Bob McNair: Texans could trade down and still get a QB


Don’t assume that the Houston Texans will still have the first overall pick in the NFL draft when Roger Goodell steps to the podium on May 8.

That’s the word from Texans owner Bob McNair, who suggested today that his team might be able to trade down from the first overall pick and still end up drafting a franchise quarterback, while also using extra picks to bolster the defense.

“Maybe we’ll trade down and still get a quarterback that can do the job and get an outstanding defensive player,” McNair said, via “It’s an exciting time. Everything’s a moving target. Lot of different pieces.”

McNair noted that his team has had the first overall pick twice before. In 2002, the Texans chose quarterback David Carr. In 2006, the Texans chose defensive end Mario Williams. Carr was Houston’s starter for five years but didn’t play well and is out of the league now, while Williams has developed into a very good pass rusher. McNair noted that Williams has been a better player than Carr, but also said that doesn’t mean much for what the Texans should do in 2014.

“The defensive player worked out better than the offensive player,” McNair said. “That won’t lock us into anything.”

If the Texans decide to go with a quarterback first overall, the names most frequently mentioned are Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater, Central Florida’s Blake Bortles and Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel. If the Texans could acquire more picks by moving down in a trade and still end up with one of those quarterbacks, that wouldn’t be a bad draft deal at all.

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  1. Personally, I always thought that Carr would have been much better off on a team with an established O-line. The Texans couldn’t protect him for the first couple of years of his career and he got shell shocked badly. I always thought they should have gotten a veteran journeyman like Kerry Collins to start the franchise. Julius Peppers has obviously been a better player in retrospect, but he was the better choice in 2002 as well. Pass rushers of that ability are very valuable and very rare, and pass rushing translates pretty easily from college to the pros.

    That said, that was 2002 and this is 2014. It’s a whole different crop of players who need to be evaluated on their own merits, and it would be a mistake to let their past failures color their decision this time around.

  2. The problem with hoping to trade down is that you need another team to be desperate enough to move up and give up extra picks to do it. Past history has shown this usually doesn’t work out for the team moving up. Washington is a perfect example. They sold the farm to get RGIII and we see how that worked.

  3. This guy wants Manziel. O’Brien’s going to be looking for work again in three years if that happens.

  4. trade down with Cleveland.They are in need of blowing the first pick just like the Cavs did

  5. Houston needs another lazy, unmotivated defensive player that’s only in it for a fat check like they need the plague. Clowney is Sam Montgomery with better PR, and one highlight that got spammed to hell on ESPN that made his draft stock soar. He’s been doing his best John Cena impersonation almost all season, because you can’t see him.

  6. Doesn’t really matter who they draft.

    In two years, they’ll fire Bill O’Brien (when will the NFL realize that Belichick stooges never amount to much in the NFL) and have to start over.

    McNair should’ve gone after a Ravens coordinators — Marvin Lewis, Rex Ryan, Jack Del Rio, Mike Smith, Chuck Pagano, that seem to do ok after they leave the nest.

    Sadly Mangini, Crennel, Weis, McDaniels, are still feasting on Belichick’s mystique.

  7. Part of me is excited about the potential the draft can bring to a struggling franchise but then I remember that Reggie McKenzie is probably going to draft another No-name, undersized kid from a small school with medical problems. (Dear god end my misery, please let the Raiders go at least 9-7 before this decade is over).

  8. I just hope Houston doesn’t take Derek Carr or Manziel. I haven’t watched much tape on Carr, but the city just wouldn’t be happy with someone related to David Carr on the team.

    As for Manziel, he’s high-risk, high-reward. Sure he looks great in college, but college success doesn’t always mean they are successful at the NFL level. Defenders are quicker, and he had a tendency to just throw it up for grabs and let Mike Evans make a play. That works sometimes, but it’s never a smart play to throw a ball into double coverage up for grabs as often as he did. Not to mention his off-field antics. Lastly, I know a lot of people say he could be like Wilson (small QB with success) but Wilson and Drew Brees are about the only exceptions to short QBs having NFL success. I see him like a Michael Vick-esque player – very exciting player, but takes too many risks and tends to be injury-prone due to poor decisions and just not being a very big person.

  9. From watching a couple of SC games, I’m not convinced that Clowney is “lazy.” I think he’s mostly disappeared because a) he’s being triple teamed and b) would you honestly play all that hard when you knew you were putting tens of millions at risk and had heard you were a likely #1 pick with nothing to prove?

    If you had JJ Watt and Clowney as bookends, good Lord. You draft Clowney, and if one of the QB’s starts to slide, trade up from the 2nd round and get him.

  10. sorry. but unless peyton retires, your raiders won’t be taking first. and KC has another 3 years in their window where the raiders will flat out not compete with them. and last of course is SD, who has a new staff, rivers is still there for a long time.

    going to be a tough time to be a raider fan as they are in stage 1 of a long process, yet already rumors that McKenzie is on thin ice leaks out. smh.

  11. 1st and 2nd rounder for cousins? The only GM I know stupid enough to make that trade already owns his rights.

  12. I think that Washington’s debacles have probably scared teams off from trading future 1st round picks. unless you have a gm who knows he needs to win now, and wont be around to worry about next years draft if its not a successful move

  13. Minnesota Vikings trade Adrian Peterson to the Houston Texans (He said he wants to play, if traded, in his home state, either for the Texans or the Cowboys) They flip flop 1st round picks and Houston sends Minnesota their 2nd round pick in the 2014 draft.

    Manziel to the Vikings #1 overall. And the Vikings draft a running back with a (reasonably) draft pick this year…

  14. Marvin Lewis, Rex Ryan, Jack Del Rio, Mike Smith, Chuck Pagano have as many super appearences and wins as Mangini, Crennel, Weis, O’Brien, and McDaniels.

    It appears you have much high standards for the Belichick coaching tree than you do for the Raven’s coordinator tree, as you should.

  15. It’s a very deep draft but also one without a sure thing. Clowney is probably closest to one but even he has questions. I think it’s smart to trade back if they aren’t in love with one of the QBs and absolutely have to take him #1. They could easily slip back to 5-8 and get the local Manziel and pick up extra picks from someone like Minnesota moving on Bridgewater.

  16. Of course he wants local star, Johnny Football. If he trades with the Browns Johnny will still might be there at 4. Can my Browns draft Stoops with the first pick? May be the only way to attract a quality coach with this regime’s trigger finger. Ha.

  17. No point in reaching for a QB with the first pick. When you have glaring holes like the Texans have it’s hard to see them taking Clowney at a position that they seem to be fine in. Unless they’re going to use that pick to take the tackle Matthews for A&M, it makes sense to trade it.

  18. Watched O’Brien’s welcome presser and it was quite good. I think he’s going to do much better than previous Belichick disciples who went out on their own.

    Thought he was a much better play caller than McDaniels when O’Brien was running the Pat’s offense. The Texans just became a threat again to the rest of the NFL instead of a whipping boy.

  19. They already have the best defensive player in the league and it only got them 2 wins. QB is by far the most important position on the field and they need to address that before anything else. Sure, the picked QB may be a bust, but a player at any position could be a bust. There are just as many OL and DL busts as there are QB busts. It is worth the risk to fill the biggest hole on the team.

  20. If he’s trying to increase the appeal of trading up for their pick, it’s a weird way to do it. He’s basically saying you can still get what you need without being #1. Hey, then who wants our #1 pick?

    I don’t think he’s fooling anyone, though. Everyone knows the Texans need a franchise QB. They don’t need a project or backup. If they identify a QB who fits what they need, they can’t afford to take a chance on losing him. If they really don’t see a franchise QB in this draft, that’s one thing. Otherwise, they would be taking a huge risk with a lineup that’s ready to win now, and may not be for too much longer.

    As for the desirability of QBs in this draft – this year was surely the year of oh-crap when it comes to QB injuries and scrambled backup plans. If any season showed the value of having a great starter AND a great backup, this was it. You don’t need a celebrity RB, WR, TE, or linebacker. Many teams are going to focus on QBs.

  21. PurpleRaid18 says:
    Jan 3, 2014 3:17 PM
    Minnesota Vikings trade Adrian Peterson to the Houston Texans (He said he wants to play, if traded, in his home state, either for the Texans or the Cowboys) They flip flop 1st round picks and Houston sends Minnesota their 2nd round pick in the 2014 draft.

    Manziel to the Vikings #1 overall. And the Vikings draft a running back with a (reasonably) draft pick this year…


    Lord, please make that happen…..Johnny Football will be the white version of Akili Smith and fare no better than Tim Tebow.


    Phil says:
    Jan 3, 2014 3:27 PM
    “We might trade down”

    Said anyone ever with a top 5 pick.


    ….Except Ted Thompson

  22. Schaub is as good as the guys mentioned. McNair has already made a move that should put them into winning territory by getting rid of Kubiak. They have playmakers in Texas, they just haven’t used them correctly, like KC under Haley. Trade down and get more playmakers. Schaub is a decent journeyman QB and wasting a #1 on any of these other guys is a total reach.

  23. McNair’s competing for worst-meddling owner in Texas. I love it. Does Houston have a GM? Loving the view from the East. Houston is going back to the cellar of the AFC South to stay.

  24. So basically this clown is saying all of the top QB’s this year are the same? That’s just dumb! If your in a position to grab the best overall player….you take him!

  25. Manziel is Tebow. History is against teams who draft Heisman winning QBs. Ever since the early 90s every single winner has been a complete bust or below average.

  26. The Rams clowned around the draft by dropping back…and their just as bad now as they were then. Sitting at home…watching the playoffs!

  27. It is hard to believe anyone would trade up to the #1 pick. I don’t think any of the QBs are worth drafting that high. Clowney could be a possibility, but even has questions that mitigate against someone trading up to the #1 pick.

    Having said that, why would you not say anything is possible in regards to the selection to help maximize its value………

  28. if they can’t trade down, the smartest pick for houston would likely be anthony barr. he fits the scheme better than clowney.

    just my observation, and i’m not a texans fan.

  29. Ok.. stop being stupid. Manzel goes to the Texan no matter what because they have too much to lose if they let him get away.
    If the Texans pass on him and he turns out to be a stud…. it is really going to look bad because their QB had a horrible year and has got to go. (did he fall in the yard and have brain damage and not tell anyone)?
    Take the first pick and get that Football Guy and it will be worth it if for nothing else then the media pump.
    Just sayin’.

  30. Trade with Cleveland. Swap First rounders and send them Ben Tate.

    At four grab either Clowney or Bortles. I think he could be the best QB in this draft.

    teddy bridgewaters not impressed with and he’s a running qb which means he will spend as much time on the DL as the starting line up.

    Manziel See above though he does have the intangibles and a pretty decent arm.

    Clowney is suspect in my eyes. Personally if their is anyone in the draft named Matthews and plays OLine I snatch him up in a heartbeat. Dad was decent.

  31. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ Kirk Cousins is better than every QB in this draft, why? He was drafted in the 4th round. That was his expected draft grade, and he looked great in limited action last year. This year he had a larger sample size and certainly didn’t look like anybody’s franchise QB. The man had 30 incompletions versus the Giants’ secondary, he is just okay.

  32. “Houston needs another lazy, unmotivated defensive player that’s only in it for a fat check like they need the plague. Clowney is Sam Montgomery with better PR, and one highlight that got spammed to hell on ESPN that made his draft stock soar.”

    This comment having so many thumbs-up reflects really poorly on PFT readership.

    Anyway, the Texans should stay put and take Teddy Bridgewater, and I don’t think it’s a particularly close decision.

  33. To the guy that said bridgewater is a running QB, you’re an idiot… Have you watched him play? He plays in a pro style offense, basically calls his own plays, and is far from a runner. He’s a pocket passing QB that can move around and run if he NEEDS to. Bortles is 10x the running QB that bridgewater is. Idk if you watched the bowl games the two played in but if not look again. Bridgewater is worthy of a top pick. And the guy that said Manziel is another Tebow … Absolutely not. Manziel completed 70 percent of his passes this season. Tebow is about 60 percent at best in college.

  34. grantsbuds says:
    Jan 3, 2014 3:45 PM

    Does McNair remind anyone else of Bud Adams or the Al “4.3 speed” Davis?

    That’s a terrible comparison….

    Bob McNair doesn’t get involved in the football operations almost at all….

  35. And anyone who says the RAMS are the same team after trading down is an idiot. I’m not even going to defend my statement, you’re just an idiot.

  36. Trade the pick to Cleveland.

    This way, the Texans will effectively have the #5 overall pick as well as the Colts pick which should be somewhere between #22 and #26.

    The Browns will of course make a horrible pick and leave the top QB on the board for the Texans.

  37. cousins won’t be pursued as another team’s starter because the model of which he is a part — the backup who showed flashes of brilliance with a small body of work — has been invalidated by the failures of matt schaub and matt flynn. plain and simple. gather the data, analyze it, see the trends, make conclusions.

    probably bortles. manziel to texans will fail due to local pressure.

  38. Not a falcons fan but it makes a lot of sense for them to trade up to get clowney…. they need immediate help on D… 1,2 and 4/5 round picks sounds reasonable…

  39. If we’re losing a.p. better get a whole lot more than flipping first round pick and a second back Houston would need to empty their pockets as we did for Herschel Walker

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