Report: Ross could be firing Sherman, Ireland


Dolphins owner Stephen Ross hasn’t said anything since his team ended its season by failing to make it to the playoffs yet again.  Ross could soon be saying plenty.

According to the Associated Press, Ross will resume discussions Thursday regarding potential changes to his team.  Regarded to be in the gravest of danger are offensive coordinator Mike Sherman and G.M. Jeff Ireland.

Coach Joe Philbin likely will be back for a third season, but that’s currently not a certainty, per the report.

The team could have advanced to the playoffs for the first time in five years by beating the Jets on Sunday. But the Dolphins lost at home to end the season, with an outing so ugly that Ross reportedly “became so upset he turned away at one point because he could no longer watch.”

Sherman becomes the obvious fall guy on the coaching staff, given the performance of the offense.  But with Philbin earning the job based on his performance as an offensive coordinator, there’s a chance the pink slips will flow one level higher.

As to Ireland, Ross inherited the G.M. when purchasing the team from Wayne Huizenga.  While plenty of General Managers get fired after the football season ends, the challenge in replacing them becomes finding someone who is able to hit the ground sprinting, given that important decisions need to be made quickly regarding current players, free agency, and the draft.

Looming over the team’s ongoing ability to win consistently is the Jonathan Martin/Richie Incognito saga.  When Ross addressed the situation during a November press conference, he gushed about Philbin and barely mentioned Ireland’s name.  This fueled speculation that Philbin would stay and Ireland would go.

On Thursday, Ross could be saying Ireland’s name more than a few times, for entirely different reasons.

40 responses to “Report: Ross could be firing Sherman, Ireland

  1. Doesn’t matter who the coach is or GM.

    It’s still at best second place team again next year!

  2. Im surprised they havent been yet. They created a circus and mismanaged their talent.

    How are you gonna split reps between lamar miller and daniel thomas straight down the middle? How are you gonna not find ways to get mike wallace 1on1 on deep routes?

    The circus problems werent 100% on them, but their hands are far from clean and they didnt handle the situation very well since.

  3. If this is true then good riddance to Ireland, that guy sucks and seems like an ahole on top of it.
    Never was a fan of Mike Sherman either, he had no clue how to use Reggie Bush in the passing game last year and played Daniel Thomas as the 3rd down back over him. It was as if the guy never watched Reggie Bush play with the Saints. Also, his tenure as Packers’ head coach was pretty awful. Not sure why this guy was highly regarded when we got him.

  4. I have seen store mannequins with more energy and leadership skills than Philbin. He must GO.

    Hire Ken Whisenhunt. Read his resume and look at his work in SD this year. He is 51 yrs old and ready to roll.

  5. I guess sherman gave the low character order for low character richie incognito to toughen up Jonathan Martin.

    I figured it was turner since he was richie incognito’s position coach… but… I guess it makes sense that it was sherman (since offensive coordinators get pissed at everybody when the quarterback is getting sacked 3.6 times per game – 58 sacks for the season).

    I still have a feeling it’s going to be ireland and turner who get chopped.

  6. I understand that Miami had the 27th ranked offense in the NFL… but… I think sherman is safe unless he is guilty of giving low character richie incognito the order to “toughen up” Janathan Martin.

    The injuries to TE Dustin Keller, WR Armon Binns, WR Brandon Gibson… and… having no real running back (with no real receiving ability) on the roster hamstrung the offense more than sherman.

    If sherman survives the cut… I will reinstate capitalization privileges to him (due to the inference that he didn’t order the “code red”.

  7. Bye bye, Jeff. If you feel the door hit you in the butt on the way out, don’t look back – it may actually be my boot, and I’ll be winding up for another shot!

  8. When my cat screws up I toss him into the bathtub.

    He learns his lesson really quick. I can’t fire my cat.

  9. Sherman becomes the obvious fall guy on the coaching staff, given the performance of the offense.

    Sorry, but buck starts and stops at the top….the HC. Fire ’em all and let the NFL sort ’em out.

  10. Ireland has had more than enough time to have proven himself, and he has clearly failed, both in the draft and in free agency. He should be a no-brainer. Firing Sherman and not Philbin is a cop-out, considering that Philbin is the one who kept ordering Sherman to abandon the run. Philbin has proven what I said when they hired him: he is unqualified to be a head coach. Not only did he have no head coaching experience, he was never even a coordinator or a position coach! And clearly he is not a leader. My biggest concern, though, is who comes next. Ross has surrounded himself with losers and wanna-be’s, and I’m afraid he may dig us into an even deeper hole in the future. We miss you Joe Robbie!

  11. Get rid of Coyle too Mr. Ross… Miami needs a D-coordinator that won’t play soft zone all game and that’s not afraid to blitz.

  12. Everyone must go! Philbin was responsible for the last two losses. You can’t keep the HC and get a new GM. Everyone must go.

  13. Ireland has to go. From the well publicized lack of contributions of this year’s draft class to the mismanagement of building the offensive line to the disaster in choosing Ellerbe/Wheeler vs Dansby/Burnett.

    Get a GM in here (Pioli?) and let him decide about the coaching staff.

    Ireland hits on late draft/undrafted players but whiffs too many times in rounds 1 thru 4.

  14. Until the new GM comes in and says “Wait, Philbin isn’t my guy” and all of a sudden we’re starting from scratch again. I’d have to think the job(s) would be inviting to people though. Young team that is pretty close to winning. An owner who is hands off except for writing big checks when asked to. Or maybe I’m just blindly hoping that is the case. Either way.

  15. Firing Sherman is a bad idea, but only because Ross shouldn’t be the one doing it. Philbin needs to fire Sherman. And if Philbin doesn’t want to fire Sherman, then Ross can fire Philbin. Owners who profess to stay out of football issues don’t fire coordinators.

  16. Some teams have to be the Washington Generals, Miami might as well stay as one of them. Keep everybody, fire everybody it doesn’t matter.

  17. The answer is simple, fire Ireland, bring in a new GM ASAP so that he can decide with the rest of the zoo. If the new GM says they go they go and he can bring in his own guy (these guys all know each other anyways) and we start from scratch except this time we have a promising young QB that in the right system could prove to be good enough to lead this time into and through the playoffs, like Flacco and Rothlisburger before him, he may not be elite but I’m certain in the right system he can get it done.

  18. Ireland has got to go. Each year his stupid decisions make the team worse. No matter what next year will be no better than this year. So just go ahead and fire them all and start over!

  19. Fire Ireland today, hire Bill Polian tomorrow (write him a blank check), and tell him to do whatever the heck he wants to. (And he’ll fire everybody and start over, might even fire the trainer!)

  20. Owner Stephen Ross will look into everything with no one being safe but he will do nothing to correct the bad player evaluations (Ireland, GM) and the simple offense that scored one TD in two important games. (Sherman, OC)

  21. They all should go:

    Ireland has had 6 seasons and the net progress on the team is zero… in fact net position talent is at an all time low during his tenure.

    Sherman has shown shocking ineptitude…. the O doesn’t get the star receivers out as a threat, doesn’t block, and doesn’t close in the red zone.

    Coyle (the DC) has also shown shocking ineptitude. How many times did the Phins go into the 3rd or 4th quarter this year on a 1 or 2 score lead and start playing prevent / playing not to lose…. and blowing it… if your D is playing not to lose, you’ll lose 75% of the games.

    Philbin was a great Assistant, but he’s not a great leader… you don’t see him leading the team with any emotion whatsoever. The guy doesn’t have to be like Madden out there, but he has to get the team moving, and he doesn’t do that.

    The Tannehill experiment is clearly over. When it counts, he is NEVER on target. How many times did we see him under or overthrow Wallace or Hartline this year when the game was on the line. He isn’t doing the reads, he isn’t helping his horrible line out by getting the ball out fast. He was a marginal chance to be a franchise guy in the first place. After two seasons, it’s clear now that he isn’t.

    It’s time to clean house.

  22. I truly hope they keep Ireland, Sherman and provide them both with contract extensions. They deserve the recognition for all the success and positive impact they’ve had on this organization.

    Said no one ever…

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