Redskins tout new poll that actually shows increasing support for name change

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The Redskins would have trouble taking yes for an answer.

At a time when the controversy regarding the team’s name has died down considerably, the Redskins have put it back on the front burner by issuing a press release touting a new poll that shows opposition to a potential name change.  However, close inspection of the results should that support for a name change is increasing, at a rate that should alarm the Redskins.

The poll showed that 71 percent oppose a name change, 18 percent support it, and 11 percent are undecided.

Conducted by Public Policy Polling, the survey encompassed 

741 registered voters who answered a variety of NFL-related questions via automated telephone interviews from December 13 through December 17, 2013.  The geographic scope of the polling was not specified.

Not surprisingly, the team has once again declared victory as to the ongoing name controversy.

“This poll, along with the poll taken among Native Americans by the Annenberg Institute, demonstrates continued, widespread and deep opposition to the Redskins changing our name,” the team said.  “The results of this poll are solidly in line with the message we have heard from fans and Native Americans for months – our name represents a tradition, passion and heritage that honors Native Americans.  We respect the point of view of the small number of people who seek a name change, but it is important to recognize very few people agree with the case they are making.”

“Very few people” is a relative, self-serving term.  Nearly one out of five people is hardly “very few people.”

Moreover, the opposition to the name actually is growing.  In 1992, 89 percent supported the team’s name.  An Associated Press poll conducted last April put the number at 79 percent.

Now, after dropping 10 percentage points in 20 years, support has plunged eight more percentage points in only eight months.

Of course, the Redskins won’t characterize the results that way, because such candor would demonstrate that, eventually, the clock on owner Daniel Snyder’s desk will read five minutes past all-caps never.

65 responses to “Redskins tout new poll that actually shows increasing support for name change

  1. I’m so proud to be a fan of this organization. We ARE the most talked about team in the sport, love us or hate us, we generate views/reaction. Look at the low playoff ticket sales! If the Redskins weren’t screwed by Goodell and Mara and were actually there in the playoffs like we were suppose to be, everything would be on the up and up for the NFL!!! #WashingtonDCistheCenteroftheFootballWorld

  2. If Dan Snyder was a Muslim and wanted to change the team name to the Infidels, I’ll bet liberal sportswriter creeps would be supporting it.

  3. The headline reads “Redskins tout new poll that actually shows increasing support for name change”, shouldn’t that be “increasing support for NOT changing the name”.

  4. Wow, it’s down all the way to 71% opposed to a name change. And this was a poll of all NFL fans, not their fanbase. I’m sure the Redskins are very, very alarmed.

  5. Someone should run a poll on the 8% who changed their mind asking if they did so just because they’re tired of hearing about the entire thing?

  6. WOW really getting tired of this some people just seam to never know when to let things GO and die peacefully they are not gonna change the name REDSKINS let it go and stick to the playoffs OK !

  7. The name is going to change eventually no matter what side of the fence you sit. Redskins need a solid plan in place on how to deal with the transition but then again solid plans are rare in D.C. For starters Redskins should just stay quiet as every attempt at justification has probably lost them support. Fans will eventually support the re-branded team hopefully better than they are now. Have you been to a Skins game lately? That ticket waiting list is history and so should be the name, like it or not.

  8. I support a new name of the Blanks. All white helmets. All white pants, jersey and socks. No logo.

    Simple white painted walls should adorn their locker room to represent purity of mind and spirit.

    And at the center of FedEx field a perfectly round all white circle to bring it all together.

    How does that sound? Other than that, call them the Redskins.

  9. PFT, calling into question the geographics and therefore the demographics of who was polled is spot on. You can’t evaluate any poll without understanding who the populace is. But in turn, you then can’t use those same poll numbers you’re calling into question to make your own argument. You can’t compare this poll to another poll 10 years ago unless you know the geographics and demographics of the two polls are very similar. If they aren’t similar then the 10 percentage point swing you call a trend could simply be attributable to differences in geographics or demographics.

  10. You should look into the background of the people who run the Annenberg Foundation….like William Ayers, who bombed federal gov’t buildings, and others connected to radicals & communist groups… But hey, if they say change the name, I guess…..

  11. Probably just announced the poll to take attention off nobody wanting the head coaching job. Somebody picked Tampa Bay over even meeting with you. The Browns have more scheduled interviews for their head coaching job than the skins. Well the Browns have a drastically better team as well.

  12. If the Redskins and the NFL want to lose a lifelong fan, then by all means capitulate to this idiotic wave of political correctness that has seized this country. Why do we allow a small yet whiney group of people who seem to look for anything that may offend someone some where?
    Shame on the NCAA, they buckled at the first hint of a problem. Sadly, Roger Goodell seems to have the same lack of intestinal fortitude to tell these professional offense takers to take a hike.

  13. “At a time when the controversy regarding the team’s name has died down considerably, ….”

    you guys forgot the next line..

    “much to the consternation of, which has relentlessly and annoyingly championed it,…”

  14. Just reward the politicians with what they want, a name change.

    Washington Corruption

  15. What exactly was the question?

    Was the Native American side accurately portrayed? or did the poll just ask a bunch of sports fans: “Do you think the Redskins should change their name?”

    I want to see Dan Snyder and the representatives of the Native American people on camera calmly discussing this. We never hear both sides of the story. It’s always bits and pieces.

    These polls never properly portray both sides.

  16. Give it a rest, quit beating the drum Profootballtalk, there is plenty of other things to cover. If this is at the top off your list, which it seems to be, you should quit while you are ahead. If it is so offesive why does this same thing seem to happen every 5-10 years? Complain about it, nothing happens so it goes away, drudge it back up using the same old tired arguments, repeat.

  17. Your proud of a team that, for 11 out of the last 12 years, has been below .500 at the start of December?

    A team that crows of “3 Super Bowls” knowing full well that two of those SB “victories” aren’t even considered true Super bowls since they happened in a drastically weakened league during NFL strike years?


  18. Excellent. Change the name already, Racial Slurs. I’m a First Nations member and me and my entire family have long been deeply offended by this virulent epithet, but our protests have long fallen on deaf ears until now. Progress march on!

  19. It should be noted that the team was coming off multiple super bowl wins in the past decade in 1992. Where as now, it is coming off multiple playoff wins in the past two decades. That could be a reason for the decline in support.

  20. I’ll say again— We will see a government bailout of the Redskins name.

    1-Daniel Snyder stands to lose tens of millions of dollars by losing that recognizable brand name.

    2-Leftists who are supposedly “offended” by the name never spend their own money but rely on government (i.e. everyone else’s) money to spend their wishes into reality.

    3-Obama will likely see the move as a big “right thing to do” before he leaves office. Of course, as most of the “right thing to do” he has done– it will benefit corporate America.

  21. My vote is for NO CHANGE IN NAME!!!!!!!!!! I’m am old fashion traditionalist. I don’t believe in change when change is not needed. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  22. Mr. Snyder,

    The ONLY reason this is relevant is because we STINK…If we field a winning product, this will go away.

    Please, with good measure, make the right moves now for the sake of this storied franchise.

    Skins Fans Everywhere

  23. I agree, the change will happen. Just get it over with. “Redtails” or “Generals” both decent names. Probably could keep colors with “Redtails” name and tweak the logo. If they go with “Generals” I imagine they switch to the red, white, blue color scheme like Wizards and Caps.

  24. Just saw Disney’s Peter Pan on TV. Captain Hook refers to the Indians as “Redskins” in a non-chalant non-insulting manner. It does not appear that “Redskins” was ever a derogatory word.

  25. Would somebody please explain to me how the plight of the supposedly much maligned “Indian nation” is going to be materially or spiritually improved if the Redskins name is changed? Most of the native American segment of our society currently demonstrates every aspect of cultural shortcomings that eventually leads to any ethic group’s eventual demise. Does anyone really think eliminating the “Redskins” name will invoke some sort of new new found pride and determination to Native Americans to succeed? Get a life, willya. We are pampering the Native American population into a life of entitlement. Integrate and move on with your life, for Pete’s sake.

  26. Given what we have done to Native Americans in the past I say you just throw the few that are left a bone and change the name. And Washington will go through at least two more coaches before they figure out they have Mike Vick jr at QB.

  27. Oklahoma means “Red People” in Choctaw.

    When are you going to start championing the name change of that state?

  28. Fewer than one in five want to change the name. Meaning that more than four out of five either don’t or don’t care. The latter group is the clear majority. The number that want the change (or say that they do), may be growing, but they’ve still got a long way to go, before they’ll be in the majority.

    So now the name change will keep the Redskin’s name in the public eye. It’ll have to be that because the team isn’t doing squat for people outside of Metro D.C., to even remember them.

    If the vote to change the name came today, wonder which way Shanahan, would go?

  29. This is how you know that political correctness has gotten way out of hand. The name doesn’t need to be changed just because it hurts a few people’s feewings.

    If they change the name due to dumb people, they might as well call the team something that makes sense. Like the “Washington Politically Correct Tiptoers Who Don’t Want to Hurt Your Feewings”.

  30. I personally have never thought this was truly a political issue. But those who constantly seem to equate moving beyond a known racial slur as “lefty”
    politics, are essentially branding the right as being
    Phil Robertson-style outdated bigots. Society changes whether the old generation wants it to or not.

  31. Should the military then change the name of the Blackhawk and Apache helicopters?

    Do liberals ever have anything important to whine about?

  32. Actually, all it will take is for Congress to start seriously discussing taking away the remainder of the NFL anti-trust protections, or change the name, and danny-boy (or a successor) will quickly change the name to one that is not offensive to many people.

  33. Here’s another headline on the same subject.

    National poll shows strong opposition to Washington Redskins name change

    Found it funny. The pro change crowd is obviously reaching.
    Save your breath it’s not gonna happen.

  34. It amazes me so many people are against this. I cannot see a logical defense of such a racially insensitive name that does not rely on idiotic tradition; “it’s always been like this”, the worst argument ever.

    Plenty of people try to argue that it is not a racially insensitive term, but such arguments fall very flat to me. There is no yellowskins or blackskins, and such names would not be allowed. How can this be seen any differently? It confuses me greatly.

  35. This whole thing is really a non-issue. You have a very vocal minority that wants a change and there is no way that Dan Snyder is going to change the name. If he did the fans would be voting to string him up. They did a poll of just native Americans and 75% of them had no problem at all with the Redskins name and actually supported keeping it. This makes it pretty clear that there is no valid reason to changethe name. If you look behind the scenes you will see that the majority of those pushing for the name change are not even native Americans, they are left wing idiots trying to show how enlightened they are by being offended by the name. They are in that group of people who go around looking for things to take offense at so that they can get some publicity and their names in the media, not to mention try to extort some money out of those they claim offended them.

  36. People who have time to take “polls” like this would support their own public execution if the question were phrased right.
    The confusing title to this blog post should be enough to cast doubt on interrupting the results.

    Please find another cause & move on already….

  37. Anyway, this is a tempest in a teapot. Don’t change the name. It’s Snyder’s brand worth hundreds of millions and you don’t just throw that away!

  38. Stop the madness. Get Congress to outlaw any name that is not of Caucasian European origin, (ie, The Polish Brigade, The British Invaders, The German Luftwafe, The French Surrenderers). That’s right, a law that says White’s Only.

    Within minutes of this law the NAACP will file a suit and demand that we have a team called the Zulu Warriors. Then La Raza will want one. The Montezuma Avengers, maybe? Finally the First Nations will file a law suit demanding that we return to the Washington Redskins, and we can be done with this idiocy.

    Liberals are only happy when they can force people to do something.

  39. I wouldn’t change the name until all other pro sports teams with Indian names agreed to or were forced to change their names as well.

  40. Dear Dan Snyder,
    I grew up in the Washington area like yourself and have been a Redskins fan since the seventies. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend games at both RFK and Fed Ex Field. For me, football is my favorite sport. Washington has great fans when it comes to their Redskins. We have the best team song in the league, “Hail to the Redskins”.
    I would not have considered changing the name of the team in the past. I snickered at the thought of it. The night Bob Costas came on TV at halftime and said the team name Redskins was a racial slur kind of made me angry. I was cussing Bob Costas that night. Actually, I like Bob Costas a lot. It did start to make me think that maybe the name was offensive to some people.
    I thought if the name were to change, it would be nice if we could use it in the team song. So it would be best if it were 2 syllables. I came up with the Heroes. “Hail to the Heroes, hail victory, troops meet the challenge, fight for ole’ DC”. Heroes should not be offensive to anyone. Washington is a town full of service members, the pentagon, memorials for veterans and a number of military bases. Heroes applies to more than just military and applies to people from any town. Washington, the nations capital, may as well stake the name. The logo could be a head with a military cover (hat).
    So, Dan, if the notion ever strikes you to change the name, it would be a bold move; and you just might be seen as a Hero for it.
    Steve Frank
    P.S.- until then “Hail to the Redskins”

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