Bob Stoops won’t say if Browns contacted him


After Oklahoma beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl on Thursday night, former NFL executive Tony Softli tweeted that Stoops “may have the inside track” on the Browns’ vacant head coaching job.

It’s not the first time Stoops has been discussed as an NFL coaching prospect and he fielded questions about the Browns report and his overall interest in moving up to the professional ranks during a visit to The Dan Patrick Show on Friday. Stoops neither confirmed nor denied having contact with any team and said that a move away from Oklahoma isn’t something he’s looking for “right now.”

“I never acknowledge or deny whether anybody’s contacted me or not,” Stoops said, via Scott Petrak of the Lorain County Chronicle-Telegram. “It’s something publicly I don’t do one way or the other. You never know what’ll come your way. In life, things change from year to year. Right now, I love what I’m doing. Right now, it’s something I’m not looking to pursue. You never know down the road.”

If it isn’t quite the comment of someone with the “inside track” on another job, it’s also not a statement that is going to remove Stoops from the conversation unless the Browns hire someone else. “Right now” has an awfully short shelf life for coaches, so the part about never knowing what will come your way resonates more strongly than other parts of Stoops’ response.

The Browns are reportedly interviewing Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles on Friday with Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels slated for a Saturday meeting. Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn has reportedly already interviewed for the head coaching position.

13 responses to “Bob Stoops won’t say if Browns contacted him

  1. Cleveland could be a good choice for Stoops, since a lot of these college coaches only like to try the NFL for a year or so.

  2. it feels like this is so it can look like McDaniels wasn’t their first choice. ” well, we made a run at Stoops…”

  3. Big 12 shows why they are superior to the SEC. …..OU, A&M, Mizzou all dominated the supposed better SEC…….

  4. I would love, love, love this hire.

    Pay the man, Jimmy!

    Not excited about McDaniels….has he ever led a team effectively? Been in charge more than once without abject failure?

    Also note that several candidates/rumored fits/previous hires have Cleveland/NEO roots (Chud, Tress, McDaniels, Stoops, Gruden).

    That doesnt make them ‘ace’ picks, but it does throw the fans a ‘bone’.

    Someone said it in another thread – Ohio is a breeding ground for excellent coaches! Sadly, not excellent pro football teams.

  5. I think Stoops would be a good NFL coach and would like to see him in the league but Cleveland isn’t the place to do it.

  6. Somehow, the Three Stooges will mess this up, too.

    Even if Chud wasn’t the best coach in the NFL, you can’t treat people like that and expect there to be a line of candidates awaiting their turn to come to Cleveland.

    Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden, Chud, Josh McDaniels, Nick Sabean, Jim Tressel, Urban Meyer, and now Bob Stoops? Why not exhume Paul Brown?

    What’s with the “local connections”? You think these people will just beg for that big chance? The Browns lost that in their handling of Chud & his staff!

  7. Would any qualified candidate want to join the Cleveland circus, owned by “Curly”Haslam, ran by,”Moe aaBanner, and, well no one really knows what “Larry” Lombardi doe

  8. Oh, give the Browns brain trust a break! They are, without a doubt, the most under rated management team in football. All you naysayers, Browns bashers,and Factory of Sadness name callers, just wait til you eat your words next year after my Browns win 5 games! It’s such a joy to subscribe to Sunday Ticket year after year just to conclude halfway through the season: MAYBE NEXT YEAR!

  9. If the Browns are going to hire Bob Stoops – they should have kept Chudzinski and gave him the resources he needed in regards to the roster.

    Stoops would not be a good fit for this regime.

    McDaniels makes better sense for Lombardi and Banner.

    McDaniels is the only candidate that I see Lombardi and Banner would give the latitude to adjust the roster how they see fit.

    Considering how unbalanced this organization has been in the last 15 years. The semblance would be a Banner, Lombardi, McDaniels connection.

    I know it sounds bad – but they hold the keys to the fort and I am sick of losing – so if McDaniels is their guy – I want them to get their guy!

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