Clay Matthews out, but everyone else probable for Packers


The Packers knew they were going to be without outside linebacker Clay Matthews this week, after he had thumb surgery.

But the rest of the injury report looks good heading into Sunday’s game against the 49ers.

Running back Eddie Lacy (ankle), linebacker Brad Jones (ankle), defensive end/linebacker Mike Neal (abdomen), linebacker Nick Perry (foot), and defensive tackle Ryan Pickett (knee) are all listed as probable.

The best news for the Packers is that quarterback Aaron Rodgers wasn’t on the report at all this week, after returning last week from his broken collarbone. But if Lacy is well enough to be a factor, it’s a huge help in a game which will be played in Arctic conditions.

17 responses to “Clay Matthews out, but everyone else probable for Packers

  1. The Packers missed at least 4 Pro Bowlers for 1/3 of the season, one of those being a former MVP.

    They didn’t quit and did enough to win their division. They are playing with house money. No shame in losing, because there season has been over since halftime of the Dallas game.

  2. Seems to me genius you guys have just cornered the market on the injury excuse having used the excuse for coming in last place this past season after all the bravado we heard leading up to it.

  3. Did enough to win their division??? How about the other teams in your division just didn’t do enough! It is ridiculous how a team with 12 wins has to travel to frigid temps, to play a team who barely made it over .500. Playoff seedings need to be changed. But no excuse, my boys will go in and take you out quickly…maybe sending Rodgers to the locker room to eat some warm soup before the game is over. NINER UP!!!!

  4. A yes the Ice Bowl. That’s the one where Jerry Kramer admittedly jumped off sides on the last play but the refs, as they always do, cheated for the Packers and gave them the win.

    Packers are the only team with an asterisk next to every win.

  5. boohoo, the niners have to travel to play a team with less wins. Want to avoid that in the future, win your division. I see it unacceptable that a second place teams hosts a playoff game no matter the records.

  6. I can see it both ways,did u know back in the day they would alternate championship games between devisions for home field.. that tradition got changed. 2 years ago more than half the owners wanted to change it after Seattle got in,but it needs a 2/3rds vote to pass. Good luck GB,Go Niners!

  7. To the memory impared person who says the Packers need an asterik next to every win…Some of the most memorable and game changing officiating errors in recent years have been against the Packers. Yes, the Packers occasionally benefit from an error, as does every team in the NFL, but few change the game.

    And to the other team fams that think the Packers shouldn’t be hosting, that’s the way the NFL is organized, that’s the way it works so quit grousing. Yeah, we barely broke 500, and yeah, the Lions fell apart to get us to the Playoffs, but again, that’s the way the league is organized. Get over it

  8. shaggytoodle says:
    Jan 3, 2014 4:43 PM
    The Packers earned this playoff home game, more than the 9ers did theirs last year. When the fail mary gave SF the bye and home game.
    I totally agree the failmary was horrible and you have every right to be pissed (btw I hated when A.Brooks forced a fumble against Drew Brees and the Saints were awarded 15 yards) but really if the Packers wanted to play the Niners at Lambeau in the playoffs last year they should have beat the Niners at Lambeau in week one last year.

  9. @oaktown

    The fact is…. GB earned a home game… and I am tired of 9er fans feeling that they are owed something, they got a bye week on a silver platter last season, and earned a wild card birth this season.

  10. Lets send the ladies from san fran back to the land of Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein. What a couple of losers which these idiots from the radiated west coast keep sending to washington. Hope we beat you ladies down, real bad, then you can keep crying for another year. You lost last year, and will hopefully get frost bite when losing this year, and who knows, maybe even lose a couple of the fingers you use to vote.

  11. Pack had enough injuries to take two teams down with Arod on the field now it’s that fAmous line from al Pacino “any given Sunday” down goes the Niners

  12. I have no complaints about the playoff seeding. If the Niners wanted to play at home they should have beat the Panthers in SF. When you lose at home to the team who gets the home game and a bye you have no one to blame but yourself. Ditto for the Packers in 2012. No silver platters just win.

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