Pierre Thomas only Saint to miss practice

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With just one player missing practice on Thursday, the Eagles are in good shape health-wise heading into Sunday’s game with the Saints.

The Saints find themselves in the same position, although the player missing on Thursday plays a bigger role for them than center Julian Vandevelde plays for the Eagles. Running back Pierre Thomas did not practice because of a chest injury for the second straight day.

Larry Holder of the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports that coach Sean Payton offered no details about Thomas’ injury outside of the fact that he was injured in the regular season finale against the Buccaneers. Barring any more positive information, Thomas’ availability for Saturday night’s game is in serious doubt after the two missed practices.

Safety Rafael Bush was limited in practice with an ankle injury, but the Saints don’t have anyone else on the injury report as they ready themselves for their trip to Philly.

9 responses to “Pierre Thomas only Saint to miss practice

  1. I like the Saints and I hope they do beat the Eagles but in reality I can’t see it happening this year.
    The cold plus the fact that they haven’t been able to be consistent at all on the road this year equals doom. Hopefully they can at least make it a competitive game.

  2. Pierre Thomas does a lot for the Saints but I think we were going to see more of Ingram and Robinson in this game even if PT wasn’t hurt.

  3. I don’t expect the weather to be as huge of a factor as people are making it out to be. The harsh weather may limit things for both teams, but I don’t see it as a decisive advantage for either team.

  4. Cold weather, not bad, from what I heard no wind, rain or snow. Granted the Saints have not performed well outside the Superdome, THIS YEAR. But check the stats best road team since 2009 ( I believe that’s the year). I am more worried about stopping Shady than the weather stopping the Saints.

  5. Ingrahm & Robinson can both run the ball IF Payton ever calls another run play. Ingrahm has picked up his game big time over the last part of the season but every time he gets going they bench him. Hard to get into a rhythm when you only get the ball a few times a game.

  6. I’m getting a kick out of Saints fans stating weather makes no difference as they live in a warm climate and watch their team play indoor. Most never experienced a 20 degree night with or without wind. It’s freezing to the bones. Hands don’t operate as normal. Eyes tear constantly. Noses run freely. Big big difference, game changer.

    Jimmy Graham doesn’t operate the same. Game changer.

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