otherwise, but Packer fans are the same as everyone else. Nobody wants to watch a terrible team in the playoffs. The only reason to go is to watch superstar Aaron Rodgers carry the whole organization on his back.

    How many times have you all been on here and some Packer fan starts bragging about their waiting list and fanbase, etc. Welcome back to earth, sheep of Wisconsin.

  60. Tell me again why Seattle does not qualify for a Super Bowl because it rains too much and temperatures are sometimes in the 40’s in February? Seattle built Century Link Field and got nothing. New York throws up Met Life Stadium and suddenly gets the Super Bowl. Why is that?

  61. being in WI, i’ve been asking my friends to see if any are going. the overwhelming answer is that its too cold to spend that kind of money on a ticket.

  62. We went to the Falcons/Packers game a few weeks ago when it was -7 with wind chill. Came from California (born and rasied) so needless to say I thought death was near. painfully cold, and I was bundled up like the little kid from “A Christmas Story”. of course not so bad for the locals. but freezing cold is freezing cold at the end of the day.

    Always wanted to experience a cold game in the snow at least once in my life. I did it, and a great memory it will always be. But never again.

  63. Most of the seats that are left are nose bleed seats. I have sat in the new section of the stadium which sits above the lower bowl. You can see the bay from up there and there is nothing blocking the wind.

    When it is already going to be below zero (high of -2 with a wind chill of -18), sitting way up there with the wind blowing in your face for 3 hours doesn’t seem fun at all, infact it is dangerous.

  64. frank booth says:Jan 2, 2014 4:42 PM

    Funny that Viking fans rag the Packers about their championships, seeing as they’ve lost every Super Bowl they played in, and haven’t appeared in one in 37 years.

    It’s too bad Gary Anderson missed that kick in the ’98 playoffs after not missing a field goal all season. Ouch!
    1. Frank Booth…I love Blue Velvet HAHA!

    2. God Bless Gary Anderson for missing that FG.

    Signed, die-hard Falcons fan

  65. Who cares if they need to sell 80,000 tickets? Who told them to put 80,000 seats in a stadium in an ugly, small town?

    Who cares if it’s cold out? We’ve always been told that the Packers have the best, most loyal fans. We’ve always been told that the Packers could sell out a playoff game in 10 minutes. We’ve always been told that there was a huge waiting list.

    Time to move half the games back to Milwaukee….obviously, northern Wisconsin can’t support the team.

  66. “Goodell and the NFL might want to re-think who they want to steer into the playoffs with questionable officiating.”

    I’m a Bear’s fan. Let it go, they blew the game. While this seems to be the worst year for refs, the Bears blew that game, not the refs.

  67. Packers should move the starting time of the game to 8pm Green Bay time in order to gain even more of a cold weather advantage. Kraft did it in the infamous Tuck game. It will be -30 below zero at night and the 49’er will freeze and lose .

  68. What a disgrace of a team. Can’t even sell out a playoff game, a playoff game they don’t even deserve to be hosting. Classless, hapless team.

  69. The perfect storm for a potential blackout, which should be avoided. Think about this rationally. Last minute playoff berth with an injury battered team. This makes fans scramble to get the money (it’s also after the holidays so money is tight for many) and try to get some hotel reservations. Some of the coldest temperatures ever seen for a playoff game forecasted. A warm weather team that will most likely not have the normal amount of traveling fans that they do. All will be well, but the comments coming at the fanbase are ill informed.

  70. So did they sell out? Or did they beg for an extension?

    Couldn’t happen to a better fan base. I hope it is blacked out. That would be a great pay back for all the fans who always slam the Vikings when they had trouble but DID sell out their playoff game.

  71. Less than 3,000 tickets left. Deadline extended until tomorrow at the same time. No blackout coming as most will be sold and the few odds and ends will be picked up by the organization.

  72. Really, when you consider that they sold like 35k tickets in 4 days, it’s not too bad.

    The problem here is the ticket policy which forces season ticket holders to pay $150.00 up front for playoff tickets that may never materialize. Then if the Packers miss the playoffs (which appeared likely in mid-November), the team keeps the money and applies it to next years season ticket money.

    To me, I’m really disappointed that the Packers did this.

    If you think about it, it’s a cash grab on the part of the Pack. 80,000 seats * 150.00 per ticket is approximately 12 million dollars that is in their bank account 6 months earlier than it should be. At 6% interest, that’s $360,000 of “free” money.

  73. To the toads from the other teams:
    I love reading your jealous quotes. Keep it up, especially after another season watching the Packers from down below.
    1)The Packers were nearly out of the race when the routine time to ask the season ticket holders came by. So the surprise fall by the, cough, Lions and Bears put the clock behind.
    2)THEY EXPANDED THE SEATING CAPACITY THIS YEAR! The stadium is going to take longer to fill. They have about 80,000 seats. The reason they could expand was, cough, because they have so many people wanting tickets.
    3)To all you folks who think it’s nothing, please come to Green Bay this weekend and sit outside for three hours when the wind chill is going to be around that of the Ice Bowl. Wimps.
    By the way, the Ice Bowl was black out. I listened to it on the radio.

    I enjoy your choice of colors…jealousy green. It is the same colors as the Packers…green(same color as money) and gold.

  74. Wow, what a reach for excuses. too many seats, We didn’t think we were going to make the playoffs 4 weeks ago, too cold?
    Take it from a Bills fan, don’t take your home playoff games for granted. I am sure a much more deserving 49ers team would have sold out a home playoff game.

  75. Im thinking about making the trip from MN to watch the Niners run over those pretty little Packers.
    Meh. A little below zero weather wont hurt..It was -29 here this Morning no chill

  76. All home games were blacked out in the good ol’ days. The current blackout rule was the congressionally mandated “compromise” after Congressmen got mad that they couldn’t watch the Redskins in the playoffs after the 1972 season.

  77. I think it would be easy for fans of most teams to take such a game for granted if they had won 13 World Championships and been to the playoffs for 5 straight years. But I suspect Packer fans will sell out one of the largest stadiums in the NFL despite the dangerous weather conditions.

    Because in the end, were better than you are.

  78. I thought the “frozen tundra” was suppose to be the Packers’ advantage? What’s with all the whining about the cold? You wanted a home game, so buy a ticket and support the team you claim to bleed for (gag). Or are you one of those “fair weather fans”?

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