Jerome Simpson avoids jail time after reaching plea agreement

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Jerome Simpson won’t be spending any time in jail after reaching a plea agreement for an arrest in November.

According to Chris Miller of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Simpson plead guilty to careless driving and third-degree DWI (refusing to submit to a DWI test). A misdemeanor charge of driving while impaired was dropped.

Simpson was sentenced to 120 hours of community service in public schools and must attend alcohol seminars. He’s also on probation for one year. The sentence for the third-degree DWI was stayed.

Simpson was arrested on Nov. 9 after officers were called to respond to a stalled vehicle. Simpson failed a field sobriety test at the scene.

Simpson was suspended by the league for three games after being sentenced to three years probation on a felony drug charge in Kentucky. Another incident with the legal system could bring further league punishment for Simpson as well. As an unrestricted free agent, it could make it a challenge for Simpson to find a job this offseason.

Simpson caught 48 passes for 726 yards and one touchdowns for the Vikings this season.

13 responses to “Jerome Simpson avoids jail time after reaching plea agreement

  1. He might learn his lesson by doing a little jail time. Most regular people would be in the hoosegow for a good long while after those crimes.

  2. likely facing a 4 game minimum suspension.

    only chance he has at making a roster next year is as pattersons backup, and that’s assuming the vikings decide to give him a contract.

  3. I’m not saying he wasn’t guilty, but asking him to catch a football while doing a front flip over the cop’s partner might not have been the most fair of field sobriety tests.

  4. He must have a great lawyer. If I had a pound of weed shipped to me and 3 DWI’s, I’d be locked up.

  5. Imagine that, another Viking player makes the police blotter. Just another day at the office…

  6. Remember when the Vikings sign the guy, everyone was saying that he was going to make a lot of noise. They just didn’t realize it was going to be in the court room.

    FA WR’s can be added to the list of positions that Spielman whiffs at. Maybe not as bad as he whiffs at Qb’s but these things are hard to measure.

  7. You know its playoff time when the vikings make the news its because of transgressions with the law.

  8. It looks like that dynasty is right on schedule.

    Pathetic team and organization.

    This organization needs to be disbanded. It is out of comtrol.

    Parenting classes for their MVP.

    Ok…enough what time does their playoff game start ?
    Oh I forgot , the Viking fans were so busy busting on the Packers on their threads for having trouble selling out their playoff game , that I truly forgot that the Vikes are already home for the season.
    You would think not with all of the chatter about a Viking dynasty from Viking fans , and they also mocking the Packers for only winning a division title….which a week ago they were bragging about how many they have. I know I know its confusing. The Vikings fans shoot their mouth off about so much its hard to keep track of.

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