Kendall Langford fined $7,875 after Week 17 ejection


Last Sunday’s Seahawks-Rams game was a chippy affair and the NFL has fined four players for actions during the game.

PFT confirmed with the league that Rams defensive tackle Kendall Langford was fined $7,875 after getting ejected from the game. Langford was arguing a personal foul called on linebacker Alec Ogletree when he gestured with his hand and made contact with an official. Langford then slammed his helmet to the turf before exiting the field.

Rams defensive tackle Eugene Sims and running back Chase Reynolds were also fined $7,875 by the league. Both players picked up unnecessary roughness penalties during Seattle punts.

Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor joined the three Rams in having a $7,875 fine sent his way. Chancellor was flagged for a late hit on Rams running back Zac Stacy during the game.

There were seven other personal fouls or unsportsmanlike conduct infractions during the game, although none of the other offenders were deemed worthy of fines from the league office.

17 responses to “Kendall Langford fined $7,875 after Week 17 ejection

  1. Is there more fines than in passed years? Seems like any real sportsmanship/flagrant/excessive force flag or incident caught on tape results in a fine handed down.

  2. The ejection came after Langford pushed the official’s hands off of him, as was demonstrated to Jeff Tripplet. The hat bump was coincidental and they all knew that.

  3. If the NFL were as “chippy” as that game was, they could have raked in some serious cash…

    I thought Langford would get a fine for the events leading to the helmet throw, and then fined again for the helmet itself.

  4. Bad fine. The guy simply stuck his arm out as he turned and an official was in his space. No harm, no foul. He should not have been fined for not having 360 vision.

  5. Looks like Langford was fined for just the helmet throw and not the touching a ref (or vice versa, I guess) since it’s the same as everybody else’s fine. That seems fair. Double/triple-punishing him for an incidental contact seemed a bit harsh. Had he kept his cool and not thrown the helmet, he might have escaped without a fine! (which would have been tacit admission by the NFL that his “infraction” was not all that bad)

  6. Its called discipline. And its amazing how few teams in the NFL have it.

    There are a tremendous amount of stupid penalties made in NFL games, a reflection of how selfish a lot of these players are.

  7. As a Ram’s fan that was a pretty embarrassing display of lack of discipline for the whole game. There was one play where they had 3 personal fouls on the same play! With all that being said, Jeff Triplette and his crew is the worst officiating crew in the league bar none.

  8. Let’s see. that’ll cost him about 5 minutes of frustration because, let’s face it, players “have to feed their families.”

    What an absolute joke professional sports administration continues to be.

  9. If the fines were based on wage scale these would be nothing more than a day’s coffee money for therest of us…

  10. Look at it again, the flag came out right after Langford’s arm accidentally hit the official.

    As for the helmet, that never would have happened had the incompetent officials not thrown the flag to begin with.

  11. I thought it was poor form to eject one of the guys that wasn’t fighting… due to incidental contact, no less, rather than ejecting the guys actually fighting.

    Charging the same fine to all players also seems weak. Obviously different degrees of conduct breaches here.

  12. These fines are just flat wrong. It’s stealing basically. They started as being a tool to control excessive behavior . Now it’s a tool to generate money. The league is being sued by former players and will likely lose their butts . This is how they’ve decided to offset the loss.

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