Clowney picks Cook over Jay Z

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If the rest of the year goes the same way it has for agent Bus Cook over the first two days, it’s going to be a very, very good year.

In the hours since 2013 gave way to 2014, Cook has signed Bears quarterback Jay Cutler to a new contract that will pay out $54 million over three years.  Cook also has lured South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney to Cook’s agency.

PFT has confirmed that Clowney has picked Cook to be Clowney’s first NFL agent.  Per one league source, Clowney’s decision to go with Bus Cook came after Clowney had given Jay Z the impression that Roc Nation Sports would get the assignment, with Jay Z handling the off-field deals and in-house NFLPA-certified agent Kim Miale handling the contract.

It’s unclear why Clowney ultimately picked Cook.  Some are speculating that Cook agreed to a greatly reduced commission.  Then again, it’s possible that Cook closed the deal by making an argument that featured 54 million specific points.

26 responses to “Clowney picks Cook over Jay Z

  1. Bus Cook has a pretty good and long standing rep among NFL teams and I think the track record to get a deal done quicker. This whole Jay Z style approach may be fine for some players, but in th eyes of an NFL GM, they much rather work with an established agency I think. Plus, Clowney took a little hit this year as far as his draft status mainly due to question about his work ethic. Hiring JayZ sort of implies that he’s all about the money and marketing- not football.

  2. Take that Jay Z… Does this mean we re going to talk about whether or not Clowney is retiring every off season for the next 9 years?

  3. Vultures.

    With the current rookie wage scale why would any of them be dumb enough to give away a percentage to an agent? Cook would be smart to take a greatly reduced commission for what is already a done deal. The real money comes a few years down the road.

  4. Good for Clowney. He has to repair his rep to get back to being #1 or 2 . Right or wrong, signing with Jay Z makes it look like football is not the number one priority. He doesn’t need that right now.

  5. Clowney said he wasn’t going to do marketing work while preparing for the draft. Jay Z probably wanted him to so Jay Z could make money. He went with the guy who wanted to focus on his career, not making $$$$ immediately.

  6. Smart move kid. It’s fine to like Jay-Z as a rapper but that doesn’t mean he’s gotta be your agent. You need to get a real agent. Your financial future depends on it. I think the Robinson Cano debacle proved that Jay-Z hasn’t really figured out this whole agent thing.

  7. That choice actually shows a lot of maturity and clearheadedness. Imagine you were 22 and one of the world’s biggest celebrities gave you the glitz blitz and wined and dined you. Then imagine a boring old man who looks like a personal injury attorney tried to let his record speak for itself. Odds are you’d pick the former.

    Clowney seems to be aware that the fame will come anyway, so he might as well go with the guy who can get him the money to go along with it.

  8. The percentage for rookie contracts is 2%. So the greatly reduced commission had nothing to do with it. Clowney picked a reputable agent not a rapper turned ‘agent’. As Mr Knowles, with is non-degree having self will NEVER be a NFLPA certified agent.

  9. What is Jay-Z’s sales pitch anyway? Because he’s a successful rapper he knows the sports biz? Back stage tickets? He’ll include your name in a future song? I don’t get the draw besides he’s cool.

  10. After hearing about this guy all year and watching him in the Bowl game against Wisconsin, I really don’t understand all the hype. He is above average but nothing to get all excited about, my prediction is early first round, like Robert Griffin (who was also over-hyped), but someone taken later in the draft will be a better player. Just like how Russell Wilson turned out better then Griffin.

  11. Isn’t the role of an agent greatly reduced for a rookie? Of course, it’s always good to get on board early.

  12. Cook made his reputation off Brett Favre for all those years,he should pay Favre for making him what he is today.

  13. You guys see the name Jay-Z and all you see is him as a rapper. This guy has a agency he is not doing contracts. He only handle marketing and he is very good at that. He knows how to close deals (see Beyoncé)

  14. Guys like Jay Z belong where ever they can connect. Cook got the first round because he went in for a much smaller slice of the pie, that’s because there is nothing to negotiate, all of you who are talking about what a great NFL guy he is needs to know that JD signing with him was about the off field endorsements not the NFL one. This artical was written back in Jan, now that it’s May you can see that JD has 4 major deals, and he has not been drafted yet. When the rookie contract is up, you’ll see the name Jay Z, Cook will be out. Same as with Kevin Durant.

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