Bengals announce sell-out, keeping all Wild Card games on TV


The NFL’s effort to maximize the in-stadium experience/extort the ticket-buying public now has a clean sweep.

The Bengals announced that Sunday’s playoff game against the Chargers was sold out, via Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Along with the Colts and Packers, the NFL will now have all its playoff games on in local markets, after last-minute land-rushes by desperate fans, and corporate “partners” picking up the slack at the last minute.

It will be interesting to see how fans react the next time such dire proclamations about potential blackouts come up, given the fact that sponsors bought up many of the last tickets to guarantee the games would be broadcast locally.

There’s more than a little “boy who cried wolf” at work, and many fans who bought this week to sit in some ridiculous conditions (especially in Green Bay) ought to feel like they’ve been more than a little suckered.

It’ll be interesting to see how many decide to eat the cost of the ticket, figuring it’s less than the cost of a deductible for hypothermia.

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  1. I’ve been a Bengals season ticket holder since 1992 (Dave Shula’s 1st season). I’ve paid to see a lot of REALLY bad football. The Bengals require that you purchase playoffs tickets for two home games even though they are only guaranteed one home game. Any excess will be applied to next season’s ticket bill. NO THANKS. In my case that $800+ for two club seats. #HighDef #FlatScreen #Warm

  2. What person buys a ticket so somebody else can watch it at home on TV?

    Nobody has been suckered. It’s a threat that has all do to with advertising dollars and nothing to do with the public.

  3. People keep asking me if im going to Kroger to get my set of Veterans tickets. Niners are not playing in Cincy so i do not care. #NoOnehasitbetter

  4. Glad it’s a sale out… Already bought my ticket but after seeing the weather I’d be lying if I don’t admit a certain part of me is dreading sitting in the 300’s praying my beer doesn’t freeze up before I can drink it…

  5. I think we can all understand Green Bay needing some help to sell out but Indy in a dome and Cincy with OK weather is no excuse. Good job guys. Keep that bandwagon rollin from your couch.

  6. Contradict much?

    Is the league “extorting” fans or are we suckers for buying the tickets?

    Wait, are we suckers if we buy tickets or bad fans if we don’t?

    And the weather sucks here in Cincinnati. It was 0° when I got to work this morning, but it is a balmy 16° now.

  7. “There’s more than a little “boy who cried wolf” at work, and many fans who bought this week to sit in some ridiculous conditions (especially in Green Bay) ought to feel like they’ve been more than a little suckered”

    You know, I’m beginning to think that the writers on this site don’t actually like football as much as they like crapping on it and it’s fans for the sake of page hits.

    The ridiculous conditions you site, are for a NFL Playoff Game. We may be a dwindling bunch, but some of us would rather sit in Hellish conditions at a live game, than sit at home watching it on the big screen.

    At home, you’re a casual spectator. In the stands, you’re an integral part of the game, just ask any QB that’s had a delay of game penalty because of crowd noise.

  8. That won’t happen in Minny because the fans know and have known that there is a corporate entity out there that picks up the unsold tickets to guarantee the game is on.
    I think it was Pillsbury that had a written contract to buy them all for like 10 years but it ended a few years ago and wasn’t renewed. Now I believe the TV stations buy them up because they do not want to lost the local advertising.

  9. You people are all nuts. It’s not the money, it’s the game. I just feel lucky to be able to get playoff tickets. I’ve been a season ticket holder since 1978 and haven’t been to that many playoff games. I’ll go on Sunday and come back for the championship game if it’s in Cincy. Who Dey?

  10. I know this is just absolutely killing all those Ravens/Steelers haters!! You guys enjoy the couch and stay warm…lord knows your teams couldn’t!
    Not you Dey!

  11. I honestly was content to watch the game on my couch or even drive 90+ miles if it hadn’t sold out. But when your old man calls and asks you to go to a game of which we hadn’t been at a game together in more than a decade, you buy a couple tix and enjoy that moment…


  12. The “who dey” movement is nothing but a sad ripoff taken from a successful New Orleans team.

    And FYI you sound just as stupid as you should in saying it.

    You do realize the whole concept is based a bunch of uneducated people who can’t pronounce the world correctly right?

    Hope your WHO DEY qb puts up numbers like last week.

  13. Sorry aldante, but I think we all know that there is a much better reason why this won’t happen in Minny.

  14. shaunypoo says:
    Jan 3, 2014 3:39 PM
    Wait, are we suckers if we buy tickets or bad fans if we don’t?

    The correct answer is: “whatever makes Bengals fans look bad”

  15. Chargerdillon needs a history lesson. who dey was well before the saints who DAT

    At least look up history before you make up history.

    Who dey was chanted in the freezer bowl of 1982.

  16. Chargerdillon if you are going to spout off make sure you do your research. Who Dey started in 1981 and Who Dat in 1982 but didn’t really catch on until 1986!!

  17. Who-dat? or Who-dey?

    Depends on where your from, and who you root for.

    I think it is a ‘Nawlins thing, just maybe not used
    as widespread for the Saints as it was for OTHER
    Louisiana sports teams before them.

  18. I think the local blackout rule is stupid. If the NFL didn’t have NFL Redzone they wouldn’t be having this problem. I would also rather sit on my coach where it’s warm and watch the game on my high definition flat screen instead of going to a NFL game where I’m going to freeze.

  19. Steelers88 not everyone is
    Man enough to brave the cold, drink many beers and eat greasy, delicious foods and then go cheer on their team in less than desirable weather. Bengals fans do
    This on a regular basis however, so enjoy your view from the couch and start thinking about who them steelers will draft while we’re playing in the postseason.

  20. Whodat cheer followed Dalton Hilliard from LSU to the Saints AFTER Whodey chants had derived originally from long-standing Hudepohl beer vendors in Cincy stadiums yelling “Get ya ice cold Huuuudey heeeaaah!”

    In review, the Bengals’ use of their own signature cheer came first & was independently derived & NOT patterned on the Saints’ cheer (which only came to them after the drafting of Dalton Hilliard, who previously inspired the Whodat cheer while at LSU BEFORE becoming a Saint), use of which BY THE SAINTS coming only after Cincy’s had previously been established

  21. Also … mid-20s & snow/sleet is NOT all that hard of football weather to deal with inb attendance either … staying DRY is the ticket so poncho/rain gear over layers works just fine (be sure to keep your feet dry)

    This will mark my own 111th consecutive regular season/playoff attendance at PBS by the way …

  22. I agree that its disgraceful to use Who Dey. That’s too close to Who Dat of the Saints. Come on guy, I realize you are not accustomed to the limelight but, get your own saying.. what next? Get a touchdown and do Cruz’s Salsa Dance?

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