Surprise: Peyton Manning named AFC offensive player of month


He’s been good every month. But Peyton Manning was great in December.

In a warm-up for bigger awards to come,  Manning was named AFC offensive player of the month.

His stats for the month are mind-boggling, completing 145-of-214 passes (67.8 percent) for 1,755 yards with 19 touchdowns and three interceptions, for a passer rating of 116.5. Amazingly, that included a loss, though the Broncos still clinched the top seed in the AFC playoffs.

He also set the league’s all-time records for passing yards and touchdowns in a season.

It’s the eighth time he’s won a player of the month award, the most of any player. Four of them have come since joining the Broncos. The guys tied for second with six of them you may have heard of — Tom Brady, Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, Barry Sanders, Bruce Smith and Steve Young.

14 responses to “Surprise: Peyton Manning named AFC offensive player of month

  1. That was 100% a backward pass. he threw it at the 0 of the 50 and decker caught it behind the whole 50 marker.
    Peyton should have come out in the 3rd quarter and threw for 20+ more yards as it was a huge risk leaving it so close.

  2. Haters….since SPYGATE no rings for Brady and in reality no one has dominated with multiple titles. Please don’t say Big Ben, he’s good not great and not in the same caliber as Manning. The rest have one just like Peyton. MINUS the MVP’s and all the yards & TD’s…

  3. If Cutler is worth 18 mil a season….Manning should be getting 60 mill…
    Cutler is maybe the most over paid qb in the league….except for Flynn who turned one good game into about 25 mil.

    If the Broncos D plays even mid-grade Manning will get them to the SB and may just win it !

  4. I am so bored with Peyton Manning right now. OK, we get it, he’s amazing. Breaking TD and yards records. snoooooze. I’d love to see him try to put up those numbers against an NFC West defense. AFC defenses are a joke.

  5. lmao it should have been jamal Charles, he is by far the Most Valuable Player in the nfl. he has put in way more work than anyone in football. look at the stats. and he didnt even play the last game haha. but peyton enjoy it while your playing golf with the owner of Papa Johns in about a week and a half

  6. Can we stop pretending Manning isn’t all about personal glory? How many games did he stay in long after the outcome was decided? “Screw the team if I get hurt in garbage time, I have records to chase, stats to pad.” Can we just dispense with the standard Manning worship that he is all about winning and the team? If he really cares about winning the Super Bowl, why wouldn’t he get out of some of those blowouts earlier and avoid unnecessary risk of injury? Already has the TD record, but he hangs around the Raider blowout long enough to pick up the passing yardage record.

  7. this can only mean the proper player is going to get offensive player of the year, Nick Foles..

    and that’s the right player, that dood has played the best 8 games of any QB EVER, you have to watch him play to grasp the full gravity of the situation, he elevates the level of play around him to a level never seen in sports..

    Amazing and I’m a Hawks fan so no bias here..

    plus Hawks will make quick work of he ol man before the seasons over, relegate him to “has been of the year”.. *wink*

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