Report: Todd Bowles will interview with Browns on Friday


Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is scheduled to interview with the Browns on Saturday and the Browns will fill some of the hours until then by meeting with another candidate for their head coaching job.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles will interview with the team on Friday. Cleveland’s interest in talking to Bowles was reported earlier this week, but there was a report that he might choose to pass up the opportunity. By interviewing Bowles, the Browns will satisfy the requirements of the Rooney Rule.

Bowles oversaw a very good Cardinals defense in 2013 that finished the year sixth in the NFL in yards allowed and seventh in points allowed. Bowles finished the 2012 season as the defensive coordinator in Philadelphia after Juan Castillo was fired and spent the final three games of the 2011 season as the Dolphins’ interim coach after Tony Sparano was fired. Bowles is also reportedly a candidate to replace Leslie Frazier in Minnesota.

Bowles and McDaniels will join Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn on the list of interviews conducted by the Browns.

39 responses to “Report: Todd Bowles will interview with Browns on Friday

  1. 2 things. The Rooney rule is a joke with the way it’s applied.

    Also, do they have a picture of him after he left the Dolphins?

  2. Rooney Rule interview: So hey, you were an assistant coach on a team last season

    Bowles: Yes

    Browns: Well thank you , we’ll definitely take that into consideration.

    What a joke. Just like Horton last season the guy is interviewing to be the defensive coordinator Banner forces on whomever the new coach is.

  3. The browns have a defense.they need an offensive minded coach. Posted that last year. Ya gonna make me post it again next year?
    Clue one= weeden isn’t the answer
    Clue two= draft an awesome running back
    Clue three= keep the new coach longer then ten months

  4. If I were a coach, I would hate being interviewed just so a team could meet a regulation. Teams are going to hire who they want so don’t force them to interview someone just based on race.

    On a side note, Todd Bowles is a good coach and should get a chance somewhere.

  5. It makes sense they’d interview Bowles, as they may have to interview hundreds of people to get someone to take the HC job in Cleveland.

  6. Why does the guy even bother? This interview is window dressing. The shame is, the guy would probably make a good coach….which is exactly why Cleveland will hire someone else. What a bunch of losers. Keep those 4 win seasons coming Browns.

  7. It’s good to see Todd getting another opportunity after that train wreck he inherited in Philly, not even Dick Lebeau could helped that mess.

  8. I never get too excited about interviews until the Rooney guy has been interviewed. No any interview after this could be the next HC. Chud got screwed so I’m pretty sure the next HC is going to be under a lot of scrutiny from us Browns fans.

  9. Note to the Browns: Stop hiring our Defensive Coordinators they will not get you a Cardinals Defense, having physical freaks like Calais Campbell and Daryll Washington on your team will.

  10. A coach who was hired for the top job several years ago (name and team I have forgotten) said every interview he had before then (and there had been a number over several years) taught him something about what teams were looking for and how to present his own skills in the best possible way. His advice was to take every interview offer that comes your way–its the best preparation for the job interview you really want. Pretty good advice.

  11. If he is a serious candidate, they better ask him the tough questions like “How will you deal with one of your team leaders always eating lunch in his car?”

  12. The Rooney Rule, for all it’s good intent, is a joke. They’ll interview him Friday, then announce McDaniels hiring Saturday afternoon. Who are they trying to fool?

  13. Todd, run! The HC job at your alma mater was a better opportunity than the Browns job.

    Call me from the airport and say thanks but no thanks…

    Then get someone in DC to wake up and invite you to interview for your BFL team as a player…

  14. I agree w/ many that the way teams apply the Rooney Rule is laughable. However, the intentions are great w/ the initial construct of the rule.

    Steeler Nation believed the job (after Cowher retired) belonged to either Coach Whisenhunt or Coach Grimm. Everyone, and I even mean beat writer Ed Bouchette of the PPG (who is as glued in to the team as anyone), felt that Tomlin was an interview to satisfy the rule.

    His initial interview was a grand slam and he immediately became the favorite to the organization.

  15. I look forward to the day when the only rule anyone follows is “interview well deserving people and then hire the best one”

  16. I wonder about the guys who are most likely interviewed to satisfy the Rooney Rule. Do some contemplate turning down the interview out of pride? I’m sure some look at it as an opportunity to seize the bull by the horns, that they’ll ace the interview and make the most of the chance. Other times I wonder if they receive some very off the books payments to help soothe their pride, especially when interviewing with a team that reportedly has already decided they want someone else tone their next head coach. Sure, that point of view is extremely cynical. However, it probably would be cheaper than paying a fine not to mention they avoid a PR hit (even if it was a small one).

    Anyways, I could accept anyone saying I’m being too cynical. I think it’s amusing when someone tells me I’m completely wrong because they have this idyllic view that their franchise doesn’t cheat like some franchises. To them I say two things: one, welcome to being an NFL fan since they probably came along during the massive fan boom of the last decade & they still have the child-like notion that their favorite sport is largely devoid of such wrongs which is part of what makes it better than a sport filled with cheating drug users (baseball) or better than an easier sport played by a few grossly overpaid stars & filled out by role players, all of whom are obviously lazier than NFL players (their view of the NBA). It’s funny the way they defend the greatness of the NFL, that their favorite sport just HAS to be worlds better than any other. My second comment to them would be that it’s cute that their child-like notion extends to their favorite franchise, that it is far more idealistic and fair & their wins are due to hard work and talent alone. Hey slick – cut it out. In a league where parity is king every team looks for every edge. If they’re reasonably certain they won’t get caught then they’ll try cheating, be it by sending spies to an opponent’s practice, trying to tap the in-stadium radio communications, stealing signs, signing FAs in season who were in camp with next week’s opponent just to pick their brain…I’ll tell you what, if my team isn’t doing these things and more whenever possible then they aren’t trying hard enough. As for the players, you really are a rube if you think your team’s players play fair and don’t use PEDs. Hell, I’m a big admirer of London Fletcher – undrafted out of a small college he worked hard and played every game, excelling most of the way, plus making a difference in the community. Still, I’m quite certain a judicial measure of PEDs played a part in keeping him healthy and in top shape in his later years. Now if that were actually proven most fans would turn against him because someone they admire couldn’t possibly have broken rules. My admiration wouldn’t change one iota.

    So call my thoughts on team paying minority candidates cynical if you will. Just don’t tell me I’m wrong with no logical basis whatsoever – if you can’t see any logic to what I’m saying you probably think your team is a paragon of fair play and truth & your favorite players are as virtuous as Superman as they battle the Lex Luthors across the league who cheat at every turn.

  17. Don’t do it TB !!! Stay with the Cards 1 more season, go to the playoffs and increase your stock.
    Ever hear anyone saying that they’re ” going to drop off the Browns at the super bowl” when they need the restroom ?!?!

  18. Just because the canidate is black doesn’t mean its to satisfy The Rooney Rule……Heres a thought, maybe they do like him as a possible HC

  19. A minority coach would want to get interviewwed to just to fulfill the Rooney rule so that their NAME and HEAD COACH are linked otgether for the future, if not for the immediate position.

    Is the rule a mistake? NO

    Could there be a better way for minority candidates to get recognized? Maybe…what is YOUR idea?

  20. They had the right guy with Chud and let him go after one year. Now when the new HC is horrible they’ll be force to keep him at least 3 years.

  21. Saying that this is only to satisfy the Rooney Rule is just lazy.

    He went from position coach, to interim defensive coordinator, to defensive coordinator of a top five defense in two seasons. The guy clearly has at least something to offer.

    If the Browns are looking for a structure where they have a strong personnel guy and a cap guy in the front office, you clearly can’t also have a coach that demands total roster control, like you KNOW McDaniels will. It makes far more sense to give an up and comer a shot at the head coaching position. If he’s able to make the most of the players he has, delegate responsibility among the assistant coaches and coordinators well, make smart game time decisions and keep his locker room on track, then he’s doing his job.

    An unproven, but quick minded young coach that relates well with their players is also going to get a much better shake in Cleveland. Chud ended up on the outs because he was supposed to be an offensive genius and didn’t see who the best quarterback was on his roster, couldn’t get anything out of a top five running back, and ended up pretty much relying on, “throw it deep and let Gordon go get it.” A defensive coach that hires the right OC to get enough points per game to win some games is going to get way more chances, so long as his defense continues producing.

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