Packers will take practice outdoors


With a high on Sunday of four degrees and a low of 15 below, the Packers plan to prepare for their coming frostbite by getting a little frostbitten.

As explained by Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Packers will practice outside on Thursday in preparation for Sunday’s possible Ice Bowl II, this time against the 49ers.  While individual drills and a walk-through will take place indoors, the bulk of the team drills will happen in the elements.

You just have to dress warm,” quarterback Aaron Rodgers said.  “The cold is a part of winter in Green Bay.  You get kind of used to it.  You deal with it.  You learn how to throw the ball effectively and you figure out what are the most important things to keep warm, and that’s your head and your hands.  As long as you have a good hand warmer and some sort of heat around your head, you should be OK.”

Thursday’s conditions won’t completely simulate Sunday’s, with an expected high temperature of 11 degrees.  But that’ll be a far better approximation than the 49ers will experience as they prepare in California, with a mercury reading in the 60s.

Silverstein points out that the Packers rarely practiced outside under California native Mike Holmgren, and that current coach Mike McCarthy began opting for outdoors practice in the cold after the Packers lost at home to the Giants in minus-one temperature of the 2007 NFC title game.

If the Packers manage to beat the 49ers on Sunday, the next wave of indoor practice facilities throughout the NFL could incorporate lots and lots of freon gas, dry ice, and/or liquid nitrogen.

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  1. 4 degrees will be the high. By halftime it’s going to be -7.

    I hope that the SF fans who come wear a hat but they will probably be wearing their mother’s pumps.

  2. I was at that mentioned Giants game. My beer froze in my hands. Bring a piece of styrofoam to stand on to keep keep warmer by getting off the concrete. Pack 27-SF24

  3. The cold WILL have an effect on both teams, but moreso on the 49ers. Whether its enough for Green Bay to win is another matter.

    The key is getting used to it, and the Packers are used to it.

    A great example is in the fall (when we are all used to summer temperatures) when the temperature hits 40 degrees it feels incredibly cold and people bundle up. In the spring, when we are all used to winter temperatures and the temperature hits 40 degrees it feels like Spring! People are out in short sleeve t-shirts without a jacket.

  4. They should wear heated vests to keep their core body temp warm. When the blood pumping out of your heart is warm, it helps keep your extremities warmer.

  5. I used to watch Bud Grant talk about how the Vikings had a major advantage because of their being used to playing in the cold all the time (back when the played in Metropolitan stadium – outdoors). Yet they never won a Super bowl, and lost playoff games in Minnesota at about the same rate they won them.

    Rogers was born and raised in California. Kaepernick …….. Wisconsin. I wouldn’t put TOO much emphasis on the weather being a major factor.

  6. Updated weather forecast indicates a high of minus 4! No one can play four quarters of hard-hitting football in that kind of weather without taking a toll on the body. Great news for the rest of the NFC. Never thought I’d say this, but Go Packers!

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