Mario Williams and ex-fiancee settle suit over $785,000 ring


The case of Mario Williams and the $785,000 engagement ring has come to an end.

Williams, the Bills defensive end who sued ex-fiancee Erin Marzouki when she refused to give back the pricey engagement ring he gave her, has announced in a joint statement that the two of them have settled their differences. Williams apologized for suing her, while she apologized that text messages from him were released to the media.

Mr. Williams apologizes for initiating the lawsuit. Ms. Marzouki did not deserve the media backlash she received as a result of this lawsuit, because it in no way describes her good character,” said the statement, which was provided to the Buffalo News. “Mr. Williams believes that Ms. Marzouki is a great person, and he regrets how their engagement ended. Ms. Marzouki regrets that after the lawsuit was filed, certain text messages were released by her lawyer without her knowledge that were taken out of context by the media. Ms. Marzouki believes that the media reports do not reflect the good character of Mr. Williams.”

Other details of the settlement, such as whether she gets to keep the ring (or gets to keep some or all of the money from a sale of the ring) have not been divulged.

If any good can come of this messy case, perhaps other NFL players will see it as a warning. There are reasons that athletes who make tens of millions of dollars often go broke, and a propensity to spend absurd amounts of money on jewelry is one of those reasons.

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  1. He got a 100 + million dollar contract with like 60 mil guaranteed I think he can buy a $795000 ring and be ok

    Michael David Smith replies: That’s exactly what people used to tell Mike Tyson: “You’ve got $100 million, you can afford to spend half a million on jewelry.” He listened to those people. Then he went broke.

  2. It sounds like she got everything she deserved in the media. An engagement ring is given because you are going to be married, and if you don’t marry, it should be returned. She was greedy, and so, people got the wrong impression? I don’t think so.

  3. Not sure how they do it at the rookie symposium but they need to actually show the math to these guys. I believe the average NFL carrier is 2-3 years. Show them how much money they can make in that time and then show them when (estimated date) they will go broke if they spend like fools. Maybe then it will get through to these guys. How long will 100 mil take you if you spend 20 mil a year?

  4. The really funny thing is that people pay these outrageous sums of money for diamond rings only to find out when they try to re-sell them that they are only worth a fraction of what they paid/where dupe out of……..

  5. $800K is an absurd sum of money for a ring. You could buy a pretty nice house for that much money.

    No wonder athletes go broke shortly after retiring. (Or even before retiring, in some instances).

  6. A guy should spend 3 months of his salary on an engagement ring. Seems like Mario went el cheapo on el skanko.

  7. Mario was seen out in the Buffalo suburbs about a month ago with Erin Marzouki….he also has the SuperMario ringtone on his phone…

  8. Alright here is my question. How closely did he adhere to the 4 pay check rule? It is a totally absurd amount of money but if he adhered to it (forget the rule is absurd and WAY too much to spend) how much can we fault him. Many many men purchase a ring worth that proportion to their salary every year, and I have a feeling it affects them quite a bit more.
    Despite thinking the 2 months pay rule is ridiculous I personally went over it. I’m pretty good with my cashola though and feel like I am making it back then some for her parent footing the bill on the wedding!

  9. If any good can come of this messy case, perhaps other NFL players will see it as a warning.

    Of course they won’t. Look at the DUI from a couple days ago. Have any of these moron players learned from the Cowboy who drunk drove and killed his buddy on the team ?

    No. Numerous DUIs since then. The players are so over self entitled and feel like they’re invincible. They just keep defining the statement “stupidity marches onwards” over and over again.

  10. The winners in this story,….again,….THE LAWYERS. Can’t believe the $ he/they probably spent to tell everyone how good their character is.

  11. He’s an idiot for spending that much money on a ring anyway,and deserved to lose it.It goes to show where our money goes when we support these athletes by buying their hats,shirts,jerseys etc.That’s a lifetime earnings for many people,and he blows it on an engagement ring.

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