Russell Wilson believes Percy Harvin is “ready to go”


Percy Harvin was back on the practice field Thursday for the first time since making his debut with the Seattle Seahawks against the Minnesota Vikings in November.

Harvin has been battling ongoing soreness in his surgically repaired hip that has kept him from practicing with the team. It appeared as though Harvin was much closer to landing on injured reserve than returning to the practice field. However, head coach Pete Carroll made the announcement Monday that Harvin would practice with the team this week with the intention of being available for their playoff opener next Saturday.

After throwing with Harvin on Monday and working with him in practice on Thursday, Russell Wilson feels like Harvin has a chance to play for the Seahawks.

“He’s ready to go I think, but we’ll see. You’ve got to listen to the trainers and Coach Carroll and how he’s feeling and that just adds another element to our game,” Wilson said. “If we can get Percy Harvin, he’s explosive as can be, he has a great knack for the game, he’s very physical, loves to just make big time plays. So if we can get him out there, that will be great if that’s the case.”

In his only game with Seattle this season, Harvin caught one pass for 17 yards and returned a kickoff 58 yards. He’s truly only practiced for one week since May with Seattle as he missed OTAs and offseason mini-camps as well with the hip injury that required surgery in August. He practiced the week leading up to the game against Minnesota before soreness following the game has kept him in the trainers’ room instead of on the practice field.

Seattle’s offense has struggled for most of the last month, particularly on third downs. If the Seahawks could get Harvin back for the playoffs, it could be the last piece Seattle needs to punch their ticket to the Super Bowl.

“We want him at a hundred percent,” Wilson said. “Whenever he’s ready to go, we want to make sure that Percy Harvin is ready to go. So if he is, man that’s something else. He can make a lot of plays for us.”

The Seahawks will host New Orleans if the Saints can knock off the Philadelphia Eagles this weekend. If the Eagles win, Seattle will play either the San Francisco 49ers or Green Bay Packers in the divisional round.

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  1. And yet somewhere, people actually believe the Vikings “got the better of the trade”.

    We’ll see. That Cordarrelle Patterson kid is pretty good, but Xavier Rhodes and Sharrif Floyd are underwhelming, which is no surprise. Rick Spielman shouldn’t be expected to draft well after taking Christian Ponder in round 1.

    Hawks made a longterm investment in Percy Harvin. It remains to be seen if it will pan out, but this asinine belief that Vikings ‘robbed’ the Seahawks is laughable.

  2. Harvin has not lived up to the draft picks Seattle paid out…Yet.If he can help put them in the Superbowl it will be worth it.If not it was a bust.Superbowl or bust.

  3. Patriots fan here but always loved seeing Percy make plays when he was healthy on the Vikings. He definitely came back too soon in order to get a revenge game in against the Vikings. Should have taken the extra rest and saved it for the playoffs in my opinion.

  4. We really need him right now. There’s no more time to “save him for the playoffs”, this is it. One and done. And that is completely possible with the teams loaded up in the NFC. My first choice is the Saints without a doubt. They can beat them twice. Everyone else is dangerous. Damn it’s gonna be some good playoffs this year.

  5. Harvin is an extraordinary talent and all fans of football would love to see him playing but the question is, even if he gets on the field can he remain healthy? It isn’t going to do the Seahawks much good if he plays in the divisional round and they win but his hip thing flares up again and he’s out for the NFC Championship and/or potentially the Superb Owl.

  6. Having Harvin back would be great, but let’s not forget that the Seahawks had an amazing season even without him. His biggest asset is the ability to draw double coverage and get the other receivers some breathing room. Should be great either way. Go Hawks!

  7. You know friends, sometimes it’s best to sit back, relax and tone it down a bit. After reading this fine article, I have decided to temporarily change my global outlook.

    Is it fair Russell Wilson plays for the Seahawks?

    Is it fair he resides in the same division as the glorious King of the NFL?

    Is it remotely fair he lacks talent in all 3 spatial dimensions compared to the potentate of SF?

    I like Russell Wilson but I am overcome with great trepidation, when I think about the King of Kings, Colin Kaepernick stepping foot onto Centurylink field, a few short weeks from today.

    For I and the rest of 49er Nation already know of King Kaepernick’s unforgiving wrath!

  8. Every time I think of Percy playing for the Seahawks I start to laugh and grin outrageously big …
    I truly believe Pete played possum with Percy harvin, his injury or lack of explanations or whatever updates we got really made me believe he was headed to IR most hawk fans were past him playing this year including myself … Now it seems they played us for the fool and likes my prognosticators said the hawks might hold him out til playoffs i thought that was rediculous and I thought they were nuts… Now it seems that’s exactly what happened and the Seahawks were still able to grab the best record in the nfl despite never peaking offensively ..( show me a game outside of NO that the hawks were absolutely dominated or showed signs of peaking ?)

    Now he’s back for the run at the SB and it feels amazing although the offense has struggled some a bit lately they’ve also played 3 top 7 defenses in 4 weeks , that would make any teams offense struggle .. Now with his shot in the arm energy I truly believe the Seahawks are the class of the nfl .. His presence opens up soo much for a team that was missing their top 2 wr and still managed to have a top 7 offense . With him back it’s going to be fun to watch teams struggle to score even a couple
    Times against our defense and see atleast those running lanes spread a little more ..

    Fun times as a hawk fan . No one will win in the clink wait until you see the energy the stadium brings this next game … Going to be major trouble …

    Hawks tickets are like 500-700 each, the hawks captured what many teams lack a true fan experience that Beats at home TV games . The excitement of being their ,the pride and the fun we have at games should be emulated if possible.. Football in game experience is not dead if the teams pay respect to fans like Seattle does .. We fill it’s our obligation to the team and community to be their and be proud and loud …

  9. Ain’t gonna be any playing around this year people! A real window has opened for Seattle. The band wagons are filling up! Jump on! Jump off! We don’t care! Heading to new York! I love that the public hates us the most! Hate all you want! I’ll be waving back in the parade

  10. This trade is already a bust for the Hawks!

    They lost a 1st, 3rd, and 7th round pick for a guy they paid $14 million this year alone, caught 1 pass all year, and has never played a full 16 game season.


  11. Even the Percy/Seahawk haters must admit that a healthy Harvin just in time for home field advantage in the playoffs is bad news for the other NFC contenders.

  12. It will be Saints at Seahawks. Philly and their NFC East title is short-lived. Nice run with a new coach, Philly, but you won’t be breaking that zero SB trophy streak this year.

  13. Location: Percy Harvin’s Apartment. Percy is sipping an iced tea and flipping channels. The phone rings.

    Percy: Hello?
    Pete Carroll: Percy, it’s Pete.
    Percy: hey Coach.
    PC: So, uh, Percy, you know we’ve been pretty conservative with your hip, and uh, just want to get a sense for where things stand now.
    Percy: (yawning) yeah, I thought it was going real well, but then I was stretching getting out of the tub this morning, and, ah, I don’t know…maybe by February.
    PC: Well Percy, the playoffs arrive now. In January.
    Percy: so?
    PC: so I think we’re going to have to put you on IR. I need a 53-man roster to compete. Not 52.
    Percy (sitting up straight): you know, all of a sudden, it feels great!
    PC: amazing that that could happen so fast. Miracles, man. Miracles.

  14. !-YAY!!

    2-Ok so like we played the Cardinals, Niners and Rams 3 of the last 4 games and the only thing said is that the Hawks struggled on O? Last time I checked those were all top 10 D’s. I think we can give those teams some credit after all thier O’s scored 19 (49ers) , 17 (AZ) and 9 (Rams) against our D. In the end we split with 12-4 SF, 10-6 AZ and swept 7-9 SL. Thats good against this division and if we do play the Niners its not gona be a 35-34 score we all know that.

  15. haha right.. if he plays he won’t play much. If he succeeds he’ll be looking for a new contract next season. Dude has MVP level talent but is made of glass and has T.O.’s ego.

  16. Don’t be naïve. The Harvin has been engaged in light running and weights for many weeks. Carroll isn’t going to let Percy play in any games unless he could tolerate a load of stress over time. No coach is going to let anyone play with only 1 or 2 weeks or work under his belt. If Percy plays, he’s ready and he’s shown it over time with Pete.

  17. “Seattle’s offense has struggled for most of the last month, particularly on third downs.”

    Because that’s when you need a real QB, not a media produced QB.

  18. Or as I like to call him…Percy ‘Show No Mercy’ Harvin. They’ll be tough to beat with him in the lineup.

  19. Since Frazier was booted in MN, some light was shed on Percy’s departure by one eyewitness in the local media.

    After a practice he chased Frazier into his office, screaming the entire way about Ponder’s inept play. Minutes later they both emerged. Percy left, and Frazier gathered the team and said roughly, “Anyone who doesn’t want to be on this team is free to leave right now.”

    Percy had a point, Ponder is bad, but I’ll take Cordarrelle Patterson over that gimp any day. Hope Russell can maintain.

  20. People incorrectly think since Vikings drafted 3 1st round picks that was Seattle’s trade. It was the 25th pick (Rhodes) and 7th round pick who is on their practice squad. The final pick will be a 3rd rounder next year.

    So much hate towards Percy, I must tell you that you’re clueless. Seahawks vs Vikings this weekend their players had nothing but great things to say about Harvin (Allen & All Day) Matter of fact Percy was chatting with GM and former coach before the game. Behind closed doors he had negative things to say about Ponder. Like all Viking fans haven’t been saying the same for 3 years? They actually took Josh Freeman off the street and suited him up on National TV with less than a week of practice the need at QB was so bad.

    Seahawk players and coaches love the guy. If he is ready to go for the playoffs which by what I have read is almost certain he’s a game changer. Exciting time to be a Hawk fan. Hate and envy from other teams is priceless!

  21. Harvin is NOT coming back this year. Carroll is just messing with the other teams, making them prepare for Harvin “just in case”.

    All teams do this. Harvin is simply a decoy.

  22. Percy doesn’t have to do a lot. His speed on the field won’t allow defenses to stack the box.

    Lynch will run wild and Tate will be waving “bye, bye” on his way to the zone…

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