League has no set temperature at which it’s too cold to play

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Football routinely is played in the elements.  Except when the elements endanger life and limb.

But when it comes to whether the weather will be so cold that it’s too cold from a safety standpoint, the NFL has no predetermined temperature reading that would postpone a game.

“We don’t have a number, no,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy tells PFT via email.

It’s a bit surprising that the league hasn’t worked with experts to identify a temperature at which it automatically becomes unsafe to be outdoors for extended periods of time.  That’s likely because the league has never had to do it.

After Sunday’s game at Green Bay, the NFL may have to do it.

Currently, the Weather.com forecast calls for a high temperature — a high temperature — of five degrees below zero.  The low for Sunday will be 20 below.

For the legendary Ice Bowl, the game-time temperature was 13 degrees below zero.

Making the situation more serious, the National Weather Service has issued a wind chill advisory from 6:00 p.m. CT Saturday until 6:00 p.m. CT Sunday, at which time the advisory converts to a warning:  “FROST BITE ON EXPOSED SKIN COULD OCCUR WITHIN 30 MINUTES SATURDAY NIGHT AND SUNDAY… AND AS LITTLE AS 10 MINUTES SUNDAY NIGHT THROUGH TUESDAY MORNING.”

Players and officials will be exposed to those conditions for roughly 90 minutes in the first half of the game, along with another 90 minutes in the second half — even more if there’s overtime.  And while fans can, in theory, exit the seating area and look for a warmer spot in the stadium, how warm will any spot in the stadium be, other than the restrooms?

Of course, fans can choose to leave early or not come at all.  Players, officials, stadium workers, and others who are employed to be there have no real choice.  (The players and the officials are represented by unions, which at some point have a duty to intervene on behalf of their constituents.)

For all parties involved, there are few viable options.  The NFL could play the game on Saturday, when the temperature will spike to a balmy 25 during the day.  That would entail possibly moving one of the Saturday playoff games to Sunday, or playing three on Saturday, with the Green Bay game perhaps landing in the currently vacant 1:00 p.m. ET time slot.  Alternative, the NFL could flip the order of the games on Sunday, with 49ers-Packers kicking off (and in turn ending) well before the wind chill warning kicks in at 6:00 p.m. local time.

Moving the game to Monday definitely won’t work.  That day, the projected high temperature is 14 below.

176 responses to “League has no set temperature at which it’s too cold to play

  1. But we gotta stop the games when we hear thunder five miles away….

    The NFL – lucky their product is the best thing out there because their management completely sucks..

  2. Why should they?!?!?!? It’s FOOTBALL!!!!! Football is meant to be played in the cold not the warm weather. The game is sissified enough lets not go overboard……anymore.

  3. How about this solution……..play the game where it should be played and that’s San Francisco………..12-4 vs 8-7-1 and the game is being played in Green Bay……….ridiculous!

  4. Those are going to be some brave/insane folks out there in the stands. I mean I love football and all, just not enough to get frostbite.

    Perhaps the NFL can go commerical free to speed up the game and get everyone out of the cold quicker? Yeah right lol.

  5. Are you aware that Saturday is tomorrow and it’s already 2 EST? I could see moving it to Saturday on a Tuesday but on Friday afternoon? I have my doubts.

  6. The league should hire Tim Tebow to pray for warmer weather. Maybe ESPN will lend him out for a few minutes.

  7. Here we go! Another way to destroy the game. As if horrible officiating and ridiculous safety rules were not enough. Pretty soon the NFL will be the NoFunLeague, with players pulling panties (I meant flags) from the waistbands of the player’s leotards.

  8. The good news is that at least this will put to the test the NFL’s long standing policy of playing in any conditions. It will be a triumphant win for the NFL or a free lesson for everybody else at the NFL’s expense. And any people that get hurt in the process.

  9. The temp will be same for both teams so while it may be a factor it will not be an unfair advantage. It’s football. Football is played outside. Don’t like it? Watch shuffleboard.

  10. Love the San Fran honks crying about having to go on the road…

    The rules are there before the season starts, win your division and get a home game, its that simple.

    Of course I would feel bad about myself if I lost out to the shehawks I guess….

  11. The game is played where it belongs. Hence the division champions.”not a packers fan”. Football at one time was to be played in all inclement weather.. sucks to see the heart is gone and the love is gone for the greed of money.

  12. UnderArmour, Heated benches, gloves, heat packs, strenuous activity, they have plenty of ways to stay warm.

  13. I bet the winner of this game gets beat either in Carolina or Seattle. These are two tough teams that will certainly give their all for the win, but I’m assuming this will be a beat down by the weather and the team that survives will certainly not be 100% the following week

  14. Hopefully security will permit seat cushions, blankets, and maybe flasks to be brought in. How is it that you can wear a cheesehead on your head but you can’t sit on a cushion? Makes no sense to me unless I missed the memo allowing cushions again.

  15. I think the NFL “tough guy” era is over. Tough guys used to say keep playing if you have a concussion. Now we realize that you may actually be damaging your brain. Playing an outdoor game under those conditions isn’t safe for the fans or the players. Move the game time or location.

  16. Love everyone saying “play the game no matter the weather” because “that’s how it should be played” And yet games are routinely moved, delayed, cancelled because of weather at all levels, youth, high school, college and even the NFL.

    It’s not a big deal, play in the elements… to a degree. I don’t like watching games in monsoons, hurricanes, blizzards but I don’t mind snow, drizzle, heat, cold. Everything in moderation.

  17. Queue the Niner Whiners who only complain once their team has to travel.

    This could have been solved if they won their division. Pretty sure they knew these rules when the season started…Just like the Seahawks did.

  18. Every club should build indoor stadium – and “so called elements / home field advantage” should be fan support and passion

    League talk abt player safety – how safe are players in -20 temperature / wind chill / slipping snow

  19. For the love of god it’s football just shut up and play. It was -51 in Great Falls, MT a few weeks ago for a week straight almost. If we can handle that, then they can handle a couple hours in the cold with massive heaters on the sidelines. Whatever happened to manning up and just playing football. The older players are probly laughing so hard at the title of this article.

  20. Cry me a river 49er trolls. Win your division and the game would be at candlewax. You play 8 games in your division win them all and you’d probably be off this weekend. NFC West fans weren’t complaining a few years back when Seattle had a home game after going 7-9. Sounds to me like the 9er fans are just trying to start there excuses for why they can’t win at the greatest football venue ever built!

  21. Maybe the NFL should have a set temperature at which it’s too cold to play. -5 degrees is not it.

  22. Let ’em play.

    Vince Lombardi wouldn’t even allow his players to wear gloves during the Ice Bowl, and the wind chill that game dropped to like minus-48.

  23. I think their gamechecks make up for something they signed up to do in the first place.

  24. If you don’t want to get cold, don’t make the trip…
    Somebody/some other team sitting at home for the playoffs would gladly trade you spots

  25. The game is set for the time it will be played and that is that. Home feild advantage is what it is.

    I can imagine all this reporting about the cold stems from harbaugh whining non-stop about it all week.

    I see people talking about postponing the game. Guess what, it will be cold on GB on Monday, on Tuesday and Wednesday as well.

    Move it to SF? GB just sold out the game and people are on their way to GB as we sit here reading.

    My money is on the game being played Sunday at 4:40 EST.

    If the NFL doesn’t like cold weather, why have the SB in New Jersey? Also, they can schedule the regular season to start in June and end in September, with the playoffs in October. Oh, then it will be too hot to play football in the southern climates and games will be cancelled over heat conditions and warnings when the heat is really bad in July and August.

    I got it! Fold the NFL so we don’t have to worry about any of this anymore..lol

  26. If 5 below isn’t too cold in the NFL’s minds, then there will never be a set temperature where it’s too cold to play NFL football outdoors. I really think the cutoff should be about 5 or 10 degrees. Below that temperature, find another place or way to play the game. In these conditions, neither team will be at their best.

  27. This game is gonna be EPIC! Dish out the hits Mr. Lacy, it’s gonna sting by the time the 4th quarter rolls around. Everyone needs to quit their whining. Sunday can’t come soon enough! Waaa…it’s cold! Suck it up men

  28. Here’s an idea: make players and officials dress for the cold. No more of this “no sleeves because I’m a Big Tough Man” BS.

    People moving and working should be fine if they’re dressed adequately. Employers should be required to provide all protective clothing needed to do the job.

    The people sitting still in the stands will be the ones who are the coldest. I was at the Baltimore at Denver game last season… I tailgated beforehand, so I spent over 8 consecutive hours outside and stayed through the end of the game in 2OT. It was the coldest I’ve ever been. I put hand warmers in my boots. But at no time was I in danger because I dressed for the weather.

  29. so in effect the NFL is saying this week

    “it might be dangerously cold for you to come out and watch the Packers on Sunday and you will be risking contracting a skin-killing condition with the possible consequences being loss of digits or even extremities and years of painful skin graphs – HOWEVER if enough of you don’t show up you can’t watch it on tv either.”

  30. My internet says a high of 2 degrees. And, the low of -20 will probably be at 2 or 3 am. What’s the real temp for 3-6 pm? Sure, it’s cold. But mostly for fans. You think athletes, especially 330 lb linemen, running around, will be nearly as cold? Doubtful.

  31. Well…They can ask Roger Goodell’s mommy…or I suppose require that all the players get signed permission slips from their parents.

    These poor kids. At their salary they shouldn’t be required to work in uncomfortable conditions!

  32. Bud Grant never allowed bench heaters and he never wore gloves. But the man is from Minnesota and still hunts and fishes in his eighties!.

  33. How many of you crying about “the wussification of the nfl” have ever actually felt the temperature of 10+ below zero? I’m guessing not many. I’m not saying they can do anything but play the game, but I can guarantee you that if it’s as cold as predicted, someone (a fan) will suffer a serious frostbite or hypothermia related issue. 10 below plus windchill would make every one of you cry like a baby.

  34. I live in Green Bay and you can’t accurately predict the temp. Right now (1:40 pm) my therm says 4 deg. Nothing major just wear a hat. When I go to the game Sunday, I’ll double layer my socks and thats about it. Just be smart about it. The players will be fine with their torpedo heaters etc…….

  35. this is what makes it so great. they don’t run away from rain like baseball, rain sleet or snow, they are out there.

    I love snow games, I love the outdoor super bowl as like most I will be watching it from home. and really, some of the most epic games of all times are made even more so due to snow. example, the tuck rule game. that woodson strip isn’t nearly as awesome to rewatch without that snow. those kicks viniateri made in that snow? stuff of legend.

  36. To all of the knee-jerkers saying how the players should “man up” and not be “sissies”- what about all of the stadium workers who have to be there? The parking lot attendants, the security people, the vendors. The warning that was issued said frostbite could occur with 10 minutes of exposure. These people will be out there for HOURS!

    How about a little compassion and common sense, for God’s sake?

  37. Get ready, the lawsuits are going to come from the retired players who have wrinkles and dry skin areas because of extreme cold weather.

  38. Hey San Francisco fans….you want the game at home….how about WINNING YOUR DIVISION?

    I don’t see you folks giving back any division championships your team has won despite the teams from the NFC West having ridiculous bad teams in it for the past three decades.

    But whatever….your memories are as short as a Kaepernick out pass in Lambeau in January. Sounds to me like you’re afraid the red and gold are going to be at a significant disadvantage this weekend. Well, you’re correct because when that air and wind hits the 49ers when they step off the bus, all of that supposed toughness goes right along with it.

    Welcome to Titletown.

  39. Hey whiner fans suck it up. Every year it seems a team with a better record had to go on the road. The Pack had to do it a few years back when they had to play Arizona eventhough the Packers had 2 more wins.

    As far as the weather dont underestimate how big of a factor the weather will be for your players. In the Ice Bowl Ray Nitschke had frostbite so bad that his toes turned blue and he lost his toenails. Think about it, your expected high today is 70 degrees and forcasted for the game are temps to be 85 degrees colder. Who do you think it will affect more a team that practiced outside yesterday in below zero wind chills or a team residing in California. That being said I like our chances.

  40. Comical how 49er fans feel that the game should be played in SF. Note to 49er’s fans; no one cares that you won 12 games. You finished 2nd in your division and won absolutely nothing this year…. nothing! As a result, you’re not entitled to a home game. Despite their record, at least the Packers won their division.

    All anyone ever hears about is SF’s Super Bowl wins in the 80’s, all the rings they have and how they’re the greatest franchise in NFL history. That alone should have been enough for them to have easily won the division this season. Yet, somehow, it didn’t happen. Enjoy the cold.

  41. What is funny is that they probably scheduled the Green Bay game becasue they didn’t want the Niners to have to travel again so soon after traveling to AZ for their last game.

    Given the choice I bet the 49ers would have preferred Saturday afternoon of 25 vs. Sunday evening at -10.

  42. Anybody remember the original “Ice Bowl” game with Dallas at Green Bay? That championship game ended the season in December. Now here we are in January, waiting for the playoffs to begin.
    Also, it’s cold, very cold – so they wait until nightime to play. Yeah, we all know why- $$$$.

  43. It needs to be in Lambeau so Chris Berman gets to say things like “hallowed grounds” over and over.

  44. You must be joking. It’s professional football. Everyone involved makes millions of dollars to do what we can’t in conditions we wouldn’t. Play the doggone ballgame and leave meteorology to television personalities.

    This is lawyer and insurance company chatter.

  45. to all the niner fans who think the game should be played in SF.. Quit whining. You want a home playoff game, BEAT THE SEAHAWKS!!

    Win your division you get a home game simple as that. You’re lucky to have made the playoffs with Arizona breathing down your neck. Take care of business in your own division you get a home game. If you dont, you better have an outstanding record to get the invite via wildcard games. Records dont matter in the playoffs… the seasons over, we have the same record now 0-0 and the Packers won their division!!

    I swear to god, you guys whine almost as much as the Harbaughs!

  46. You think Green Bay is bad…just imagine the next two years in Minnesota. The league better hope the Vikings don’t get a home playoff game.

  47. Packers fan here. I wouldn’t be surprised to see at least one idiot woman in her swimsuit that day.

  48. I know I give Packer fans a lot of grief but seriously:

    If you are going, be safe. Stick hand warmers in every pocket and wear layers.

    I want the Packers to lose but I don’t want anyone to get injured especially from the cold.

    Good luck.

  49. Just a few short weeks ago, Coastal Carolina traveled to Missoula Montana yo play the Montana Grizzlies in an NCAA Division II playoff game. It was their first trip ever into the Mountain time zone with kick off temperature of -4°. Naturally, they beat the hell out of Montana.

    This Sunday will be no different, as San Francisco rolls into Green Bay, piles up over 300 yards rushing, and controls the clock on their way to a blowout victory.

  50. Regarding the picture, is that Ref cold or is he hiding his face for fear of reprisals for blown calls?

    I agree with the majority of NFL fans. You play in any weather, with the lone exception of lightning hitting the field.

  51. What about the Ice Bowl game ? They braved the elements back then. Why can’t these high paid privileged athletes do it for two and a half hours this weekend ? They get time in the locker room at halftime to warm up plus the heaters on the sideline. This posting is ridiculous. Play the dammed game, no matter the weather !

  52. I’m agnostic. However, if it is so cold that Jim Harbaugh’s jaw gets frozen shut so he can’t spend the entire game whining to the officials, then I will have the proof that I have been yearning for to convince me that there is, in fact, a God.

  53. The league won’t change the rules on cold weather until someone lose a limb or something of that nature due to frostbite ,, in the meantime cold weather cities with teams should have retractable domes

  54. “How do you feel about playing the bitter cold?”

    Kaepernick: “The cold will be tough, but the hot shower after dissing and dismissing the Packers for the third straight time will feel amazing.”

  55. I doubt you will much in the way of argument from the players or fans other than some petty self serving gamesmanship. They have choices and options. HOWEVER, it takes hundreds I not thousands of working stiffs like us to put on a game from grounds crew, vendors, security, cameramen, etc. These folks are going to do their job and possibly get frostbite and have their regular life permanently altered by just going to work. That is not cool. That is downright cold.

  56. Why is this even a concern? Global warming should prevent any cold games. I’d like to hear what Bob Costas thinks about all this.

  57. Reminds me of when I was in the Army and the chain of command would tell us to “man up” and stop asking for water or “man up” and take off our cold weather gear. Then a bunch of Soldiers “manned up” and started dying from dehydration and overexposure.

    Being a man doesn’t mean you have to act retarded like a caveman.

  58. If this was a Packers vs Bears game, this article would have never been written. And the game would have sold out on Monday. I guess the Whiners don’t travel so well.

  59. Game in recent memory was the Titans versus the Patriots in 2004. Four degrees but the wind chill made it minus seven degrees.

    As others have mentioned, there are hand warmers, feet warmers and they even have body warmers now. Top three of the greatest inventions ever.

  60. Back in the good old days played a game in Grand Forks “Home of the fighting Sioux” -10, wind coming out of Canada,field like concrete no fancy heaters, nobody froze to death, so man up and play the game

  61. “Four degrees but the wind chill made it minus seven degrees”.

    Four degrees and minus 7 with the wind? Come on man, that’s child’s play. That’s called a gentle flag waver.

    We’re talking 40 below wind chill here….unless you live in that stuff, you can’t even begin to understand how cold that is.

  62. Oh come on climate deniers! If it wasn’t for global warming, it would be -15 instead of -5 on game day… those linemen will be sweating out there…keep’em hydrated…

  63. I just read through about a hundred notes here on this thread. There were just a couple of posts noting that the visiting Niners had a better record than the home team Packers . But there were dozens and dozens of notes addressed to “All you Whiner fans who think the game should be at Candlestick”. And one guy wrote about how much Harbaugh has whined about the weather? Read the transcript from his press conference earlier in the week. He was asked several times about the weather, and each time he replied simply that the team that plays better will win the game.

    Give it a rest Packer fans. It’s wonderful watching you get your hopes up, thinking that the cold will bring you a victory. Maybe it will. More likely you’ll get beaten yet again by a clearly better team. So enjoy talking big while you still can.

  64. Packer fans are just soooo cute. They realy think GB will win simply because it’s cold outside. Did anyone actually watch any football this season? You REALLY believe GB is the better team?

  65. This would have been avoided if the refs didnt blow the call on Brooks vs the Saints. The 49ers got robbed of home field advantage which they would have had, so lets stop all the whining 49ers fans BS.

  66. I can’t even imagine how bad it would hurt for a qb to hit his hand on a facemask on the follow through of a throw in weather that cold.

  67. The concept of “cold” is relative to where one lives. I live in North Pole, Alaska, and I am a teacher. Most school districts in Alaska send the kids outside for recess up to 20 BELOW zero, which is colder than the infamous “Ice Bowl.” If Kindergartners can handle 20 below I think NFL players should be just fine. Of course, you need to dress appropriately. I’m sure the players will warm up on the sidelines. I look forward to watching the Packers play.

    FYI- It routinely drops to 50 below where I live, without wind chill.

  68. I know the writer is a lawyer, but our society has tried to become idiot proof,and there is no way to do that. Obviously, you have to dress in layers and wear gloves if you work/ attend one of these games. No union should be needed if anyone has the common sense of a pencil. It will be cold. Dress appropriately, whether you are a fan, stadium worker,player, or whatever. These are very preventable injuries,if only people aren’t stupid. The NFL shouldn’t need to save everyone from their own stupidity. Nobody would have thought of suing anyone for a dumb choice they made years ago, now we need legislation for every moron in the world.

  69. For those saying dress warmer. Skin areas will be exposed. 30 minutes exposure can lead to frostbite. Last time I checked, you need to see with your eyes, the skin there will be exposed. Move it to Saturday. Look at the Championship game where the wind chill was minus 13. Did you see Tom Coughlins face? I thought it would fall off. Enough of this bravado of “it’s football”, it’s easy to say when you aren’t out there.

  70. As far as this game being compared to the Ice Bowl, people are overlooking the fact that the formula for calculating windchill was changed in 2001.

    From the NOAA website…

    “During the game, actual temperatures ranged from -12 F to -14 F with wind chills (based on the new wind chill index) ranging from -33 to -37 F making it the coldest game in NFL history.”

    So at -51 F, this game could be WAY colder than the Ice Bowl.

  71. I heard an expert say that it will be so cold that if one of Jim Harbaugh’s tantrums lasts more than a few minutes his tears could actually freeze on his face.

  72. It’s more about being wet or dry. 25 and wet is a lot worse that zero and dry. Keep the skin covered and you’ll be fine.

  73. I’d rather freeze my tail off in Lambeau at -5F than sit in my living room and listen to Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

  74. What would Goodell or the NFL owners know about the cold weather? They get to sit in a nice warm suite with free hot drinks. They look down their noses at the poor people in the elements and say, “What, it’s not so bad!”. THe only cold they know if from the time they get out of their limo to the 15 step walk to the warm VIP entrance.

  75. The “49ers are clearly superior” is equally amusing. They were in Week 1….and Kaepernick hasn’t played like that since. Pattern? Nah, just a 15-game regression I suppose.

    When the records are refrehsed back to 0-0, anything can happen, and usually does. The last time I heard this nonsense was 2010 when the “one and done” crowd against Green Bay turned into a “two and done” crowd, followed by a “three and done” crowd, and ultimately, “can’t beat Pittsburgh” crowd.

    So, as a retort, you 49er fans can put down the aura of superiority because it’s tired and non-existent. I am dying to see how tough they are in the elements. And by elements, I mean freeze your fingers off elements.

    Again, welcome to Titletown.

  76. Expect lots of dropped passes and fumbles by both teams at Lambeau on Sunday. The outcome will likely boil down to whose frozen fingers fail them one too many times.

  77. So which one is it Packer fans? The weather is no big deal, just put on some extra close and Man up – or – The niners have no chance because the weather is SO BRUTAL. They can not possibly play well?

    You can not have it both ways. That being said, does it bother you at all that your only possible chance to beat the 49ers is a act of God record setting cold front? You would think you would be confident that you could win a straight up game, but I guess not.

  78. bostonian13 says: Jan 3, 2014 2:08 PM

    Why should they?!?!?!? It’s FOOTBALL!!!!! Football is meant to be played in the cold not the warm weather. The game is sissified enough lets not go overboard……anymore.
    So I guess the entire SEC doesn’t play real football right? The best players and best football games are in warm weather states.

  79. Give it a rest Packer fans. It’s wonderful watching you get your hopes up, thinking that the cold will bring you a victory. Maybe it will. More likely you’ll get beaten yet again by a clearly better team. So enjoy talking big while you still can.


    No one’s talking a big game. We’re just calling out the Whiners. Win your division, son.

  80. Fans love to watch these freaks, the strangest,craziest,weirdest freaks of all make the ratings high and huge money for the NFL owners.
    When the freak show stops so does the NFL.

  81. 80 degrees out here in LA today. Rose Bowl is Super Bowl ready. Plenty of SPF-30 for everyone!

  82. coaches on the field, players delaying the game to argue with the refs,

    leave the field, do not return, take your shower and shut your mouth.

    Settle your issues when the clock is running!

    Or you are outta here!

  83. notoriousbri says:
    Jan 3, 2014 2:07 PM
    or you can play it in San Fran where the better team should have home field

    Undoubtedly, if SF loses in GB, they will blame it on the weather.
    Just deal with it SF….

  84. We have to remember that these millionaires who are playing now days are not men. Bunch of daisies will be running around with short sleeves instead of dressing like they should. What the heck is this coming too? To cold, to hot, practice 1 day a week whats next?

  85. southpaw79 says:
    Jan 3, 2014 4:22 PM
    So which one is it Packer fans? The weather is no big deal, just put on some extra close and Man up – or – The niners have no chance because the weather is SO BRUTAL. They can not possibly play well?

    You can not have it both ways. That being said, does it bother you at all that your only possible chance to beat the 49ers is a act of God record setting cold front? You would think you would be confident that you could win a straight up game, but I guess not.
    Fairly certain you will blame it on the weather if SF happens to lose.

  86. They will especially have to come up with some new rules if the 49ers lose. They already want the playoffs reseeded which would give the 49ers home field advantage. Now the game is to cold? What happens if it snows? Those are the breaks when you don’t win your division.

  87. And as far as the odd concern for the players: I play broomball in -10 weather and sweat my nuts off without heaters on the sideline. They’re gonna be just fine.

  88. To all the people talking smack about the Niners and Winning their Division. Take a second to realize that 3 team in the NFC West had 10 wins, the 3rd being Arizona at 10-6. You Packer fans or just plain illogical people, Arizona had a better record than your team and didn’t make the playoffs, just goes to show you how tough the NFC West is. So give us a break, 12-4 with 1 of the toughest schedule, is a very good accomplishment.

    Now the matter of weather, isn’t due to the 49ers fans or the organisation complaining, its a question of safety for everyone involved. I live in Quebec and we just went threw 3 days of -40 degrees Celcius, let me tell you that your hands, face, ears, all your extremities freeze rather quickly. So have some common sense, a Game remains a Game, no need to put anyone in Harm for a Game.

  89. People who say the weather is no big deal have no clue what they are talking about. It -3 with the wind chill right now in green bay.

    I was just outside for 10 minutes, it sucks. It is going to be a huge shock for any player that hasn’t experienced this kind of weather before.

  90. Green Bay fans will be there, regardless of how cold. Fans in Wisconsin view attending a game in the bitter cold as bragging rights!

    But this does bring up issues like the 1981 AFC Championship Game, the Bengals/Chargers Freezer Bowl. On a normal playing surface with normal temperatures, that game would have been competitive. Because of the cold it was a blowout.

    The Super Bowl in the cold will be very interesting.

  91. lol at all of these fake macho guys trying to act like playing or living in cold temperature is indicative of being tough or “manning” up. only idiots who love hypothermia or having the cold love this time of the year.

  92. The NFL is opening themselves up for a law suit on this one. Player safety and fan safety should be the deciding factor. Either postpone this until warmer weather or move it to a dome. We all must realize we have entered a new era in the NFL and SAFETY has to be the number one priority. The NFL and the Green Bay Packers will be spending their time fighting a class action law suit if they don’t come to their senses.

  93. ripster65 says:
    Jan 3, 2014 3:45 PM
    Packer fans are just soooo cute. They realy think GB will win simply because it’s cold outside. Did anyone actually watch any football this season? You REALLY believe GB is the better team?
    I think the Saints said the same thing back when They played Seattle in 2010.
    The “any given Sunday” saying works.
    I don’t believe that GB is the better team, I do believe that they can win against the 49er’s.
    Any SF fan that thinks that they cannot lose needs to think again.

  94. Everything should not be about the game. It should be about the fans. And the local fans will be fine. They know how to dress in this weather. Now San Fran fans will not know how to dress. Now if the rules were different and Green Bay did have to play in San Fran. Well honestly I’d rather sit in freezing cold instead of possibly being killed going into the game or leaving by stupid fans!!!

  95. Lawyers and lawyer wannabe’s are ruining this country.

    SUE EVERYBODY – Nothing is my own fault.

  96. realitypolice says: Jan 3, 2014 2:43 PM

    To all of the knee-jerkers saying how the players should “man up” and not be “sissies”- what about all of the stadium workers who have to be there? The parking lot attendants, the security people, the vendors. The warning that was issued said frostbite could occur with 10 minutes of exposure. These people will be out there for HOURS!

    How about a little compassion and common sense, for God’s sake?
    Dude, did you know that people fight for the opportunity to work at Lambeau? They have hundreds show up to shovel out the place! The other workers are mostly people who are raising funds for charities and similar organizations – they are volunteers!

    Go away! Grow some! Stay in your house.

  97. Win your division.!
    The 40whiners want to change the rules in the middle of a season.
    Harbaugh s WHINNING is getting old.
    He is the King of WHINE !!!!

  98. vote thumbs up for game in Green Bay as rules state. And freezing temperatures. Or vote thumbs down for game in San Francisco where you can be assulted, beaten, or stabbed. That can be just walking to the game, let alone inside the stadium.

  99. With all due respect to you, Florio, you sound like the lawyer you are: assessing risk and looking for any potential danger. If you’re bundled up enough, you’re going to be alright. Also, Lambeau Field has the atrium, which is a pretty large heated area for people to hang out. I was at the ’07 NFC Title Game and will be at this one on Sunday. It will be fine.

  100. Trollha8ter damn you you’ve left me no way to just dislike your comment. And you’ve made me stutter saying your name by putting an “a” in front of the 8.

  101. Dollars to donuts, every idiot here saying “the cold don’t matter, its football!” will watching from a balmy 75-80 degree den or an equivalent. Self righteous jerks, the whole lot. Bet none of them could so much as withstand 10 degrees much less -20! Your entertainment value ain’t worth a dude getting hypothermia and frostbitten.

  102. Play it in Cleveland! The ‘Three Stooges’ could provide free halftime entertainment!


    So cover the exposed skin and play ball!

  104. deucedropper says:
    Jan 3, 2014 2:27 PM
    Let ‘em play.

    Vince Lombardi wouldn’t even allow his players to wear gloves during the Ice Bowl, and the wind chill that game dropped to like minus-48.


    And that was smart why????????

  105. Will this game even be as cold as the NFC Championship game they had against the Giants a few years back? Minus 5, while cold, is still not a point at which the game should be considered cancelled.

    I went to the Steelers/Patriots 2005 AFC Championship in Pittsburgh, which had a 6pm kick-off temp of -5. It was cold, but not miserable if you were dressed properly. I was actually probably more uncomfortable at the Colts Bears Super Bowl were it rained the entire time.

  106. Hypothermia and frostbite are completely preventable!

    It will be cold. Like the millions of people around the world who work outdoors throughout the winter, you need to dress appropriately. Nothing to it.

  107. Playing when it is too cold is dangerous and can result in many more injuries. Not only is the ground as hard as concrete, it is very difficult to keep the muscles warm to avoid strains. Anyone who has ever banged into something when they are cold knows it hurts a lot more than doing the same thing when they are warm.

    The league should set a minimum temperature, but it should be based on the temperature on the field, not some weather report. All those bodies giving off heat in the stadium can definitely raise the temperature a few degrees at least.

  108. A couple weeks ago I was out in -16 putting blankets on the horses, before it got down to -26. I did it because I had to/wanted to, but I sure as hell wouldn’t sit in those temps for hours to watch a football game, that’s just nuts.

  109. The fans have it worse then the players, the players get to move around, have heaters, the fans get to sit on cold bleachers, so if the fans are willing to endure it, let the game be played!
    Go Pack!

  110. If the NFL is so worried about cold (and I don’t think they are), why oh why would they intentionally schedule the biggest game of the year during the evening in New Jersey in February?

  111. You guys are being payed millions to play a kids game.

    I sometimes have to go outside for my job and get paid $13.30 an hour.

    My heart bleeds for you guys.

  112. The NFL should designate a backup stadium to play games when weather conditions are too extreme to play safely (wind-chill could be -30 degrees during the 2nd half in Green Bay).

    Dallas AT&T Stadium is the logical choice. Jerry’s got to use it for something during the NFL post-season.

  113. Nobody said anything when I went to see the Cardinals play the Cowboys in a preseason game and it was 116 at Sun Devil Stadium

  114. January 10, 1982. Chargers at Bengals for AFC championship. -50 degree at game time, and Bengal O-line came out with bare arms.

  115. after my bills had to sit in the sun for the miami game while miami had shade the whole time – think whats good for the goose is good for the gander – miami plays here in December and it may get cold – don’t the powers to be even dare to cancel because of a little cold

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