Bill Cowher: It’s highly unlikely I’ll take a coaching job

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Despite rampant speculation that he could return to the sidelines, former Steelers coach Bill Cowher doesn’t see himself taking an NFL coaching job.

Cowher said on CBS This Morning that he plans to continue working on television for the foreseeable future.

“I’ve never closed the door,” Cowher said. “But it’s highly unlikely any time in the near future you’ll see me coach.”

Cowher has sent mixed signals in the past about whether he wants to return to coaching, and he said “never say never” today when talking about the possibility that he’ll return. That suggests that he might come back some day, if the right opportunity arises.

But the right opportunity is apparently not in Washington: A day after General Manager Bruce Allen said he hadn’t contacted Cowher, Cowher confirmed that.

“There’s nothing to that. I was never contacted by the Washington Redskins,” Cowher said.

Some day, some team might contact Cowher at a time when he has the itch to return, with an opportunity that sounds too good to pass up. But Cowher doesn’t sound like that day will be any time soon.

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  1. Now you know that he is interested and talking to people. It seems that when it comes to head coaches either College or Pro, if they say they are staying put, not going anywhere, or haven’t discussed going somewhere they typically are.

    Saban, O’Brien, and Petrino are some good examples.

  2. Mayhew make the call! What can it hurt? The Lions NEED someone the players will respect.

  3. Let me start off by saying that I’m a Steelers fan and have a lot of respect for Coach Cowher.

    That being said… The only way he’s ever going to come back (and I don’t think he will) is if he could get a big contract, come in and be allowed to bring in all of his guys, and has complete control over the roster. There’s also been rumors in the past he’d like to already have a good QB on the roster.

    The chances of all of those dots connecting is unlikely.

    And why throw a ton of money at a big name like Bill Cowher? Who knows if he’s even still got it?

    Most teams would rather sign a young, hungry guy than the big name for a ton of cash. How’d it work out for the Redskins?

  4. While he is probably better than the latest and greatest coordinator flavor of the month – he has been away so long he is serious retread material.
    I am sure he is happy doing what he is doing – but if the right team offered him 5yrs/30-35m – it would be pretty tough to turn that down.

  5. You know he is waiting for Carolina to open up. Rivera just happened to turn things around after the 1-3 start. That bought him another season or 2.

  6. Why would he leave that cushy studio job where he makes a fortune (but does have to sit next to a couple buffoons in Sharpe and Esiason – I guess for that much I’d tolerate them also) for a job filled with stress, moronic players, idiotic reporters asking dumb questions and probably more losses than he is used to?

    Although by the time he does decide to coach again, his offers might be a tad lower.

  7. Im surprised teams
    haven’t reached out to Jimmy Johnson about becoming their GM.That guy and he alone built that Cowboy dynasty in the 90s.

  8. Cowher will not consider a return to the NFL until Tomlin’s contract expires after two more seasons.

  9. Phil Simms told me a few years ago he didn’t think cowher would leave the studio as he has become very comfortable being on tv. I thought he was covering for his buddy, now I can see he was telling the truth.

  10. Why would he? He’s earning millions by sitting in a studio working a couple days a week than staying awake 20 hours a day game planning. He’s comfortable and not getting younger. Great coach, but why stress your body to the edge?

  11. I don’t believe he will coach again unless he sees a team that is poised to win a Superbowl within a year. I’m sure he doesn’t want to have to rebuild or spend time wiping whinny players behinds. He will probably never coach again. #stayintheannouncersbooth

  12. I don’t think he has the fire in his belly anymore, and why would he. He did the 7 days a week, 18 hours a day for a long time and won the big one. At the same time, his wife got ill and died young. He more than most, knows the cost of that type of commitment, the cost of putting off time with your loved ones. If he is making a decent living, I have a hard time seeing him go for the coaching livestyle.

  13. Good. The guy was/is burned out. I think folks who suggest that the Lions or any other team “back up the truck” and give Cowher complete control of an NFL team have lost their minds. The guy has zero experience in the front office. No billionaire would make a reckless decision like that.

  14. I’ve said it for years – Cowher’s perfect job is waiting for him when Dick LeBeau retires.

    What better way to spend your time than to innovate new defenses in Pittsburgh, and then walk into the Hall of Fame as a former player, Head Coach, and DC – just like LeBeau did.

  15. I believe NYG/Jets is the only job he would want – if any job. Maybe Redskins, we will see….

  16. Everyone knows he wants the Carolina job, maybe even go back to the Steelers when Tomlin gets the boot

  17. Bill Cowher would never coach for Dan Snyder! He has to have full control! And Snyder treats the Skins like a little boy with a toy!

  18. Cowher is perilously close to never getting a phone call about an NFL head coaching job again. And I think he is just fine with that.

  19. The reality is someday the networks will replace him with someone fresher. They always do. Every 10 years we get a new generation of fans who don’t know or remember the guys sitting at the desk. They solve that be rotating them out in favor of newer ex-players and coaches. Cowher won’t be any different.

    The goal is to optimize his TV deal without losing street cred with the league for his coaching. I am sure if the “wind of irrelevance” starts blowing his way, he will jump back into coaching. In the interim, sit back, relax, and collect that check from CBS.

  20. The guy doesn’t go to practices or games like Gruden (or Vermeil did while he was in TV), and doesn’t know many of the young assistants in the league to build a staff. And, he’d have LOTS of trouble with the new rules. He should stay in the studio.

  21. “Most teams would rather sign a young, hungry guy than the big name for a ton of cash. How’d it work out for the Redskins?”
    Probably the same way it worked out for my Bills with the young and hungry guy from Syracuse…..mmmm…..6-10….I believe…..

  22. Cowher is an even bigger joke as a coach than he is as a TV “personality.” He’s never won anything that the refs didn’t hand to him on a silver platter. He was totally outcoached by Mike Holmgren in that Super Bowl game but the Seahawks had big play after big play erased by the black and white striped MVP’s.

    All of which makes him the perfect coach for the Lions.

  23. Broadcasting is a cushy job compared to coaching. It doesn’t pay anywhere near as much, but you get to have a life outside of your job. And Cowher and any other formerly successful NFL head coach made tons of money already.

    This is a quality of life decision. Easy job, pays well, time with family, time to enjoy life and whatever he does to amuse himself other than football.

    No brainer.

  24. It is highly unlikely he will be offered another coaching job, at this point. The NFL has changed since he left. His style of football doesn’t play out anymore. It’s the non-contact football league. It’s filled with spread options and pistols and kickoffs that go 10 yards out of the endzone. Stay retired Bill you do a great job on TV.

  25. Cowher and Gruden are rumored for every vacant head coaching job in NFL and even some college jobs. They obviously are not going to leave their comfortable jobs/lives for the stress of the NFL unless they’re paid very handsomely and they’re going into a great situation with an established QB and pieces to work with.

  26. Well Chuckie Gruden and Bill Cowher are just so full of themselves, personally I wouldn’t want either, Cowher been away from coaching too long, and Chuckie well he won a SB with a team that Dungy help build…what else did he do?

    Every time there is a coaching vacancy it’s the media/talking heads who throw these two names out there! Isn’t time to move away from the retreads and find some new blood in coaching???

  27. Cowher left coaching because his wife was dying of cancer
    (malignant melanoma) and moved to North Carolina for her last
    years. He has a new lady in his life which may be one of the reasons
    he won’t coach – long hours, prima doña players and owners. It would be hard to get what he had with the Rooneys in Pittsburgh

  28. Why would he want to? I mean, really…WHY?!?!?! Look at the bulk of owners that ere in the market. NO ONE wants to work for them. Cowher is a driver…a hard driver. he will do things HIS way…and not take a moment of attitude form anyone, player, coaching staff or owners.

    Plus all those hours and travel? Nah…his current gig is much nicer. Going to take a heck of deal to get him back out on the chalk-lines again. Don’t blame him either.

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