Coughlin: Eli “lost an element of trust” with his receivers this season


The Giants offensive performance in 2013 came under fire from owner John Mara this week when Mara called the unit “broken” and wondered why wide receiver Jerrel Jernigan didn’t get a chance to play until the season was well past salvaging for the Giants. 

During an appearance on WFAN Friday, Coach Tom Coughlin said that the team did not overlook Jernigan and cited several reasons why he was buried on the depth chart until the end of the year. Coughlin also said that former offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride, who retired Thursday amid many calls for his head in New York and New Jersey, was not forced out of his job. 

Gilbride’s gone, but quarterback Eli Manning remains and Coughlin was also asked about his play in a season that ended with a league-high 27 interceptions. Coughlin said, via Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News, that Manning “lost an element of trust” with his receivers over the course of the year. There were many post-interception conversations between receivers and Manning that made it clear they was missing communication about what routes to run and there were also instances when receivers didn’t appear to fight quite as hard for passes as they could have. 

Hakeem Nicks was responsible for some of those plays and Coughlin said the team is scratching its collective head about why Nicks had such a poor season. That probably won’t help Nicks, an impending free agent, return to the team in 2014, but whoever is catching Manning’s passes is going to be charged with doing a better job of being on the same page as Manning.

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  1. The third time he has 20+ ints. So I guess he loses trust almost bi-yearly. Maybe we can stop beating around the bus. We all know he was PART of the reason the giants won two Super Bowls he was a benefited with a top pass rush defense. Eli is an avg to slightly below avg qb. If rivers or roethlisberger had nicks and Cruz I’m pretty sure they would be better. Be as it may they both had a show to make the playoffs and rivers is in. Eli can’t play late into his thirties well like Brady brees Peyton and Rodgers did and will.

  2. It appeared as though Eli had quite a rapport and a very high level of trust with all the DBs on rival teams. Perhaps THIS needs some PRE game conversation!

  3. I really don’t get the excuse. They run the same offense as last year with the same receivers but suddenly they’re not on the same page? Gilbride’s job throughout the season was to make the correct adjustments rather than continue to run the same offense and say the players need to adjust better. Hey, a good coach adjusts to the players he has and anyone who has been in the league for over 20 years should know that or not be in the league for that long

  4. I’m waiting for the game where he throws an INT by throwing the ball straight up in the air as hard as he can and then covering his head and running. I think this will happen.

  5. 171 interceptions in 153 games. Third time leading the NFL in interceptions. Career QB rating of 81.2.

    …Seems like this year wasn’t so out of the ordinary.

  6. And anyone who actually watched all of the giants games knows full well that Eli’s mechanics are totally shot right now. This is 10% on him for not manning up (no pun intended) and sticking with the proper mechanics despite guys coming at him and 90% on his o-line doing bull-fighter impressions on basically every passing play.

  7. I’m not saying that some of this is not Ely’s fault because you play, win, and lose as a team. So, yea, he’s partly to blame. I have seen him play at a much higher level on many, many occasions and believe that he has, much of the time, played at an elite level. When it comes to being an elite quarterback in a very tough league like the NFL nobody (and that includes Paton Manning, Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Steve Young, etc) can obtain and maintain elite status without an elite front 4. You can talk all the smack you want but it’s the offensive line that makes or breaks quarterbacks and running backs. I believe the Giants will be back with Ely Manning and again rise to great heights!

  8. o-line was as bad as i’ve ever seen, WR’s dropped, tipped and lacked fight on passes and NYG went through a half dozen RB’s.

    Eli is lucky to be alive.


    ( and as a gunslinger, Eli will always throw INT’s…favre did too..eli beat favre in 2007 championship)

  9. If you take the time to watch his entire 1st Superbowl winning drive, this shouldn’t surprise anyone. Sad scrambles, a should-have been fumble, 2 or 3 balls that could have been picked, etc.

    Just 2 plays before throwing the TD to Plax, he threw a ball up for grabs that:

    – Could have been picked
    – If caught, would have been in bounds and short of a first down. They may have had to clock the ball, bringing up a 4th down with 25-30 some seconds left.

    I’m glad the Giants beat the annoying Pats, but that final drive wasn’t exactly a masterpiece.

  10. Anyone who watched the Giants this year saw the plays where Eli threw to where Randle or Nicks were supposed to be, but were not close because they were running a different pattern. Most of the Giants’ pass plays involve a
    requirement that the receiver read the coverage and adjust his route. When the QB sees one coverage and the receiver sees another INT’s happen. There were four of those (at least) during that 6 game losing streak. At least ten more INT’s were off the hands of the receivers, except for the INT in the last game where the ball hit Myers between the 8 and the 3, and then into the arms of the waiting Skins safety. The rest of the INT’s were on Eli and his OL. Also, in 12 of the 16 games there was no running game to speak of. So yeah, he lost trust because he couldn’t trust them to see what he saw.

  11. “…that made it clear they was missing communication about what routes to run…”

    They was missing communication the same way this author missed his English classes.

    Honestly, Eli throws some turkeys but frequently, he gets no help from his line or receivers. Dropped pass after dropped pass and then no protection. I’d take Eli over the QB carousel we have in MN.

  12. @ the Pats’ fan – On behalf of Giants’ nation we are all pulling for the Pats to win it all for NO other reason than each time Brady wins a SB, our two Lombardis only glow shinier. That is not a knock. It’s recognizing that the Giants did not beat some creampuff team led by some obscure QB in winning those 2 titles. They beat the team of the millennium who was able to beat seemingly every NFC team in their wake except ours.

    Maybe winning it on our field will give them some measure of comfort. Still hoping these teams meet one more time.

  13. Florio, you forgot to mention how all those damned audibles those wide receivers are always calling, especially when the opposition crowd is roaring, may have led to massive amounts of confusion as to exactly what play Eli was running. Clearly, these guys are no match for whichever set of receivers Peyton Manning has in any given year.

  14. While it was pretty obvious to quite a few as to what was wrong with the offense throughout the 2012 season, it was mind-boggling as to why it wasn’t to Gilbride. If at first, or first few times, it doesn’t work, why keep trying it.

    Yes, there was definitely issues with Eli’s mechanics and it didn’t bode well that he may very well have had some communication issues with his receivers. Forget about that swiss-cheese o-line, even though it did play a part in the interception-fest. But, and as part of a lot of people succeeding in sports these days, the fundamental adjustments didn’t seem to have been an option for the coaches. Back then, you could almost bet on the Giants coming out into the second half games where they were seemingly being mishandled by the other team in the first half, with different approach and, therefore, giving themselves a chance at winning the game.

    This past season, it was the same-ol’, predictable offense from beginning to end. And that is why they failed. Nothing against Gilbride but his time was up. But if they bring someone similar to him, it will be another long season for the Giants.

  15. You can’t just plain Eli for everything. I think the blame goes everywhere both players as well as coaches and the general manager. This is one of those years that just wasn’t going to be good no matter who is quarterback. Peyton Manning who has 51 touchdowns may not win the Superbowl so he has 51 touchdowns he doesn’t want to Superbowl and everybody thinks he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. He doesn’t ever play quarterback in the New York area where everything you do is put under the spotlight good bad or indifferent. What kind of offensive line did the Giants have this season? It was like Swiss cheese Eli should have had to review mirror on his helmet. What about all the balls were that were dropped? I bet everyone doesn’t know that stat. There’s plenty of quarterbacks out there who did wonderful things who aren’t going to the Super Bowl as well but don’t blame you Eli for everything. how have the drafts been lately? what about the cap? Who’s questioning that? So really its myriad of things not just one player. The Giants have their way of doing things they’re loyal to players, coaches, gms for too long. How come the Patriots can get rid of practically everybody that’s decent and still be good? Why are they good every year reason is there not afraid to make a change want to change needs to be made and they’re not afraid to go out and get a player will need to get a player. Our QB who isn’t perfect hasn’t missed a game I’m sure there have been Sundays that he just didn’t wanna play because he had the crap beat out of them the previous Sunday but you know what he went out there any played. The guy never complains and never whines. I think we should just chalk it up as being a crappy year move forward and fix what needs to be fixed. What did Kansas City do last year? What did they do this year? With the right decisions it can be done. Sorry I’m on a rant but I don’t believe all the problems are just Eli Manning. he didn’t put the clock in the locker room that ticked down to the Superbowl did he? We all know who did that, but how much blame did he get. So basically like I said before its just a myriad of things and it started the first game of the season against Dallas. There were too many wrong personnel moves to say the least. We really didn’t have a viable tight end who complains about that? how has our center been the last few years? Again this is another question that needs to be answered. How did Ramses Barden workout? he’s not playing football and I don’t think Eli drafted him. Again who says anything about that just give Eli a break. Yes he throws interceptions, yes he throw some bad balls, yes he’s won two Super Bowls has anyone given him credit for that, I haven’t seen any. the bottom line is entire organization needs to retool for next year. Maybe it’s just a few players or maybe it’s a two year project. I know one thing they had 25 million dollars on the IR. and that’s a very large problem. Lay off of Eli he was 1 player amongst an entire team that really wasn’t that great let’s face it. Let’s just see what happens during the off season and see what can be done.

  16. Ya’ll sound like fools excusing a guy who always throws ints. That’s what he does.

    The boy is just quadruple garbage … That is all.

  17. I swear the one game Nicks was betting against the Giants. Eli put the ball in his hands over and over and he kept flopping it. It wasn’t Eli it was his receivers were on drugs or something

  18. Bill Parcells once told Phil Simms that if you’re not throwing an interception now and then, then you’re not taking enough chances.

  19. When Eli has had a running game and protection he is one of the 5-7 QBs in the league. Gilbrides offense is about attacking downfield off play action. The Giants couldn’t run or pass protect. It doesn’t surprise me Eli under Gilbride threw a lot of picks. The offense was designed to take shots down field in tight windows. The Giants don’t run a dink and dunk offense or have an elite TE like New England, New Orleans or Green Bay. In New Orleans Sproles catches 70 balls and you got Grahm catching 70 balls. Brady doesn’t throw any balls down field. Everything in New England is quick high percentage passes. Unlike in New York where the offense predicated on attacking downfield. Eli has never had an elite TE or RB he could check down to in the passing game.

  20. I agree with Permit2. All this Eli bashing is mean and cruel. I am a prof of business who studies statistics and conducting a quant phd study. An interception is a statistic, that is all, no difference than analysing an ANCOVA with variables controlling for a covariate; The covariate here is the wide receivers. If a wide receiver does not follow the pattern and catch the ball or communicate with the QBn then another team will pick it off, common sense. Eli is not God or Jesus and cannot change external factors. When he had a good O line and when he was protected, he was great. Remember Drew Brees, Brett Favre, and Peyton Manning had 20 plus INT years too and no one says a word about that. You pick on Eli because he is a kind and senstiive guy, you all think you can bully. Lay off the Eli bashing, it is literarlly making me ill.

  21. Eli (cant spell eliminated) Manning has fallen off of a cliff and nobody can save him.

    Not on the same page as his WR’s….are you friggin kidding me? Worse excuse for throwing interceptions by a QB that looks and acts more like Ryan Leaf than his legendary brother than anything else.

    How many more excuses will be made up for a guy that throws more picks than a prison guard in a rock pit? Funny to me how fans and fatty Francessa defend the guy to no end and they dont have the cohones to tell the truth.

  22. It’s true that Manning can’t be blamed for everything. You lose or win as a team. But does the HC get any blame? Just as a side thought, it might be nice for the Giants to draft a QB. It might put a little motivation into Manning’s mechanics.

  23. The Giants do not need to draft a QB to motivate Eli. Eli is fine. He tries so hard and put his all into it, that I have literally seen him get teary from upsetness and frustration. The Giants need new wide receivers. People need to lay off Eli. People do not understand that stress like this can lead to stroke. I have seen it happen with athletes and young healthy people.

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