Jerry Jones favors expanding the playoffs


If Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had his way, more than 12 teams would be in the postseason right now.

Jones was asked on 105.3 The Fan (via whether he would support expanding the playoffs from six teams per conference to eight teams per conference, and he said he likes that idea because it would allow more teams to enter the playoffs and give more fan bases a reason to get excited about the NFL in January.

“From the standpoint of looking at how exciting it is for a city or a community to be involved in the playoffs and the fact that you can have a team that might have literally operated at .500 or in that area . . . you can have that team win the Super Bowl,” Jones said. “That makes a big case for adding a couple of more cities or communities that have NFL teams to the playoffs. It just creates that much more excitement and that much more interest for people in those communities. So I fall on the side of the ledger that would increase the playoffs.”

It might sound like Jones is just saying that because his team barely missed the playoffs in each of the last three seasons, but the Cowboys actually wouldn’t have made the playoffs in any of the last three years even if there had been two more NFC wild card teams. So Jones isn’t necessarily advocating a system that would have benefitted his own team.

What he is advocating is a playoff system that would bring more teams to the party. That would be great for a team like this year’s Cardinals, who missed the playoffs despite going 10-6. But other than the Cardinals, every other team that had a winning record made the playoffs. So if you’re arguing for expanding the playoffs, you’re arguing for more 8-8 teams (and some years 7-9 teams) to make the postseason.

It might make the playoffs more fun for fans in a few cities to add a few more teams, but it might also make the playoffs less special if more 8-8 and 7-9 teams are making it. Is that trade-off worth it? PFT Planet, tell us what you think.

233 responses to “Jerry Jones favors expanding the playoffs

  1. 8-8 is average and doesn’t deserve to make the playoffs. If he wants to get in he needs to actually earn it like every other team does. Money can’t buy you everything.

  2. No no no. Fix the playoff system first. Teams with a worse record should not host a playoff game just because they win a division.

    Also the more teams you add to the playoffs, the more meaningless it makes the regular season.

  3. of course he does. expanded playoffs are the only way the cowboys will be able to get into the tournament.

  4. Every time I find myself feeling down about my Redskins, Jerry Jones opens his mouth and I am able to laugh again. Thanks, Jer!

  5. But you also have teams finishing 10-6 and still missing the playoffs.. I can think of multiple teams falling in that category..

  6. Idiot. What would be the point of having a season if half the teams go to postseason. Oh, so they can sell more tickets on the short term, while make the game less desirable for the long term?

  7. Should be 3 games vs. each division opponent, work the remaining anyway you want.

    That way the divisions mean more and home field would be a little more fair.

  8. Generate interest in the teams cities? Seems to me some of those cities already in the playoffs aren’t to interested based on lackluster ticket sales for this weekends games.

  9. Jerry give it up ! As long as your gm them boys can watch the playoffs on your big screen . Hey jerry let everyone in you loser !

  10. Jerry Jones would also like Dallas to be involved in a rotational schedule where they go to the playoffs every 5 years no matter the record.

    I’m just so happy he’s keeping the trio of Romo, Garrett, and Kiffin.

  11. Expanding the number of teams to make the playoffs is as dumb as re-seeding the teams that make the playoffs.

    First you want to devalue winning a division and now you want to devalue making the playoffs. You want a home field playoff game, win your division. You want to make the playoffs, win more games.

    This never ending quest for “fairness” is getting real old. Not everything about football needs to be changed.

  12. Jerriatric Jones should hire a real GM first, of course he thinks it should be expanded it is the only way the cowboys will make it.

  13. NOOO!!!!! Makes regular season less important, which is what makes football so great. 16 games, not 162, or 82, or the 80 or so the NHL does. Leave it alone. If Jurry is so concerned with change he should start in Dallas…at the GM oosition.

  14. The playoffs should be something you earn by having a good or great season not something you get by winning just as much as you lose. It would devalue the regular season if half of each conference got into the playoffs.

  15. Seriously……..Take the teams with 12-16 wins or better for the upper tier( First seed)

    The teams with 10-12 wins for second seed

    The teams with 8-10 wins for wild card.

    Keep it that way no matter the division records. Anything less goes home,,,period. The name of the game is to win.

  16. The spot you love right now, the product, you can thank Jerry Jones. You all might hate the man, but he dragged this bunch into the modern era with money sharing and satellite tv deals and merchandising and the salary cap.

    Chances are it is a good idea if he thinks it is. He may suck as a GM, but he is a top notch owner.

  17. Just, because you have tarnished the prestige of the Cowboys.

    Doesn’t mean you should tarnish the prestige of the playoffs as well.

    The playoffs are perfect the way they are, and reseeding would tarnish the prestige of winning a division.

  18. Looking at that picture of Jerry Jones, I am starting to wonder if he is the biological father to Jason Garrett. Sure would help explain a lot.


    How many useless games were there last week? Like..none? It seemed like there was a crazy amount on the line the last week of the season. Why dilute it with more games, and more teams in the playoffs?

    The regular season of basketball is a joke considering how many teams get in on the playoffs

    Stop trying to justify your job by making changes to the league’s rules…or trying to get your franchise into the playoffs by making it a 32-team playoff

  20. saintsly says:
    Jan 3, 2014 7:19 PM

    Seriously……..Take the teams with 12-16 wins or better for the upper tier( First seed)

    The teams with 10-12 wins for second seed

    The teams with 8-10 wins for wild card.

    Keep it that way no matter the division records. Anything less goes home,,,period. The name of the game is to win.

    I would agree as long as the Seahawks can play non NFC West teams for the next few years….those guys are going to be tough to beat all the time……Can they play the AFC East for about 10 games…..?

  21. What a jerk!
    Of course he wants this so “America’s Losers” would have a better chance, although they would still find a way to miss out.

  22. And actually earn something instead of everything being given to you on a silver platter. Not that his economic bracket would understand something like that

  23. More playoff teams = more playoff games

    More playoff games = more advertising $$$

    More $$$$ = WIN!!!!!!

    But don’t tell that to the fans. Tell those idiots it’s all about the excitement and the competition.

  24. I support expanding the playoffs to include. Nope I can’t even type it, I like the playoffs the way they are. If your team has to travel to a team with a worse record there is an easy fix. Play better, win your division and stop crying.

  25. Just like the haters to be WRONG again even if they added four more teams the Cowboys still wouldn’t have made it into the playoffs knuckle heads its only about making more money

  26. Why is it that the media continues to spoon feed us all things Jerrah?

    Seriously….Irrelevent team, joke of a GM, rich guy who has too much of an ego to get out of the way and delegate to someone who actually can evaluate talent.

    Maybe if everyone ignores them they will go away!

  27. If your team missed by an inch year after year, you’d want the expansion too. All he needs is one playoff game to make the team profitable, or break even…

  28. Sure he does, maybe the CowBabies would have a chance of getting in then. If it stays as it is now, no chance for JJ’s team.

  29. Since Jerry Jones wants to expand the playoffs, we definitely don’t want them expanded. Shrinking them is okay, in fact. Top four records in the AFC, top four records in the NFC, ignore the divisions, seeded conference, watch the 8-8 Cowboys cry in their beer every single year.

  30. What makes the nfl playoffs great is its exclusivity. If you let half the league in the playoffs, does the regular season matter? And with all these wild card teams hard pressed to avoid blackouts is there a demand for more playoff games? I guess since we are penalizing hard hitting and rewarding QB flopping we might as well go full on nba and let everybody in.

  31. This is the same guy who wanted 2 Thursday Night games a week. But of course he wants more teams. Only way his 8-8 Cowboys will make it.

  32. We already have a giant tournament – it’s unofficial name is March Madness. We don’t need another.

  33. That idea will likely result in situations where a team with a much better regular season record has to hit the road during the second playoff weekend to play a team that finished 8-8 or 7-9.

    It’s supposedly bad enough that this sometimes occurs for the wild card weekend. I doubt many people would want to see that happen two weeks in a row.

  34. This is how all good businesses destroy themselves. No matter how much money they make, they want more. And in the process of selling more product to more people more often, they destroy the product that made them rich in the first place.

    Case in point. Back in the 60s and 70s, Pierre Cardin was a big men’s fashion label. In fact, it was so big that it started getting big-money offers to license out its brand name to people who wanted to stamp “Pierre Cardin” on their clothes and sell them. Of course, the people making the offers made really lousy clothing, but because Pierre Cardin was willing to take money from anyone who offered it, it sold the license to them. Long story short, the market was flooded with so much lousy clothing with “Pierre Cardin” on it, that the public’s opinion of Pierre Cardin declined, and the company became almost worthless.

    Same thing with the NFL. What Jerry Jones doesn’t realize is that the REASON people are excited about making the playoffs is that it’s HARD TO MAKE THE PLAYOFFS. If everyone made it, fewer people would care.

  35. This isn’t third grade tee-ball Jerry..we all don’t get trophies and pizza parties for participating.

  36. The league has so few games you have to make those games as exciting as possible. Adding more playoffs teams would make the regular season a lot more meaningless. All you would have to do is tread water and you’re in. That is not good for the sport.

    Look at the NHL and NBA playoffs and the teams that get in. Each year bad teams make the playoffs and it kind of makes the first round, and to a lesser extent the regular season, a joke. No objective person could want the NFL postseason to be more like the ones in those leagues.

    Jerry doesn’t want this because its good for the NFL brand. He only cares about making more money and having his team talked about for another week.

    So Please NFL don’t let a few selfish individuals ruin the game for their own personal gain and vanity.

  37. green41563 says:
    Jan 3, 2014 7:45 PM
    This is how all good businesses destroy themselves. No matter how much money they make, they want more. And in the process of selling more product to more people more often, they destroy the product that made them rich in the first place.

    Case in point. Back in the 60s and 70s, Pierre Cardin was a big men’s fashion label. In fact, it was so big that it started getting big-money offers to license out its brand name to people who wanted to stamp “Pierre Cardin” on their clothes and sell them. Of course, the people making the offers made really lousy clothing, but because Pierre Cardin was willing to take money from anyone who offered it, it sold the license to them. Long story short, the market was flooded with so much lousy clothing with “Pierre Cardin” on it, that the public’s opinion of Pierre Cardin declined, and the company became almost worthless.

    Same thing with the NFL. What Jerry Jones doesn’t realize is that the REASON people are excited about making the playoffs is that it’s HARD TO MAKE THE PLAYOFFS. If everyone made it, fewer people would care.


    I agree fully, but leaving things the same forever is also a sure way to fail. It’s a delicate balance to manage something that is at the peak of success and try to keep it there.

  38. Yep, if you added one more team from each conference, then an 8-8 AFC team (PIT) and 10-6 NFC team (ARI) would get in.

  39. Jerrah came out with the stupidest thing any senile old man has ever said, “doctors say I have a 40 yr old brain.” No Jerrah, Doctors said your brain died 40 years ago, and senility is advancing quickly. The saddest part of this saga, is that Steven is stupider than Jerrah. Cowboys have no hope for decades.

  40. This isn’t hockey, where 1/2 the teams play in the postseason.

    Its the NFL, where every regular season game matters and winning your division is important.

    This is a move that could literally drive more people to college football once their playoff system is in effect

  41. Hey Jerry, how can we make more money to service our enormous greed and not increase league liability in any way?

    Oh, and we don’t care if doing so waters down the league even more than it already is.

  42. The NBA and NHL let too many teams, and it diminishes the value of the regular season.

    I counter the Cardinals argument with the fact that under the current system 8-8 teams make it into the playoffs.

    Hell, I’d like to back to the system where only two wild cards made it.

  43. I’m all for adding 4 teams to the playoffs. Like Jerry said, four more large metro areas will have the excitement of having a chance for the Super Bowl. Also, they those four population centers will all have another week of football.

    Right now, there is a month of football left after the regular season ends, and only 12 teams get to participate. By adding 4 teams, half of the teams will go home and half will continue. Sounds good to me.

  44. Or you could just hire a coach and a general manager that were good enough to get the teams into the playoffs with the current set-up. Crazy, huh? As a Cowboy fan It is disgusting to hear him say this even if 90% of the other owners feel the same. Screw you, Jerry.

  45. Of course Jerrah prefers expanded play-offs. Its the only way Dallas would see the post-season lol. Its fine as it sits, dont mess with stuff that works. What needs to be done is SuperBowls in the elements, just like regular season games.

  46. If the cowboys would have made the playoffs, good old Jerry would have kept his mouth shut about expanding playoffs. GO EAGLES!!

  47. Take it down to 8 teams total. Regular season should matter more. Mediocre teams like the chargers, colts, philly shouldn’t get in. Division winners wouldnt get a free pass in my book either. The regular season is 16 weeks long. The team that has consistent success from week 1 through the playoffs is the best team, not the team that goes 9-7, gets hot and wins the super bowl. Thats a joke.

  48. Why is this doofus still relevant to anyone? I mean really his team has won ONE playoff game in like 25 years and yet I still log on here and see Jerry Jones this and Jerry Jones that. Isn’t it time to start treating him like the aging, fool clown Al Davis used to be? No one cared what Al Davis thought beyond like 1994. Can’t we put Jerrah in that role now?

    And also … this guy has no self-awareness. Doesn’t he realize what a tool he sounds like saying this right after his team once against messed all over themselves in the last game of the season?

    Just shut your yap, Jerry. What your team REALLY needs even more than an expanded playoff field is less YOU!

  49. Looks like certain owners and bloggers are hell bent on destroying the NFL. It’s the only sport where the regular season MATTERS!!!!!! If nearly half the teams make it to the playoffs — which is a single elimination tournament — then the regular season no longer means much.

    You want to do away with divisions, which will lead to doing away with conferences, which will lead to the end of the NFL.

    Good to see the poll indicate that the overwhelming majority of fans want nothing to do with fixing what’s not broken.

  50. So this cadaver wants to expand the playoffs ? I’m guessing he also wants to increase the regular season from 16 to 18 games. What a dim wit.

  51. Absolutely not. That would be 4 teams that really don’t deserve to be there. This is a move that is all about money. More games, more money.

  52. Cowboys fan here. There’s a small part of me that would like to see an expansion just because I want to see what Jerry’s excuse will be when Garrett still manages to miss the playoffs. To be perfectly honest, I was rooting for the Eagles in week 17, simply because I felt there was no way he could keep Jason on to coach if we had the exact same result three years in a row. Besides, even if they had made it in, they had the worst defense in the league and would have gotten embarrassed in the first round. Leave it to Jerry to surprise even me after all these years and keep Garrett on. An expansion is not going to help this franchise Jerry, firing Garrett and more importantly yourself, and getting competent individuals in to lead the organization might. But as much as the entire world can see what the team’s problem is, he’ll never go away until he’s dead. And then his son will take over GM duties and we’ll continue to be screwed.

  53. Now that the Cowboys have spit the bit 3 straight years on the final Sunday Night Football game of the year, I think it’s safe to say if Dallas comes down to yet another win-or-go-home game in week 17 of 2014, it will be on Fox, not NBC.

  54. They’ll still miss out. Tony romo will get them within one play…by being the top 3 quarterbacks in the league only to squander it away in December and become the leagues worst qb. It’s so predictable and so enjoyable to watch. I like routines and seeing Dallas miss out on a playoff is like the sun rising in the morning or my afternoon dump.

  55. Here’s a better idea, Jerruh…

    If there’s a team with a better record than any division winner, that team gets in and the division winner with the worst record is out.

    So this year, the Cards would be in and the Packers out. It seems that every few years or so an 11-5 team (and even more often, 10-6 teams) sits home. This would eliminate such a situation.

    Winning regular season games should matter.

  56. Why are we still hearing from this guy? Shouldn’t he trying to book AT&T for a swap meet to make up for playoff revenue?

    How many laughs are there in Valley Ranch when the finance people get to the playoff revenue stream line items?

  57. Only one team deserving of a playoff chance got left out this year. Arizona. The rest of the teams were garbage and inconsistent all year. Let’s not water down the playoffs like the NBA.

    If they want to make changes they should take the top 6 teams from each conference and do away with division winners getting a spot if they have a worse record then another team. Also seed the playoffs based on record. San Fran should be the 3 seed this year

  58. As a Cowboy fan I would like to apologize for our owner. That statement is embarrassing. More teams so subpar .500 teams can get in, SMH. Remember when the Cowboys went to the playoffs 23 times from 1966-1996, you would never had heard crap like this from that ownership group. Jerry just fix your mess and win!!

  59. Might just as well put all the teams in. And everyone gets a participation trophy. What about cities that don’t currently have a franchise – how can we make it more inclusive for them? Maybe the Cowboys should just be given an automatic playoff berth every year. Anything to shut Mr. Burns up. All hat, no cattle.

  60. None of the teams that missed the playoffs this year would make them any more interesting — they would only increase the likelihood that the best team loses due to fluke/injury.

  61. The 12 team format basically gets in all of the winning records and an expanded group would only make room for more 8-8 garbage. Teams like the 10 win Cardinals are a rare example of a good team getting shutout of the playoffs.

  62. Heres some advice Jerry Jones —

    1) Hire a general manager, preferably someone with some actual winning experience, and a lack of interest in profits over wins/losses

    2) Ask Jimmy Johnson to come back as a consultant. You know, like maybe get some connection with the ONLY DAMN REASON YOU HAVE ANY RINGS.

    3) Stop getting Botox, cosmetic surgery, and every other damn thing that either women or he-she’s get.

    You, Jerry, are a joke, you and all your multiple faces

  63. Sure, why not? And instead of having only 3 medals in Olympic contests, they should have four! And why is there only one Heisman Trophy winner? They’re should be at least two!

    I mean, why single out the great, when you can reward everybody?

  64. First, home field advantage in the Super Bowl should go to team with best overall record, and
    quit using NFL’s current raffle procedures.
    For instance, why should the city of Dallas host a SB, and earn SB money, when they haven’t won anything in more than 20 years. During last SB, they ripped fans-off, and NFL did nothing.

  65. Jerry Jones should be embarrassed for failing as a GM and embarrassed people should keep their opinions to themselves. It should be said though – he has assembled a pretty good roster, but a house of insanity knows no peace, hence, the embarrassment.

  66. Bears would have been 7th seeds in 08, 11, 12 and an 8th seed this year. I’m all for it. Bear could for sure beat number 1 seed Seahawks in Seattle.

  67. Of course Jerry’s world want the expansion.. then his whiney cowgurls could maybe make it once every 5 yrs an still fail..Welcome to Jerry’s world Cowgurlz fanz

  68. If you like more meaningless week 17 games, this idea is for you. You’d be taking away teams playing for byes in addition to teams fighting for divisions and wild cards.

  69. Jerrald is just floating another balloon. Pay no attention to this diversion from his desire to extend the regular season.

  70. The NFL playoffs are fine, we don’t want the NFL to turn into the NBA or NHL, where you really have to suck to not make the playoffs.

  71. I would support adding four more teams to the playoffs–if they add eight more teams to the league. Four team divisions are dumb; should be at least five.

  72. Here is what should happen. If the format stays the same it should expand to 14. That way teams like Arizona would make the playoffs as they should of this year. If they go to seeding based on record and divisional champions leave it alone. Division champions make it but do NOT get an auto home game. Making the playoffs IS the reward. Other two spots go to best records and home games are based on record in conference. That is all and how it should be.

  73. I’m sure Jerrah wants Obama to become Commish….then he and his bottom feeders can all get Lombardi trophies for showing up and the winning teams can pay a victory tax to them all so they can build a place to keep them.

  74. Short answer…NO. This isn’t the NBA or NHL. Exclusivity makes the NFL playoffs special.

  75. Horrible, horrible idea.

    More games that will struggle to sell out encouraging the NFL to shake down more cities for money to sellout under the threat of a blackout.

    More mediocrity sneaking into the playoffs with 7-8 wins.

    Honestly I think too many teams make it in as it is, but in these current 4 team pods for divisions, I think 6 is probably the fair number.

  76. Go ahead, add 10 playoff slots if you want. Your lousy team will still find some absurdly humiliating way to miss the postseason.

  77. Isn’t the whole idea of the salary cap in football to keep league parity? Do half of the teams in a supposedly “balanced” league need to make the playoffs?

  78. This would be a pure money making grab by NFL owners but a TERRIBLE move. The NFL has the perfect system where only 37.5 of the teams make the playoffs, which is about the perfect percentage. Don’t change a thing, we don’t want it becoming hockey or the NBA. 75% of fans or more don’t want this.

  79. I agree with expanding the playoffs but not with two teams. You have the 4 division winners and 3 wildcats teams. Then structure it like this:

    1st Place in the conference gets a first round bye. No other teams get a bye.

    Remaining 6 teams play in the wildcard round. Matchups depend on a teams record in their conference ie:
    2nd place plays 7th
    3rd place plays 6th
    4th place plays 5th

    Tie breakers are decided exactly as they are right now.

    The divisional round and conference championships remain the same. This will allow any teams that are 10-6 or 9-7 a chance to get into the playoffs and it rewards the best team in the conference with a bye. Winning the division doesn’t ensure you a home game but it does ensure you a playoff berth. That way teams who won more games get rewarded with a home game. This is what id like to see happen 14 teams get a chance to make the Super Bowl and regular season wins actually matter.

  80. Jerruh just wants the cowboys to be able to sneak into the playoffs

    That being said, I’d support a 7th team from each conference. Would be easy enough to do, only the #1 seed gets a bye. While that #2 seed loses a bye week, they do get an extra home game, and the income that comes along with it

  81. Add 1 more team per conference and get rid of the bye for the #2 seed. That then makes getting the #1 seed REALLY matter b/c how things are now, having the #1 is irrelevant. 2009 was the only year under the current format where both #1’s made it to the SB. But since the owners can’t get their 18/20 game reg season, it’ll eventually be a 16 team playoff b/c there’s money to be made.

  82. And all of no one is surprised. He can’t get in now, so he wants to expand the playoffs to legitimize Jason Garrett and every other bad decision he makes like signing Tony Romo to an over 100 million dollar contract.

  83. The only changes that need to be made to the NFL playoffs is they need to be re-seeded 1-6 in each conference based on RECORD and nothing else. Wins, not geography should be the only criteria used in determining playoff seeding. Having a better record than three other crappy teams should not even qualify you for the playoffs, let alone hosting a playoff game.

  84. He is just pissed because he realizes Philly will be division champs for the next 6 years again and needs a way to seem relevant again which won’t happen until he removes himself from the equation.. He should retire and take all his money and buy an nba team which is much more suited to his ability to not know how to draft.. There are only 2 rounds and it’s more like a lottery than an actual thought intensive process..

  85. Hey, Jerry – why not do what NASCAR does when a driver who has previously won the Winston Cup (sorry, Sprint/Nextel) can’t qualify for a race does? Have a “Past Champion” exemption so you can cash in on your past glory just a little but more.

  86. Of course he does. That’s the only way a team owned by Jerry will EVER make the playoffs again.

    No thanks Jerry…I’d be okay if they cut the number of Wild Card teams back to just two.

    what the league REALLY needs…is to be RID of Jerry Jones!

  87. Amen 3lmt. I guess Jerry is trying to find a way to pay for the 1+billion stadium. Why not let every team in the playoffs or just start the season off in the playoffs and have 17 weeks of it.

  88. Just like today’s society. Give’m all trophies…

    Of course he wants it expanded??? Any chance he can to scam more “ticket holders”, he’s in…

  89. Why fix what isn’t broken? This regular season provided plenty of excitement down to the final week.

    Not to mention with injuries becoming more and more of a factor why would you want to dilute the importance of regular season games at all?

  90. Still using the moral victory excuse, Jerry? Please, keep being the owner/GM/president!

    Signed, a member of one of the other 31 fan bases.

  91. Since JJ is unable to field a competitive team and hire a competent head and win the conventional way, he is attempting to finagle the system.

  92. Since JJ is unable to field a competitive team, hire a competent head coach and win the conventional way, he is attempting to finagle the system.

  93. Not that simple – math doesn’t work for current schedule format – do you give up byes, conference play, or what? Plus, same arguments ensue as 16 vs. 18 game season – wear & tear on players. Actually, it already exists as game 16 of regular season and Cowboys have lost in the first round for last three years!

  94. I wonder if he would be saying this if the Cowboys actually made the playoffs instead of having their hopes dashed in Week 17 for three years straight.

  95. Even Dan Snyder hasn’t said anything that stupid. Makes me proud to be a ‘Skins fan!!!

  96. Why not have a system where if you finish 10-6 (Besides the division champs) or better than you are eligible to enter the playoffs. This would also make every regular season game more important. If only one team finishes with a 10-6 record like Arizona did this year than they would have to play a game with the team with the worst record going into the playoffs (Example Green Bay or another winner of a weak division) if 2 than seed as normally would.

  97. just let all’32 teams in. seedsvare the division leaders 1 – 8 then 9 32 are based on record. and arc teams can play afc or nfc can play nfc in the super bowl.

  98. Expand the playoffs to 32 teams. That way, the cowgirls have a 50/50 chance of making it!
    LOL @ “America’s Team” that predicted and failed to make the Super Bowl for about the 5th year in a row.

  99. They should let all of the teams make it, not keep score, give every team a Lombardi trophy and every player a ring. SIT DOWN JERRY! SIT DOWN!

  100. I think the current format is optimal. It and the salary cap have produced significant parity and compelling games in January and February. No need to change it.

  101. Use the NASCAR approach………
    The top 10 wins in 10 games qualifies for the playoffs…………Simple

  102. Now that the Jerrah has lost his beloved title of Americas Team he should also lose his title of Cowboys GM and just be an uninvolved owner and hire a real football mind to run things.he wont ever see another Cowboys Super Bowl and may never see another playoff game involving his lousey team.

  103. Shocker.

    The owner and General Manager responsible for trotting out teams that are 8-8 year after year after year and is something like 137-137 over the last 16 or 17 season (i.e., since 1997, after the Jimmy Johnson bounty had been milked, drained and bled dry by Jerry and every coach he’s hired since alienating Johnson) — now wants mediocrity rewarded (i.e., himself rewarded).

    Playoffs are supposed to be a reward for those who EARN it – and are not just to be doled out to teams like free “bowls of soup.” Insert legendary Caddyshack clip here.

  104. A division winner has earned the right to be in the playoffs,if a team with a better record has to sit out or hit the road so be it,its their own fault for losing the games that put them in that situation.the Packers earned the right to be there by winning crucual games the others lost the right to be there by losing games they should have won to be division winners.fighting for your division title is always the first target for NFL teams as it should be and always will be.

  105. Wow this website volleys it up and u jump right on it. All the responce post says the exact same thing. Sheep!!

    Go Cowboys!!

  106. If they ever bother going to 16, then just go to all 32 with adding a 17th game that is the same “rivalry week” every year – e.g. the Packers and Bears play every year to see who makes the field of 16, better regular season performance hosts so the regular season still has meaning.

    That 17th game is both the final regular season game, adding more revenue to the NFL, and the first playoff game at the same time. If anyone is afraid that a substandard team will win it all, that is still likely with 16 teams, as long as there is the 8 four team divisions anyway.

    Even with just 12 playoff teams, mediocre teams progress and have won it all (the Giants were a mediocre 9-7 with a negative regular season point differential and a terrible regular season turnover margin, but they made it with the 8 division format, won the post season turnover margin, and voila – champions. What do people think will happen when 16 teams make it?

    Sure, a 10-6 Cardinals would get to go, but 3 more 8-8 teams would too, increasing the likelihood of a dyed in the wool mediocre team winning it all. So if that is acceptable, then why would people be afraid if a 5-12 team (i.e. 4-12 going into the game 17 rivalry week who wins to get in) wins it all? Everyone gets a chance and the NFL makes more revenue. Isn’t that the idea now?

    The regular season is already borderline exhibition as it is with 12 teams as the logical connection between regular season performance and ultimate champion is eroding. If anymore teams are added, then just go all in and be done with it.

  107. Jones is brilliant about making money. He should stick to that.

    He is an absolute Al Davis clone when it comes to managing a football team. He and his son need to butt out and hire good people as GM and Head Coach.

    Leave the playoffs alone. You’re either good enough to make it or not. Desperation is a sign of weakness Jerry.

  108. Please, old man, just go away. No one wants to hear from your ugly puss. You are an incompetent, perennial LOSER who has no business trying to run a NFL football organization. Your team sucks year after year only because of YOU! You have no ability to evaluate EITHER players OR coaches, and now that you’ve ruined the Cowgirls you want to ruin the rest of the NFL as well, out of spite. Just… fade away. Shut up, for God’s sake! No one wants to hear your crazy ideas. You want your Girls to get into the playoffs? EARN THE RIGHT TO DO IT! Geesh what a moron….

  109. 75 percent voted to keep the system the way it is. Now Roger Goodell can say we need to add more playoff teams because it is what the fans want.

  110. Might as well go ahead with expanding the playoffs. You’ve already legislated hitting out of the game.

    After expanding the playoffs, may I suggest you replace the football, with a basketball?

    You guys can complete the transformation to the NBA. I will, then, watch the NFL regular season as frequently as I watch the NBA regular season. Which would be never!

  111. Another Card fan votes NO! The NFL needs to leave the game alone and quit “fixing” it, watering down the competition in the process and turning it into a snoozefest. Who care what Jerry Jones thinks anyway? Has he been annointed the Donald Trump of football?

  112. I mean really who wants to watch a cowboy game unless your a cowboy fan??? I mean I don’t watch it I just like hearing they loss. They are irrelevant since 1996 LOL!! Team has been mediocre since then. It’s boring to watch them and the team sucks. They need a whole team except dez,witten,and murray. After that you got zilt!! Notta!! Nothing!! Horrible team and jerry the Gm ruin it. Who Dat !! Says hello!!

  113. I’m with the Card fans that are against it, the Pats didn’t make it in 2008 with 11 wins & that was OK too. As it is even with only 12 teams in, some years there’s some pretty mediocre teams in the 12.

    Don’t dilute it even further.

  114. Jerry Jones is a boob…..even if they changed to add couple more teams the Cowboys would just drop down a few more spots and still miss the playoffs.

    After all, they are the Cowboys.

    NFL: Knock Knock
    Cowboys: Who’s there?
    NFL: Playoffs!
    Cowboys: Playoffs who?
    NFL: Exactly!

  115. Of course he does. How else is his team getting in.
    He wants some games in his house to. He has bills to pay and he is sitting on the sidelines again this year, no beer sales, parking revenue, seat revenue, local television revenue.
    Hey he owns his stadium outright.

  116. When I look at the match-ups this year, I wonder if maybe painting the walls may be just as exciting.

    I mean GB against the 9ers. The 9ers totally kicked their butts the last three times they met. This is not a thrilling contests. It will be a rout in the ice.

    Cinci and Who?

    Colts and KC. They’ve already played twice against each other.

    Eagles and Saints, a good matchup.

    The best teams are playing cards this weekend and there talking, lets make it more exciting by adding some more even weaker less interesting teams than we have now?

  117. Typical loser mentality. If I can’t win playing by the rules, I’ll have the rules changed. Hey, Jerry, try getting a QB who doesn’t blow games in the 4th quarter all the time! You should have taken some of the billion dollars you spent on the stadium and tried fielding a better team. You could also try finding a better coaching staff. Oh, and you should then stay away from the team, because you’re poison!

  118. When I was 3 or 4, my uncle explained the playoffs as “all the teams play each other, and then the two best ones go the Super Bowl.” I, of course, took this to mean that the season started with all 28 teams playing each other at the same time in a 16 way free for all. I would absolutely still be in favor of a seven way playoff bloodbath for the NFC and AFC. And that’s still smarter than Jerry Jones.

  119. His team is done for the season therefore, he should be too. So tired of hearing about what he has to say when it has been so long since his team was relevant.

  120. Doesn’t matter how many teams are in the playoffs, the Cowboys won’t be playing a 17th game until they get a new GM, instead of changing the playoff format, Jerry, fix your problem first, that starts with your ego.

  121. Jer’s an idiot! A lot of the players can barely play 16 games and stay healthy. Look at the sick, lame, and lazy list each week and see how many of the players cannot stay healthy for the regular season. And then the genius wants to add more games on top of that!

    I think Jer’s missing something very important here and that is that a lot of the great American public just doesn’t care about the postseason and the Stupid Bowl anymore. My season ends when the Chiefs stop playing; I think a lot of fans do the same thing.

    Plus most of the teams have priced themselves out of competition in terms of ticket prices. How many people can realistically support $400 for a family of 4 plus parking plus food plus, plus, plus?

  122. The only reason Jerry Jones wants the playoffs extended is because the Dallas Cowboys cant win more than 8 games a year and that would give them a good chance at 8-8. I believe a team should be over .500 and should win there division to even qualify for the playoffs.

  123. Typical Jerry Jone self-serving crap.

    Hey Jerry: maybe if your team had a REAL “gm” – and hence “real talent”

    then maybe you wouldn’t have to go scrounging around looking for ways to get your consistently 8-8 or 7-9 mediocre team in the playoffs.

    When it comes to policy, the NFL should listen to Jerry’s ideas

    and then GO THE OTHER WAY.

    Snyder and Jones are clowns. Their fans should revolt and boycott.

  124. Of course Jones wants the playoffs expanded. That’s the only way his Cowboys can get in.

  125. blah, blah, blah…c’mon you guys. I gotta pay for my
    gaudy stadium and continue to subsidize the mediocre careers of these overpaid babies !!

    love JJ

  126. The haters are out in force today. Would be helpful if more of you actually read the article and responded to the actual question.

  127. Jerry Jones is a LIBERAL???!! For all these years, I was convinced he was a conservative. Now everything is starting to make sense in regards to the implosion of the Dallas Cowboys!

  128. The only thing Jerry Jones — aka The Crypt Keeper — cares about is lining his pockets with money.
    Anything else he has to say his bull. Oh wait — he also wants the number of teams in the playoffs increased so his beloved Cowboys can make it.
    But not to worry, Cowboy haters. As long as the Crypt Keeper is in charge in Cowboyland, they will be one and done even if they do.

  129. The NFL needs more money, the owners need more money, that’s why they are in business. Pizazz and loyalty fills seats. The NFL is a non profit and pays no taxes. ( fact ) …. The recent blip about unsold tickets is a very telling event. Forget the rhetoric about ” viewing records ”
    once we start to see claims like these, the opposite is probably true. Make no mistake the NFL is in deep trouble. They may very well have killed the Golden Goose. They peaked several years ago and have been in a steady decline ever since. We believe it to be ALL the teams and the entire NFL organization. Think about it, Step back and take a look, I’m sure you’ll see it for yourselves….

  130. I say open it up. It has been a long time since winning the NFL championship meant you were the best team for the year (see 2007 Patriots and 2011 Packers). Anything can and will happen in a single elimination knock-out tournament. If you’re going to use that system, why not let everyone play? I hate to see the NCAA headed down this same path.

  131. That way perhaps Jerry can get in, and hopefully host a game in his taxpayer finbanced stadium, and generate him so mo revenue.

  132. How dumb is this clown? It’s so transparent that he just wants the Cowboys in (and I’m a cowboys fan… for some reason). Maybe he should hire a decent GM or let Jason Garrett control his own team! I’m not convinced Garrett isn’t a good coach, but when you can’t even hire your own assistants…

    I’m glad Ohio State is good every year, or else I might start hating football. Jerry Jones is infuriating.

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