Vikings deny Falcons request to interview Jeff Davidson


The Vikings don’t have a head coach, but they’re hanging onto their old assistants, just in case the next guy wants them.

According to Alex Marvez of FOX Sports, the Vikings denied the Falcons’ request for permission to interview offensive line coach Jeff Davidson.

The Falcons cleared out both line coaches, and they’re familiar with Davidson’s work, as he was previously the Panthers offensive coordinator.

Davidson’s a respected position coach, and the Falcons clearly need an upgrade there. But at the moment, the Vikings are sitting on his rights, likely until they decide who the head coach will be.

While that means Davidson still has a year of a guaranteed contract remaining, it’s still an unfair position to put him in, as he’s blocked from an opportunity that might be filled when the Vikings make their final decision.

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  1. Yep. It’s business. Welcome to the business world. If you have a contract with your employer, then it’s valid until the conditions are met. Just because it’s a sport doesn’t make it any different.

  2. If it is nothing more than a lateral move from Minnesota to Atlanta, I can understand them not giving permission. However, Ziggy & Co. better have given Davidson a guarantee that he will have a spot in the new regime because if the new HC in Minnesota cuts him loose, it’s a real scummy thing for the Vikings to do to him. By the time a new HC is put in place in Minnesota, a large portion of vacancies – especially assistant vacancies where teams have returning HCs – will be filled. If Davidson is not promised a job under the new HC there’s a good chance that he will be without a job in 2014 all because Ziggy wouldn’t give Atlanta permission to interview Davidson. Not cool, bro, not cool.

  3. More times than not, the new coaches want to bring their own guys in.that’s pretty weak, but Idk what else too expect from the Vikings.

    Why be surprised. They drafted a first round WR that can’t run routes, and use a top 15 picks on a QB that can’t throw.

  4. Isn’t this why they sign contracts? They’re not keeping him from anything he didn’t sign on to. Wouldn’t it be kind of dumb to do anything differently? I mean why just give a guy, (whom you think is good), away? Um, duh.

  5. Are you people really this inattentive? It says right in the story that he has a GUARANTEED contract, which means even if he does get fired, he still gets paid, whether he gets another job or not. We should all be so lucky as this guy you want us to feel bad for.

  6. Since it’s a lateral move, teams can deny the request. That’s is why the Seahawks can’t deny requests from teams asking for Bevell and Quinn to be a HC because it would be a step up. Teams still ask for permission, though, out of courtesy.

  7. If you are going to insist on the stability of a multi-year contract, you take the good with the bad.

    He signed a contract to be employed for a certain amount of years by the Vikings and/or be paid by them if they fired him. In exchange, he gives up the right to leave for other jobs. Period.

    Since he is such a “respected position coach” the Vikings may consider having him under contract to be a selling point to potential coaching candidates.

    Whatever their reason is, they are acting within their rights.

  8. First we don’t know if this guy would see it as a better move than he has in Minny. Hey he has a pro bowl linemen and several top linemen, why go to another team to do the same job unless its a ton o money more, and the Vikes may match it anyways.

  9. Holy you-know-what! The Falcons are so desperate that they want coaches from the Vikings? Meek Smith & Thomas Dumb-itoff are good for laughs.
    Don’t worry Failcants fans. With a third place schedule next year you’ll probably finish with a number one seed in the NFC playoffs and we all know how that will turn out.

  10. Darin Ganttt said about 6 years ago, that Jeff Davidson would be a head coach in the NFL within 2 years. That didn’t work out to good did it Ganttt?

  11. If it means getting rid of the that ridiculous zone blocking scheme hand him over for FREE, Musgrave brought it over from Atlanta and they can have it back.

  12. This is bad karma, at least let the guy talk to the Falcons. Chances are highly likely the new head coach will want to hire his own staff so that he can fail on his own terms.

    There is a concept in this world called, “doing right by somebody” and the Vikings just don’t seem to realize that you can’t go 53 years and never win a Superbowl without making dumb front office decisions. OK, this isn’t as bad as having 2 draft choices in the first round and passing by A. Rodgers but it still qualifies as dumb.

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