Patriots place Josh Boyce on injured reserve


The Patriots re-signed wide receiver Austin Collie on Thursday, which meant they needed to make another roster move to open up a space for him.

They did that by placing wide receiver Josh Boyce on injured reserve. Boyce missed Week 17 with an ankle injury and didn’t practice at all this week, leading to the decision to shut him down.

Boyce, a fourth-round pick in April, had nine catches for 121 yards during the regular season. He also returned nine kickoffs for 214 yards while seeing action in nine games for the Pats this season.

The Patriots have also been without wide receiver Aaron Dobson at practice this week. Dobson re-injured his foot in Week 17, leaving his status for next weekend’s game up in the air.

10 responses to “Patriots place Josh Boyce on injured reserve

  1. Aaron Rodgers is quite good at it, but I don’t think any QB in the history of football can take relative “nobodies” at the receiver position and turn them into highly productive household names like Tom Brady can. Not to say that Josh Boyce is a household name or anything, but the point I’m making is that if Tom Brady set his mind to it, he can probably make almost any NFL receiver into a pro-bowler.

  2. Brady is particularly good at throwing to smaller slot receivers late in the year. Now it appears like he will have Edelman, Amendola, and Collie on the game day roster. In inclement weather they get great separation and can can pick up YAC. That will keep the sticks moving. Boyce seemed to be good for post and corner patterns with low probability of completion. Alas, what do we do in the red zone with just small guys?

  3. As a Pats fan I have to disagree. Ever since he got Randy Moss he likes to find his 1-2 guys to rely on and forgets about the rest of the weapons. This is why he struggled early on this year, No Gronk or Welker. Than he picked Edleman and Gronk as his Favorites. Now without Gronk I think he relies way to much on Edleman and this might be the downfall in the postseason

  4. I think this move is a wash. Boyce has a good upside, but I’m glad they’ll have someone with playoff experience in Collie.

  5. The amount of injuries and losses suffered by the Patriots this season is redonculous.

    The fact that they continue to win is sure to whip the “Patriots cheat” conspiracy theorists into a frenzy.

    (Though these same rocket scientists have yet to come to grips with the fact that every coordinator in the NFL covers his mouth when calling in plays – which would prompt any sane person to assume play calling is filmed throughout the entire NFL)

  6. Belichick’s finest season as coach of the Patriots. This is almost as impressive as 2008 without Brady under the helm. I think it’s safe to say he is the best coach in football by a long shot. Yet another reason God hates Cleveland, 7 coaches in Cleveland since Belichick left.

  7. I like Boyce and I think he has a lot of talent and upside, but I feel a lot better having Collie in there with his experience and he’s already shown this year that he can be relied on to make tough and clutch catches

  8. With the exception of Moss, when was the last time the Patriots had a Diva receiver? They get guys that are humble, hard working, that move the chains. The only guy on the roster with any inclinations towards being a Diva is Talib and even he is a tough sob first and foremost.

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